New Articles on Zolciak Visitation Case Are Full of Misinformation

So there are some weird things happening with the Zolciaks today. First TMZ posts a story just after midnight that claims to quote Kim’s Dad. This is a quote from Joe Zolciak according to TMZ, “Kim is a pathological liar PERIOD. I will not tolerate her trying to  make a mockery of my wife or our family any further. We are completely  humiliated by all the lies she has put in the media. She has been married twice  and has three different fathers of her four children. Let’s face the facts.”

Um what? TMZ has been weird lately. Up until recently most everything they post has had believable sources. Now I often find myself reading over there wondering if someone else is in charge. So that quote was posted at 3:20 a.m. Do we really think Joe just picked up the phone to call TMZ to call his daughter a liar? Where are these lies Kim is putting in the media? I must have missed them. Why would he make a comment to TMZ about the fathers of Kim’s kids? This make no sense. So I ignored the whole story.

According to  TMZ, Kim’s attorney gave them a statement that said, “[Kim is] heartbroken and saddened by the derogatory and spiteful statements made by her  mother and father, Karen and Joe Zolciak. [Kim]  cannot comprehend for what rational purpose her parents have decided to  humiliate their grandchildren’s mother in such a public display of hatred and  fabrications.”  Okay, are they referring to something Karen said in court? Because she said nothing on TMZ. Does this guy sound like a lawyer to you?

Karen has allegedly spoken to Radar Online. ROL is quoting Karen as saying, “Kim has always used her kids as pawns and she makes us jump through hoops to
get to them. I don’t deserve this! We miss the children, of course. This is made up drama for TV. Bravo will do anything for ratings and this is just a continuation of the ridiculous situation from the wedding where they said that family couldn’t use the bathrooms.”

The timestamp on the ROL post is 2:30 a.m. Now there is another article up where “Kim’s rep Jack Ketsoyan” gives the following quote (He is also credited by ROL as the author of the statement quoted above by TMZ):

“It is clear from the pleadings filed by Mrs. Karen Zolciak that by claiming she is indigent she has committed perjury, a felony in Georgia, which holds a sentence of not less than one year of imprisonment but not more than 10 years imprisonment, a $1000.00 fine, or both. This alone should alert everyone that this Grandparent’s visitation lawsuit is for nothing more than publicity to drive up the price of her purported ‘tell all’ book about her daughter. Is there nothing more sacred than a parent and child bond, a mother and father’s love and a desire to protect their children?  Apparently not for Mr. and Mrs. Joe Zolciak.”

This is interesting. Remember yesterday I told you that my story about Karen filing a forma pauperis status would end up on the big sites soon? Well here you have it. I reported it yesterday and today it’s on Radar Online. The thing is, it doesn’t have anything to do with the story. The other interesting thing is this Jack Ketsoyan person is not the attorney of record for Kim in the grandparent visitation case. And if you find yourself thinking that statement does not sound like a legal statement you would be right. That’s because Jack Ketsoyan is a stylist and a friend of Kim’s. Not a lawyer as TMZ suggested. Just some gay stylist PR wannabe dude who apparently reads my blog (Hi Jack!) And is pretending to know what he is talking about.

So the bottom line is I don’t believe the Radar Online story or the TMZ story. Apparently Kim does though. She gave this statement on twitter tonight:

My husband & I will do whatever it takes 2 protect our children. I am deeply hurt & saddened by my parents comments FACTS.. is you have none. Whenever u point the finger u got 3 pointing right back at u.           

Tune in tomorrow to see if this all gets sorted out.


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36 responses to “New Articles on Zolciak Visitation Case Are Full of Misinformation

  1. Oh my, looks like donna could be right? all for ratings? or to sell a book? if thats the case you might have to eat some crow tamara. just sayin

  2. Your reading comprehension skills must really suck.

  3. that may be, i guess we will see wont we? or will we? maybe this is just a delusional state that we are in and none of this is real. are we imaging it? are we actually here? where are we? did we leave our houses today? was the store i was in all in my mind? hows your life? hows my life? hows our lives? what is today? where is tomorrow? where will we be tonight? where will we be tomorrow? oh the choices we make sometimes arent good ones at all, are they?

  4. JustMe is one of Donna’s nics. I didn’t block her the other night because I really didn’t think she would show her face here. I’ve now blocked her under this nic and her Donna nic, and yet another nic. It is interesting to see her talking to herself, Like when she called her own creepy posts, creepy. SMH

  5. I am not donna but you can block me if you want. i just heard about this site and the fight with you and donna and thats why i came here. no skin off my back lady if thats what you are. im outta here and fuck you

  6. Randi

    You are so ight about TMZ. It was trash and tacky, but reliable. Not anymore

  7. Valley Girl

    Wow Tamara, you get more and more trolls by the day – that must mean you’re doing a fabulous job – keep up the good work.

    I wish more people would actually RESEARCH like you do before they put up a sensationalized untrue story.

    I don’t know what is more irritating – not doing a proper investigation or stealing a story and making it your own when you know you didn’t put in the work.

  8. Valley girl, it’s become evident that most trolls were the same person. I hate using the control panel places and didn’t bother to block Donna until tonight. Now anyone legit named Donna (that is not her real name) can’t post here. LOL. I am actually interested in the things I post about (usually) and get into all the research.

    I just have seen a change in TMZ lately. I don’t quite trust them anymore, and it’s not about them stealing my story because even though they stole it, it was fact. Lately some things don’t add up. The Elmo guy story I am having a problem believing. They just seem to have had some sort of a shakeup over there.

    As for ROL they have never been as trustworthy but they do seem to have some RHOBH connections. This RHOA story seems like bullshit though. Trying to figure out the truth can be hard, and Kim Z doesn’t have a lot of people telling her business like the other HWs do. That was Donna’s downfall. She claimed to have been to events with Nene, seems believable, but then she started telling me she knew HWs from other franchises and had tea on Kim Z which I know she did not.

    I just try to get to the bottom of things. This Kim/Karen thing is real family dysfunction. But I just don’t believe either TMZ or ROL stories today. That’s just me.

  9. Ryan

    What is this place? It’s like some whimsical land of all things housewives. I stumbled on it trying to talk shit about Kenya and/or Kim because if I didn’t vent somewhere, my tv was going to have a very inconvenient remote shaped hole through it. I just have one question… Is your hair big because it’s full of secrets? Also, did I mention how awesome this land is?

  10. Diana

    I am with you Tamara, I think this is all a publicity stunt coming from Kim’s quarters. Kim is a manipulative, lying and conniving woman, but she is smart, she knows the media system in and out.
    She can read pretty clearly that the public is turning on her and that she is losing fans like flies quickly because of her awful sense of entitlement, so this issue of the grandparents visitation (which is probably a legit issue that the grandparents want to visit their grandchildren and under Georgia law they have a shot at it) so Kim uses this ploy where TMZ contacts his father and gets him to say that he is upset about the lies that have been said about his family (this I believe to be truth) and then the reporter adds some of his own stuff (like Kim having three different baby daddies) and then they use that as a headline and give Kim the perfect opportunity to play the victim and cry about her parents’ awful behavior.
    So this not only makes her look like a poor stressed woman, she possibly could blame her awful behavior on the stress caused by her parents. I don’t mean to sound jaded but I think that Kim has fabricated most of this (like not allowing her parents to visit) as a way to create a story line for her second season.
    It is a shame but it doesn’t surprise me coming from Kim. That is why she doesn’t want to film with the other ladies, she thinks she is way better than them now that she has her own show. She doesn’t mind destroying her realtionship with her parents and the relationship of her daughters with her parents in order to have a juicy season.
    What I found most surprising though and maybe you can help me clarify this is why the grandparents aren’t seeking visitation with the younger ones? is it because they are Kroy’s children and they know Kroy doesn’t like them?

    • Kendra

      In order to seek visitation based on Grandparents Rights you have to prove you were active and had on going visitation with the children.

      They cannot go after the boys because unlike the girls who they saw regularly, they have not been involved in their lives.

    • I love when y’all start with something that indicates you agree with me and then go on to say the exact opposite of what I said. The whole point of the story is I don’t think Kim, Karen, Joe, Kroy any of them are actually talking to the tabloids.

  11. Karma Grant

    ROL has yet another one this morning. What the hell is going on.

    I don’t beleive any of this is originating at the Kim camp either. The tweets in reply mentioned above I’m sure are just that, replies to what she’s seen online. But no way do I beleive she started this crap.

  12. I think ROL and TMZ started this crap. I read the new ROL story today and it’s just ridiculous.

    And the reason they are not seeking visitation with the boys is the boys have both parents in the home. The original purpose of the grandparent law was to allow the GPs of the non-custodial parent to see the kids. If say, the father was in jail or not allowed visitation or custody for some reason, the law is to prevent the mother from keeping the OTHER grandparents from having a relationship with the children. It’s pretty rare for the GP on the custodial parent side of the family to have to use the law. The mediation conference is next week and I predict another 60 day status conference to be set for February.

    • Diana

      oh okay, I didn’t know about the grandparent visitation. So basically you think that TMZ is making all this up? wouldn’t Kim’s dad and Kim herself had call them out by now?
      I difer with you on my opinion of Kim. I think she has created this drama as part of her plot line for her next season and I think that would be sad, but then again I thought that her ploy last season about the portapotties was a joke and maybe editing involved in it and it turned out to be true, so who knows?

      As awful as I think kim is, I do hope that they get to middle ground for the sake of the children, Kim’s parents were good enough when she was a single mother and they had to help her babysit so I hope they all put the kids’ best interest at heart.

  13. Katrina

    It sounds like someone is trying to build some sympathy towards Kim. I do not believe her parents would go to TMZ. TMZ has a tendancy to take a few facts and make up the rest. They do it all the time. There is also a story about Kim and Nene in US Weekly.

    I think it just sad that Kim cannot speak to her parents. They have already used her eviction storyline in RHOA, so the only other thing is building a house and going to court. Kim keeps insisting that she is filming. We know she did not film a lot on RHOA. What else could she be filming? This is not the happy, wholesome image that Kim wants to promote.

    • Diana

      I doubt Kim wants to promote any wholesome image, LOL I even had to laugh at that image.
      I think that Kim knows that a succesful season has high ratings and she is going to give us that, even if it means trashing her parents.
      I mean what else does she has going for her? I definitely not want to see a lazy lady moaning about moving while she takes a nap.
      Scandals and bad behavior is what seems to attract viewers and this ploy of the lawsuit seems to go in that direction.
      I do agree with the sympathetic image and that is why I think that Kim and her PR team are behind all this mess.

  14. mimi

    Well Miz Tamara, you have been cited on reality tea re:Karen Z’s claim of forma pauperis (they also view appear to view Kim’s “rep” with a jaundiced eye just as you have). They did make an interesting note of also saying Kim was in a hurry to leave the empowerment party bc of Lenses Davis. Lol and that was why Nene wanted her to stay just “5 more minutes.”. True or not, I don’t know but FUNNY-yes!

  15. Reality Tea and WetPaint are great about linking to me and quoting professionally.

    • Karma Grant

      Wetpaint linking to you is how I found you (though I typically avoid them now). Happy to know that some sites do the right thing.

  16. cns

    Kroy, Kroy , Kroy, this is what happens when you try to make a “you know what” into a housewives. I laugh when Kim’s fans would fawned over how happy they were Kim found love. Kim is a lying, back-stabbing, stealing and adulterous hooker. God does not bless people like Kim. This mess is only the tip of the iceberg. Btw her creepy friend/john from Miami has been exposed as a child molester.

  17. Cali

    What has happen to good old fashion, sitting down over a cup of coffee and talking this out like adults. These adults need to be an example to the minor children. All of the children, need to spend time with all of their grandparents. I really think that Kim mother should first apolozie to Kory, for cursing him out at the wedding, because she started this mess. I think they can clear this up, if they just talk to eack other.

  18. Raynia

    Yea I was just gonna ask about Kim. Till I got right to the end. So if you not buying but Kim is. Couldn’t Karen just send a text and say “look here Kim I ain’t nothing to do with tmz” & leave it at that. This whole thing is all confusing I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t see why they are beefing. Does Kim feel like since she is married she will never need her parents again so screw them or does her parents feel they need to be married to kroy too. Idk I wish I knew though

  19. Katrina

    Even if this goes to trial, I don’t think that Karen will be awarded visitation rights. This whole mess is just a strain on the family. There will be no winners in this situation.

    Even if Karen was successful in getting rights, the her grandchildren have already turned against her. Being force to visit her, will make it worse!

  20. Flo

    Thank God I found you Tamara

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