EXCLUSIVE: Did Nene Leakes Promise Kenya Moore and Others Spots on Season Five?

EDIT: “DONNA” as been outed as a fraud.  While it remains true I heard some of the same things posted here, I can’t confirm it any longer.  It looks like “Donna” the passionate commenter here of late, is just repeating things she has read on other blogs. Tamara Tattles no longer gives any credibility to “donna.”


This story is EXCLUSIVE to TAMARATATTLES.COM. Don’t be a douchebag blogger. Use a partial quote and give a link. That means you too, Lipstick Alley. I love y’all but please link don’t steal.

When I first started this blog, I was fortunate enough to have a small group of readers who were scouring the Internet for information on a couple of housewives because of their personal connections. One of those housewives was Nene Leakes. One month after starting my blog, back when I only had a couple thousand views a day (which I thought was huge and miraculous) I got a very inside source on Nene Leakes. I could not believe it was true. I was the very first website to break the story that Nene had been cast on Glee. You can see that timeline here. I posted the news on Decemeber 7, 2011 it was not posted anywhere previously. In my second month, I was already cited by CNN and RealityTea and lots of the big time blogs. At the same time my story was stolen by other sites. It was a lot for a new blogger to deal with.

That source was for the most part pro-Nene but after that source came a couple of other sources for Nene insider info. It’s really hard to vet an anon source but I will tell you this. The same source that gave me the Glee scoop is the one who told me about Kenya Moore, and how she knew Nene.  That (Pro-Nene) source has never, ever been wrong with their information. The other two Nene sources kept telling me that this person or that was a new housewife. One of the sources kept telling me about a woman with a large neck tattoo , a criminal history and tons of kids who was telling anyone who would listen that she was on season five. It just didn’t pass my smell test. I knew they were trying to get rid of Marlo the Felon so why add another thug? Now mind you, this particular woman does live in a very affluent neighborhood and maried well, yet, it just seemed like a direction Bravo would not go (again).

I did tend to believe the rumors that Nene was wandering around “casting” housewives. It seemed to me that the number of people telling me that Nene had told someone they could get them on the show made it seem, believable. Also at the time SFTA was reporting a few different people as new housewives and as I have always said, she has great intel, so how was she wrong on a few different potential housewives? I think it is because Nene was out writing checks her ass could not cash telling people she could get them on the show. These people believed that they were in the running or had been pre-selected by Nene. This was my suspicion but I didn’t see the point in saying anything at the time. All I had then was lots of people around town saying they were going to be on RHOA with Nene. Sounded to me like lots of people’s wishful thinking or trying to get attention.

Then tonight a commenter on my site, “Donna” said:

OMG! I am so glad this came out..This is what I know….Last year NeNe’s ego started getting “more” out of control than normal (well it actually started earlier than that). She was going around telling black woman that she knew, or had just met that she had enough pull with the show that she could get them on the show. Of course this was not the case, but she wanted people to think that she was the star of the show and they would do anything to keep her.She desperately wanted Kim and Kandi off the show. She actually threatened Bravo that she would quit if Kandi wasn’t fired. She wanted Kenya to replace Kandi, (TT: Note I heard the same thing)  or at least she told Kenya she could get Kandi fired and that would leave an opening for her. NeNe was from the very beginning and still is very jealous of Kandi. NeNe had NOTHING when the show started and Kandi already had a career and the respect that NeNe so desperately wanted. When Bravo refused to fire Kandi and then gave Kim her own show NeNe was irate. Actually, Bravo basically laughed at her. She then decided to go after Phaedra. Again, bravo said no. NeNe only wanted Phaedra out for the simple reason that she was jealous just like she was with Kandi.NeNe has told people that she could get this and that for them, with the hopes of making herself look like she has more pull, when in reality she has none. She has actually pissed off a few woman by promising them things that she could not do when it comes to getting them on the show. You can question what I am saying, but I can tell you that I have a personal connection to NeNe and what I am saying is the truth. Yes, I have an axe to grind but the truth is the truth.. One more thing… NeNe is NOT the doting grandmother she wants everyone to think she is. It was NOT a shock to her when the baby was born.She has NO interest in being a grandmother!

Donna comments a lot here. She actually has fans on twitter (but probably doesn’t know it, people on twitter mention her to me fondly from time to time).  She’s local and she’s had some actual interaction with Nene. If I were merely a reader of this blog I’d write her off as a “hater” someone with an axe to grind. I get that. But. this comment matched perfectly with multiple other sources that I have not blogged about (and Donna has no idea I knew about) because it could have been just people pretending Nene was getting them on the show. But back in February/March more than one person came to me with a very, very similar story. At the same time Neck Tattoo Lady was telling everyone she met she was going to be on RHOA.  So I tend to believe “Donna”. I have never had any interaction with “Donna” other than in the comments of this blog to my knowledge. I believe everything she posted.

That’s your evening tea.


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56 responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Did Nene Leakes Promise Kenya Moore and Others Spots on Season Five?

  1. chitown shelley

    wow!! i salute the mistress of the tea!!!

  2. Girl Plz...

    The moral of the story is?

  3. Randi

    You are really spilling the tea and I love it! The tea has been steaming lately.

  4. vlux

    Great tea – so juicy!

  5. Thanks Chi Town.

    And Girl Plz, I’m glad your sassy ass decided to stick around. :) I dunno the moral of the story for me is always to wait til I am sure about something before reporting it. Or to try. I sat in this one for a LONG TIME.

    The moral for Nene may be don’t get to big for your britches.

    The moral for you may be. Don’t go blaring into someone’s house you don’t know with guns blazing…. you may end up liking them. :)

    • Girl Plz...

      You wish…

    • Don't Steal... The Government Hates Competition

      Who cares??? This story is a non-factor. I still love Nene. I don’t blame her for trying to get those country heffas Kandi and Phaedra fired. If you ask me, they are the jealous ones. Kandi suffers from “yessa massa” syndrome. She will forgive massa Kim for all her wrongs and condemn her black sistar Nene for breathing. Sad but true.

    • At least nene was trying to help women of color, we should always help others

  6. gigi

    i’m sensing some embellishment from donna

    • smooches

      I don’t disagree with this statement.


      I concur. But, good for you Tamara for showing restraint. However… I don’t know how relevant the story is if NeNe actually did get Kenya on the show (even if she is denying it now)–like you previously reported. So, she has some type of clout. I doubt seriously that after threatening to walk unless Kandi was booted that NeNe would then try the same act 2 more times with Kim and then Phaedra. She may not be the most educated woman on the show–but, it’s looking like she’s probably the smartest.

      Oh, and we can tout Kandi’s success from now until the cows come home… but, “No Scrubs” and “Bills, Bills, Bills” were hits from the late ’90s. Her own album project never got off the ground. I’d say that her successful run as a songwriter is likely hit and miss. And Phaedra is really dumbing herself down with these funeral antics. It looks to me that NeNe is the only truly successful Housewife this season. She is ACTIVELY making money from several different high profile revenue streams. And while Bedroom Kandi may be all the buzz (pun intended); I doubt it’ll be on primetime tv anytime soon. But–good for her. Obviously, that type of thing floats her boat.

      NeNe hate is an epidemic. Hopefully, Obamacare covers it.

    • you would be wrong about the embellishment from Donna.

      I wish you would stop with the nesting comments.

      I am HERE. I hear things.

  7. Collin

    Tamara, do you think Nene was responsible for Sheree departure?

    • Donna

      I can’t speak for Tamara but I can tell you that NeNe had nothing to do with Sheree’s departure. Sheree got to big for her britches.She starting getting demanding and really brought out her Diva-ness and Bravo wasn’t going for it. When Sheree was first hired, she was supposed to have the story line of a single mother trying to make it with 2 kids and a deadbeat ex football player dad. Well as the show progressed things weren’t coming out like Sheree said they were. So Bravo was scrambling to give her a story line without destroying her with her own lies in the process.Ultimately Sheree destroyed herself, with her lies, selfishness, greediness, and diva-ness. When she started demanding more money and wanted all the other perks too bravo simply said… bye bye…

    • Collin, I blogged about Sheree’s demise in excrutiating detail here http://s17948.p20.sites.pressdns.com/2012/04/05/why-sheree-whitfield-got-fired-from-real-housewives-a-tribute/ :) There were a lot of facts involved so I’ll let you read the post.

    • Karma Grant

      NeNe gave an interview to another site (cited by an article on MSN) about this subject. Well not HER involvement but Sheree’s departure.

    • Karma Grant

      Grr. I meant to add it was cited as being done this week.

  8. ACJ

    I don’t honestly believe NeNe told these women she could get them on the show. NeNe may be alot of things, but I don’t believe that even she is delusional enough to believe that she could have the power to cast for the RHOA. My interpretation – she most likely told these women she could recommend them as additions to the cast and then these ladies got all excited and ran with it as if it was a sure thing. We know how our people do sometimes (and I’m black so I can say that!). Just because someone can get you an interview doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed the job! The reason why I say this is because if she really wanted to cast for the show, why wouldn’t she bring on known allies Diana, Marlo, or Malorie as housewives as opposed to these random women referred to in this article? And I do believe she was given the power of recommendation this time around since team small had it last year and we all saw how happy Bravo was with their choice. No love, no shade, I’m just sayin’…..

    • ACJ

      PS – CLEARLY, NeNe is not an executive producer of RHOA, so, in my opinion, no matter what NeNe tells you, it would be beyond completely RIDICULOUS for anyone to belive that NeNe could do anything more for them than allowing them to film a scene with her with the hopes of it being interesting enough to make it to the air.

  9. Abby

    NeNe said herself on “Live with Kelly” that she was the original Atlanta Housewife and that she was the one who suggested the others. I remember she specifically said “Terri Ewing” was a choice of hers but that the contract fell through”.

  10. MD

    Hmmm…For once, this actually makes a lot of sense…Mind you, there’s no ACTUAL proof – but I do believe it…My only question is why does Bravo even put up with her shenanigans???? I’m sure there is NO shortage of women in Atlanta – hell anywhere for that matter (just look at Kenya Moore who moved there JUST to be on the show) who will bully people and act like a complete and utter fool for way less than what they’re paying NeNe….Just dump her already…We know she’s never going to leave the show because she doesn’t want to risk it and go back to struggling after her stint as an actress is over…I’m sure the same number of people will tune in to watch black women act like imbeciles regardless if NeNe is on the show or not…

  11. MD

    Didn’t say I “liked”…I said I “believe”…Stop reaching…

  12. Bella

    I’m torn with this one. She has a massive ego, so I could see her telling people she could get them in….at the same time people take things and twist around something that’s said so I could also see her saying something like she’d try to get them in, or at least audition, and the women turned it into “oh nene said she would get us on the show” or something along those lines. Either way- good tea!

    • Donna

      I can assure you everything is true. Did anyone know that NeNe was cited back in 2009 for having a FAKE abuse foundation? Yes that’s true too. The Twisted Hearts foundation that holier than thou NeNe founded and that was on the show was FAKE! Any money that was collected she kept for herself. The state accused the foundation of money laundering, although the foundation was closed down before any charges were brought. Yep that’s right, from your pocket to NeNe’s pocket. Since then the foundation has been dissolved by the state. Take that all you NeNe lovers… she is not a nice person….

    • Yes dear, avid readers of Tamara Tattles are well aware of the Twisted Hearts debacle and Nene’s financial problems. http://s17948.p20.sites.pressdns.com/2011/11/27/the-truth-about-nene-leakes-and-her-lack-of-money/

    • Bella

      I’m definitely no nene lover… I was always on the fence about her/never cared either way for her. I had no idea about that foundation and her keeping the money! That is disgusting.

  13. cns

    I believe this story. I appreciate Nene trying to revamp her image but I always got the feeling she was jealous of Kandi and Pheadra. I believe that Nene is jealous of any Black woman who has had success as a result of being educated. She had mentioned several times that she went to college but did she ever complete school with degree. A lot of people like Nene have had to struggle because they did not have education. This is the reason why Nene went hard on Phadrea and Star Jones. Say what you will about them but being a lawyer does not have a shelf life such as an entertainer. An attorney will make more money as they become older and wiser. The most talented Hollywood actresses cannot secure their professional futures. I’vesaid this before but Nene was most comfortable wiith women like Marlo and Kim because they are cut from the same cloth. Btw, does anyone get the impression that Nene tolerates Cynthia but is not really that into her?

    • Donna

      NeNe and Cynthia come from 2 different worlds. NeNe is a skank but she is no fool. Cynthia knows people who know people who know people and NeNe knows that. NeNe is still friends with Cynthia for those reasons only. Any friendships, connections, etc that NeNe has is for one reason only. NeNe! She is trying to associate herself into every scenario she can so that she can climb the entertainment ladder. Hey, I don’t blame her, its called networking, or clawing your way to the top. but in her case I don’t think she’ll ever get there.

  14. Katrina

    I personally don’t think any of the housewives have any control over firing. I believe in the original castings they did. The housewives probably can give names to the production company for potential housewives. It is just like a job interview, there are people that can influence the decision, but there are using only certain people that do the hiring. You can know someones name and not know them intimately. It’s no secret that Kandi and Nene are not friends and do do not hang out together. Sometimes, I think the producers purposly cast women that the cast will not get along with. I actually think if the women make a suggestion, then that is probable someone they will not be cast, unless the person is controversial. We have to remember that this is a television show and the producers do not care if they are friends. Good tea. Did RHOA change producers this year? Good tea!!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Nene is not that involved with the baby. After all, she is back and forth between cities. However, I do believe that she probably does to spend some time with the child because she is a girl. Nene has always wanted a girl. In the beginning, Nene spent time with Kim’s girls. I can’t rember what season, but Nene mentioned that her sons do not have active grandparents on her side. You know she is not trilled that Bryson is a father. I do hope having this child will cause him to be more responsible.

    • Donna

      I’m not sure she will ever be involved with the baby. Rumor(confirmed rumor) has it that the mother was only involved with Bryson to make herself look good by dating NeNe’s son.Bryson doesn’t have a very good reputation and he goes around bragging how he is NeNe’s son and he’s rich. She got pregnant on purpose to insinuate into the “rich” lifestyle. NeNe hit the roof when she found out that she was pregnant, and tried to get the girl to have an abortion. There is a lot more to the story, but this is not my blog its Tamara so I’ll let her give you all the rest of the Tea……

    • I tend to shy away from blogging about babies with relatives who suggested abortion or speculate about why someone got pregnant. I do talk about Bryson and his mugshots, you can read that, here… http://s17948.p20.sites.pressdns.com//?s=bryson&search=Go

  15. michelle

    oooooooooo that tea was hot! Tamara I do appreciate your restraint, Donna I appreciate your lack of restraint! That was delicious! (and quite believable.)

  16. soncee

    Ooooh the Shade of it All!!

  17. Shay

    Ms. Tattles, I am new to your site, having only stumbled upon it a few days ago, but I am HOOKED!

  18. smooches

    NeNe doesn’t have to participate in the baby’s life if she doesn’t…her choice…shoot Lord knows what I would say if my trifling son told me he got someone pregnant…anyway…I see NeNe as genuine with those that are genuine with her…she’s always remained consistent in that regard

  19. Raynia

    I’m confused though? Was it like “hey girl don’t worry about it, you got a spot on the show for real Andy gonna call you” or was it like. “Hey girl I can get you on the show” then she asked bravo and bravo simply didn’t want them. No fault to her though? I mean you can’t be mad at her if bravo didn’t want them. Only if nene at least tried. Now if she was telling people and didn’t try then you can be mad.

    • Donna

      It was like..”hey girl.. NeNe got and is too big for her big britches and was telling people she had pull when it comes to Bravo and the show. She made it sound like she was and still is the star of the show.(of course we know she isn’t) To hear NeNe tell it.. there is no RHOA with out her, that Bravo needs her to keep the show going and the ratings up!

    • baytothea

      @Donna…i don’t know about all that other stuff but you don’t think Nene is the star? if Teresa is the star of RHONJ, Nene is definitely the star of RHOA. I think Nene leaving the show is all about wanting to distance herself from it…if she kept bringing the goods then Bravo would love to keep her.

  20. baytothea

    this site is causing all types of tea-gasms for me today. love it. thanks tamara AND donna.

    • @baytothea, I guess star is a relative term. What I meant was that some stars (real stars-actors & actresses) sometimes get to have a say in who is on their show and who isn’t, and help with the casting of the show. I guess NeNe felt she was in that same category and tried to tell Bravo who she did and didn’t want to act with.. Yes, I know its a reality show, but there is still a lot of bad acting in it. Anyway Bravo told her in no uncertain terms that she was not that important, in other words they took NeNe down a few notches.
      I don’t recall saying anything about NeNe leaving the show.

  21. Nene is not leaving the RHOA. It is his primary source of income. She was paid scale for Glee and not much if any more for New Normal which is a half hour show so she will be paid less than Glee. Regular actors could not live on a small part on a half hour show let alone someone that spends all their money on shoes and purses. Her jobs with Ryan Murphy are for her to gain experience not make a living.

  22. I’m becoming increasingly annoyed at comments here about blogs other places. Please comment on other blogs AT THOSE BLOGS. I am not here to explain why every cockamamie post other bloggers make is wrong. If your comment starts with “I heard somewhere else” please post the comment where you heard it. If I hear something I find credible “somewhere else” I will link to in in the relevent post as always.

    • Baytothea

      Calm down. I only said that as an explanation as to why I mistakingly thought nene might be distancing herself from the show. Your response was that she was not going to leave her real income. It’s really not that serious. A lot of blogs spread misinformation and that was the point of my comment. I wasn’t mentioning it in hopes of you responding with a full thesis on why xyz blog is wrong.

  23. Wow this is so much information for me, boy becoming famous is so much troubles or is it by dealing with haters. Be happy and come together ladys and pull each other up.

  24. Natalie James

    I cant belive that when I started coming here you were just starting I have been viewing your page everday I like the way comments were before you are doing a great job and congrats

  25. Thanks Natalie! My one year was a couple weeks ago and I forgot it. Views in the millions! Who knew? Thanks for sticking with me!

    • Dionne

      I love your blog TT. I know I started off on the wrong feet when Donna & LC came at me but I brought it on myself (lesson learned;-) I do have to admit I love Donna comments. But I do have to say I love your blog and I love how you interact with us…Keep up the good work…and much success..

  26. Thanks Dionne. Everyone is so nice today. Imma need a troll to show up soon and keep me humble. :)

  27. NANCY


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