Tiny Tea Update on The Next RHOA Episode

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As I suspected, there is a preview clip out there and available that In Touch is basing their story on. I still can’t believe they would give an official quote from Kim about her departure before it was shown. We’ll have to see what Kim says about that.  In the clip, that is apparently available to people with Sprint TV on their phone to view now, there is a scene with Kim and the ladies where they discuss going to Anguilla. When Cynthia first invites her, Kim says she would have to ask her OB/GYN  but then says she is too far into her pregnancy to travel.

Phaedra pretends to be disappointed and says she wanted Kim to go because she missed the trip to South Africa. Kandi asks Kim if she and Kroy were going anywhere for vacation and Kim says they are going to go to Lake Oconee.  Kandi asks why she doesn’t invite the housewives. (Really Kandi?). Kim half-heartedly says they can come. Everyone is pissed at Kim and the clip ends.

Apparently, this is the same episode where Kenya decides to flirt with Apollo. She is at a go-cart place (Really? How old are these people? Why are they there?)  with Walter, Phaedra and Apollo. The sight of Apollo is just too much for her and she momentarily forgets that Walter has been hired to play the part of her boyfriend. I imagine Phaedra will have some great talking head scenes about that!


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26 responses to “Tiny Tea Update on The Next RHOA Episode

  1. Karma Grant

    I can’t wait to see Phaedra hand Kenya her ass implants! The Kim thing, while I do like her, I am already over it.

  2. I havent read this post yet, but I need 2 to vent. Kim is making it out that Kendra us making her move but KROY sent her an email in April saying they wouldn’t be their lease, that was when they found out about the ” appraisal “I if I were not blocked from her on Twitter, I would call her ass out. UHHH.

  3. Omg. I hate touch screens. I meant Kroy sent Kendra an email in April saying they would not be renewing their lease, that was after they got that appraisal. It’s getting old hearing can talk about how can drugs making her move. Then Kim goes and make her wait for her money does all that s*** with the wedding, I can’t believe that I use to actually feel bad for her, what a pig.

  4. Ohh my God where did drugs come in at, I hate this damn autocorrect.

    • Kroy HAD TO official end the lease before making an offer. It was a requirement of the lease. In the same communication he indicated he planned to make on offer. In the meantime, they got an appraisal on the house to determine their offer. THEN Kendra got pissed with Kim after seeing how she talked about her on DBTFTP and threw Kim out on her ear.

      Use the sidebar and click on Kim’s House or Kim’S Eviction for the whole story as it played out in real time.

  5. Karma Grant

    Kim just spammed her facebook page telling people to go buy the In Touch magazine for full details on why she quit RHoA so I guess they’re right after all.

    • Katrina

      Kim sent a message on twitter about a week or so ago saying that she was filming with Shun and wouldn’t be apart of RHOA filming. I wonder if this is what she was talking about. I thought she was talking about her spinoff.

    • I didn’t think they would post a quote with quotation marks without speaking to her. The In Touch part is still weird. Speaking of In Touch. I was just getting a mani/pedi and they had a bunch of old In Touch magazines. I read the Teresa MELTDOWN! story and there was not a single QUOTE that was not in the online version, just a bunch of fluff and speculation and opinion to fill out a full article. Also it was not pro-Teresa at all and gave quotes from Melissa and Caroline and Teresa (all taken from the show, not interviews) giving the other side. I totally expected it to be all Teresa is the victim but it wasn’t.

      Also, I just got in from Thanksgiving grocery shopping. It was traumatizing. While in the line from hell I read some of the Ebony article and saw the inside pictures. THE INSIDE PICTURES WERE STUNNING! Whoever chose that cover should be shot. She had a very long article and the manager came over and started unloading my cart so I put it down before finishing. It would have probably been worth the four bucks, it was a good edition. :(

    • Karma Grant

      I am shocked it wasn’t victim-Teresa. Sounds like the issue that they were all up in arms about last season with the quotes from everyone about her.

      I just got from battling stupids in traffic (and at a drive thru). I am intrigued now by what you mention of the article. Going to have to find it.

    • The In Touch one isn’t worth searching though your dentist’s office stacks for. :) The Ebony article on Nene might be worth four bucks considering it’s a power 100 issue and those are interesting.

      Meanwhile Kim is tweeting that she wants to come back for season six. That would be interesting. We’ve never had a HW go on maternity leave and come back… :)

      • Karma Grant

        Oh in my edit somehow the word Ebony got dropped. I meant I am intrigued by the Ebony article. Will have to see if I can find it, maybe cheap out and just read it at the super market haha

  6. Katrina

    There doesn’t appear to be any footage of Kim’s girls. I think there is a picture of KJ in the introduction, but it is when he was younger. Unless they show the children in the next episode, the grandparents will not see any of their grandchildren until possibly next spring when Kim’s show airs.

  7. IcedTea

    First I cannot believe they have Brielle looking like a teenager..as Melissa would say Thank You Jeezus! Nice photo but I cannot stand this WIG. You know she is going to say a smart azz comment nonetheless because how dare The Help, I mean Khandi question why she would not invite the others? LOL. I hope it is coming up soon. Good riddance to bad bad tv smoking, drinking and babymaking drama and take your WIG and Sweeeeetieeeeee and your over used Uterus with ya.

    • baytothea

      Khandi needs to stop beating around the bush with Kim and I hope she does before the final time we see Kim. why don’t the producers force her to host an event? i can’t even remember her hosting anything that the housewives were invited to since her baby shower.

  8. Buck Henry

    I guess we will see how far her show will last after she is gone.


    Hey Tamara, you are missing all the backlashing Nene and Kim are having on twitter… Lol! apparently Nene says that the producers couldn’t stand Kims’ ass, and that she was fired…we need a new tea on this one!

  10. I wonder if Kim will reunion with the ladies. They are doing the Miami reunion soon. Cohen was asking for questions. Atlanta can’t be far behind.

  11. Cali

    It going to interesting to see if the NFL, will allow Kory to be on a reality show while playing football. I think the wedding, was something that wasn’t permanent. The NFL, has a strict policy about what their player do off the field. The Lakers traded Lamar Odom, because he was to preoccupied with filming his reality show. Kory, did say that he wouldn’t left Kim’s career, affect his.

  12. Um….he’s been on two shows while playing since she met him. The NFL seems fine with it. Why wouldn’t they be? Have you seen how some of the….um….players and wives behave off the field? Kroy is actually very well behaved and is probably seen as a positive representation.

    • I don’t know if I would consider his behavior well-behaved, more like non-chalant, but what about her behavior? Cussing, R-rated discussions on camera sometimes with him in front of others, even their children. The NFL can’t be too fund of that, especially if he is supposed to be “clean cut”.

    • Again, the nfl is chock full of rapists, dog killers, murderers and men with 10 children in 5 years from 15 mothers. They really don’t have standards.

  13. TRISHA

    bwahahahahaha….. teecee u cracking me up…

  14. trishatroy22

    Tam tam, when are you doing the RHOA recap… You must love Phaedra, did you see how she changed the subject…. and Kim, she got Kendra tweeting all night long…Kim is a really piece of crap!!

  15. trishatroy22

    Btw,Kroy should have married me instead # justsaying!! I pity him for sure….. I don’t think he understands what grave he dug himself into!!

  16. Cali

    The NFL has many new policy starting with this season, if you watch football, tee. They aren’t tolerating any off the field bad behavior. The players, have stipulation in their contracts, that they aren’t to have any off the field incidence. Some have a curfew clause, if they violate their contract, they will be automatically terminated. Ask Chad Ochocino, he was the first to take advantage of the automatic termination clause. I believe it would be best, for Kory image, that he not appear on the show. He is married to a vile, low class,embrassing, lunatic, why would he want his team mates seeing that.

    • Exactly Cali. I can’t believe she hasn’t toned it down for the sake of his NFL career. After all the cussing, R-rated sex capades talk, they are getting evicted on national television. The man is playing for a Super Bowl contender, if the other wives are as vulgar, unless you know them personally, there is no proof of it. We’ve seen his proof for years.

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