Nene Leakes Models for GAP Holiday Ads

Now to balance out our Nene coverage with some good, positive news. Nene has joined her New Normal castmates in print ads for GAP. The holiday themed ads focus on all the different types of love…the New Normal cast was chosen to portray “family love.”  It’s sweet and Christmasy let’s hope the comments are too!


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27 responses to “Nene Leakes Models for GAP Holiday Ads

  1. michelle

    God bless us everyone!

  2. Karma Grant

    Good for her/them. She doesn’t look like a glamazon at least in the pic above. Better pic of her than the Ebony cover.

  3. Donna

    Sweet & Christmasy comments??? Surely you jest!! LOL!

  4. cns

    Now this is how I like to see Nene, soft and gentle.

  5. gigi

    donna you’re not welcome here… go back to the other thread… lol


    • Donna

      Gigi, the last time I looked (about 1 second ago) this blog was called TAMARA TATTLES… NOT Gigi tattles and until your name replaces Tamara’s, you don’t have the right to tell me anything! Back off!

    • Psst that sweet and Christmasy comment in my post was directed at you Donna. In the name of fair and balanced and all… Gigi and the Nene fans need a place to say nice things just like you need a place to say mean ones. :) Merry Christmas!

    • Girl Plz...


  6. Donna

    LOL! See? I didn’t take the sweet & christmasy part as being directed to me.. I guess I can be a block head at time just say “Donna, stay off this post if you can’t say anything nice” LOL! But…although I still respect the NeNe fans (forgive them lord for they know not what they do) and yes your are right about them needing a place to voice their nicey nicey comments.. I still dont like being told what to do! So there! LMAO!

  7. smooches

    Get it NeNe *confetti*

  8. gigi

    who saw the new normal last night.. great episode.. and nene’s hair was on point :)

  9. Critter

    So happy for NeNe, she looks good too…

  10. I hope my DVR picked it up. It’s sort of quirky, my DVR. /crossesfingers

  11. Isn’t Nene a little old for The Gap’s targeted audience?

  12. Tc

    Bobbie Kristina really should pitch for Gap.

    • BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m DVRing it looks like three new episodes?

    • Tc

      I guess when you make two half hour shows, it’s cheaper than one one hour show? Cause if the “last time” and “next time” regurgitation? It makes it confusing to keep rrack of though. I recorded two last night. You might have missed one last week?god forbid you missed the one where her nose stud falls on the floor in public and she picks it up and shoves it back on without washing anything. Child is less than hygienic. I just don’t get why no one bothered to fix her teef. Did it remind Whitney if her awn true love so much?

  13. Miele

    Methinks the title should say “The Cast of The New Normal” models for GAP holiday ads…

  14. ed

    Cash them Checks NENE!!!!!

  15. phakedraparks

    Werk Nene!!

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