A Bit More Tea on Karen Zolciak’s Petition for Visitation

Hey ‘member when I gave y’all the exclusive tea on Karen Zolicak seeking grandparent visitation for Brielle and Arianna (and TMZ totally stealing my story)?  I have a bit more information. If you have time you can click through to read, or just wait a couple of days for it to turn up on TMZ. :)

Kim Zolciak with her parents at High School Graduation

Anyway, even though I kind of like Kim, her behavior so far this season has been horrible. We’ve talked a lot about the visit to Kandi’s new house and her doing the dip at Nene’s party, but one thing that really bothered me was when she was opening the gifts from the grandparents for KJ’s birthday. The producer who came up with that storyline is just awful. It seemed like a way to insult both sets of KJ’s grandparents. First, I thought it odd that Kroy’s parents sent Kroy’s childhood stuffed animals as a gift. I’m not really even believing that scene. Who still has their adult children’s childhood plush toys? Perhaps they were looking to send something sentimental to the house of too much everything.

But when Kim opened the check and made sure the cameras knew it was for $25, that was a low level of tacky even for Kim. Today, I discovered that when Karen filed her request with the courts to see the girls, she filed the paperwork to bring the case “forma pauperis.” That means that she filed paperwork with supporting documentation that proved she is essentially destitute. It’s usually used in divorce proceedings where one of the parties, usually the wife, lives in an abuse shelter and has no form of income. When the forma pauperis documents are filed and approved the court costs are waived because the petitioner is indigent.

Kim and Baby Ka$h

The other thing I noticed was that Karen is filing the charges pro se. Now Bob Whitfield may be able to argue his own domestic relations case, but I don’t think Karen Zolciak is up to the task. Coincidentally, the lawyer assigned to this case is Bensonetta Tipton Lane the same lawyer that presided over Whitfield v. Whitfield for the past few years. So things aren’t looking hopeful for Karen if this case goes to an actual trial. Sidenote: TMZ said that Kim was asking for the case to be dismissed and for her mother to pay her attorneys. That can’t possibly true. Kim does have an attorney who would be aware that Karen is claiming to be indigent. No judge is going to waive court costs and then dismiss the case and make the indigent party pay the opposing attorney’s fees. Also, the case has not been dismissed.As the case stands now, there is a 60 day Domestic Relations conference order in place. Remember, Sheree and Bob went through three of them before finally being granted a trial. Theoretically, Karen and Kim’s attorney are supposed to be trying to hash out an agreement. Realistically, I doubt that is happening. If I had to guess, I would say the Biermann family Thanksgiving will be grandparent free this year. And that’s kind of sad.

We’ve argued the Georgia law on grandparents rights already here if you are interested. Under Georgia law Karen does have a shot at being awarded visitation.


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105 responses to “A Bit More Tea on Karen Zolciak’s Petition for Visitation

  1. When did Kim get so full of herself! She’s a former nurse, turned kept woman, who hit it lucky with The RHOA & Kroy. Why on earth would she want to keep the grandparents away from their grandchildren. I hope Kim realizes that someday the show will be over, Kroy will find someone else and she will be all alone. What goes around comes around.

    • Lori

      are you serious when did she! she always has been full of herself and when she was deep in adultery she needed her parents to keep those kids so she could run around but now she wants a family setting because of kroy but what Mrs things has forgotten is what goes around comes back around

  2. Marty

    I’m Team Kim on this one! Her mom is CRAY.

  3. That woman looks like a shrunken apple head.

    She’d never get near my kids if I were Kim.

  4. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Kim’s should make sure that one or both of her parents (crazy or not) are living with a roof over their heads with basic needs, if in fact if one or both are destitute.

    That nasty lazy selfish blowjob queen has got her priorities all wrong.
    With the lifestyle that she “portrays” on tv, she can afford a couple of thousand a month for her parents to live comfortably. What a selfish skanky bitch.

    My siblings& I can’t stand our parents, yet we still take care of them in many ways, because we are family.

  5. But wait. Why old the judge rule differently for a poor person?

    • Awarding atty fees is totally at the judges discretion. If the court granted her forma pauperis status she won’t stick Karen with Kim’s attorney fees. It doesn’t matter anyway because the case wasn’t thrown out. My point was that was a stupid thing for TMZ to say. I am still mad at TMZ and think they are a bunch of poopieheads.

  6. KAM

    From the bit I’ve read, Kim’s parents supported her quite a bit when the girls were young, so this seems low. Also (and a bit off topic) this picture is clearly taken in the ’80’s. Kim is more like 43 than the 35 she’s been claiming for the last three years!

  7. KAM

    Look at the hair and the shoulder pads on Karen- Late 80’s, early 90’s at best.. I grew up in the 80’s, and this was the style..

    • Google 1994 hairstyles. First. Second, I know Tamara has captioned that as high school graduation, but she looks young. Maybe it’s her jr high grad.

      Anyway, her mother being out of style for the time is not surprising. Records are so easy to find. If she were lyin about her age, everyone would be screaming it, no?

    • Kim was supposedly born in 1978 and graduated from East Catholic High School Manchester, CT in 1997. However, I read a story about her “CT years” and someone claimed to have graduated about the same time and never heard of or saw her. There has always been speculation about her age.

  8. KAM

    If it’s her Junior High graduation pic, that would fit..:)

  9. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Tamara, this has nothing to do with the petition, but I found this on AllThingsRH.com, and was just going to post on the nearest Kim Z thread. Just want to know if this holds any truth, since I haven’t read anything on here about it.

    Kim left Nene’s party, not for no dinner, babysitter, packing, a meeting or she was afraid of Nene. She left because her landlord (that was evicting her) Kendra Davis was also at the party and I’m sure that was a lot more uncomfortable than worrying about Nene’s unpredictability. Kim owes this lady decorating fees and was in the process of being evicted and this was her first time coming face to face with kendra since papers were filed to evict. #truth

    Was Kendra at that empowerment event also? Enquiring minds would love to know.

    • That site is one that has copied my entire blog in the past. I do not read or comment on her site or care at all what she is posting. Again, I do not wish to discuss other blog stories here unless I specifically address them in a post.

    • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

      Oh ok. Sorry about that Tamara. Oh, and it wasn’t the blog writer, it was someone in the comments.

    • She was there…Watch the scene where Nene walked in and was greeting someone….Kendra was to her left,she kissed some lady on the cheek…the camera panned to her face really quickly.

    • Ok, hold up. I love both blogs. However I have never seen allabouttrh copy your entire blog. Which blog entry was it? Not saying it didnt happen, i just would like to see before i pass judgement or start side eyeing. Please explain

    • Ok i confused AllthingsRH and allabouttheRH I guess if the blogger went so far as to copy another bloggers blog name they wouldnt hesitate to steal other blogs entire blog entries. How confusing!

  10. Karma Grant

    Umm I have my adult (he’s 20) son’s plush stuffed animal from when he was a tot as well as a couple from each of his siblings. Maybe it’s just a west/midwest thing to do but my family has always done it.

    • I moved around a lot as a kid and remember having to leave EVERY SINGLE ONE of my dolls on an international move in both directions. #childhoodtrauma lol. I guess it just seems weird to me because we were always moving and paring down to the bare minimum or shipping purposes.

      Still, when I taught elementary, I alway got rid of all the stuffed animals* we aquired pronto. They are very germy!

      *except for Olympic Mascots. But I didn’t let the kids snot all over those. :)

    • My kid tried to get rid of his stuffed animals and baby blankets. I intercepted them and put them away for his kids. Not even Midwestern! I’m just sappy like that.

    • Karma Grant

      Oh I moved alot too. With stepdad #2 we moved every 6 weeks (we joked he had gypsy blood) before he finally just went back to being a long haul trucker and left us in one spot for a few years. On one move we moved from Washington state to Oklahoma on the premise that he had a job waiting. During the drive there, our homemade trailer (made by an Uncle from a boat trailer) broke down and we had to leave everything, including my entire Barbie collection. Talk about heart break, especially when we got to OK and there was no job! Anyway, so I totally understand not having anything to keep. My mom was unable to keep my things but my Grandmother managed to even though her and my mom didn’t speak for long periods of time. I then proceeded to lose most of anything in my own cross country/international (military) moved.

  11. Hmmm….Karen is taking this to a whole new level. The whole thing started back last year or the year before when Karen and her hubby (whatchmacallit) were first on the show when Kim was moving into the house where they got married. Karen & hubby liked being on camera very much and went to bravo and tried to be part of Kim’s story line.Hubby has always been a flirt and a Ham… mother is just a bad.. Fame & attention whores. Kim was not pleased because she did not want her parents taking any camera time away from her. Bravo said they could continue to be in the show but they wouldn’t get paid. Well Karen didn’t like that. Karen was and still is hounding Bravo to be included in the show as part of the housewives. This has been going on now for awhile. I am really shocked that it has not come out at all.
    Now we come to the wedding.. Kim and her mother had been in a war for several months about Karen trying to get more camera time. She would show up while they were taping and wasn’t even supposed to be there. Kim was embarrassed and mad, so the fighting continued. That’s why Kim starting lying to Karen about when they were gonna meet the planner, caterer, etc. just so she wouldn’t show up in the middle of filming. In the show we saw her lying to Karen about when Colin would be there. There was a lot that we didn’t get to see….
    Now we come to the wedding… we all know Karen acted an ass, but it was pretty much on purpose. She knew the cameras went where the drama was, and she was the drama of the night. She didn’t care if she looked like and idiot.. her goal was to show bravo she could make good TV.
    This law suit has nothing to do with the kids. This is Karen’s way of staying in the RHOA or Kims new show. Kims new show is basically going to be about her family life and her kids are a big part of that…… if Karen gets visitation rights,…….she wants to be included in the show… Right now Karen will do anything to stay in RHOA show or any show. I have checked into Karen & hubby finances and although they are not rich by any means, they are not destitute.
    I’m telling you…. This whole visitation thing is all for the drama… sadly it has NOTHING to do with the kids. It keeps Kim and Karen in the tabloids and it keeps the blogs busy… Trust me when I say….Its all for DRAMA sake..
    Forgive me if this gets all jumbled up word wise… I am not writer that’s for sure. LOL!

    • It’s like you just cut someone open, messed with their organs and finished with “I’m not a surgeon.”

    • lol at the time I was trying not to say that. When she talked about Nene wanting to get some other people fired…. I’m used to real sources so I believed her. When she started this mess about Kim I realized she didn’t know wtf she was talking about.

    • Terri

      Sorry, not buying it. Some grandparents are actually closer than their grandchildren than their own children sometimes. Just by looking at past episodes I could see that the girls had affection for their grandparents and their grandparents doted on them. Those feelings just don’t go away because the adult child is acting like a retard. Your post would have us think that Karen’s only motive for wanting to see Brielle & Ariana is to get attention, while I could somewhat imagine Kim, the liar & skank being devoid of feeling for anyone who doesn’t fall in line with her way of doing, I don’t think her grandparents are like that. Simply for the reason that they would have to have had the patience of Job and the the Love of God to put up with the antics of Kim for so long. Even before she had a show. Tamara I have a question for you. Kandi’s mother doesn’t get paid either?

  12. I have several sources in the ATL regarding housewives. It’s interesting to note that My Shereee sources can’t tell me anything about the other housewives. My Nene sources only know Nene things. Those are my best sources. I have almost no sources on Phaedra and Kandi. But the least of all is Kim. My tea on Kim comes from legal sources and other indirect sources (like people who know Kendra Davis) etc.

    So it is interesting to me that Donna seems to think she has an inside source on Kim. I have an EXCELLENT Bravo source. And I can assure you that everyone on RHO anywhere is all the same ONLY the HW get paid. Don’t believe me? Ask Slade Smiley. It’s apparent by having functioning eyeballs that Karen is the parent of a media whore for a reason. The suggestion that she would even think she had a chance of being paid is crazy. At least on RHOA. NBCU is in a huge budget crisis. Karen is no one. She can be on the show or not as far as they are concerned.

    The lawsuit has everything to do with the kids. Whatever her faults she wants to see them. Is Karen a media whore wannabe? sure. But the lawsuit is genuine. Karen practically raised those girls while Kim was on the pole.

    You may have some intel on Nene, Donna, but I can assure you, you do not about Kim.

    • Wow! Tamara, why is it when my Tea fits your needs its all good and true & when its something that you have not known about… now my tea is false. Is this because I did not give you the names of my sources when you asked in your email, so you could use them too? Or is this because instead of dishing my tea into the comment section you wanted me to email YOU and give YOU the tea so you could post it yourself and take all the credit? I am not here to compete about who has the best tea… I thought that you and the bloggers would like to know some of the inside tea from someone who knows someone that is INSIDE the show itself. You can doubt anything you want and that’s fine with me. I still enjoy reading your blog and interacting with the people who comment…from now on I will keep my tea to myself although its your readers who will suffer.

    • I’m not buying that you are inside anything. Some stuff you say, I’ve seen Tamara or other bloggers have already say. Or I don’t buy it.

    • BTW I NEVER said that Karen was getting paid. I said she wanted too, and also wanted to be included as being a HW.

    • TeeCee you don’t have to buy it or believe it. That’s whats great about these blogs. You can believe what you want and throw the rest into the garbage can. Hell there is some information that is on here that I know for a fact (and can prove) that is not true. But that’s what blogs are all about… Your not going to get into an argument out of me at all… my life has taken a turn and being diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer is my priority now…. NOT whether someone believes me about a TV show or not.

    • mimi

      Yes, I believe everything about the Kim/Karen camera time war up until the lawsuit, if that makes sense. I do think Kim was irritated by her mom and it escalated into a fight at which point Kim took it a step further and basically blacklisted her mom from the family. So Karen filed suit. Yes i def think the suit is real and i have read Brielle and Ariana’s depositions. Kim probably didn’t tell them what to write but she sure as hell influenced it. It’s very sad, regardless of what mom and daughter are going through i just feel like Kim is using her daughters to hit her mom where it would hurt the most. Im sure she doesnt look at it that way, but Kim is selfish and she feels justified in doing this.

  13. Psst did you notice that your long diatribes about things that you supposedly know personally are all things I have posted here previously? I linked to most of them in your Nene stories. I also tried to subtly tell you that TT readers knew all that already. I gave you the benefit of the doubt. I had heard the Kandi and Phaedra stories and chose not to post about them because my major sources never mentioned it. But when you came along, I went with the story I had sat on. That was apparently a mistake. Because I have lots of sources and NONE of them cross the Nene/Kim line because Kim and Nene do not have common sources because they only film together.

    So when you come up here trying to regurgitate my own blog AGAIN… I doubt your credibility.

    Frankly you seem like someone who is trying to gain attn to themselves. So that is why when I emailed you and said perhaps you should tell me via email rather than going off on longass comments when I have not had a chance to verify what you are saying, you suggested I just ask you questions. Did you notice I didn’t ask you anything? I wonder why that was?

    I never aske for your sources. I did tell you to stop spouting off in comments and email me directly. I gave you credit for your “tea.” You are the first person EVER who has wanted their name used. Interesting, no? Most of my real sources make me triple swear to never mention them..

    So yes, keep your “tea” to yourself or start yet another blog that uses mine for their ratings.

  14. Tamara, I didn’t tell you that I wanted my name used.That is a bold face lie and I have the email to prove it. You re-posted my whole comment…(that everyone had already read) granted you did ask if you could use it for another post of yours,and I said yes. It was totally up to you whether you used my name or not. I told you in my email that I did NOT want my name used on a lot of the information because it was confidential info …. The bottom line is that if you agree with my info, you want to use it but if you don’t agree with me on the info… you try and call me out as a liar!! My sources have told me that you were a very sick, insecure, delusional drunk but I gave you the benefit of the doubt. You have proven my sources to be more correct than you can ever imagine. TaTa

  15. I was diagnosed on Thursday! May a big fucking bird shit on your face everyday for the rest of your life.
    May everything you care about DIE… so that you are the one suffering….May the molester that “supposedly” molested you (the one to talk & whine so much about on twitter) come back to life(if he is really dead like you say) and do it again, and again to you everyday for the rest of your life… Because you know you liked it… Now go run and tell that bitch! Watch out for you dog…. do not let him outside alone… or you may not have to worry about the vet bills you so like to complain about. Make sure you don’t go to your local grocery store for more alcohol alone….I do know exactly where you live.. and you are very right… its worse than the ghetto! Be careful…. right now I am one pissed off woman, that has absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE!!

    • wait I thought you told me you didn’t have twitter. how would you know about my molestation that I am always talking about there? I’m so confused.

      You sure do know a lot about my timeline…

      PS my dog will eat your face off.

    • Barbara

      I;m sorry, I know this discussion is none of my business….But what you just posted Donna is pure evil. And, be careful because I’ve found when you wish terrible things on others it usually comes back….to YOU.

      I’ll shut up now, and I’m sorry tt for butting in to something thats not my business. It just made me mad.

    • Terri

      If you are as sick as you say. You should be in someone’s church rather than threatening someone on the internet with harm. My how quickly you turned into the wicked witch of the West. Something Kim does when she has used up the people she surrounds herself with and suddenly have no use for anymore. Any Relation?

    • Oh Donna..
      First of all, I’m not here to take sides in this matter, since I have no idea what is fact and what is wishful thinking. Nor am I here to judge. I have enjoyedTT blog for sometime, one thing I have always enjoyed aside from quick wit and humor, but also the intelligent, and sometimes zany antics of some of the posters. Again, I’m not responding to you in an effort to make you feel bad, or worse than you probably already do, if your post is anything to go by. But to wish you you Well. Both my mom and aunt passed on from cancer, my mother, with a rare heart and lung diesease, and my aunt Helen, with breast cancer. And while I cannot say I know how you feel, I’ve experienced the loss all the same. So my heart goes out to you regarding your diagnosis.

      My hope, is that after you’ve had sometime to digest what you’re dealing with and the embarrassement you are probably experiencing at having your word called into question, you will offer an heartfelt, and sincere apology to both Tamara, the author of this blog, and the readers and posters, of this blog. Why? Because I was both personally shocked and appauled reading your words and wishes towards someone who (I felt) didn’t deserve such cruelty. Actually.I was also saddened for you, since it is obvious you think alot of Tamara and her opinion of you. What business is it of mine, you ask? None really. Except, for some reason I simply felt compelled to reach out to you using words to express how I felt about Your words. Perhaps to offer a few kind words.. Who knows, I just do.. There was just something about your post..Such harsh, cruel Words., said in a moment of anger, hurt and insecurity, once written, can never be taken back. And that is why I feel so saddened for you,Donna.
      WORDS… Did you know, that words can actually heal the body? The mind? And by the sane token, Destroy it? Yep! they sure can.
      The saddest thing about all this, is that the person who probably once held you and your words in high esteem, or at the very least respected you enough to give value to your words never , ever will again.

  16. TeeCee, don’t ask me… it was your buddy Tamara that wanted permission to re-post it…. She is the one who thought it was so important that she wanted it not only in the comments but a brand New post……. I swear… you just ‘fix stupid!

  17. Oh please. She’s been skinned by better.

  18. YOU:
    Hello Tamara,

    Is that your real name?

    I’m not sure if we know the same people or not but it will be highly unlikely if we do. I have a few sources but the info I have is mostly from just being in the loop myself. But who knows my connections and your connections could be connected together! LOL! I also have a lot of intel on several of the housewives from the other shows too. Well minus Miami but that is simply because I don’t give a shit about any of them and I rarely watch the show.


    Hey Donna! Thanks for all the tea. Some of it you should probably email me in the future so I can make it a post and not let it get lost in comments. My comments are sort of crazy.

    Are you on twitter? I have a local friend that wants to follow you there. I have to find out her twitter. lol. or perhaps y’all could exchange emails. :)

    You can give her my email addy but I don’t do the twitter thing.. come to think of it, I really don’t know why I have never done twitter…uhmmmm oh well maybe I will get a twitter account now. LOL!
    I have A LOT of info and I’m not very good at deciphering it so it makes sense but you are… so this might be a good thing. There is so much I wouldn’t even know where to start.. Maybe if you have some questions we could start there and I will do my best to answer them and go from there.
    I do have one issue…I will do my best to keep you filled in on all the tea I know but certain things, (thru emails) but some of it ( I will let you know which stuff) you will have to keep my name out of it,because when it gets out some people will know exactly where it came from.. if you get my meaning. Some of the tea is very confidential.

    Of course. NONE of my sources want to be identified with this mess. lol. I’m talking to my NJ sources right now about casting rumors. But will get back to you about Atlanta.

    I posted on your comments on the site that I know and have posted most of the stuff you said in comments today/last night with links. You might enjoy my archives. :) TT readers are pretty well informed when it comes to RHOA.

    That last part was me telling you in email and posting in the comments section that all of your long ass posts were recountings of things I had posted months earlier. I was trying to give you a clue. I’d already discussed with others what to do with you. You seem to want to take credit for things you read here. it was weird.

    And now you want to come up off of your death bed with stage four liver cancer and kill my dog and me. lovely. Clearly you are a rational source we want to believe in.
    Of course. NONE of my sources want to be identified with this mess. lol. I’m talking to my NJ sources right now about casting rumors. But will get back to you about Atlanta.

    I posted on your comments on the site that I know and have posted most of the stuff you said in comments today/last night with links. You might enjoy my archives. :) TT readers are pretty well informed when it comes to RHOA.

  19. Raynia

    Why is her mama doing this? I’m confused. I just ant think of any reason this is all happening. I mean I thought they had a good relationship (don’t have bravo didn’t see Kim wedding) but I heard what happened at the wedding it sound bad but not to point they all this would be happening. Idk I’m simply confused.

    Oh yea I think Kroy looks like he ha parent that’s keeps all his old stuff lmao

  20. ROFLMAO…. because Donna was so threatening after being called out I ran her IP which I have now reported. She lives in MARYLAND and is on HUGHESNET which is a internet service for people in the HINTERLANDS… lolol.

  21. i dont believe u have cancer…. i have cancer n when i was told… i went home and just thought… i certainly did not tell anyone…..it took me over a year before i told anyone on the internet. when i got cancer a 2nd time. i didnt tell anyone until after my surgery and i just told people about it on the internet. i had a double mastectomy jan 31, 2011 n hysterectomy june 25, 2012.

    as for the lawsuit being fake – i personally posted that info on my twitter the day the lawsuit came out… go check my timeline…..

  22. I have a stage 4 headache.

  23. Chris, sorry about your cancer. If I get cancer I will tell all of you before anyone. I’m serious. I tell all my shit here. People in my real life have better thing to do than social media. I truly don’t know a real person that does this shit. That’s why I feel safe being my true idiotic self here. I’ll totally tell y’all first. You know the real me.

    • alove1

      I am in AWE. She doesn’t have cancer. I am a 7yr breast cancer survivor. Tamara,I can’t believe she threatened your life and your dogs life. Reporting her IP address to the authorires. I enjoy your blog & keep the piping hot tea coming. Have a great day!

  24. well if ur dogs dies i will help u steal another one…and if ur molester comes back to life – i will easily kill him for you – again….and u can order all of the housewives liquor online… no need for the grocery store runs… thats how much i adore you and ur cancer free life = bff’s

  25. i think i may have killed him…. that would make two.

    if i need to kill him again I will.

    I’m racking up a lot of kills in this life.

  26. Good Lord, all hell has done broke loose here tonite. Getta grip “ladies”.

  27. I’m at a loss of words.. Donna you are a loonie!

  28. Ms Urethra Franklin

    My oh my, what happened to just ragging on on skanky slut Kim?

    I had to do homework and goggle Hinterlands…and then all this other residual drama, personal drama, and insight to the inner workings of a blogging diva is very interesting….Tamara you sure do keep things 100% & lively, and you would be my dream guest at my next dinner party.

  29. gigi

    oh the drama… i’m gonna start a blog about this blog :)

  30. Why oh why do people choose to lie? Huh, Donna?

    • Barbara

      There was this girl on Big Brother this season, her name was Danielle. Anyway, she lied about having cancer and knowing famous people too. I think it was for attention or something. Anyway, maybe her and Donna are related?

  31. Andrea

    I can’t stand Kim. I am more than willing to bet my last penny that Kim’s parents helped her continually with those kids before Kroy came is dumbass into the picture. I agree the scene with them opening the birthday card was trashy and it showed how cheap Kim is. First of all, it doesn’t matter if the grandparents sends $25.00 of .25 cents, it’s not their kids, and you should be grateful enough to say thank you for thinking of my kid. It was also tacky for Kroy to say well they haven’t bought the girls Christmas gifts over. Well, what about all of the stuff they have done. I don’t know Kim from a can of house paint but I’m sure that her parents help far beyond the role of the average grandparents while she was out sleeping with a married man. In fact, I’m sure help before and after her time with Big Poppa. I feel bad for Kim’s mom because only has shown herself to be a materialistic whore and a disgrace as her child. I’m sure that it hurts that those kids aren’t around and it’s doublely offensive that Kroy comes into the picture less than three years ago, and now he has entirely more clout and input than them. Kim will get her just deserts soon enough. I don’t care what insignificant argument me and my parents have, their relationship with my children should never under any circumstances be interrupted. It would be different if they abused those but they didn’t, we only saw Brielle and Ariana loving their grandparents and vice versa.

  32. TEB2350

    You guys are my kind of crazy! These comments are funny. I hope nobody dies.

  33. It says a lot about Bravo that they are editing Kim in the worst possible way (probably since she quit/had a meltdown early in) but still planning to air her second season of spin-off. Either they are turning her into the villain or they aren’t going to air her show….

    • Karma Grant

      I’m starting to think AC felt like he needed a reason she was getting a 2nd season of her spinoff and this is how they’re going about it. In some twisted thought process he thinks if the A fans dislike her then her leaving is good and her doing her own show is even better.

    • willlynn

      I just hope they don’t air the second show. But no worries if they do I won’t be watching!

      And Ms Tamara you keep on doing the wonderful blogging you do. The Tea is appreciated. Sorry you have to deal with nuts. being the type of person I am I will pray for her :)

  34. I think Donna was either NAA or Bub.

  35. it’s SNOT NAA. Does Bub live in Maryland?

  36. No. But he’d have no problem making it loo like he did. The only flaw to my theory is that he’d never know jack about RHs. It was a funny thought though. O you still ave your board?

  37. michelle

    Miss a day miss a whole f-in lot! Donna is an evil psychopath?

  38. Tamara, what’s your opener line for RHTT? Mine would be: “You may think I’m mean, but it’s only because you’re all jackasses.”

  39. pfft

    How much yall wanna bet ole Donna starts raising money for cancer? collecting donations? dumb cunt!

    fuck you Donna.

  40. chitown shelley

    ok so i have been gone for a couple of days dealing with my own medical issues. im trying to follow what happened. so donna flipped out, and made death threats to tam while in the midst of her own life threatening medical crisis after being put on blast? is that what happened? wow!! happy one year anniversary tamara!! lol!!

    • Tamara, between you and your buddy TeeCee you don’t have ¼ of a brain.. Trying to know where is live is a joke since I live in the same town as you Tamara. I have actually met you, you fucking idiot. Both of you are dumber than a box of rocks.
      I will apologies for my post last night that was so mean and cruel. I was hopped up on a lot of pain meds and in my stupor I went too far. I don’t wish anyone any harm, however Tamara I don’t understand how you going what you SAY you went through in your life can be so vicious to anyone who disagrees with you or maybe that has some intel other than what you have.. You were not only cruel to me, but you are cruel to your readers. But you and only you will have to answer for that when the time comes. Good Luck!
      I really don’t care whether anyone believes my version of the Kim and Karen saga, because sooner or later it’s going to all come out and then Tamara you will have not egg but shit on your face. But I’m sure you will twist it into making people believe it’s your truth and not mine. The only reason you don’t have too many sources, is because you are too low class and ghetto yourself to be in the Bravo loop….Sitting on your ass and drawing disability and writing a blog doesn’t quite make it into the HW’s scene. But I’m sure you will twist this into something else, just like you do everything else in your life. You twist the words, to make yourself look good and everyone else look bad. I guess if that’s what makes you feel good about your miserable life… then more power to you… twist on..
      The funny thing is… I have been on your blog now for about 8 months under different names and you didn’t even know it… You are following ME on one of my twitter names.. We have had many conversations…… You really shouldn’t be so truthful when you get drunk… You tell WAY too much.
      No, I am not a stalker…. Yes I do know you… have known you for awhile now. You hurt people Tamara,you say things on purpose to hurt them and its just not on your blog that you do this… and I am out to destroy you, no life threats…nothing is going to happen to your dog, just PROMISES!!!! I know what kind of car you drive, your address, and I even know your Gaybor….. and your dog wouldn’t hurt me.. in fact the dog knows me…. Now you and TeeCee put your ¼ of a brain together and try to figure out just who I am…
      MARYLAND????? REALLY??? A 5 yr old could do better than that! LMAO!
      No more posts for me.. well under this name anyway… I’ll be watching you and you won’t even know it….

      • Yes, it was terribly mean and viscious to spend a day or so responding to your comments with links to posts on my blog where I said the same thing months earlier. It was vile of me to point out that you seem to believe you know the RHOA personally when it’s clear you are just a wee bit obsessed. Now in your imaginary land you know me and my dog and are out to destroy me. Have fun watching me. I should warn you that I really don’t do much of anything interesting. I went to the Mexican Publix today. Then I watched some stuff on the DVR. I have cramps today in case you are keeping up with my cycle. And yeah, I pretty much tell my business on twitter and here. See you in the bushes outside my house!

  41. Barbara

    Wow. “I’ll be watching you and you won’t even know it….”

    Thats creepy! And, Yes – You are a stalker.

  42. What did I do?? I thought I was very nice.

  43. first time poster

    just reading the comments and thought I would mention that making threats online- on a blog or otherwise is illegal and could result in serious jail time. saying you were high on meds isn’t a justifiable excuse in the court of law

    • mimi

      yep first time, i was going to say the same thing. although donna does make one good point, tc does only have 1/4 of a brain, if there is one there at all.

      • LOL TC is a bitch, but she is quite intelligent.

        As for the Kim situation. If you want to pop for 15 bucks for a 1997 year book, you can buy one at East Catholic High website. Let me know if you do. But if you are right, you’ll spend $15 to find… nothing.

  44. stevod

    i am also donna.

    we are all donna, tamara.

    • true in the deepest of senses. OTOH I am a bit more self-aware than Donna. I at least exist in my own drunken, sometimes even happy, whacky reality, whereas she… is a bit more troubled and confused.

  45. These comments have me weak as water laughing… Sheer source of entertainment…lmao

  46. Well, I had a few cocktails tonight myself and now I’m reading this from Donna. Ok, I’m gonna say this once…Donna, you need serious psychiatric help. You still don’t get it…

    Tamara, love your blog.

  47. michelle

    While I always read Tamara’s blogs, I don’t normally comment on them. But after reading all the comments/threats from this Donna women I feel like I have to.
    Donna if you are truly sick as you claim then maybe your time would better be served taking care of your own rather than worrying about stalking and trying to destroy someone. You sound like a mindless idiot with to much time on their hands, and a pocket full of stories. So here you go you crazy bitch, enjoy the 15 minutes of fame you received by posting crazy threats on a blog because trust me other than to laugh at what a fool you are, nobody will be. remembering you for anything positive.

    • Though I expect the link to get removed due to T having issues with TMZ stealing stories I feel compelled to reply anyway –

      I don’t believe her dad said that. Just a feeling I have. We all know her real problem is with her mother and that she’s a daddy’s girl. We saw this on the spin off. Her dad even reprimanded Karen on camera.

    • karmagrant

      WordPress has me going in circles so am trying to reply..again. I figure TT will remove the link since she has issue with TMZ stealing her shit but feel compelled to reply…..I don’t believe her dad said that. Just a feeling I have. We all know her real problem is with her mother and that she’s a daddy’s girl. We saw this on the spin off. Her dad even reprimanded Karen on camera.

  48. Kendra

    I am going to skip over the nonsense of the donna-TT and get back to the important things. This case. I am a huge believer in the parents get to chose who their children spend time with. Our family is in no way enmeshed and I do not understand families that are (Hello RHONJ).
    That being said if the mother (in this case Kim) is doing this not out of care and concern of the children but to hurt her family in what is the worst possible way, then shame on her.
    Also Kim is over estimating her own entertainment value. The only some what interesting part of the Tardy for the Wedding were the on going crazy with her family. Remove that from the season and you have nothing left except the ridiculous story of the maid of honor and the even more ridiculous story of the 2 years of Kroys salary wedding.

    I think it is simple, Kim’s family no longer fits into the picture she is trying to paint, to her they are low class and an embarrassment.

    On an aside does anyone know how the girls relationships are with their fathers? Do we see Kim trying to get Kroy to adopt the girls?

    • sweetnessnbubba

      one of the Dads is in Jail (the younger ones) and the other one Dad was never in the picture at all…

      LOL.. I love a tempest in a teapot and have enjoyed reading this crazy ass thread… I tend to think that Donna is correct about Karen wanting to be on tv, but that needs no real tea leave reading… Karen and the Dad acted as crazy as they could to get camera time… Whether Kim was being a jerk for not letting guests come in the house, she had really nice outside restrooms, Karen knew it was an issue and barged in simply for the cameras sake… and I think Kim, also being a fame whore isnt willing to share the camera time…lol…..

  49. That is the weirdest thing TMZ has ever posted. Kim’s Dad just picked up the phone and called TMZ and said Kim is a pathological liar? It makes no sense. I haven’t even seen Kim say a word about the petition. The last article TMZ ran was quotes from her statements to the court. It’s not like Kim is out there doing interviews. Is she?

  50. Sam

    Kroy is a clueless bama( sorry son)!!! Kim is an evil genius, keep the grand parents away so Kroy never finds out that he married a whore!! Family tell the best tales!!

    • Karma Grant

      Keep the Grandparents away so Kroy doesn’t find out….that doesn’t even make sense since a) she’s lived in front of the cameras a few years and b) all he ever had to do was google her and find out all kinds of dirt, real and fake.

  51. Whatever318

    how sad to see so many’s nasty negative comments on a new mom! no matter who she is its almost like not one of you has a mother! did u not see this hag at her daughters wedding disrespecting everything and everyone over a bath room.
    control freak and she is glad to be rid of it. open you eyes people cause on this site the big green monster is speaking loud and clear but thanks for the laughs

  52. Sick in The South.....

    Wow – before I read ANY further than “Donna’s” venomous/vile letter – because truly if it gets any uglier than this I can’t be sure I’ll have the self control to not write something equally ugly and disgusting.

    I have never seen such a vicious use of words. TT gives us hours of witty, cleverly delivered and delicious tea. Why does Donna need the validation of TamaraTattles? And because you got called out on your cra cra, you flip out? You clearly look UP to TT and wanted her to make you her little “pet”. Don’t know TT, but honey I don’t think she flies like that and does not need friends who make crap up to try to be relevant.

    Stalk much? You really ARE a sick woman and “cancer” is only the tip of the crazy cone you’re sucking your kool-aid from.

    You are a sad and vacuous woman. IF you have stage 4 cancer, why would you not be reading/sending out things that were positive/funny contributions? Where we MAY have missed your words once gone? Your words took TIME (that you may or may not have) and ENERGY to write – energy I’d say I would be channeling into wrapping myself in positivity and praying to see as much time on this earth as possible to continue reading TT’s zany antics and scoops!

    It’s been said that “ugly is as ugly does” and that we can bring disease upon ourselves by our thoughts, words and actions. You rag on TT’s drinking – um, just how did you get that liver cancer? They say we dislike in others what we dislike about ourselves. So, are YOU the alcoholic?

    Berating a person who was molested? Wishing them to have the perpetrator come BACK and violate her again….Are you DEMENTED? Did no one love you as a child? Has every sane (or otherwise) person left you 100% alone to go make up this bat s–t crazy and mean nonsense? You don’t like TT, don’t like us – GO AWAY. The Middle East needs women just like you to practice stoning techniques . I’ll buy your ticket – FIRST CLASS, TameraTattles has my name and email – I swear that ticket is not an empty promise – you just have to agree to stay off the site (or any other place TT writes). You’ve just spit on anyone who’s been victimized by sexual predators. Forgive me if I don’t join you at the airport to wave your toxic a– goodbye.

    I’d say “take care of yourself” – but the damage you tried to do (instead you’re a JOKE) really makes me just want you to go away and not bother those of us with “less than 1/4 of a brain” – WHY would you spend your last time on us clearly inferior people? Spend it with people who love and care about you – oh – wait – you clearly don’t have any or you’d never spew that filth in the first place.

    You’re a bitter and envious person.

    Holy cow, you need much more than an Oncologist (a cancer specialist in case you need to reference your possibly made up illness), you need a therapist or a life coach so you leave this earth a little lighter than where you’re coming from now.

    Threatening our TT? Get outta here. Her references to her drinking I suspect are satirical (and if not, with people like you writing in I’d be sucking down my liquid fortitude too) and referring to where she lives as “worse than ghetto” and poisoning her dog? You’re not even a clever writer! Skip the kool-aid you’re sucking from and use the antifreeze you were saving for the dog –

    Tick tock, tick tock….each keystroke you spend here is one less second you have to go take in this fantastic thing we call life. It’s a gift and I suspect you mock it. Better get a real check up and follow it regularly – things you say can come your way. Congratulations, you just sent liver cancer an engraved invitation to come your way.

    And if you’re not dying? Please GTFO..

    Have a “nice LIFE”, pray stage 4 moves fast – really, really fast. You’ll be praying for it to take you quickly. Another sick and self centered twist – you have mocked not only abuse survivors, you’ve insulted true cancer patients with a genuine desire to make their last amount of here serene, surrounded by love and beauty and without horrific pain.

  53. Sunny in The South.....

    To “Soncee” (& others!) – I so did not mean to use your words (in some instances, exact same) in my response to “Donna”. It was pure coincidence – I had not read onto even the next entry after her blast on TT- I started my reply with “I’m writing this before I read on, as if it gets any uglier, I may not contain my own anger boiling up…” (ok, so that was loosely paraphrased – but WOW – many of us nailed her DEAD ON.)

    Here are some words I used; “zany antics…..shared the sentiment that words HURT and can bring serious garbage your way…..that TT’s opinion of you clearly matters, etc…”

    …Lordy, forgive me fellow writers who’s words I echoed and not addressed directly – oh and specifically one other who said that (again, rough paraphrase) “words are powerful and can heal – as well as hurt”.

    Do not take offense my fellow TT supporters – it sounds like we were all similarly outraged & after reading her insinuating she can map out TT’s errands – that’s scary & I’m GLAD that TT pulled down her IP address. Smart move.

    Someone needs to go check on her – she could be a 3 ton shut in and need the wall removed to extract her from her grim existence, probably littered with empty Wild Turkey bottles, empty pizza delivery boxes/other take away containers with multiple desktops she uses to lurk around. Whooeee! Who needs Bravo when we have “The Donna Show”?

    Good luck TT, you’ve got a great life and awesome online “friends” who clearly care and adore you.

    Oh – and send a social worker and an Oncologist to confirm her cancer before they load her up onto a flatbed semi to transport her to the confines of Nurse Ratchet’s unit (though I suspect she belongs there!)

    Whomever “Donna” turns out to be? She needs some serious help. Too many of us expressed the same sentiments to be off base on this one.

    Oh!!! What’s Donna going to do now that Hostess is bankrupt? Eat her keyboard? Perhaps it’s Twinkie scented – and can spur her a “Twinkie Defense” with the “threats” she made!!!! (and her half a–ed “I was ‘possibly’ loaded & meant no harm”. Right. That crap scares people so as I said before “GTFO”! In the least, it’s mean spirited and not helpful.

    TT – hang in there girl and keep up your sense of humor & to the gal fighting her 2nd cancer bout? You too – none of this “hater” stuff is aimed at you, you FIGHT ON! And keep us posted.

    And sign me now “Sunny in the South”. After this round of shade? I can’t use the word “sick” – I’m happy to not be a “Negative Nelly Hater” like Donna or whatever name(s) she uses now. Donna grow up and get real.

  54. Eww, Kim looks like her father..

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