Recap of the Trainwreck That is Teen Mom 2

Leah’s face in this picture looks even more different. Nosejob maybe? Contouring? Who knows…

Teen Mom 2 is premiering tonight and we are getting caught up with all the ladies. Jenelle is out of rehab and going to school and we see her apply for a job. AT.A.DAYCARE.FACILITY.WATCHING.OTHER.PEOPLES CHILDREN! I just can’t with her. They ask her what her strengths are when working with children.  She says, “Well, I’m a very organized person. I have all of his stuff organized in bins just like you guys do. I really like playing with kids and doing arts and crafts. I’m very good with keeping my temper. I don’t yell. I never yell. I get along with kids.” What is she smoking now? Do these people not have TVs? She’s on the local news getting arrested all the dayum time! Next scene, she is at the beach with one of her friends with Jace who is running wild and no one is watching him.

Chelsea is studying for her GED. I don’t really remember her she’s sort of boring. She apparently cannot afford a hairbrush. Also, I’m going to need y’all to watch Catfish tonight at 11 on MTV so I won’t feel so bad about wanting to watch. Chelsea and Adam go out to lunch with their kid. Kid is screaming bloody murder. They ditch the idea and go home to order Chinese rather than teach the kid how to act in public. Back home with the Chinese take-out. Chelsea wants to know if they are exclusive. Adam does a lot of grunting and mmmhmmming.

Kailyn and Joe are my favorite couple. I really wish they could get it together. Issac got a report from his daycare that says he doesn’t speak much and is withdrawn. Kailyn didn’t understand why the were telling her that. Please, not another autistic storyline. I think Kailyn will be much more mature about it than some people. Joe is doing music videos. Kailyn thinks Joe may be doing the deed with the chick in the video. Kailyn is still hooking up with Joe. Kailyn went to visit Joe and he had video chick up in his room at 11 am and Isaac was awake and had not eaten. She took Isaac home with her. Kailyn and Joe talk about the situation and Joe says that sleeping with Kailyn was a mistake and they should just co-parent. Kailyn gets upset and asks Joe to leave.

I like Leah and Cory too. Leah wants to get back together. I can totally see that happening.  But I think I read somewhere that Leah is pregnant and/or married to another dude now. I hope I am wrong about this. I haven’t paid this show much attention in a long time. Ali gets in home physical therapy. I don’t remember what her diagnosis is. Leah’s face looks different. She just said she’s been losing a lot of weight over the divorce so maybe it’s that. Leah and Cory both go to the hospital for Ali’s check-up. Ali is making good progress and they seem to think she may be able to catch up to normal growth rates eventually. Good news. In the previews you see Cory wanting to get back with her, but she’s pregnant with some other guys baby.

Back to Jenelle. Janelle, who never yells, is screaming at her mother for telling her how to give Jace a bath. More bickering. Jenelle must be off her meds. Jenelle leaves with her friend leaving Jace behind for grandma to watch. Jenelle got high when she went out. Her drug test is next week. Jenelle’s “friend” offered her weed while they were out. Don’t all potheads know about that stuff you take to clean your pee? I won’t even address the fact that she is filming a confession for national TV.

Please tell me someone else is watching this.






















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9 responses to “Recap of the Trainwreck That is Teen Mom 2

  1. Lynne

    I am watching, but am embarrassed about it.

  2. jerseygirl

    I can’t believe I watch teen mom. It’s like a guility pleasure. Also this catfish show, uh feel bad for these people slightly.

  3. smooches

    Kailyn is actually married to someone else now…and Leah is also married and pregnant :-/

  4. Bizzymammabee

    I usually watch the show with my teen daughters. Tonight we decided virtual shopping was much more fun and didn’t bother. Thanks for the recap.

    Janelle wanting to work with kids is a total joke. She doesn’t even take care of her own child.

    • BreyMama

      I saw the Catfish show last night I only watched because I loved the movie, but I felt so bad for Sunny when she found out the guy she was in love with really was a 18 year odd girl to make it worse the girl was from my city smh I wanted to kick her ass for Sunny

      • Sunny was an idiot though. The story was so over the top. Dude was supposed to be a high fashion model, an anesthesiology student(ONLINE) and a cue card writer for Chelsea Handler. Oh and had three sisters that died in a car accident. Plus “he’ sounded like a 12 year old girl on the phone. And he had time during all this to spend all day everyday on the phone and on Facebook with some random chick.

        I like the concept of the show, but I hope they have some less over the top stories to investigate. Like the guy says he’s a car salesman in Nebraska and is really emailing from jail or something. :)

  5. Bella

    I’m very embarassed to admit this-I watch/follow the show lol. This episode had me laughing quite a bit…joes music video/career….. lol really? I like Joe and kail together though… She’s engaged/married now though. I also about died laughing when jenelle was saying she doesn’t lose her temper…is good with kids, etc..ummm wtf is this chick smoking? Give me some please! i saw on twitter she’s also fighting for the custody of her current boyfriends daughter…yet still doesn’t have custody of her own child…it just flat out pisses me off. I feel bad for Jace. Chelsea is basically a doormat for adam. He makes her look ridiculously stupid! I loved leah and cory together. Cory seems like a great guy…leah seems kinda slutty though. She has a messed up love life & I think Cory can do better.

  6. Kayla

    Tamara I’m a long time reader first time commenting! Ok wtf is wrong with these girls? Chelsea have you ever watched previous episodes? Cannot you not clearly see Adam is a douch bag? And Jenelle why or why does everything you say come out in that flat monotone way? Your already so screwed up atleast try and sound genuine. I’d kick her ass out if she were my daughter

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