RHOBH Recap The Calm Before the Storm

Tonight on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills we have a dreaded dinner party. What could possibly go wrong? We start with Kim who has a hair stylist come to the house to do Kimberly’s hair for prom. Kim is mixing chicken salad with her hands in the background. I don’t really understand what all the food is for. Does Kim think the kids are going to hang out and snack with her?

On to Yolanda, who has an English butler/Caterer arriving to plan the dinner. It was all very La Dee Da. Yolanda is going to a lot of effort for this dinner. Paul and Adrienne are arriving in a stretch limo. Paul finally says what Adrienne thinks she is owed an apology for it’s three things actually. Calling Adrienne’s shoe line, “the Maloof hoof”, calling jackpot the dog, “crackpot” and not saying goodbye when they moved and threatening to throw their unwanted  items over the  gate of Adrienne’s house.  Really? All of those seem like jokes to me. Certainly much more benign than accusing someone of sell stories to tabloids.

The arrivals begin. Kyle and Taylor are under-dressed. But Yolanda is in jeans! Paul is already pissed that Lisa didn’t dash up and say hello to him. At the most frou-frou meal on the planet, David Foster says what a great job Yolanda does as a hostess and how she is never frou-frou. David Foster seems like a douchebag.

Okay, Amazing Grace and Danny Boy are the song choices? This will make everyone cry. Why not some of the songs that David wrote? The dinner went so well and they couldn’t play some happy songs?  Wasn’t the Michael Johns guy also at one of the birthday parties Taylor through for her daughter a year or so ago or was that another AI dude? Yolanda is not feeling Taylor.

Kyle, Lisa and Brandi were on The View this morning and Lisa shared that this was the last low-drama show and things really start to heat up soon. Finally, Lisa is off to meet Adrienne for a drink. We will find out how that goes next week.




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83 responses to “RHOBH Recap The Calm Before the Storm

  1. Barbara

    I hate that Camille is out but that phony, life sucking, ducky lipped Taylor is still on the show.

    No way was she the meek, broken wife who tried to appease a violent, erractic abuser. Not the way she behaves in public…Not the way she acted at the dinner party. Just not buying it.

    • Critter

      Agree 100%, you said it all…

    • Lydia

      I’m inclined to agree. Maybe the person we saw was a manufactured character. This season will show us the “real” Taylor: grifter, outspoken, catty, messy.grasping, jealous wannabe.

    • Joan

      Amen. Missing Camille, not that I like her more than the others….just that watching Taylor is agony. Between her inappropriate behaviour, lips and some other qualities which my MaMa told me not to say in public, I just fast forward when she comes on.

  2. Royalty payments probably prevent them from playing most music. He would only be allowed to use material that is public domain.

    • So…you’re saying that he gave up ownership of what he wrote?

    • Musicians don’t necessarily own what they write. They can sell their books. and its the owner of the book gets paid. Paul McCartney owned Michael Jacksons book before he died. Gretchen Rossi owns Jo DeLarosa’s book. Even if he owns royalties it may not be 100% the musicians on a track, co-writer and the studio can also own an interest in his music.

    • I always get my legal advice from websites. With the word “stuff” in the URL.

      No, pointing out that its Bravo who pays is key. They edited. In a way where they don’t have to pay Douchey McRichguy any royalties.

    • Who is giving you legal advice? It’s a simple breakdown of the reality of a business that people not in that business can understand. Like the “For Dummies” series.

      Why do regular commenters on a lot HW blogs assume that because you’re a new or not often poster that you’re either a troll or a moron? I’m neither. It’s so unsettling.

    • I don’t assume that you’re a moron. Girky squrlzy. Why would I think that?

    • socalsun

      teecee, I think you are absolutely correct about the editing by Bravo.

    • Joan

      Actually, if David Foster ‘wrote’ one of the songs he mentioned, he can play it anywhere, anytime…. unless he’s sold the publishing rights, or his catalogue. I could be mistaken, but I thought he jumped up from the dinner table and played a bar or so of a big hit that someone else recorded – so David can’t play that one either. He was a co-writer…. GirlySkwerly brought up good points. Adding on more oddities – Michael Jackson bought up some of Paul Mccartney’s catalogue way back when. He called Paul to tell him about it (think it wasn’t too long after ebony & ivory, when they were close) and Paul was like “gee, thanks”. McCartney has told the story publicly a number of times – David Letterman actually brought it up on his show when McCartney was on there

  3. um HE WROTE THE SONGS. He doesn’t have to pay himself royalties. He played a bit of his stuff while people were still at the table… I found the whole thing very, very, odd. It is interesting that the songs he did sing are back in the public domain though. So maybe he doesn’t own his own songs? Maybe it is a royalty thing. I dunno.

  4. Vp

    Nothing can convince me that Kim Richards is sober.

    • Barbara

      I agree Vp. Kim is slurring up a storm as always. That’s not a good sign for a newly sober gal.

    • Danielle

      I have been thinking this, too.

    • momadison

      Vp, maybe so. Not saying this is the case, but when my trainwreck of a mother finally got clean (btw, Kim seems to have had substance issues, too, not just alcohol) her speech pattern as well as her coherency seemed effected. When I finally allowed her to visit my kids, I prepared them by showing them what Ozzy Osbourne sounded like on his MTV show. Or, she could really be using/drinking again, either way she does, says some uber cray things!

    • Karma Grant

      I am watching this episode right now and once again she seems wasted on something so I have to agree.

      @Momadison, my mother in law is similar since her “recovery” to what you described but not to the extent that Kim is. She messes dates up (has thought my wedding anniv is in the fall, when reality is it’s in March and has been for all 16yrs lol), her hand writing is worse than a 5yr old scribbles etc etc. But the ONLY time she ever appears to be the extent of Kim is when she’s had a drink or two. And that’s when we cut and run because we refuse to be around her in that state.

  5. mimi

    Yolanda! I want to like her, I really do, she has moments where she seems likeable. But seriously, how many times are you going to tell us that you drew your house, designed your house, laid brick alongside the workmen….I really did laugh out loud when she said the construction people or contractor, whoever would tell her they would be at the house at 8 a.m. and then not be there “it’s like disappointment in human kind.”. However, I have to admit seeing her house reminded me of why I watch these shows! What money will do! #jealous

    • Joan

      I thought the same thing MiMi. I am giving her the benefit of the doubt though since Bravo has been proven in the past to use editing to cause us to think something about someone. However, it came across to me as boasting. There is nothing wrong with taking pride in a well built/designed house or a job well done. However, when you have to take people around and show them what you did, repeat to several people that you did this, that and this….that’s a bit much for me.

      Perhaps she has worked all her life (model) and when she met David she wanted a slower paced life. Perhaps she and David like the traditional roles of husband, wife (homemaker, doesn’t work) and the wife being home, etc. David did make a comment at the table about some women not knowing how to be a good ______ (did he say housewive or hostess) That’s their choice, and it seems to work for them. Yet a good hostess doesn’t kick our her guests unless it’s like 2am or so. To ask them to leave is a bit rude in my book.

      Yolanda was previously married to an Arab (forget his name) but we saw his home from a party he gave for I think, Lisa? – one season. The story that David was living with this man & saw Yolanda’s picture and wanted to meet her, only to find it was this man’s ex-wife seems odd….but I don’t know why – anyone else get a bit of a creepy feeling when hearing that story?

      Seeing Chris Botti there was priceless. He really is a great musician. Yolanda saying he was the BEST horn blower – gee, sorry Louis Armstrong. Wynton Marsalis, Maynard Ferguson, Miles Davis, Lee Morgan, Dizzy Gillespesie, Al Hirt – it’s a long list. She may have meant alive…not sure. In any case, it was a mis-step.

    • Karma Grant

      How is it a mis-step if that’s her opinion? Everyone has one and she’s entitled to hers.

  6. I have no explanation for David Foster and what he played. I found that whole thing quite odd.

    I am also apparently in the minority for thinking Taylor was not that bad tonight. Sure the Brandi thing was over the top and she was drunk again, but this is a Bravo show and no where near say…. Kenya bad. I actually thought David was a bigger moron than Taylor and that Paul who I really like came off looking like a teenage girl. AND Ken. Imma need those of you with husbands to tell me if this is normal husband behavior. To me, the last thing I would want is a husband who was in on all the gossipy female bitchy shit.

    • MaryC

      I think when you cry on your husband’s shoulder about uld female bitchy shit then yes he becomes involved. Especially if he loves you and has your back. Also I think because things were said on TV they become more involved.

    • I guess so. But I couldn’t be married to a man who gave a shit whether or not Lisa Vanderpump approached him at a party. Or too a man who seemed so invested in his wife having a drink with a frenemy. I much prefer they did some guy shit and listened supportively if I wanted to vent while secretly wondering what time the football game starts.

      But hey everyone says I’m WAAAY too picky. I dump people because I don’t like the way they chew. Table manners are crucial. :)

    • Barbara

      LOL, NO speaking when King David is at the piano! And certainly no singing by anyone but his specially appointed entertainers. Very Bizarre. JMO, But I thought that Taylor was behaving like a drunk brat. I love the HW’s and even the one’s I disllike I love because I understand the show is entertainment. But there’s something that rubs me wrong about Taylor, I just can’t find anything redeeming about her.

      I’ve been married 30+ years. I think both husbands are being protective and supportive. Thats how my hubs is. I’ve been in many an argument/disagreements and right or wrong he always takes my side.

    • Wow, totally jelly of your happy marriage. Like Kenya jelly lol. I don’t see any marriages on Bravo that are enviable though. I don’t care how much money Muhammed or David have… just no.

      And the only thing I would want from my husband regarding any female fights I have would be to mutter “what a bitch” occaisionally when I vent. :)


      It is so obvious to me that Paul was grasping at anything that would endear him to his wife–particularly while their marriage was fracturing. It is easy to jump on the bandwagon and have something to rally around–this time, it’s Lisa and Ken. He didn’t have anything to say last season when Lisa teased and said that if she were Adrienne; that she would have named her shoe “The Maloof Hoof” and that she would come out with a shoe line called “The Vander Pump.” He never said anything back then. But, as soon as the women begin their rift, his marriage goes on the rocks and then–all of a sudden, Paul can’t stand Lisa and Ken. Can you imagine how much they’ve talked without arguing with one another (Paul and Adrienne) about their former neighbors since he’s joined Team Maloof? He gets to have conversation with his wife, they agree on something for a change, she’s likely more inclined to give him some for saying the right insult about her frenemy. Makes perfect sense to me. Instead of Adrienne bullying and bad mouthing her husband, they join together to bad mouth Lisa. Now, Paul gets the wife he’s always wanted and Adrienne gets the whipping boy she always wanted–except now, he is also a cheerleader for her continued hate on her one time friend.

      Oh–but how karma comes back around. Adrienne put out such hate and evil against Lisa last reunion and since; that she welcomed it into her home and she and Paul thrived together on it–until Ken and Lisa moved away from it and on to more tranquil surroundings. The hate didn’t follow Lisa. It stayed at the Maloof/Nassif house. Eventually, it hung around long enough that they began turning on one another (Adrienne and Paul). Now, the ugly divorce ensues. Lisa and Ken, meanwhile… living their happily ever after (or so it seems). This just goes to show that the energy you put out always comes back to you. Adrienne is getting that “coming around” part right now. And the saddest part is, the one time partner in crime she had in Paul–the guy who bonded with her in arms against Lisa–her girlfriend; now is her new enemy. And she can’t cry on LIsa’s shoulder when she needs her most. Poor darling. Take this lesson and learn from it. But, first… bend over and take this whipping from your old friend, Karma.

    • victori0us

      I emphatically agree with you. I thought the same thing.

    • Omg. We were saying the exact things. Paul and Ken are idiots. Maybe trying to be relevant and get airtime. Or just stupid girlymen. Adrienne wanted to kill Paul. He is ruining her position. Running up to say hello to Lisa. Complaining that she snubbed him. And then proclaims that head no intention of speaking to her? Um…you tried. We saw you. Doy.

    • Kendra

      Speaking of table manners, this is one of the reasons I can’t 100% commit to Kyle. She is so high and mighty about being a lady and over the top when anyone does anything she considers low class, but what did we see last night? As the dinner was winding down, before moving to the piano at the table she busts out her huge mirror and eyeliner and starts putting it on.

      Poor Kim, she is just not well. Her scenes make me a little depressed.

      Taylor, get a grip, put the bottle down.

    • mimi

      @ kendra I feel for Kim too, esp. watching her make all that food only to have to put it away

    • Karma Grant

      Been married 16 years and can tell you my husband a) wouldnt want to listen to the whiny bitching but would up to a point b) wouldnt insert himself in the situation c) wouldn’t care if someone came and said hi to him or not though they probably would because our friendships are not all inclusive, we are mature enough to know that my friendship with someone is seperate from his. It’s not elementary school playground time.

      I love Paul but hate seeing what we see this season which is as said by SayitLoud above, he’s trying to be on Adrienne’s good side and be the “good” husband she says she wants.

    • Joan

      I agree about DF. We’ve seen this before. When you achieve success early in life, and sustain it, there seems to be the opportunity to be arrogant; that you’re the bees knees…. Wonder who his previous wives were….. or maybe just one? And, why the marriage ended.

      Husbands should be seen and not heard. Couldn’t resist using it – it was the first thought that entered my head when I saw Paul at the party complaining.

      Ok – I’ve been married a long time as well. A – My husband listens to me, if I’m wrong he gently tells me, suggests a “perhaps you should consider …..if I’m right in my hurt, observation, etc. he usually asks some questions about my emotions and asks why it hurt me. He’s pretty good about supporting me, and giving me a different perspective B – Would NEVER insert himself in a personal situation like that, especially in a public setting, or someone’s home. He’s way too well behaved to drop down to a teenager’s behaviour. C – If I’m wrong about a person, situation, etc. or say something mean, insulting (in other words, cave into my anger) he waits until we get home and then says ” honey, do you realize what you said”? It’s not in a parental voice, nor condescending……but somewhat like “you’re better than that, it’s not like you to ______ (insert words such as mean, juvenile, etc.). That’s happened maybe 3 times in our marriage. A good partner should always help you to be better – and you should strive to help them be the best they can be as well. Paul & Adrienne have not appeared to be that way to me in the past.

  7. Paul is such a little girl. They were jokes. Lisa OBVIOUSLY makes inappropriate jokes all the time. It’s clear why Paul and Adrienne’s divorce is so dramatic and full of pettiness.

    Taylor, too much forhead. Bring back the bangs. Yes, I definitely know it’s a pain to pin them back every time you have to throw up, but your veins are throbbing at me. It’s awkward.

  8. Not um, naming names, but if you are a lesbian who wanted babies, you might marry a guy who is a bit overly in touch with his feminine side and then emasculate him constantly. Perhaps. Allegedly.

  9. Dramaqueen40

    I did sense that lesbian vibe from a certain HW who is into kickboxing (js)

  10. Mrmister

    Yolanda hates Taylor because Taylor’s good friend is David’s ex-wife. You’ve seen her in previous seasons, Linda Thompson who took David to the cleaners. :)

    • mimi

      I <3 Linda Thompson! I wish Elvis would have married her and maybe he would have been alive for a little while longer

    • Wasn’t Linda Thompson married to Bruce Jenner too? She’s the one who looks rode hard and put away wet? She strikes me as a worthless wannabe who glows onto famous men.

    • ViVaLaDiVa

      a worthless wannabe? google her sometime…she’s actually a very talented songwriter, who has been nominated for an Academy Award, cowrote the 1996 Olympic theme song “the Power of the Dream,” as well winning both an emmy and BMI award. Not to mention she is a very active philanthropist, and has won humantarian awards for her charity work. Do some research, shit-for-brains, before typing whatever garbage comes to mind.

    • Hi Viva! TC is like a serious cook and currently in her element preparing some fancypants crap for probably tons of people. Please allow me to stand in on her behalf. :)

      Linda co-starred in workout videos with Olympian Bruce Jenner when they were married.

      Linda co-wrote grammy award winning songs with grammy winning song writer, David Foster, when they were married.

      Sense a pattern there?

      After lucrative divorces, she became a philanthropist with other people’s money to keep her mind occupied and her social calendar full.

      I’m sure TC would have worded this differently. So I’ll call you a stupid poopiehead. :)

      She should be back around eventually. I’ll let her know she was missed. Meanwhile, let’s all enjoy some warm fuzzy time!

    • ViVaLaDiVa

      I still like her. But you played the part of an asshole beautifully! :)

    • Joan

      Obviously, I don’t know if Linda Thompson is the Wicked Witch of the West – but here are some bits from Wikipedia: She and DF co-wrote the famous Whitney Houston song “I Have Nothing” from the Bodyguard movie. They were also nominated for a Grammy & and an Oscar for Best Song. In 1996 DF & BabyFace Edmonds composed the officlal “song” of the Olympics – Linda Thompson wrote the lyrics. In 2001 LindaThompson & DF wrote & produced several songs for Eden’s Crush album.
      Foster has appeared in Nederlandse Hollywood Vrouwen (seasons 1 & 2, aired by NET 5, Netherlands) The Dutch reality series follows his wife Yolanda and three other woman. WOW – Really?

      His home life was featured in a Fox staged[11] reality TV show, The Princes of Malibu, in which he attempted to force his spoiled stepsons, Brandon and Brody Jenner (the children of Thompson and Olympian Bruce Jenner), to straighten their lives up and earn their own way.

      Foster has been married four times, has five biological daughters and six grandchildren. His first marriage was to singer/writer B.J. Cook, who already had a daughter, Tamre Winger, whom he raised. Cook and Foster had one daughter together, Amy Foster (b. July 29, 1973), a songwriter.

      Foster’s second wife was model Rebecca Dyer; they had three daughters: Sara Foster (b. February 5, 1981), Erin Foster (b. August 23, 1982), and Jordan Foster (b. September 1986).

      He married his third wife, Linda Thompson, on June 27, 1991. The two became a songwriting team, collaborating on several songs including “I Have Nothing” performed by Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard, and “Grown-Up Christmas List”. Thompson filed for divorce on July 11, 2005, the day after her short-lived reality series, The Princes of Malibu, premiered.

      Foster married model Yolanda Hadid in Beverly Hills on November 11, 2011 in a star-studded 11/11/11-themed ceremony.

      Foster’s sister, producer Jaymes Foster, is the mother of Clay Aiken’s son Parker Foster Aiken. A cousin, Billy Foster, died in a race car accident in 1967.

      In 1992, Foster was driving on the Pacific Coast Highway when his car struck actor/dancer Ben Vereen, who had crashed his car and was in a daze. Despite being thrown 90 feet, Vereen survived. Vereen went on the record to state that it probably saved his life as he had had a serious drinking problem caused by the death of his daughter.

      So – I don’t know where to begin. Four marriages, his sister was married to Clay Aiken – who was an American Idol finalist? Tamara – love to hear your take on all this.

      And yes, I did have a lot of time on my hands overnight – couldn’t sleep!

    • ViVaLaDiVa

      Skreeeeeee!!!!!! Wait a min…wiki said clay aiken was married? I think he is gay, and ms. Foster was a surrogate for him. That or she is co-parenting the baby with aiken. Am I wrong, am I mixing up my gay a.I. contestants? That is interesting to know that baby mama is related to david foster though! Small world!

    • Very talented? Lol. Yeah. All that music sucks. Granny’s mean nothing. Not.one.thing. But, yeah. Wasn’t she on battle of the network stars showing her tits for money? That or glomming onto rich men. Makes no difference. A whore is a whore.

    • Oh, I forgot to mention how her talent earned her the “Miss Okra” title. And a stint as a Hee Haw Honey. Yep. Just a big ball of TALENT she is. Lol

    • Karma Grant

      Jaymes and Clay weren’t married. She was the producer of 3 of his albums and was his surrogate for the baby.

  11. victori0us

    I think Adrienne has some kind of personality disorder. As does Taylor. The extremes they go to in the process to discredit and defame their adversary. Taylor did it with her husband. Adrienne is doing it to Paul. It’s sad. Funny that Dr. Sophy has been involved in both their marriages.

  12. smooches

    Let’s all gather around the piano while my husband plays but you better hush up…no body sings and no body talks while David is at the piano…wtf!?!

  13. The interesting thing about Paul is that he is friendly with Lisa now. When Lisa was on The View yesterday she said she was proud of Paul for not retaliating in the media after Chef Bernie posted the pictures on facebook.

    Paul also had lunch at Villa Blanca recently (but not with Lisa). So it seems Paul and Lisa at least have made up.

  14. Karma Grant

    Oh and about the house. Sorry, while I like Yolanda so far I must say her house looks like ALOT of other houses shown on West Coast/OC based shows ie Selling LA, Million Dollar Listing LA etc. so if she drew it, it’s not that original.

    • Not sure if we saw things right or not. But it looked like the house was not on the beach as you’d expect. From one shot, it looked like there was a whole street of beach homes in front of theirs.

      • Karma Grant

        Yeah, she’s up on a bluff/hill and there’s a row of houses in front of hers. Beautiful view but I’d prefer actual beachfront.

    • and how does your house look exactly? The Foster’s home is gorgeous.

    • Me? I live in a van down by the river. But I’m not Yolanda-iny about it. See the difference, mav? Or do we gotta get goose up in here to explain it?

    • Karma Grant

      Nobody said her house wasn’t gorgeous. I just said it wasn’t very original especially considering how much she’s told us she drew it etc.

      To answer your question though, my house is a lovely rental (gasp!!) and my spectacular ambiance noise is heavy artillery from the military range just a few miles away.

    • Gcgb

      I have to admit though her fridge was pretty cool. (pleasedontkillme)

  15. lol her glass fridge was cool, as was a lot of the details on the insets in the walls, not to mention the retractable walls. I hope we get to see more than just the two rooms that were shown. The house is fantastic.

    Im not sold on Yolanda yet, and I am not fond of David at all. But that house is divine.

  16. Karma Grant

    That fridge was way cool! I also love how she admitted her OCD is huge to be able to keep it so pretty and neat and color coded/sorted.

  17. Who didn’t cringe when she said how many square feet the house was and that ey only really use the kitchen and room where they ate? I understand working hard to afford a huge home and deserving it. I’m not a communist. But that flippant way she said it made me sad for all the people who are homeless because of weather and not their own fault or laziness.

  18. Now you are just being ridiculous. People aren’t allowed to be successful anymore because of homeless people? And this new rule suddenly only applies to Yolanda and David?

    David has all of his studios on the property.He’s practically a hermit except there are always people there working with him. They also have a passel of kids (mostly adult) between the two of them. I think most everyone lives 90% of their time in one or two rooms.

    The house is awesome.

    • IcedTea

      Agreed. I live in a small apt and I only use the front room and the office…LOL

    • She is the one I cringed at. She didn’t work for any of it. And it was just the way she said it. It came off bad. Anyhow, I’ve decided he is a cockhead and anyone who ever married him would also fall into that category. No sense of humor.

  19. IcedTea

    I love her house and her hostesting skills. Kyle is just stupid and vapid and all about Kyle..even on the view she had nothing to add except lies “I was a child star so I am used to being in front of the camera” yeah right. Brandi was like Hell I neededd the cash. I love brandi. and then when they only said that Lisa was the really rich one you could see steam coming from Kyle’s big forehead…borrowed time heifa..she better be glad for Kim and her half sister Kathy HIlton. That is the only reason why Bravo wanted her…to get them…

    Traylor is trash and needs to go. I am glad David Foster didn’t sing his songs..it would have been extremely self absorbed. He invited other muscians and singers who were fantastic. Quite a party. Traylor was disrespectful. If is his house and if she were a regular guest she would know how he rolls…he didn’t even know her damn name LOL too funny.

    Best yet was when Paul was in the limo saying “when Lisa tries to come up and give me the double kiss, I will rebuke her.” Low and behold SHE TOTALLY IGNORED HIM..LOLOLOLOL…I love Lisa!!

  20. I always enjoy your comments, Iced Tea! I didn’t think about it but you’re right if Foster had given a concert of his own work we’d be on him for that too. :) Still, Amazing Grace? Danny Boy?

    • IcedTea

      LOL thanks TT. Lisa said he usually asks them to sing. I guess because the crew was new, he didn’t want them effing up his playing…plus even Yoli was like they are not tramping all through my house..I don’t blame her. You know Kyle was dying to run and take a peek. She was all over Mohammad’s mansion…she probably wanted to do the splits on the dinning room table while David played “The Way We Were”…effin showoff…

  21. IcedTea

    Plus if he would have broke out with “I’m Sexy and I know it” can you just imagine wiht drunk Taylor? And Splits McGhee? They would have trashed the place…Kim with her pills (and sneaking drinks)….

  22. TRISHA

    Just seen this episode…. as much as i am kyle’s fan, i don’t like her big mouth on this episode…. Taylor was not on her best manners, but surely, she wasn’t that bad… Yolanda’s house is splendid beautiful, i really don’t care what people say, but before someone opens their big mouth, they should show us theirs’ first….Love it!!

  23. Lynne

    Traylor…………that made me laugh. Hilarious!

    • Really? I find it juvenile. This is one of the few blogs that doesn’t come up with derogatory names for the Housewives. Mainly because I try to blog the good and the bad. Granted I haven’t come up with much good to blog about Taylor yet, but maybe one day…. Plus, My pet peeve is trying to read a recap of a show I don’t watch much (to me that is what recaps are for, which is why I do more of a drunken rambling for those who did watch :) ) Anyway, it’s hard for people to follow blogs and comments with made up mean names.

      Also, I have a lot of international traffic and I imagine in a second, or eighth language it’s even harder to follow.

      No judgement on your sense of humor, I just have never pointed out that it’s not something I encourage here.

      Happy Turkey Day!

  24. momadison

    Watched ep again, yes I have no life, but did anyone else get annoyed at Kyle interjecting her comments while David was telling his story about meeting Boz Skaggs? I’m usually pro-Kyle and anti-Kim, just see my earlier reply to Vp, but you get a sense of some of Kim’s issues with Kyle, “my mothers favorite song” instead of our mothers and then her story to her daughter about stealing Kim’s Ferarri when she was 16!! Also that Kim cooking Kimberly going to prom scene brought on my PTSD from my wedding! Also, Taylor, give it a rest with the Brandi story, God she is riding that like Aviva wanting a frikken banner, lol!

    • Karma Grant

      YES!! I was silently screaming at my monitor for Kyle to stfu and let the man tell his story. I laughed at the Ferrari story while cringing at teaching a teenager how to drive in a Porsche, especially the large one they were in. You’d think they’d have found her a cheaper/smaller BMW to learn in.

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