Tonight’s RHOM: A Lot of Queen and a Little Peen

This was Donald and Lisa Pliner’s backyard!

I am so excited for tonight’s Real Housewives of Miami episode and for tonight’s Watch What Happen’s Live. Here’s why.  Tonight’s episode was filmed way back in early April at the Star Island home of Donald and Lisa Pliner. Sidenote: They sold their house for $17million and moved to L.A. shortly after filming.  Donald is a shoe designer and his wife Lisa recently began designing shoes for his line as well. Lisa’s shoes have green soles and are advertised for their comfort as opposed to another designer of red bottom shoes which are notorious for being painful to wear. Anyway, Lisa’s shoes are featured in a fabulous runway show and everyone who is anyone in Miami was there. This is important because Marysol is a PR rep for a lot of the people in attendance. RHOM’s Elaine Lancaster, drag queen friend of the housewives and arch nemesis of Marysol, is the emcee of the event. What could possibly go wrong?

It seems Lancaster, who has made no secret that he blames Marysol for sabotaging his job offers, uses the stage to mock Marysol. The local news in Miami picked up the story because apparently the tension and drama was just that intense. CBS Miami quotes Lancaster as saying, “Well, it certainly is Miami’s who’s who. It’s very MacBeth-ish. There’s a lot of tension in the air like someone is going to get stabbed.”

Back in April I posted this about the event, “Elaine is rumored to have poked fun at Marysol Patton from the stage and again in a scene where Bravo producers forced a confrontation between the two. Marysol is said to have gotten emotional enough to have threatened Bravo that she would quit if things didn’t cool down. Bravo producers reminded her that she is contractually unable to quit and that comment allegedly resulted in a Bravo Drama moment on the grounds of the fancy estate. Marysol’s version is that she had to get back to work and was over the heat and stupidity. Or something like that. Whatever. I’m team Marysol I hope she adjusted Elaine’s wig a la Sheree Whitfield. Nothing brings the Bravo ratings like a good wig snatch.” So there will be drama!

Thomas Kramer is the lovely gentleman in the center…

But wait, there’s more. Not only will there be a catfight at the Pliner Shoe Show, there will be one of those notorious Housewives dinners. The producers of RHOM in an attempt to ramp of the drama seem to love putting all the housewives together in close quarters with a shit-stirrer. Our shit-stirrer for this party is Thomas Kramer. RHOA fans will remember when the ladies went to Miami and stayed at his house at the invitation of Kim. Or not. I barely remember it myself. My vague recollection was that he was sort of a sleazebag with a big house with a tacky design scheme. One wonders how this person continues to crop up on Bravo. Prepare yourselves because  Kramer is shopping around his own reality show.  Check out that link because I don’t want to get into all of his smut here.Basically, Thomas Kramer is either single-handedly responsible for making South Beach into a playground for the uberwealthy, or he’s a 56-year-old bi-sexual playboy who throws swinger parties at his Star Island compound and requires females hoping for an invite to submit pictures of themselves which he rates before deciding their fate. If you google Thomas Kramer you will have hours of fascinating and disturbing results to read. Most of it screams over compensating for a small penis to me. Your mileage may vary.

So why are the ladies at his house? I can’t imagine what the pretense for this will be. My Miami source says there were whispers about the RHOM producers Purveyors of Pop have um, shall we say a fondness for Thomas and his big…bank account. Since Lea defends him in the previews, perhaps she is the faux connection. I’m sure her husband would love to be his defense attorney since Kramer seems to have a lot to defend over the years.

This is the dinner table for tonights episode replete with stripper poles

Anyway, I feel the need to address the stripper pole in the middle of his dinner table. Because THERE IS A STRIPPER POLE in the middle of his dinner table. This is not just unappetizing, but unsanitary. I wonder if the menu includes a fish course, because…well let me just stop. So Ana Quincoces reacts to the utter disrespect at dinner… and, well. drama ensues.  We also see Joanna talking about how creepy the vibe of the house is in the previews. My guess is Joanna is not feeling Kramer’s stuffed German Shepherd and other creepy stuffed animals throughout the house. If she can’t deal with being in the room with someone wearing fur, I expect her to flip out at the Kramer compound. BTW, the compound is always available to be rented for any of your event needs. Bring hand sanitizer.

While there are apparently many reasons to be creeped out by Thomas Kramer, yelling at Mama Elsa tops my list. Nobody disrespects Mama Elsa! I fear tonight she is disrespected by Elaine and Thomas.  Can Bravo PUHLEASE stop  letting this dude buy airtime on the housewife franchises?

I wish WWHL was an hour tonight. Andy, please no games tonight. I want to hear Ana talk about the dinner and Camille Paglia talk about whatever she wants to talk about. Camille will probably talk about RHONJ she’s a big fan. I also hope that Thomas Kramer is the Jackhole of the century.


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21 responses to “Tonight’s RHOM: A Lot of Queen and a Little Peen

  1. Collin

    What in God’s name is Camille Paglia doing on WWHL?!

  2. And I hope Elaine sets it straight tonight. I know for a fact MP has keep him from work over the years and I was at the Gala when MP and her people told Elaine she could not walk the red carpet. I can back it up – I saw it with my own eyes, heard it with my own ears. Elaine is a respected personality in Miami – MP is not. Elaine has raised millions for charity over the years and, well, MP has not. No matter how Bravo edits the show and story, know that Elaine is not in the wrong and is just looking out for her livelihood – as any of us would. And we all know the only reason MP is on the show is because of her mother. How sad to let any mother be exploited like that…

  3. Miami Beach (the island where the majority of the action on RHoM takes place rather than the “mainland” of metropolitan Miami) is my former “adopted” hometown before I settled full time in Europe…I still have close ties there and see so many people I know turning up in these episodes it gives me a chuckle.

    Tamara what you said of Thomas in your post, both would be true, lol. He is the pied piper of Miami Beach who conquered both the real estate and night life worlds of the island- as a young rich German who came over and took advantage of what was once Miami’s cheap real estate, and ever present need for night time debauchery from the locals and transients. He is without peer in the nightlife except for Michael Capponi, the undisputed king…and while he has been perfect for the after dark scene on the island, he’s also been a bit of a villain where real estate is concerned- as he’s used his money through the years to totally obliterate the historically preserved art deco areas and heritage sites of Miami Beach- to build build build (!) his high rise real estate monstrosities across a strip of land that was never meant to accomodate that type of architecture. But…Miami/ Miami Beach really is a Wild West kind of environment where anything goes when you can plunk down the cash for it: in their minds, “rules” are for the “rest” of America. The place operates like its own independent country, with its own ecclectic, bizzarro cast of characters in power that essentially boil down to several groups: The Cubans, The Jews; The Schitzo Euro-Jet setters-who- have-likely-been-metaphorically-banned-from-their-own-countries; The Quiet, Gentlemanly Gays transplanted from New York’s Studio 54 days, and the Über Glam Drag Queens (which is why Elaine Lancaster is absolutely central to authentically repping this Miami franchise; the drag queens of Miami are not just theatrical performers there, they are cultural icons and power players in that town who command 6 figure salaries- and Elaine has been an integral part of that community for 15 years) .

    You’re going to be maybe surprised or skeeved out (!) the more you see on the show or investigate how crazy people are in that little town—I swear, living there, there were moments in my life there that felt like I was trapped in David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” mixed with LA Complex, kissed with Brasilian Carnival all at once…and where I see people now have stripper poles and stuffed dogs to grace their get togethers… Girl, I tell you…parties in Miami Beach used to have dancing midgets and miniature monkeys jumping around everywhere, with Gothic trannys (expertly!) channeling Billie Holiday for entertainment in between 8 balls…hand to God, lol.

  4. Thanks for the comments. I have been reading about all the Miami backstory today and it was fascinating. And I was a little skeeved out. :)

    I will remain on Marysol’s side on this. I believe Marysol used Elaine for her own firm’s tenth anniversary party so clearly there was no issue between the two at that time. I may never know the reason for the fallout but there is absolutely no reason for a biological male to treat Mama Elsa like James does. Whether he does it in a dress or not.

  5. phakedraparks

    I love mama Elsa but she is really disturbing to look at. I wonder if there is any type of surgery that could repair her face. Its unreal.

  6. I wonder why so many people see a disfigured face instead of a wonderful spirit and a woman making the best of a life scarring surgery with tremendous humor. (And lots of wine). I can’t imagine having such a great personality and outlook after having her beauty taken away by a botched surgery.

  7. michelle

    Will you call in WWHL tonight?

  8. pffft

    There was a lot of talk that Thomas Kramer was Kim Zolciak’s “Miami Big Poppa.” He is quite the character.

  9. He wasn’t but the storyline was Kim knew him. She um may have given a tryout but she didn’t pass. Thomas buys his scenes. Kim was more than willing, she got no where.

  10. Tc

    Wait. When Atl went to Miami? Was this the same place?

  11. pffft

    Tc, yep. After the bus ride when Nene flipped her lid on Kim. They spent the weekend at Thomas Krammer’s home. Nene called it “the circus.”

  12. yes mam Thomas is the same asshole in two franchises. Job:shitstirrer.

  13. Tc

    I loathe this guy. ANd Elaine. Leah was twatty tonight. Shit stirring. Ass kissing. Not in a good way. I can’t figure out if I should be commenting here or in the recap blog entry.

  14. IcedTea

    Thomas K is disgusting..what is sooo funny is that he actually behaved with the Atlanta ladies..hump..he knew his azz would get cussed out if he pulled that shut up chit on them…He is riduculous and they kiss his azz because he is worth 90 million. He has had several sexual assault cases against him, one involving a 13 year old child in the bathroom..

    I would touch him to scratch him. Lisa’s husband was embarassed when she was on the pole..and good ole swagger jacking Karent was just too happy to call Lisa a hooker before she got on the pole…

  15. sutil

    Karen Show off girl…. so inmature, so unclassy……… spoileddddddd !!! She is nothing !!

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