Interesting Tea on Celebrity Apprentice from Penn Jillette

Today’s blog will be guest written by Penn Jillette.  Okay not exactly. Penn has a new book out called, Every Day Is an Atheist Holiday there is an excerpt from it over on  In the book he talks a bit about his experiences on Celebrity Apprentice. It’s an interesting read. So if you like to read, be warned it is more than six sentences, head on over and check it out. A short excerpt of the ……excerpt are behind the jump as well as the like.

In real reality, there would have been hell to pay for screaming epithets at people, but in “TCA” world, there are no repercussions. No one loves anyone on the set enough to say, “Hey listen, man, take a little break and think about this.” No one cares. We’re all trying to save our own sorry asses. Then the next day, Trump says something insane like, “I’m glad you showed some backbone. I like passion.” He means, of course, he likes passion for his little TV show, but it feels like he’s saying the outburst was a good thing. We’ve chosen to make this whackjob, with the cotton candy piss hair and the birther shit, into someone we want to please.

For the whole article, go here.


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17 responses to “Interesting Tea on Celebrity Apprentice from Penn Jillette

  1. Karma Grant

    I love what he says about getting a heart to heart chat from Clay Aiken. Died laughing at that yesterday.

  2. Barbara

    I watched the show when Penn was on it because I was sucked in by Mr. Sulu and the Incredible Hulk…Yes, I’m pathetic.

    Next season, the Crapmaster could promise an all Chippendale Cast with every task involving wrestling in oil and that each cast member’s charity of choice would be ME….and I would still not watch or accept the Rugged One’s filthy money.

    He’s gone too far attacking Obama (Birther B.S.) and I only wish I could take back the hours I did watch any of his show. I don’t like “Chump” or his smarmy endangered species killing family. But watching his show, even for the awesomeness of celebs like George Takai and Lil Jon (not on the same season) gave this Piece of Crap more money, power and priviledge and he continues to use that money, power and priviledge for EVIL. He’s gone beyond attacking the POTUS to stir up ratings, he was deliberately trying to stir up violence and hatred. Its said that Trump has a history of having problems with black people, the difference is now he found a crowd of knuckledraggers he can market his bigotry to.

    Now to quote a joke from one of my most favorite presidents of all time from the correspondents dinner:

    President Obama: “[Trump has] said he’s got a great relationship with ‘the blacks.’ Unless the Blacks are a family of white people, I bet he’s mistaken.”

  3. Vp

    That was hysterical! Read the whole thing…awesome.

  4. Kendra

    That was fascinating and the entire part of ego depletion has completely explained every single housewife.

  5. Cleo

    What a great read!

  6. MaggieG

    I think I love Penn Jillette a little bit more now.

  7. The metaphor “like cotton candy made of piss” is my new favorite. So precise…

  8. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Even though I think Donald Trump is monkey’s dingle-berry, I do like watching Celebrity Apprentice.

    I like seeing the creative process during these tasks, as well as the bitching, clawing, & bus dodging involved.

    I just tune out Dingle-berry Trump, and make fun of him…

    I live for Ivanka. That lady is everything.

    • Barbara

      Ivanka seems nice and decent. Whoever raised her probably explained to her from a young age that her dad was someone she should love but not admire because she doesn’t appear to be following in his egotistical blowhard footsteps. As for Mr. Chump, he’s not the only billionare boss around.

      Can’t we get Russell Simmons’ Apprentice?


  9. Even Mark Cuban with Barbaras thought there would be good. I like Penn, and he had a couple of good lines already mentioned, but the article was choppy and it sounds like he likes to sound smart whether it all makes sense or not. Much ado about nothing.

  10. Michele

    It was a funny read, but he is going to be on celebrity apprentice all stars. I guess we can safely bet he isn’t going to be “hired”. Should be an interesting season…………

  11. cns

    I liked this story as well. This will make me see CA in a different light if I dicide to watch it again.

  12. Linda

    I wanted Pen for the win! Loved the ice cream idea, really loved the charity and how his heart is really invested in it. I think that Penn is brilliant and his ideas were always the best. He did have to eat his words (as did Steven Baldwin) and you have to wonder if it affected the outcome. Trace took a little “time out” for about the last 2 challenges his team had. However, I like Trace and I think that the Donald really wanted Trace for the win. Maybe Trace deserves the win just for being able to channel that nut bag Busey in a meaningful way. I am a super fan of the Apprentice series – I even miss the regular people version of it. The fact that they have raised that much money for charity is awesome.
    I have been watching the Apprentice UK on youtube, that is regular people and the “Trump” is Lord Sugar. I will just have to watch that as my summer time suck.

    • smitsa

      I love the Apprentice series and haven’t missed an episode. I don’t care for “The Donald.” I wish he’d take his children’s advice and stop with the ugly comments about other people. He has already earned his legacy in life, and shouldn’t ruin it…. his kids said it, not me.

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