There’s a New Story Floating Around About Why Kim Zolciak Leaves RHOA

Kim Zolciak Quits RHOAIn touch is reporting an exclusive statement by Kim Zolciak regarding her departure of the show. They are presenting actual quotes attributed to Kim in their story. Her is the extent of her quotes.

“I was eight months pregnant and there was so much drama; I just had to walk. I’ve taken on so much in the past five years, but this was the final straw. My priority was the child inside me. They couldn’t understand why I couldn’t go. Fighting is what we’re known for, but I’ve never disagreed with a pregnant woman. It’s not one life you’re dealing with, it’s two. I can’t say it was easy to end that chapter. After all, I met my husband through this show.”

The text of the story claims that Kim refusing to go on the Anguilla trip was the final straw. Tamara Tattles exclusively broke the news that the housewives arrived in Anguilla on July, 10 without Kim.  

First of all, Kim’s tabloid relationship is with Life & Style, she does not normally interview with In Touch. Secondly, the magazine claims she was at 36 weeks in her pregnancy. (Kim says 8 months in her “quote”) That’s a convenient number because that is the usual absolute cut off for flying. Kim gave birth to baby Kash five weeks after the Anguilla trip. So if we are believing this is a factual story then that would mean Kim had a 41 week pregnancy rather than 38 weeks like everyone else. That’s my second problem with the In Touch story.  My third problem is they don’t quote Kandi directly but state that she claims the trip was scheduled around Kim’s availability on the December 2nd episode.

They also include this quote from Nene from the episode. “She’s going to come up with every excuse she can possibly come up with. My blood pressure was going up. My hair was shedding. My nails were comin’ loose. I couldn’t walk.” Now that sounds like exactly what Nene would say. On the show.

Which leads me to the conclusion that In Touch has seen at least part of the episode, maybe an upcoming sneak peak and is putting this together to say what I’ve been saying all along. But I am not buying the fact that Bravo tried to force a pregnant Kim to go to Anguilla. She was pregnant for the South Africa trip and that wasn’t a problem. I still say we will see her getting into it with production and leaving in a hissyfit. It’s likely that Kroy made her quit because filming was not a healthy environment for the baby.

I know the tabloids make stuff up all the time, but they don’t usually quote a person directly without actually talking to them. So I suppose we can assume that Kim gave that quote somewhere and this will be the Kimberleigh version of why she left. So far she has not tweeted the In Touch story like she does the Life & Style ones she gets paid for. So it’s possible In Touch got the quote from somewhere else that Kim said it and it was supposed to be released later? I know Nene and Kandi aren’t allowed to discuss it until it happens on the show. The story is fishy, but that does sound like the kind of explanation Kim would give for quitting. Not the true version, but a decent Kim version. We shall see.


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45 responses to “There’s a New Story Floating Around About Why Kim Zolciak Leaves RHOA

  1. mrswindycity

    Wow! But then Bravo goes and continues her spinoff. Nene said something on Twitter to the effect of Bravo keeps rewarding her for bad behavior

  2. pfftt

    Kim has said that she took a break from filming and will be back next season. Now she is quoted in the tabloid as saying that she “quit” the show. If she quit the show, why does she blog for Bravo?

    My guess is she freaked out during filming. Quit on bad terms… and then she calmed down. And got back on better terms with Bravo and agreed to actually film with the other wives for NEXT season, so she wouldn’t ruin her spin off.

    That must be why Nene was tweeting about bad behavior being rewarded.

  3. Andy Cohen was on Wendy and said something happens with Kim and the ladies and that in turn forces her to leave the show.

  4. mocha2009

    Babies percolate for 40 weeks.

  5. I had a 41 week + 3 days pregnancy. The “normal” pregnancy calendar is 40 weeks, but you’re right, you’re only carrying a pregnancy for 38 weeks.

  6. Karma Grant

    I had a 44 week and 2 42 weeks pregnancies so I never discount someone’s claim of a long pregnancy.

  7. Karma Grant

    I have to agree though, the quotes sound like the ladies but something from the show. Like this week when Cynthia and NeNe were in NY and NeNe was bitching about Kim.

  8. honeychile

    …but I’ve never disagreed with a pregnant woman.”

    Yea, except for the time you disagreed with Phaedra about her due date. This chick couldn’t carry the truth to term. Her water would break. She can’t hold it.

  9. Diana

    I am replying to your comment on the new thread so it won’t get lost.
    Regarding why do I think all this is part of Kim’s PR machine.
    It is not the lawsuit itself, it is the way Kim is handling, I think that TMZ and Radar Online are “helping” Kim by creating the image of these parents who are famewhorish and would do anything to trash Kim because they want to write a book about her.

    If you read my comment on the other thread carefully, you would notice that I think that the grandparetns suing Kim is the real deal, they do want visitations with the older girls. What I think is part of Kim’s ploy is that she is the one who on her reply to the court mentioned that her mother was an unfit mother and grandmother and she would not put her children in any risky situation. Risky situation? Hasn’t Kim put them at risk by allowing a married man to sleep on the same bed as their daughters, if that is not risky, I just don’t know what is.
    Kim could had stopped this nonsense by simply allowing her parents to visit, the bathroom situation was ridiculous at best and it is nonsense that she has forbidden her parents to visit her daughters for that foolish reason. If Kim would had allowed her parents that simple thing, even if esporadically, none of this would had happen. She thought that she was going to eliminate her parents out of her life just like she did with anyone else that has already done what was expected from them to please her.
    I still remember one of the first seasons of RHOA when Kim herself spoke about her wonderful parents and how supportive they were of her when she was an struggling single mother, mind no cameras were around and they helped her as much as they could, no book deals were in the making either.
    So yes, in this case I think that Kim is the major culprit and all she is doing is playing a power trip on her parents to punish them for not displaying what she thinks is the perfect behavior, (mind all this when Kim is the epitome of awful behavior)
    Her parents help her raise those girls when she was working at the Cheeta club, so they were not unfit back then, now they do not fit with the image that she has sold Kroy, so what she does? gets rid of her parents, they do no longer fit on her life or her plan, just like any other person Kim has used.
    The part that I think Kim is going to make as her story line is the trial itself, she is going to milk it for all is worth, she is going to play the victim and demonize her parents with no concern or whatsoever for them or her daughters for that matter.
    They served their purpose and how dare they not want to get out of her way.
    Poor Kim, pregnant, with four kids and two parents who are bold enough to want a relationship with the girls they helped raise. They are truly awful.

  10. andrea

    I’m confused by your 38 week comment – pregnancy is 40 weeks. And some go more and some go less, I went 42 weeks with both of mine. Also 36 weeks is not a cutoff for travel by airlines at all, Delta, for example, let’s you fly until your due date, as do most carriers, some require doctors notes, some don’t. Doctors may not like you flying past a certain point, but there is no absolute cut off.

    • Kim is on the older side of risk for having a baby. And not a healthy person in general. On top of that, back to back pregnancies are more stressful on the body — she barely recovered from kj when she got pregnant again. Being a ball of nerves with a tv show, a toddler to watch, an employee who is more child than helper, an eviction, teenagers, a tv show, social media and an nfl career (which is a nail biter itself — never knowing what fate lies ahead in terms of trades, performance and injury) — if the doctor did not put her on bed rest (let alone a no fly order), he’d be opening himself up to a big malpractice suit. Please don’t argue with each of the items I’ve listed. Whether they are real or not, self inflicted or not — they all are potential blood pressure blowers.

    • andrea

      I am laughing that you think 34 is the older side of risk for having a baby. That isn’t even considered AMA, 35 is. I am also laughing that you think each of those things listed are a reason to put someone on bed rest. Pregnancy is not a disease, unless there is an actual complication, but the actual act of being pregnant in and of itself, even at the bitterly old age of 34, is not a reason to be put on bed rest. And gestational lengths are not hereditary, or genetic, or the same with every pregnancy.

    • You are laughing? Are you really? You’re easily amused. And smugly stupid. Smugly stupid is infinstly more annoying than regular stupid. I’m not foot to bother pointing out each wrong that you are.

    • ViVaLaDiVa

      Andrea You are right, 35 is when they (Dr.s) really want you to do amnio and genetic counseling, of course it is available at any age but usually 35 (it may even be 36) is when an obgyn will advise you it is in the woman’s best interest to do it. Before that they will leave it up to the woman to decide.

      You will have to just ignore tc, on rare occasions she will make a comment pertaining to the actual article, but mostly she just likes to come on here to harass and argue with posters, pretending she is bffs with Tamara. I have come to the conclusion that she probably is a very sad individual with not much of a social life, and grows a pair because she is safely hidden behind a computer screen. You know the kind, they would never say these things to your face in real life. But at home eating cookie dough from the package and surrounded by 7-8 cats, she will take a break from playing bejeweled or hidden objects to tell everyone they are wrong and she is right and generally just be a pest.

  11. In my experience women hereditarily have varying gestational periods. My BFF and her mother had 10 month pregnancies and huge babies. My sil as well. My mother (6x), my sister and I all had around 8 month pregnancies and small babies. How log did it take her to have kj? How much did kj and Kash each weigh? Am I over thinking this stupid detail that doesn’t really mean a lot in terms of this story??

    • shellbelle

      I had my last baby just a few weeks shy of my 35th birthday. My Dr. did classify me as “an older ” mother. Typically, 40 weeks is considered full term. I was told by my Dr. that in the state of Georgia ( which I live in) you cannot be induced any earlier than 39 weeks, unless it is medically necessary. The due date can usually swing a few weeks either way because it is a guesstimation for the most part. I had my 1st baby at 37 weeks and he was over 8 pounds, my 2nd was at 36 1/2 weeks and also over 8 pounds, my 3rd at 39 weeks and again over 8 pounds. Based on my history of early deliveries, my Dr. would not let me travel out of state after 34 weeks. Not sure what Kim’s earlier pregnancies were like, but I think it’s believeable that her Dr. wouldn’t let her travel.

  12. So y’all’s point in bringing up the gestational periods of everyone you know, in some cases back ten generations of examples, and other about your cousins friend all seem to support the idea that Kim was not in fact told by her doctor that she could not fly?

    Thanks for the detailed stories of pregancies to say the exact same thing I did, that Kim was not too pregnant to fly. But please, everyone comes here to read about your babies birth weights. Carry on.

    • Karma Grant

      Actually Shellbell said she think’s it’s believable that the Dr wouldn’t let her travel. I believe it as well but also know the same as everyone here that the rest of the ladies are/were tired of the excuses.

  13. I just watched the clip of the dec 2 ep They are up in arms bc Kim said she cant go with the other ladies to anguilla but her and Kroy are going out of town and everyone (nene) changed her schedule to attend the trip.. So Kandi asked Kim why didnt she invite them to go alongWith kim & kroy, kim’s response yall can come.. but not really lmao….Oh and Kenya flurts w/Apollo right in front of walter and Phaedra…hahaha this is the clip from the trailer when they go go-cart riding..

  14. ViVaLaDiVa

    Is Diana another Donna alias?

    • I dunno. I stopped reading her comments.

    • Diana

      Wow, that is all I have to say, I haven’t posted here too long but I read all the mess with Donna, the fact that you would compare me with such lunatic is hurtful. Tamara can check my up address and confirm that I am not her, but I guess she won’t because she doesn’t read my comments only because I talk about precious Kim, if I was ripping Nene a new one then there would be no problem. Oh well, I will post just to please myself I guess.

    • ViVaLaDiVa

      Oh. I guess it is then

  15. Kendra

    Yeah that story is a load of bull. Bravo does a lot of wonky things, but I truly believe they would not force a pregnant women to fly that close to the cut off time. Any thing happens and they would be so open to a lawsuit. As you said South Africa was not a problem. But I thought she didn’t go to South Africa because she was nursing KJ?

    I always get so confused about the time line, but I thought he was already born by South Africa.

  16. cns

    Never will be a fan of Kim’s but no one should put a pregnant woman’s health in jeopardy I don’t care how many weeks pregnant you are.

  17. BaBaBinx

    Let’s face it – Kim ain’t 34 years ago. She is definitely well over 35 and that changes a lot of things when pregnant – weekly visits much earlier in the pregnancy than a younger lady, etc. She probably legitimately was told by her OB NOT to fly at that point. She wasn’t going up and down to Miami, she was going to another country. And though I had a flawless pregnancy, no way in hell would I have wanted to hop to the Caribbean at that point along the way – and I was only 32 years old. Hell, the heat in te Bahamas when I was only 16 weeks along was miserable. And I definitely wouldn’t have hopped a flight to South Africa either. I think the combo of a pregnancy and not wanting to hear all that nonsense was the reason she didn’t go – and who could blame her??

  18. Katrina

    Kim did not go to Africa or Anquilla because she did not want too. I know she has built in excuses, but she was not going! If Kim can’t attend a party or dinner in Atlanta, what makes anyone think she would go out of town with them?

  19. Katrina

    Tamara do you think this is a Bravo or production article to build interest?

    • Nope. I know that is everyone’s favorite theory. I think it is most likely Kroy didn’t want his baby in the line of fire, Kim was being a bitch about filming anyway and clearly was not into it anymore and Kroy told her they didn’t need the money. Remember, he got his contract about the same time…

      Kim has her own show and fancies herself Bethenny Frankel 2.0 and gave them all the finger.

      That is my OPINION/Theory.

    • Katrina

      I agree. I am also wondering if Kroy is not a tad bit possessive. Kroy likes to be in charge of the family. Kroy is making good money, he just has to keep Kim from going over board. I remember Kim joking about Kroy putting cameras in the house. It just seems like a pattern I’ve seen before. I hope it works out for them!!

    • Karma Grant

      I remember the camera remark and no way in hell would that happen in my house. It’s just too freaking creepy! The commercials that show the alarm company agents watching as someone breaks in etc are just skin crawlers to me. To know that at any time someone could access the system and watch what I am doing (even though I know nobody would want to as I am nobody important) just creeps me out. I thought it was over the top on his part too but wondered if he was angling for a sponsor deal.

    • Buck Henry

      I believe your right Tamara, Kroy didn’t want his baby anymore in the line of fire or in these situations and so he told her to quit (except for her show). I’ll be honest with you Tamara, I don’t think they are going down the road to old age together.

  20. Randi

    When Kroy finally realized what a lunatic he has married, I have a feeling Kim will be begging Andy Cohen for her job back.

    • Karma Grant

      I think he has more say than anyone is giving him credit for. I also think he knows her better than anyone and has decided he likes her, crazy and all.

  21. Karma Grant

    Posted this on the other thread but Kim spammed her facebook page a lil bit ago telling her fans to go buy this issue of In Touch for the full story on why she left RHoA.

  22. She’s tweeting that she wants to come back next year… Andy likes her, so it may not be entirely impossible, but she’s burnt a lot of bridges with her castmates….

    • ViVaLaDiVa

      Andy does like Kim? I thought he didn’t. And does anyone really blame Kroy for telling Kim he was going to put cameras up, lol, I mean while she was talking to him she was staying with Thomas Kramer (shudder) and sleeping with big poppa on the side.

    • Karma Grant

      If Andy didn’t like her there’s no way she’d have her own show. It’s also obvious if you watch any of their interactions, he’s definitely a fan.

    • Amy

      I thought he was always sarcastic and snarky to her, from watching the reunions. He doesnt have to like her to give her a show, he just likes the fact that she is making bravo and therefore himself, mucho dinero.

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