Kim Zolciak Says Moving Back to the Condo Big Poppa Bought Was Ideal

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Ever so often I love to interpret an official housewife blog. While none will ever be as fun as Heather Maclean’s blogs and the hysterical Tre fans who somehow thought Heather herself wrote that blog entry, this week’s blog by Kim Zolciak has some promise. Mostly because she seems agitated that people are still talking about her “eviction.”  Despite Kim herself talking about being evicted on the show, she still wants to pretend like moving out of her dream house into a her old condo was all her idea. I know it is a touchy subject for her because despite all my positive blogs about her, when I blogged about her dispute with Kendra, she blocked me on twitter. Let’s look at what Kim has to say on her blog.

Behind the scenes filming at the old dream house.

Kim says:
Let’s start off by saying enough is enough about the “screwed up”  house we were in. We are HAPPILY no longer there. If I had the time and the space to tell you why IT WOULD BLOW YOUR MIND! For the record, we were NOT evicted! Eviction is a violation of a lease and/or not paying rent, which NEVER happened. I paid my rent and then some.

Technically all this is true. Kim’s lease with Kendra ended on May 31, 2012. She paid her rent through that time. Then she just didn’t move out. There was a clause in the rental agreement that Kim and Kroy would be charged some ginormous amount… I want to say around 800 a day (but don’t hold me too that) for every day they stayed after the lease ended. Does this sound like someone who wanted to move out of a screwed up home or someone clinging to the front door when the moving van eventually arrived?

Kim continues:
We decided the townhouse was a great option for us, aside from the fact I would have to rent thousands and thousands of square feet of storage space, it’s familiar to us and ours until we could find the perfect home. Which we have! We are currently building out our dream home. God works in mysterious ways, and he knew exactly what we needed.

Kim's old townhouse and new ideal living situation....Yes, Kim we saw what a good idea you thought the condo option was on the episode. Because a family of six in a 3/2 condo is always an ideal choice. Not sure what you had to put in THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of square feet of storage space, lol. Why is it so important that everyone believe you have that much crap that you would put it in your blog. If your spin-off second season holds up we are all going to see that most of the furniture in the Roswell rental was on loan from Kendra.  I don’t really believe in God, yet I find people like you who claim that they are God’s favorites and that is why they live a life of excess reprehensible. Your tagline is offense unless you mean Ask (a sugar daddy). Believe (you are good at whoring) and Receive ( a load… of…. er…money).  I’m glad you’ve set up a good family environment for your girls but you might want to stop saying God had anything to do with it.

Kim continues:
I was invited to NeNe’s event the day before, and regardless of it being such short notice and being home packing all day, I attended. I decided to support NeNe regardless of the numerous times she’s verbally and physically attacked me. I’ve said this a million times and I stand by it: NeNe is unpredictable! I honestly didn’t feel comfortable, safe, or happy about going in the first place. I thought it was very odd and out of the blue she would want me at her event. For all I know, I could have blinked at her the wrong way and ended up in the pool. BUT I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. ONCE AGAIN!

I never believe these HW when they say they were told the day before about filming. This stuff is all mapped out weeks if not months in advance. You didn’t go out of the kindness of your heart, you went because you were contractually obligated to do so. It’s true it was in the middle of your eviction…er…moving. This whole part of the blog is to set up the whole “I had to leave for the safety of my unborn child” defense. Which, to be fair was probably true.  I don’t think Nene had anything to do with you feeling unsafe though. Her PR team has her playing the good guy role this season.



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28 responses to “Kim Zolciak Says Moving Back to the Condo Big Poppa Bought Was Ideal

  1. Karma Grant

    I think she’s just tired of playing along so much. We know she HAD to go but also we know that this kindness of her heart (and NeNe’s invitation) stuff is coming from AC/Bravo so she’s going along with it which includes writing dumb blog posts like the one mentioned above.

  2. Girl Plz...

    Wonder if she will make an appearance for the re-union. I have one question to ask her : ” Kim why are you a user”?

    Nene: She used to get on RHOA
    Kandi: Record deal and all expense paid tour
    Sheree: Kroy
    Kendra: Dream House
    Andy Cohen: Spin off.

  3. no name maddox

    absolutely brilliant assessment TT. without a doubt, you know what you’re talking about– perfect perfect perfect, soup to nuts!

  4. mimi

    Lol I think no matter what reasons or explanations Kim gives, bottom line is if she doesn’t want to something, she ain’t gonna do it. Her job requirement was to attend the party and that’s it, she wasn’t going to mingle or stay a minute longer she had to. She has to bring Sweetie everywhere so that she at least one friend to talk to

  5. gold star of the day goes to Mimi!

  6. Lynne

    Hate her and her fake boobs and how she dramatically calls Kroy “MY LUUHVE” every chance she gets, hates on Nene even though Nene was very nice to her at the party,etc. she is horrible. I find it humorous she blocked you. I’d wear that as a badge of honor.

  7. Terri

    Just as Marlo claimed she got up her money game up through the goodness of God, Kim’s use of His Name as an explanation as to why she has accumulated such a huge stock ill gotten gains is just as wrong and beyond offensive.

  8. mrswindycity

    What I was confused about, in her blog Kim said Nene made folks wait 2 hours and she (Kim) waited that entire time.

    But on the episode Kandi said Kim Was majorly late and stayed only a short time…. am I correct?

  9. shellbelle

    I don’t know that Kim is a liar, I think she may taken some lessons from a former president (I did not have sexual relations with that woman). While she may not be telling that truth exactly, she’s not lying either. Hell, she may make a good politician. Anyhoo, she was clearly uncomfortable at the party. This was filmed in what, May?, June? and let me tell you that living in the area, it is hot as fuck in the summer time. AND being pregnant on top of it? Hell no. I had a baby in July 2011 and I didn’t step outside to check my mail after Easter.. too damn hot. NeNe did extend an olive branch, but one can’t be sure if she may slap you with it or not. NeNe left Kandi’s party early last year where she was uncomfortable by the context of the party or the people that were not of her social class.

  10. Katrina

    So you think Kim was packing boxes all day! Kim has never packed anything, that is why she has Sweetie. Kim is afraid if black people, especially Nene? Nene is always lurking aound trying to beat up Kim. What about Phaedra and Kandi? They are suppose to be her friends. I think @Mimi has it right. Kim didn’t want to go, but she was required to go to get paid. Kim did the minimum she had to do (show up) and then left. It would have been a perfect getaway if she had not run into Nene. Kim has not been showing up since season 1.

  11. "I have arrived lol"

    TT u are so on point girl! Trust me ur not missing anything by not being on her twitter, its like watching paint dry. lol.

    To be honest I really thought she had to use the bathroom and was going to give nene 5 minutes of her precious time(guess not). There is something very odd about kroy I dunno its just something about him that always has me giving him the side eye.

    Any-who, i love nene so im glad she is trying to be the better person this time around PR or not.

    Kim is and has been a liar since day one and since sheree is not there to laugh at the girls with her she brought sweetie because dont none else wanna fk with her. sad but tru.

  12. LiMa

    Now Nene is a danger to Kim’s unborn child? How much crap can this womman dig out of her ass to use for excuses. Maybe if she didn’t talk out the side of her mouth all the time she wouldn’t be in such “danger”.

  13. Ms. Tamara, do you think Kim’s landlord could have been at the event and that is why she got the heck out of there? It appeared to be the kind of event that she would attend. Just wondering!

  14. I don’t think so. There were a couple of bloggers there who would have spilled that tea by now. But you never know… KIm generally hates those kinds of functions though so…

  15. BeaUtiful by Elsie Marie...

    Did anyone notice that at the party, Marlo was on the left corner of the screen? I couldn’t see her face, but I know that hood voice anywhere. She kept trying to talk to Nene and was being ignored. Did Bravo purposely include all those “pedestrians” and socialites and cut Marlo out? I could care less, just wanted to make mention.

    • mimi

      I am wondering what Kim’s “successful women” venture would be…I know Bravo made her go, but what would she have said if someone asked her “what do you do?”. LOL

  16. Cali

    I was watching the second episode,when the moving company called Kim to let her know what the cost would be to move out of the rental. After kim got off the phone and told Kory what the moving she was totally shocked at the cost. Kim then asked Kory, if they could stay in the house another year and Kory said no. I think Kim didn’t really want to move out of that house.I believe it was Kory, refusing to pay the high cost, for the lease. Now, Kim is saying they are building a dream house. I will believe it when, I see it. Also with all the available real estate inventory in Altanta, why build, when they can find a cheap foerclosure like Kandi did.

    • Karma Grant

      She only said that because moving is a pain in the ass and she was frustrated. She wasn’t being serious about staying.

      She wouldn’t go the foreclosure route because it’s just not her style. She didn’t want used anything and expects the worst from a foreclosed out, like many do.

    • Katrina

      Why buy a foreclosure, when you can buy a new home! I hope that Kim can build and decorate her new home for less than $2 million.

    • mimi

      Haha Katrina you would think so, but Dolly Parton once said “it costs a lot of money to look this cheap!”

  17. Lori

    I too have a problem with kims tag line “ask believe and receive.”. her referring to God blessing her verses her actions makes me wonder what God is she talking about. a lot of people called whom they serve god and they are not referring to God who who sent His Son Jesus…..

  18. nancy

    What a load of CRAP!! These idiots start believing there own bullshit. Kim is especially caught up in that notion that she REALLYl
    is some sort of star. NOW THAT IS REAL. COMEDY!!!


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