Exclusive Tea on the RHONJ Contracts for Next Season

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Despite what you may have read elsewhere, the rumors about the Real Housewives of New Jersey casting shakeups are untrue. I have an independent source on RHONJ and know the facts. First of all, filming has not started yet. I know you’ve heard that Bravo wanted to capitalize on the Sandy superstorm drama but that’s simply untrue. One producer with one hand-held camera shot some video at the Sandy Relief Drive in Union, NJ last Saturday.  The entire Manzo family and Jacqueline have been working tirelessly on relief efforts since the storm began. It’s NOT a Bravo storyline, it’s just that they are decent people. Y’all know I am a Caroline fan so let’s keep it classy in the comments. This is a huge disaster up there and not something that should be trivialized by our Bravo bashing. There will be other threads for bashing any RHONJ you’d like. But this is not the one.

But what y’all want to know is who is coming back, right? Here is the tea…

Bravo offered contracts to ALL the RHONJ just this week. No one has signed yet because NO ONE is happy with the dollar amount.  So currently negotiations continue. The word is that Teresa is demanding a 1.5 million dollar contract which is a considerable increase. So far she hasn’t gotten it, but I suspect she will. But as it stands now all have had their options to return picked up, but no one has completed salary negotiations.  Just today I read a news story about NBCUniversal laying off more workers and that Bravo was included. Money is tight at NBCU so budgets are pretty rigid.

This means that the story about three new cast members is false. No new people will be offered contracts until final deals have been accepted or rejected by the current housewives.  I asked my source about Danielle Staub today as well. I fully expected laughter at the concept. I thought this was a non-issue by now. So I was surprised that the idea was not completely dismissed. Everything I have said up until now is FACT. The info I got on Danielle was more conjecture because my source doesn’t know/talk to Danielle. My source indicated that it’s possible Danielle may come back in a couple of episodes if they decide to have a storyline where Teresa and Danielle join forces to expose Melissa. I thought the term “expose Melissa” was very interesting. Alas, I had bothered my source at work long enough and if I constantly pester sources they tend to stop responding. :)

So that is the actual tea. Not nearly as dramatic as all the bullshit rumors flying around but it’s the truth.




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39 responses to “Exclusive Tea on the RHONJ Contracts for Next Season

  1. Lizz

    Tamara, what do you think of the Fame Whorgas site? It seems as if The Gorgas and The Lauritas have many skeletons in their closet. Interested in hearing your feedback!

    • I don’t have time to read other blogs anymore since I have to write blogs. lol. I tend to avoid sites set up specifically to bash a particular person or family. I try to say some good things about the housewives as well as some bad and let both fans and bashers have their say. It’s way too easy to just look for dirt on people all the time. There is more to all of them than the mistakes we see…

      See? I CAN be mature. Sometimes. lol.

    • Karma Grant

      Tamara, thank you for your take on the shows and the way you write about the shows. I prefer a middle ground with bashing/loving of everyone and dislike sites that seem to be there for no other reason than dish hate on people.

    • Kiyoshigirl

      Thank you Tamara. I’m mostly a lurker, but wanted to step in here to say that I do appreciate your site. I find the sites that devote themselves to solely trashing certain housewives to be really boring. One can only take so much of that anyway, and the comments come in from some very angry people. That’s what nothing but negativity will do to you…lol! So thanks for bringing us the tea…both good and bad.

  2. If Danielle comes back that wouldl be ratings gold… I wouldnt miss a Sunday…

  3. Lizz

    You are always the clear, rational voice of reason – thank you for sharing your perspective. I found the site mentioned above interesting because *in my opinion* BRAVO seems to go out of their way to slam Teresa and does nothing to expose the problems of the other cast members. I hope Tre gets her $1.5 mil, Lord knows she’s taken the heat and deserves it. Thanks Tamara, keep up the good work!

    • Citygirl2

      I agree. She’s earned every penny in advance! She’s the reason people watch. You either lover her or hate her but all like to watch her.

  4. Belinda

    I don’t know when the pix of Theresa was taken but she looks good. Flat tummy, perky boobies….I just wish her hairline didn’t start at her eyebrows.

  5. michelle

    I knew I could trust you to get it right. I was panicking! You know I love Jaq( I know,I know) but without Caroline?sheesh I don’t even want to think about what a lost puppy she’d be!.I could see Danielle being in a few episodes, she’d bring drama for sure.

    • ib6ub9

      Danielle moved back to the trailor park please BRAVO don’t show the trash on ur network! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Caroline and Jaq use to like tre 3/4 the first season but when se talking crap about my Jaq + Caroline I wrote that bitch off in a heart beat. Hope Tre isn’t even on the sow next year. The show and her mothers recip. and mom making the food so it looks good in her book helped them out of there bankruptcy but people like us we loss everything. I got hit by a drunk driver and had the same job for 35 yrs and put out on perm disability + because I’m not on TV loss everything I ever worked for and it wasn’t even my felt. Tre has the show Joe is running on her she looks the other way and why didn’t the separate bedrooms come up on reuoin show or how she was riding Joe in the grapes and he didn’t even want to touch her it was all over his face. None of that was mentioned. Get rid of Tre and keep her brother and Melissa love them both and will always have Jaq and Carolines backs they r real people + when ur nasty Caroline someone has givin u a reason to b don’t change love u both!!!

  6. Ms Urethra Franklin

    After subjecting my eyes to Danielle’s sex tape, and her piercings “down there”, I don’t know if I can stomach looking at her on tv again.

  7. Karma Grant

    So happy to come here and read this after reading conflicting reports on another site. Seriously, they did a write up saying one thing (that C and Kat were out and 3 newbs in) but then very next one was saying Danielle was back and filming with C and Jaq. With this new info provided by you, I am still on the fence about watching another season. I wont decide until the cast list is final and if it is turned into the “Friends of Tre” show then I wont be bothering to watch.

  8. I saw that Karma. They don’t even seem to notice their stories conflict with each other. My source says the Danielle thing is not confirmed in any way and would not be until all the contract negotiations are done. I will be VERY surprised if Danielle comes back at all. If she does it might be for a couple of episodes. And if that happens then that means the Tre/Melissa feud will be a major storyline AGAIN. If the powers that be at Bravo have any compassion they would stop encouraging that storyline given that Tre and Joe Gorga’s Dad is in very poor health. We don’t need sibling fighting at a funeral on the show.

  9. baytothea

    really cool to see the exclusive but this is the worst news i’ve heard all day. lol. i was hoping for a shake up with this cast. i just can’t give myself to another season of them because they’re boring. they don’t really do anything glamorous or fun. i’m over the family functions. now that there’s an open slot i guess i can give miami a chance…sigh.

  10. I wish I could get into the Miami show.. I really don’t care for any of them.

    • Joan

      Ditto. For some reason, they seem stale, copy catish and of course, too boring. I know a lot of people like MAMA Elisa (that is her name, right?)….but everytime I see her face I just think ewwwwwwww – why didn’t she sue her plastic surgeon and then go to a reputable surgeon and find help……. of course I’m just an average Jane and I don’t do botox or plastic surgeon, so what do I know – all I know is IF I had the money for plastic surgery, I wouldn’t do it after seeing her. It’s sad, and tragic.

  11. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Thaks Tamara. Radar and TMZ ain’t got ish on you lol

  12. Saw this posted on a message board. When I went to Danielle’s TL to verify, it was not there. UPDATE: It IS on the TL of the person who asked the question. So She posted it. This makes me think she might come back. We will have to see after contracts for the others are wrapped up.
    Daniel James™‏@Danarazzi
    @daniellestaub would you go back to RHONJ if asked?


    12 Novdanielle staub‏@daniellestaub

    @Danarazzi :))) maybe if you said “please” they’ve asked but @bravoandy didn’t offer me enough to go back on.

  13. I would gladly pay Teresa to leave the show. Her story line is tired and repetitive. It’s time to move on. They should just get rid of the whole cast and start over again.

  14. Marty

    I’d love to see NewJerzeyBoy on this season.

  15. Both my knuckleheads together again! /happydance!

  16. chitown shelley

    i spent most of my day surfing the net while being put on hold, so i cant remember exactly where i saw it, but one of the major gossip sites was reporting that tres salary for the new season was going to be a million and a half dollars. while this was unbelievable to me, if they are paying her anywhere near that, it would certainly explain why these women are willing to do anything short of eating their young, to be on tv.

  17. Well, I can tell you one place it is, right up there in this post here on Tamaratattles. And that is what Tre has asked for. It is way more than what Bravo is offering. You should be seeing lots of things from the post on this page on your “major blog sites” tomorrow if you don’t have time to read it here today…

    • chitown shelley

      i guess i didnt say this clearly. i got that this was what she was requesting, but some other site was reporting that this is what she will be paid. that is what i found so unbelievable, but of course it could have come from your story and they put their own spin on it. and no, of course there was no credit to you. would they seriously pay this woman that much money? why did i ever bother with college???

  18. I guess I still don’t get the relevance of some unknown random other site when this entire post is about how the other blogs are full of shit. But um, okay.

  19. michelle

    The bullshit about firings started on ROL and in my search to find out more I saw something about Danielle and tweeted you the links. the ROL bs spread like wildfire and your blog was the first to set it straight and talk salaries. After your blog the shit blew up every where.Not sure of ROL motive was to lie?Publicity for upcoming season RHONJ?

  20. Oh I can’t make up my mind. As we say in NJ, Danielle really skeeves me. But I must confess that I just love to do some Housewife-hating on her and her ugly mug.
    When it comes to drama and entertainment- She BRINGS it. (whether we like it or NOT ha ha).
    I’m really, REALLY sorry to say this, but its time to bring back Danielle.
    (but can we PUH-Leeeeze get rid of Smelly Melly and her little horn-dog husband?)
    The idea of a Danielle vs. Melissa thing doesn’t do anything for me at all.
    As far as I’m concerned, Danielle eats people like Melissa, for lunch.
    Compared to Danielle, Melissa is a big fat zero, and we don’t need no Gorgas or even any Wakiles, or Manzos for that matter, if Danielle is in the house.
    I know that Bravo is monitoring YOU Tammara, so I’m posting this here as my message directly to Bravo—-Do IT! Bring her back, at any cost, but only if you put Melissa back in her proper place.(which is back in the strip joint and off-the-airwaves in my opinion).

  21. I’m growing so tired of the Tre/Melissa storyline and wish they’d find another drama to follow. Thanks for the tea!

  22. phakedraparks

    They all can go …bye!!!

  23. girlnbayou

    I love Caroline too. She states the obvious. I dont see where that is bad. Why cant she say what the majority (of us sane people) thinks? She says it wisely and truthfully but not maliciously.. Its the nutso Teresa ans that have a hard time dealing with reality, name call and are basically bullies. I wish they wouldnt bring Teresa back. I hate how immature and contradictory she ia with everyone. I hate the “They’re jealous of me” remarks. I hate how she tries to insert herself into the numero uno position in her brothers life. How delusional is she to think that he would put any other woman before his wife. Then when she degrades his wife she expects him not to be upset. I can imagine it is offensive to him because she is basically questioning his decision making skills because he CHOSE Melissa. She is now the mother of his children and that cannot be reversed. I often wonder if she doesnt have some sort of incestual crush on him. It is possible. I thought she was cute and endearing in the first 2 seasons. Although she came off as fake, a fake airhead, a fake friend, a fake wife (Joes reactions to her speak of truth) and faked wealth (or at least grossly exaggerated). I laughed all of that off because at least she wasnt malicious.The event that was a game changer for me was when they were in Punta Cana and she pranced out in every bikini she owned for a “fashion show” woth all of the clearly uncomfortable husbands. Maybe they wanted to look, they are men after all, but to put them in that positon in front of their wives

    • girlnbayou

      it cut me off… it just seemed like attention seeking. I would never do that to my girlfriends. esp ones “like fambily”. Even when I used to have a banging body I still covered it enough not to disrespect my friends and their husbands. Its just rude. maybe thats having an old school mentality but I dont care. That made me dislike her. She does not have to be the center of attention everywhere, I just wish she would stop. because what used to be tolerable is now desperate.

  24. Bibbs

    Are all the stories all over the net about the Lauritas being sued for stealing 55 million dollars from Signature Apparrel true? And did they truly rip off tens of thousands of dollars from the Susan G Komen foundation?

    I have read a lot of blogs saying its all true but nothing at the big magazine sites. If all this lawsuit stuff is really voing on how come you cant find it on the bugger sites? Oh also add in some lawsuits against Manzos regardibg Blkwater being ripped off from its first owmers?
    Thank you for any info.

    • I’m pretty sure I’ve read the court docs on the Laurita stuff and yes they are being sued. I know the allegation is they used business money to finance their personal lifestyles. (Kinda like the Armstrongs) I may have posted about it here use the search box at the top. I’d try Signature apparel as the search maybe? Heard about the SGK foundation stuff. Not sure I believe that one. I haven’t looked at this much.

      Sorry, I would look for you but I’m watching the SEC Championship. GO DAWGS!

    • Bibbs

      Thank you so much for your reply! I hope the dawgs win! Your site is great by the way. Thanks again for taking the time to reply!

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