Remember This Nene Leakes Interview on Wendy Williams?

Back at the end of May, Nene gave this interview to Wendy Williams. In the interview Nene point blank denies that Kenya Moore was a new housewife. The scene at the Bailey Agency was filmed in early May. The party scene we saw last episode was filmed June 7th. In the interview Nene denies that Kenya is a housewife and denies that she knows her, but at the same she is very clear that she doesn’t like her.

Way back in April, I was told by a very reliable source in LA that Nene herself had recommended Kenya Moore for the show and that they knew each other slightly through Omarosa who introduced them at the Essence Music Festival. Nene has adamantly denied knowing Kenya or having anything to do with her casting. I feel like something went on between these two back in May. Or maybe she is just distancing herself as part of her new PR program?


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    After seeing what Kenya has said and done in only the first 2 episodes this season… Wouldn’t you want to distance yourself from that foolishness that is Kenya Moore? Smart move, NeNe. Focus on the future.

  2. Ms Urethra Franklin

    I never believe anything NeNe says, nor do I believe her scenes on RHOA regarding her fake businesses, fake divorces, fake dating, marriage, children, money, friendships, lifestyle , or anything else. She is straight up hustling some spin spin sugar.

  3. Emma_Rose77

    NeNe did the same thing with Phaedra, though and claimed not to know her web though they went back as far as high school. As much as I liked NeNe the first season and think she acts a little nicer this season, this shit has gone to her head and she acts like she’s above all of them.
    But, Kenya is a messy girl. Hated her in the first 10 min being on screen.

  4. Donna

    OMG! I am so glad this came out..This is what I know….Last year NeNe’s ego started getting “more” out of control than normal.(well it actually started earlier than that)She was going around telling black woman that she knew, or had just met that she had enough pull with the show that she could get them on the show. Of course this was not the case, but she wanted people to think that she was the star of the show and they would do anything to keep her.She desperately wanted Kim and Kandi off the show. She actually threatened Bravo that she would quit if Kandi wasn’t fired. She wanted Kenya to replace Kandi, or at least she told Kenya she could get Kandi fired and that would leave an opening for her. NeNe was from the very beginning and still is very jealous of Kandi. NeNe had NOTHING when the show started and Kandi already had a career and the respect that NeNe so desperately wanted. When bravo refused to fire Kandi and then gave Kim her own show NeNe was irate. Actually bravo basically laughed at her. She then decided to go after Phaedra. Again bravo said no. NeNe only wanted Phaedra out for the simple reason that she was jealous just like she was with Kandi.NeNe has told people that she could get this and that for them, with the hopes of making herself look like she has more pull, when in reality she has none. She has actually pissed off a few woman by promising them things that she could not do when it comes to getting them on the show. You can question what I am saying, but I can tell you that I have a personal connection to NeNe and what I am saying is the truth. Yes, I have an axe to grind but the truth is the truth.. One more thing… NeNe is NOT the doting grandmother she wants everyone to think she is. It was NOT a shock to her when the baby was born.She has NO interest in being a grandmother!

    • Thanks for sharing. If you don’t mind I am going to blog about this. It ties into something I have known for quite some time with regard to Nene telling people she could make them a housewive. Let me see if I can find the post. by searching my blog for neck tattoo. lol. Yes I am being serious.

    • Donna

      I don’t mind at all. The more people that start to know the real NeNe is fine with me.

    • victori0us

      I hate when folks get famous and ppl try their best to tear down their success. I for one don’t think for a sec that nene tried to get Phaedra or kandi fired. Sheree, maybe but those two…nope. For me as a viewer of the show I can see that kandi and nene are both on equal footing on bravo. Nene ain’t stupid. She’s on 3 networks. She’s cashing checks while ur writing out a dissertation on how nene ain’t shit. #bloop

    • Donna

      First of all I am not about to go back and forth with you about what is the truth. I KNOW the truth, and I can back it up. Kandi and NeNe have never been on the same playing field…. EVER!
      NeNe didn’t have to worry about Sheree because she had less than NeNe herself and besides that Sheree got herself fired by going to Bravo and demanding that they pay her rent, telephone, electric, cars, etc. and on top of that she wanted to be paid more money. Bravo said…uhhh screw you. She was boring and when they found out the real truth about the child support scenario bravo said hit the road. Bravo was tired of paying all of her other expenses just to keep her in the show. She was EXPENDABLE just as NeNe will soon be.
      Anything I have said about any of the housewives I can prove. Can you prove NeNe is a good person? NOPE!

    • mimi

      I thought the same thing when the baby was born! I just do not see NeNe as overjoyed about being someone’s memaw!

    • Donna, you should email me at I bet we know the same people! :) also include your twitter… please and thanks.

  5. **rubbing hands together** THANK YOU DONNA for adding some sugar to Tamara’s tea!!

    • Donna

      LOL! No problem… I aim to please…. anytime I can get the truth out there about the “real NeNe” I am all for some scuttlebutt…tea… trash talk, shade, you name it…

  6. smooches

    go NeNe *confetti*

  7. And that’s some “donut” aka Donna to go with your tea! :)

  8. Wasn’t NeNe just denying Kenya’s involvement with the Housewives since there’s certain info their not able to reveal right away(during filming)?

  9. Katrina

    I felt in this particular interview that Nene was not going to give Wendy any information. After all, Kim Z and Wendy trashed her a monthe before. When people ask me if I know someone, I assume they want to know if I have a history with that person. I may know someones name and we may know the same people, but that doesn’t mean I know them personally. I personally think that Phaedra was involved in choosing Kenya! Phaedra is the entertainment attorney.

  10. Phaedra doesn’t know Kenya from Adam. Kenya lives in LA and is not from Atlanta. Though apparently her play aunt does.

  11. IcedTea

    I am not surprised. Nene said she didn’t know Phaedra either and that was not true. I guess she feels that if she doesn’t hang out with the person, then she doesn’t know them at all…Of course now she and Phae Phae are television BFF..all the sucking up to NeNe is getting old real fast…

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