The Real Tea on Teresa at the Madonna Concert…

Teresa at the Madonna concert with….

On Wednesday, Naughty But Nice Rob posted a story about Teresa Giudice attending a Madonna concert. He mentioned Tre dining with Dana Levine , the founder of Nephcure and other friends before the concert. The “tea” was presented as Tre wanting to get a backstage pass to meet Madonna and being unable to do so. Not particularly interesting or shocking. What Rob had to know but did not report was who the man next to her in the picture above is. THAT is the real tea…

So who is the guy with six times the forehead Teresa has? That would be Michael Todd. Who is Michael Todd you ask? Oh he’s the Executive Director of Photography at In Touch Magazine. My source tells me he can be seen out and about hanging all over Tre quite frequently.  Now that’s interesting.

THAT is the real tea. :)



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28 responses to “The Real Tea on Teresa at the Madonna Concert…

  1. IcedTea

    Indeed. I knew she was in bed with In Touch…that is the real fame whore…

  2. KAM

    That IS the real tea! Her wanting to go backstage? Not so much!

  3. Uh oh Teresa caught w/her hand in the coolie Jar..

  4. chitown shelley

    anna mae, coolie is even funnier! piping hot tea ms. tamara!

  5. Tc

    Caught? Yeah. She is trying so hard to hide.

  6. Are you insinuating they are banging? I sure hope she’s getting some on the side because it’s very obvious Juicy is.

  7. Karma Grant

    Eh, Juicy (gross!) confirmed them being in bed so to speak with In Touch during the Vineyard trip. Nothing big there. Though I do appreciate you giving the full cup of tea and not just half the cup i.e. her wanting to go backstage whatever. As if she needs help stirring the drama pot (the way the other writer did in his insinuation).

  8. michelle

    I heard the Maddona story but you got the most interesting part of the scoop! Curious as to whats in it for her with Nephcure? Shes not the most altruistic person so I just have to wonder.

  9. Tre is a media whore and very self-centered but I think she was deeply moved with her first charity experience with nephcure. I think she is geniune with he charity work. I also think that Caroline and Jacqueline are geniune with theirs. Most people aren’t all good or all bad…

  10. michelle

    Ok I’ll take your word for it.Not saying she’s all bad but it seems she is always trying to work an angle of some sort.

    • Tc

      Isn’t everyone? You could say that ANY action is “working an angle”. Trying to get into heaven causes you to “work angles.”

  11. michelle

    Not everyone I know. Not sure what you mean about trying to get into heaven. That’s not the motive of everyone’s good deeds.

  12. michelle

    hmm had to think about that one my first response was to help others but I have to add to put good out into the universe feel good about myself and set a good example for my children. I worked for many years as a manager of a homeless shelter and later as an instructor for adults with disabilities I have to say the smiles were was a big motive as well.

  13. Tc

    So… You’re angling for smiles. Got it.

  14. Valley Girl

    If you’re angling to get into Heaven based on your good deeds, you’ll never make it. That’s scripture, but I won’t get into that here.

    Interesting tea indeed.

  15. MaryC

    I have to say that I’m sure Tre is coming from a good place with her charity. If it was just for attention she could have chosen a more well known charity/illness.

  16. michelle

    Never said I was angling to get any where. Tc asked my motives for good deeds.I am aware of scripture but thanks for the tip.

  17. Raynia

    I’m not sure how this is tea. I mean she been on the cover (posed pics & all) plenty of times. I’m pretty sure she knows him. I’m not sure what’s the point of lying. I’m pretty sure we’ll never hear about the magazine storyline from bravo again lol.

  18. awesome scoop = great job!! and who wont want to go back stage at a madonna concert? besides elton?

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