RHOA Recap: Best Show Ever.

Better late than never on this recap. Sorry. I had to watch The Amazing Race.  Um wait, hold up. Gregg is going to open an L.A. office? In what universe? Does he even have a job because he has been in Nene’s hip pocket for the past year everywhere she goes, he’s right there with her. I’m supposed to believe this man has a job? I love Gregg but that right there is just some straight up bullshit. They sure do have some fancy pedicure chairs up in this place. I love Gregg. Lawrence looks healthier in this episode but that belt? Gurrrrl! Just no.

Speaking of house husbands and their jobs. Apollo apparently doesn’t repo cars anymore. He’s going to be a personal trainer and nutrition specialist. Honey, I may get my fat ass up off this couch and go to the gym myself. Unlike the RHOA though, I want a smaller butt. What the hell is he eating and where did it come from? You know nothing has been cooked in that kitchen. He’s microwaving food from somewhere.

Kim says there is not a house for sale in Atlanta that is worthy of her. If y’all only knew what the housing market is like her. My property tax people actually slashed my taxes and sent me a letter telling me my house is worth like 50% of what I paid for it. This is the time to buy a house, Kim not a time to build. But no, Kim wants a house built just for her. Oh Kroy, what have you gotten yourself into? This woman is going to bleed you dry. BTW, Kendra Davis is LOVING this episode. I keep checking with Fulton County to see if she is suing her yet. So far nothing. But if she does I expect this show to be played in the courtroom. I love Sweetie taking notes on all this bullshit. Also that is one fugly dog.

Wait. Did I just hear Kenya saying she was not married before? She is out to a fake introduction luncheon with Porsha. Kenya has never done charity work. The Kenya Moore Foundation she is talking about was founded in 2000 and has been inactive since. She is the only employee. Love her face when Porsha asks if she is married. You can tell this is a sore subject with Kenya. She was married to Rudolph Moise allegedly. There was some speculation that they were not officially married and that the wedding photo going around was from Haitian Nights a movie he produced and she was in. I forget all the details but the movie was dumped mid filming and she supposedly then “opened a production company” to get the movie finished. I don’t think it was ever really shown anywhere. Sorry, I didn’t see this episode bringing it all up or I would have looked into it further. I am sure I have some details wrong. Love Porsha pushing this married and babies thing. Kendra is irked. Love it! OMG I love Porsha trying to help the elderly lady Kenya get pregnant.

I wasn’t planning on liking Porsha but I do already. She seems real. She has no problem saying she is married to a baller and doesn’t work. Good for her. And although I am not a fan of Hosea Williams, I think she does great things for the charity. Love the whole “I don’t have to work, sweep, vacuum or anything!”

Nene is in NYC with Cynthia for NBCU upfronts. This should be fabulous. I’m kinda feeling Nene tonight but why am I just noticing her hair in her talking heads. Longer and blonder. I think before I was too busy coveting that shirt to notice. I thinking maybe that hair does grow out of her head. Loving Cynthia trying to drag Nene into the subway and eating street meat.

Kandi is moving and hand carrying her Grammy. Kandi didn’t sell her other house so she has a renter and has to clear out. She didn’t hire a moving company, she has her family there moving her.

Phaedra and Kenya are out at a bar. Phaedra is wearing a short skirt and I must say she is getting a bit thick in the thighs. For someone who supposedly works out a lot, that is sort of surprising. Phaedra seems to be trying to like Kenya. I don’t think this will last long. Oh lord, Phaedra wants Kenya to be in her donkey butt video. This whole desperation to get married on Kenya’s part amuses me. Kenya’s mother is mentally ill and she gave her away to her grandmother. Normally I’d have some compassion about this, but… it’s Kenya. Her behavior is appalling. I get she is broken but… really.

LOL at commercial where Phaedra butt dials Nene and gets in trouble for talking shit. See? Donkey booties are NOT cool!

Back to Kim and Kroy. Is it just me or does this seem like a really long episode? There was a garage fire at Kim’s house and despite being evicted Kroy wants to run fire drills at the place they are leaving in like a week? I don’t even think the fire happened during filming. This whole scene is weird.

Um back to Cynthia and Nene is NYC. It’s summer, it’s NOT RAINING yet they are suddenly doing the Michael Jackson black umbrella thing. Um… what? Cynthia knows better than this. People in NYC also don’t pester celebrities. The only reason people are taking pictures is because the cameras are there.

It’s time for Porsha’s charity event. There are only 30 people invited. I now get why Kenya says in the upcoming fight there were only five people there. Because basically there were. Seems odd to me. Oh, it’s at Hosea’s house. I don’t know why exactly but I never pictured him living in an expensive home. I’ll just not say anymore about that. Kenya’s talking heads are so much delusional bullshit. And um, her friends name is Kanya? Kanya believe that? I think her mother just did not know how to spell.

OMG Porsha specifically said no men and Kenya has invited Miss Lawrence. While I get that is sorta straddling the fence so to speak, he does still have man parts. AND Porsha did not know Kenya had a plus TWO. Already Kenya is a problem. Cordell Stewart walks into the room and Kenya is GREEN with envy before anything even happens. Then she gets a Chanel bag and Kenya is literally about to kill herself. She may have fucked Mike Tyson and Jay Z but she couldn’t hold on to anyone. Plonk! LOL at Kenya comparing herself to Michelle Obama.

This may be my favorite episode of RHOA ever. Porsha’s dress is pretty awful. But all in all a great episode. Can’t wait for the next one.








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68 responses to “RHOA Recap: Best Show Ever.

  1. B boy in Harlem

    Yeah, I agree. This episode was AMAZING. How in the hell they managed to edit hours of nothing into 60 minutes of nothing is just awe inspiring. Don’t you agree?

  2. Cameron

    Is it just me, or is time the RHoA team upgrade their production value? Too many soft shots and hard to hear audio.

    That aside, I think Porsha reminds me most of what a lot of young girls from atlanta are actually like, so that’s refreshing.

    But Gregg. He ain’t looking so hot this season and his Jesse Jackson rhyming routine is more sad than desperate. Nene please give him some keys!

    • Aw I love Gregg and have always found him attractive.

      And yeah the RHOA production team changed this season. They lost Carlos King and perhaps a couple others to Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Last year’s production team was phenomenal with the whole South Africa shoot. They were really good. The Cynthia and Nene scenes were shot on Cynthia’s phone so there is that.

  3. Aw… I loved it. It was Michael Jacksonesque at times, hoodrat at others … I LIKED IT DAMMIT. :(

    And Kenya lies like a whore on a bed.

  4. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    My thoughts from this show:

    Porsha has a donkey booty, and it looks real, unlike Kenya’s. These new girls are not doing it for me. As much as I love ShebySheDon’tLiveHereNoMore, I miss her drama and her one liners. I really want to see the house drama unfold as well. Kenya’s ego is the size of Atlanta and the surrounding cities. No one remembers your title, no one cares about your title. I honestly think she has some kind of mental illness. No one is that narcissitic.

    Oh, and this Talking with Tami girl said that party Porsha had was staged? Tea please.

    • mimi

      On the donkey booty-as Kenya was making her getaway, I took a good long look at her ass. It. Looks. Awful. The butt implants just look like they shoved two balloons up there. It doesn’t even look comfortable to sit on.

  5. Sadly, I don’t have time to read TalkingwithTami but I will say she was there so her tea on that party is way better than mine…

  6. Alicia Lincoln

    Tamara where does Kenya get her money if she’s never really had success in her films?

  7. She’s a hoe. Like Kim. But Walter is a stand-in. I’m starting to wonder if he is the first ever man to be paid on the HW. he Did wear his South Dekalb Towing shirt on the first episode. I guess he wanted free advertising. He certainly was not into Kenya…

    • Randi

      I just literally LOLed at your very direct delivery of the tea: She’s a hoe.

      Poor Walter looks like he wants to be anywhere but there. He really does seem like hired help.

  8. It was so damn obvious that Walter is so not into Kenya. Is she just delusional about hoping for a commitment or is she just psycho? I mean who moves across the damn country to be with your man and your man doesn’t even know you did this? Talk about cart before the horse, geesh! Unless Kim is still taking money from Big Poppa on the side, she better cut her spending ways. With two more kids to support and a player never having a guarantee on playing, being injured etc. Kroy’s money train is only temporary, maybe he needs to talk to Ed Hartwell about what happens when the income no longer comes in.

    • Walter is a hired stuntman and so not ever her boyfriend. He fucked her for the show. She knew that.

      Big Pappa is bigtime broke right about now and was just arrested for not maintaining the properties he has left. He is not dealing with Kim at all.

      Kroy is doing GREAT for the Falcons. but yes, it is temporary and it seems neither of them have any financial sense. Kroy is in his 20s… I forsee bankruptcy in the future.

  9. steelcurtain

    hey tamara ,im from pittsburgh, did you know that porsha’s hubby kordell stewart aka slash, the steelers former quarter back is bisexual and was arrested beating up his tranny girlfriend, google it, it’s true he is bisexual,his tranny girl was a pretty redbone ,with long hair,this was back in the late nineties in the burgh, porsha’s grandad hosea use to do a show on tv with his friend, alley pat, in atlanta ,and man they where calling peeps a lot of racist names on that show, that show was a trip

  10. gunsmoke4life

    Is nene going bald, i saw a picture online where they showed her hairline and there was nothing there just clean

  11. curioustiff

    What got me is that Porsha was just trying to be nice during her lunch with Kenya. She had no idea that almost everything she asked Kendra or related about herself was EVERYTHING Kenya either wants or never had. Kenya hated Porsha because that lady has everything she’s ever wanted. As for her title Miss US,Miss America…who gives a good damn. Besides wasn’t she just invited as a guest? This woman seems to think everywhere she goes it should ALL be about her! And is it just me but as beautiful as I thought Kenya was…not so much now. Though her hair is worthy of a story all its own. Kenya should have gone on one of the BBW shows so someone could knock some reality into her azz. Phaedra don’t you invite this snake into your life!

  12. “Donald Trump on bath salts” is redundant, but I enjoyed the comparison.

    I worked behind the bar for a while, and if Ms. United States 1842 ever hollered “barkeep” at me, she would be getting a few extra drops of Visine in her apple martini. I agree, I have a hard time feeling bad for abuse victims. Even assuming she’s telling the truth, a bad childhood can only excuse a certain amount of dysfunction and narcissism. The idea of her in charge of a child’s well being and development is depressing.

    “I’m a celebrity… I’m part of history.” Um. Yeah. History is the right word in the wrong context. Lastly on the subject of that piece of work, I’m over these women with obviously fake booties. It works on the cover of some pre-bankruptcy “urban men’s” magazine, but not when you actually have clothes on.

    Why does Cynthia always have on multiple unnecessary accessories? The first NYC outfit could have been cute. For someone who worked in the fashion industry, she’s a mess.

    I can ALMOST stand Nene this season. But, I wish she could have a conversion without talking about how jealous everyone is. Not fabulous. Bloop.

    • Haha, oops. I did not mean I have no sympathy ALL abuse victims… Y’all get the point. Can a bitch get an edit button?

    • Kendra

      You mean Arnold Schwarzenegger on Bath Salts, not Donald Trump.

    • Yes thanks! Funny, I don’t even wanna know how that happened in my brain.

    • Kendra

      Easy to mistake the 2, 2 blow hard over inflated ego crazy men

    • Valley Girl

      I have never understood why Kenya thinks she made history. She was not the first black Miss America – that distinction belongs to Vanessa Williams – she isn’t the first black Miss USA – that distinction belongs to Carole Gist, who won the title in 1990 – she isn’t even the first black Miss USA from the state of Michigan because Carole Gist was from Michigan too – and although Kenya touts the fact that she finished fourth in the Miss Universe pageant she can’t even say that she had the highest ranking among African American women because Carole Gist was 1st runner up the year she ran. Not to mention Debbye Turner was Miss America in 1990, so by my calculations she was the 4th AA woman to win a beauty pageant title. While it is a great accomplishment, I don’t see where she made history – 3 exceptional and accomplished women had already succeeded in securing a crown before she did.

  13. KAM

    You know, I was actually beginning to feel bad about Kenya after the discussion about her mother- then she goes and drops that ” I’m a part of history- she just wants my celebrity” BS, and that was that.
    Tamara, I think you are so right about Kroy- he ought to take a good long look at Lee Najir’s situation. Big Poppa didn’t go broke all by himself.

    • mimi

      EXACTLY. Kim should know better, she has kids and is not a young 20 something with her first real paycheck. She and Kroy remind me of the Beverly Hillbillies. i know she said on the reunion when AC said he was “worried” she was spending all her money and she told him “we’re not stupid, this isn’t going to last forever.”. I took that to mean ol Kim is going to spend it while she’s got it.

    • Karma Grant

      @ Mimi, I took her remark to mean they aren’t stupid, that they aren’t going to spend it all at once, knowing it wont last forever. And from the way Kroy was shown previously with telling her (when she frustratedly asked if they could just stay) that no they weren’t buying the overpriced house, that he does have a brain in his head. That yes he loves to shower her with gifts but is smart and has investments/savings.

    • Why would you take “this is not going to last forever” as her saying she’s going to spend it all? Do you often interpret things as exactly opposite of their intent ? If so, I think you’re really interesting and smart.

    • mimi

      @karma, no i know exactly what “we’re not stupid this isn’t going to last forever” would mean to a normal, intelligent person, but i know in Kim’s peabrain that she just interprets to mean “enjoy it while it lasts.” yes everything she has said about kendra’s house this season is kroy’s opinion, kim would def had stayed there if he agreed to it.

  14. gigi

    wow.. best show ever? amazing? hmmm.. i disagree… i thought it was pretty dry and boring… wasn’t sure if it was just me so i checked twitter and saw funky dineva and he/she said the same thing… lol

  15. Did anyone notice how much Kenya tweeted during the shows? And nasty retweets about the cast? In personally having fun meant ironing her and her Miss America title in as many tweets as I can.

    She is for sure mentally ill. But you’d have to think part of it is put on. Bravo could not exploit someone as sick as she is playing. Right? That’s legal exposure that I’m sure they are too smart to allow.

    My husband said Cordell whatever has brain damage from football. Is that true?

    And the fire drill was what we call a “fake one”. These are scenes at :40 past the hour on almost all Bravo shows. Some other networks like Style and Lifetime have also adapted the practice. At :40, there is a scene that is in no way related to the storyline. Fluffy nonsense. Even the music is a giveaway. It’s a good time to grab a snack. I think they do it so if they sell old episodes for syndication, the shows can have more commercials with a tiny edit that does not change content, and be more profitable for the purchasing networks. How’s that for 1/4 of a brain!

  16. karen

    Even though I find Kenya’s behavior horrible, I do get a good chuckle watching her. She is very easy to read. She cannot stand Cynthia because Cynthia is more beautiful than she is and so she goes after her with a vengence. And now we have Porsha, who is MARRIED to a man who gives her fabulous presents and Kenya goes green with envy in an instant (not to mention the baby chat they had previously which did not sit well with Kenya at all.) All her sore spots get poked and she goes ballistic. It is hysterical to watch. She is a great addition to the show in my opinion.

    • cns

      I would like to respectfully disagree with you regarding the husbands. Pete is broke, bitter and belligerent and the Porshas husband is a closest homesexual. I wouldn’t’ consider either of them quality husband material.

  17. pfftt

    I think Cynthia does not belong on this show. Cynthia being catty is just not in her nature and it is clear the producers are forcing her to be catty, to pick up slack since Nene is playing this “I’m above the drama” bull shit.

    Bring back Sheree. Wouldn’t you like to see Sheree’s reaction if Kenya in a condescending tone corrected her and said “I’m Miss USA, not miss America.” Or pulled a “bitch please” on her. Sheree would mop the floor with Kenya. I don’t care if Sheree isn’t “rich” like Nene, and I don’t care if She by Sheree is no longer in production. PERSONALLY, I’m sick of all the product placement. Bring back old fashion drama.

    As for Porsha. She seems like a nice girl. But I see she has already pissed off not only Kenya, but Nene and Phaedra judging by their twitter comments. I bet she has a tendency to put her foot in her mouth. I wonder if these ladies eat her alive? She did seem like she could stand up for herself in the previews.

  18. Kendra

    Anyone know how old Porsha is? I think part of last night was nerves and the other part age. I found her at times uncomfortable to watch because she just seemed so uncomfortable herself.

  19. Okay everybody, since I’m stuck over here across the pond, I’m always on the lookout for English language movies featuring African Americans, and lo and behold if I didn’t find a Vivica Fox movie called “Trapped In Haitian Nights”- I guess this is the one that Madame Moore produced. It’s one of those standard cheesy Aunt Viv straight to video thrillers. But usually Viv has her own backing and production for these, or…? I’m watching now while I make my turkey stuffing cubes:


    Beyond that, this RHoA was a good episode; loved this recap- and especially loved how Kandi has aunties and uncles at the house helping her pack. Kim and this ‘no house is good enough for me’ schtick is getting old and looks ridiculous. Poor Kroy, the more I hear him speak aloud the more I realize just how YOUNG he really is; this kid likely really has no idea what kind of financial roller coaster ride he’s in for with this simple-minded woman- um, um, ummm- le sigh.

  20. Great recap Ms. Tamara. I so agree, Kenya is so jealous of Porcha, she also envy’s Cynthia and Phaedra. I will be so glad when/if Kim goes away, I usally miss a portion of the show because I change channels when she is on and when I get back to the show I miss part of the next scene. I kind of agree with Kenya, Porsha should have googled Kenya to find out about her before presenting her to her guest, she would have also had more to say other than she being a former Miss USA/America. Not trying to be cute here, but at least the Miss America pagent isn’t owned by Donald Trump and it is also scholarship driven.

  21. I don’t remember that being Hosea Williams’ house.

  22. Verna

    I have not seen this episode of RHOA, but I love your first sentence. I love the Amazing Race!!! What are your thought on “twinny” LOL. I feel sorry for the long hairs, they could have had a chance. But my fav are the Texan’s, she is so bubbly and cute. Also the Chippendale’s, u think they are just a little bit too friendly??? I know this blog is not about the Race, I’m just happy that you enjoy it as well !!!!

    • The longhairs having their passports stolen was terrible. And they got one back but not the other? How did that happen? I hate the twins. They are so annoying. I was team monster truck since they were from GA.

    • Kendra

      The one had his one him, the other one was in the bags that were in the cab. Seriously who in their right mind would leave all their stuff in a cab, I get that you thought it would be quick and asked the cabbie to wait, but at the very least take your important stuff with you.!
      AR hijack over!
      I take that back, the twins are so annoying they make me so mad when they are on!

    • Kendra

      That should say on him, as in he was in possession of his passport, the other one left it in the bag.

  23. karen

    Nene and Cynthia on the subway was just plain stupid to me. Kim should just be off the show, She adds nothing at all to the show. Her five min are up as far as I am concerned. I hope Gregg stops begging soon because I am already sick of it.

  24. Sam

    In reference to Kim —- If you want to know what kind of woman you got, look at her mama!!!

  25. Barbara (!!!)

    OMG. I’m totally watched the “charity event” last night on RHoA through my fingers. I couldn’t make eye contact with my tv because I was afraid of Kenya and what she was going to do!

    I totally adore Porscha at this point. I can’t wait for more fireworks between her and Kenya in future epi’s!!!!

  26. For me, the best part was when Miss Lawrence earnestly said something like, “Yeah, you’re stupid if you don’t know the difference between Miss America and Miss USA.”

    Which was awesome, because the difference is that the Miss USA pagent is about 800 times trashier than Miss America.

    Miss Lawrence’s diplomacy skills were spot-on right there.

    • Ms Urethra Franklin

      I love it when Ms Lawrence starts off a sentence with “Yeaaah honey…”

    • mimi

      i noticed that too!!! i also thought maybe it was him being sarcastic, b/c i don’t know the difference either other than miss america is more popular. nice passive aggressive shot miss lawrence.

  27. IcedTea

    OK I may be alone but if I had to chose between Buick,…I mean Porsha and Kenya I choose KENYA ALL DAY. That big bootied cheerleader gets on my last nerve..totally inappropriate. I cannot stand childish women who play dumb and ask all sort of inappropriate questions, along with bragging about err damn thing for nothing. Bish have a seat and try staying married for more than a year with your side-eye man…#CaughtWithTranny. Real Tea.

  28. Chell

    I’ve watch Kenya Moore movie Trapped: Haitian Nights it was very boring and it looks like a home made movie but I’m not feeling Kenya Moore it seems like she’s trying act like she’s in a movie this is reality TV lol.. I think she’s crazy

  29. Karma Grant

    Finally getting to watch. What do I first notice? Gregg’s legs were hairless in the salon scenes. Did he shave for them? That makes me chuckle.

  30. Karma Grant

    ok so last night was a false start for me watching. Now that I get to start AND hopefully finish I just noticed something. Kim said her townhouse is 5,000 sq ft. It certainly didn’t look that big when they were packing to move out. If it IS that big then why they couldn’t be comfortable there while the new house is being built is beyond me.

  31. Karma Grant

    3400 sq ft is still a rather nice sized place, larger than most of us have the luxury of having. I guess until I win the lotto that I don’t play I’ll never understand the need for such huge space ie the home they were going to get from Kendra that’s 17k sq ft.

  32. AMA

    As to Kenya, I don’t know what is worst: Is it her palpable jealousy of each and every other Housewife? Her atrocious behavior? Her foul attitude? Her bad feet that are trumped only by her reptilian skin? Perhaps the answer can be found by peeling back the layers, you know, prior to her 1993 Jet Magazine cover where she’s peering out and viewing the world through her ORIGINAL dark brown irises. Or previous to her Miss U-S-irrelevant win, where she parades through the swimsuit, gown and final question competitions sporting the rear end that she was born with. Way back
    before the silicone injections eroded all of her brain cells while plumping up her rump. She keeps screeching, “Google me!”, but I think its more enlightening to “Youtube” her and take a gander a the kinder, gentler Kenya Moore of yesteryear… Psych! LOL, who am I fooling? She was ALWAYS a bitch, even way back in the day at Cass Tech High, in Detroit…

  33. Kerrie

    I previously thought Kenya would be a great addition to the cast, but I never would have imagined her to act so ridiculous. She definitely seemed jealous of Porsha. And rude to Cynthia for no reason. Joining the show was a mistake because it really highlights her ugly personality, and has likely turned off the few females fans that she had. Kenya’s butt and behavior is just all kinds of wrong. I’ll stop there on Miss America, er– Miss USA because I suspect she inherited some of her mom’s mental issues. I can’t wait to see the episode where Apollo appears to be flirting with Kenya, though.

    NeNe probably wants to tone it down now that she’s on a bigger stage. Whatever. I really liked her relationship with Gregg during the first season, but if his old tail was cheating, I wouldn’t take him back, especially if there is a chance he’s only interested again because of NeNe’s current success.

    I don’t have much to say about Phaedra, Cynthia, and Kim, but I’m convinced Kroy could have found a better woman.

    I wonder if Kandi is a sugarmama. I like her, but something never seems quite right about these men in her life. She could have likely found a better man without all of the Internet drama that was going. However, she seems like a good person, mom, daughter, woman, etc. I wish her well.

    Porsha comes off as young, fun and dingy. I think I like it, though.

    I really miss Sheree, and her sass. I didn’t think much of Lisa, Deshawn, and Marlow’s absence, but I wish Sheree was still on the show with her nose in the air. I had gotten used to the old bird. And I hear she has finally received some back child support from Bob.

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