Guess Who?


November 16, 2012 · 4:02 pm

14 responses to “Guess Who?

  1. mimi

    Mama Elsa! She was gorgeous!

  2. Karma Grant

    Saw this via the Bravo facebook page. She was so beautiful. Sad she went the plastic surgery route, can just imagine how fabulous she’d still look.

  3. Barbara

    Sad that someone as beautiful as Mama Elsa was would even consider plastic surgery. She kind of looks like Sophia Loren in that picture.

    Its sad and tragic.

  4. michelle

    I love Mama Elsa!

  5. karen

    What ever happened to aging gracefully without all that ridiculous surgery?

  6. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Mama Elsa’s inner beauty is more lovely than the effects of any surgery. She will always have an admirer and respect from me

  7. phakedraparks


  8. victori0us

    Mama Elsa look like she was dabbling in surgery back in the day. They were doing face lifts in the 70’s weren’t they? Lol maybe she started pulling that face tight long ago and that’s why she’s got all that scar tissue.

  9. stormyboo

    I thought was Alexis Bellino I swear I didn’t look at the condition of the pic, or the background I just looked at her face….. time to get my cataract fixed

  10. no name maddox

    elsa was a spectacular looking woman. horrible what that surgeon did to her face. thank goodness she has retained her lovely spirit and charm. i can’t imagine many other women could have done.

  11. Wow Mama Elsa resembles Larsa Pippen in this pic! #weird

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