High Heels and Horse Poop on RHOBH

Watching RHOBH and the breaking news is that I’m bored. I really have no desire to see Mauricio and Paul walk a mile in high heels. What is it with Bravo’s fascination with men in high heels? We not only will have the event but the shoe shopping? I may switch back over to The Voice. *yawn* Wake me up when we get to Portia’s birthday drama. Have we ever had a kid’s birthday party that doesn’t bring the drama?

While I’m bored, I’ll mention that one of Paul and Adrienne’s boys suffered a hand injury today. Of course Adrienne rushes him to ER saying Paul kicked him and broke his fingers. Paul says they were at a school carnival and the boy fell off a stair while with the nanny while Paul was buying tickets. I told you this truce crap would not last. LA DFACS was brought in so Dr. Sophy should weigh in with an opinion soon.

Yolanda’s daughter Gigi is stunningly beautiful. Yolanda is the ultimate stage mom. Of course in all her talking heads she is saying she is definitely not a stage mom. Gigi could use some help posing.

Is it me or would the charity not have been better off if they had just donated the money they spent renting a jet to go wherever the event is? Paul opted for the moon boots over the Wizard of Oz shoes. That’s borderline cheating, Paul.


Meanwhile back at the ranch, or carnival as the case may be, Kyle is disappointed in the unicorns. How will they ever make plain old brown ponies into unicorns? And do these people not get that llamas spit just like camels? Sidenote: Who makes those sunglasses with the emerald green tint? I want. Meanwhile, Lisa marches the llama through the house on Kyle’s hardwood floors.

I watched some old episodes of the show this morning which reminded me of the real Camille. I have problems seeing the new and improved Camille now. OMG they just showed Pam arriving. This could get good after all. Yolanda sent a gift and Lisa skipped out before anyone other than the llama had arrived. Brandi is trying to leave because Pam is there. Tension is mounting and so is my expectation for some decent drama. Do you think they will donate some of these toys for Portia to charity?

Didn’t we have the “I’ve extended the olive branch” talking head in RHOA last night? Is that the new script? Pam is her usual annoying self. Brandi snuck out and went home. We have about three minutes left for drama to happen. Taylor is spreading gossip already retelling the story about Brandi saying that Yolanda slept with everyone in Beverly Hills.

No drama but next week looks good. Lisa and Adrienne meet for a drink. Paul feels snubbed by Lisa at the part at the Fosters. David Foster appears to be a ginormous douchebag.


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45 responses to “High Heels and Horse Poop on RHOBH

  1. Tc

    I don’t get Taylor. She has a lot of nerve talking shit about anyone just for the sport of it. Brandi didn’t do a thingbtonher and she’s running around yapping about her to everyone??? Was she not the one crying like a baby pleading with people “You don’t have to be my friend but please don’t be my enemy!!!”

  2. Are you sure you watch this show? Brandi very clearly said to Yolanda that YOLANDA knows everyone and has slept with everyone. Yolanda told Taylor who took it upon herself to gossip about the scene to people who were not at Lisa’s party. I think you may be too stupid to comment here. Perhaps you should just read quietly.

  3. mimi

    I heard Brandi say you know everyone, you slept with everyone, but I guess how I took it was she was making a statement in general and not pinpointed at Yolanda. Like she was implying something along the lines of “oh you know how it is in a small town, you know everyone, you slept with everyone”. She did say she was nervous, I think it just came out before she thought about it, she did say right after that she was nervous. Lol hard to convey tone over the internet I could explain myself much better in person! This is why I am a commenter and not a Blogger! Some people just get nervous and say stupid things.

  4. So Taylor’s storyline is limited to (allegedly) gaining weight? Did ANYONE bring their children to the children’s birthday party? So far this season is a snoozefest.

  5. I guess. I can’t believe Brandi let Taylor and Pam intimidate her. Kyle could have been a bit firmer with Taylor about her gossiping.

    • mimi

      It also amazes me the amount of alcohol they serve at the children’s birthday parties…they have full bars! And I was also thinking “where are all the kids?”. As for trailor trash Taylor (i’be fought too hard for this zip code to go home now!-wtf?!?! No decency or tact left) I really can’t stand her and never could. There is something Hand That Rocks The Cradle about her….I think she imagines herself as Kyle, married to Mauricio and living / usurping her life. And of course she is the one to get shitfaced-in front of an alcoholic-AT A CHILDREN’S FREAKIN BIRTHDAY PARTY.

    • TracyMC

      Who’s Pam??

    • Tc

      We always have alcohol at kids’ birthday parties. What’s wrong with that?

  6. Critter

    Love Paul, he cheated with the moon boots.
    Why is trailer trash still on the show – makes me sick,
    clearly showed the lush showing up without Kennedy.
    Hope the show picks up, snoreville so far.

  7. smooches

    I really try to like Brandi but I can’t…she does too much and tries too hard to be ‘real’ for me…Taylor is a user and a liar

  8. Tc

    The way I took the Brandi/Yolanda conversation was wrong! I thought Brandi said “I’ve slept with everyone”. Brandi said “YOU’VE slept with everyone”! That is how Us Magazine quotes it.

    Last night on WWHL, Brandi talked some shit about Jay Mohr’s wife for no reason other than Jay having commented that Brandi’s face looks weird. Which it does. She has a lot of nerve and no backbone. She runs away from face to face conflict but shoots her mouth off on TV when she is surrounded by men. Is ok. She will OD soon. She is an Anna Nicole Smith in the making. Without the niceness. Trashy guttersnipe.

    • Kendra

      My friend and I were discussing this, last week when he said it and our sentiment was basically glass houses. You don’t talk shit about someone’s face when your wife has plumped, botoxed, implanted nearly every part of her body.

      It was a cheap shot Brandi took, but glass houses, Jay opened that door.

      Can someone please explain to me why Taylor is still on the show, is it sympathy? Bravo didn’t want to fire the widow??? And same with Kim, she needs to be off camera and getting her life together.

    • Tc

      You just said why Jay was wrong. But Andy Cohen was part of that conversation and agreeing with Jay. Why isn’t he a target. Anyway two wrongs don’t make a right. Nikki whatever her name is did not deserve that. And Brandi Glanville would NEVER have said it to her face. NEVER. Just like Taylor would only talk shit behind Brandi’s back. They are trashy, spineless losers who can’t keep a man, have fucked up faces and generally have lives in the shitter. Who the fuck are they to talk about anyone?

    • Kendra

      Thats because AC has the desperate need to be the cool kid and will say and agree with anyone if he thinks it will make him look cool. When really I find at times he can be just as mean as the people he says are mean.

    • smooches

      Let me add how she said “who?” when asked about him but somehow managed to know who his wife is…yeah I’m not a fan

    • Good catch Smooches. She did ask who he was but then knew his wife has a plastic face. Still, I’m all for Brandi returning fire. :)

  9. I understood the “slept with everyone” remark exactly the way you did….Brandi says “you were married to mohammed werent you?” to which Yolando replied “Its a small town”…. Brandi’s reply of “you know everyone, you’ve slept with everyone” was a humorous remark about the nature of a “small town”…. when she said “you” she just meant it as “you” in gerneral….not specifally Yolanda or Brandi or anyone.

  10. mimi

    I feel bad for Kim, I guess she needs the money or the relevance, but she should not have filmed this season. Maybe she should quit. They all tell her how great and healthy she looks but I think she looks tired, older, and seems like she just doesn’t want to be there. I imagine she clings to her children so much bc those are the only ones she can be completely herself and at ease. She doesn’t have to worry about the fake, the gossiping, the baiting and backstabbing, etc. I just feel sorry for her. I always thought the reason she was MIA so much is bc any time these ladies film the alcohol is flowing like water. That certainly is not easy for a recovering alcoholic. I also think she showed up drunk bc she knew she couldn’t be filmed or seen drinking and had to take the edge off before she went into those situations. Kyle is her sister but she is not her friend. As a sibling, I know for me I may not always like or agree with what my brother is doing, but unlike Kyle I would never stand for my friends to openly talk about or attack him in my presence. I know they do not have it easy as a family, it is very hard dealing with a substance abuser in your family, but I would never want to throw them to the wolves. Poor Kim, I hope she knows she is better than all of them, and stop feeling insecure over looks, money and men. Count your blessings Kim!

    • Tc

      Wow. You’ve forgotten how mean and nasty Kim can be right? The way she has treated others on this show? Including her sister.

    • mimi

      I’m sure she can be as mean and nasty as the rest of us, but no i cannot recall any instances of Kim being openly mean other than game night and the aftermath with brandi. And while not right, she was drunk/high and embarrassed to death that Brandi called her out. All she did anyway was make a fool of herself and make Brandi look good. Kim just seems like she does not feel in league with these women, and it has to be a big smack in the face to have everyone on her about alcoholism and have to witness Taylor’s drunken shenanigans and no one says a word. I really think Kim is not meant for this show and should move away from that town for good.

    • Tc

      That’s kind of like saying Hitler never ordered anyone’s death except during the Holocaust and he was just having a really bad decade. He was not meant for leading Germany.

    • mimi

      You are comparing an alcoholic with sever self esteem issues to Hitler….we are talking about a reality show here, and I was simply stating an opinion. I’m sorry if you took that personally. But Kim and Hitler…no. anyway i did not comment to sit here and argue with people, merely share a point of view that I had. I guess we will have to agree to disagree. Have a nice day!

    • I agree that filming was probably not a good idea for Kim. In fact, I recall reading that she had a little relapse when she had rhinoplasty. I think the pain killers triggered it. She doesn’t seem quite right to me yet either and sometimes Kyle seems to try to curtail Kim’s ramblings without being obvious about it.

    • Tc

      How did I take anything personally? I think you, Mimi, took something personally. I too was simply stating MY opinion. Odd that you think only yours should be stated without question.

      But you go on with your pity party for a spoiled, nasty has been/neverwas. Excuse her weaknesses and bad behavior. I only hope you are not a parent.

    • mimi

      LOL some people -ok just tc- really need to get a life! I am the proud mother of a 2 and 4 year old, and what I think about a woman on a television show has absolutely no bearing on their raising, nor do they care. What an ignorant comment!

    • Tc

      How sad for them.

    • @mimi how’d you break out of solitary?? I came very close to occupying the cell next to you. I’d consider it an honor.

  11. Kendra

    For those asking Pam = Dana.
    It is a throw back to Kim in her disaster state calling her Pam the entire night.

  12. Karma Grant

    Cherry – that’s how I understood the remark too. Not a dig at anyone or even herself, just the usual small town flip remark.

  13. @Someonewhopaysattention Also, I’d like to say that saying someone is too stupid to comment here is demeaning and uncalled for. Don’t bloggers want to gain followers, not alienate them? You proved yourself to be intelligent and astute when you asserted that other commenters would reiterate your observation. A more accurate statement could not have been made.

  14. You might notice that I had to edit the idiots comments SEVERAL times because she was spamming for another website repeatedly. It was my intention to demean and alienate her. She is now going directly to the spam folder. If this bothers you, you are welcome to follow her there.

    Bloggers do want to gain followers as long as those followers can follow basic rules of posting. I will remove and warn for spam once. If you deliberately repost it, you lose your commenting priviledges. Capiche?

  15. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I know nothing of editing SEVERAL times. I don’t spam and never have. Are you talking to me or swpa?

  16. Why would I be talking to someone who is not allowed to comment here? I suggest you move on from this subject. Your opinion on how I run my website is of absolutely no concern to me. If you enjoy commenting here, about the topics we are discussing here then do so. If you don’t “approve” of how I deal with spammers and trolls here, there are hundreds of other websites where you can search for a better fit for you. Please don’t live under the delusion that it makes the least bit of difference to me.

  17. victori0us

    Ahhh Lisa Vanderpump is everything. Her shades and dress #werk. Ahhhh Kyle got punked in her own house. She knows she did not want that llama walked thru her house. You could see in her face she wanted to stop her but she couldn’t.

    Lisa is kinda bad for a older white woman. I imagine her getting done by the hot pool boy every Wednesday while Ken’s off to the bank. She’s too well preserved to not be getting sum regularly. It’s not Rob Stewart’s older bro (Ken) showering her with the fountain of youth.

  18. Karma Grant

    Watching now and once again Kim looks/sounds wasted. If that’s sobriety then the people I know who really did get “sober” were doing it wrong.

    • Karma Grant

      Oh and would someone please nuzzle Adrienne and Paul about Lisa. THEY are the ones making a big deal, not Lisa. Second episode of the season and I am already tired of this storyline.

    • shellbelle

      I thought Kim sounded wasted also… I wondered why no one at the party picked up on that. I just wanted to punch Taylor in the throat – she is not the “poor, poor Taylor” victim that she portrayed last year. I agree with Tamara, what’s with the “I fought too hard for this zip code ” tagline bullshit? Makes her sound greedy and self absorbed.

  19. Can someone please remind me why Adrienne is mad at Lisa in the first place? It can’t still be the Vegas wedding planning can it? What does Adrienne think she is owed an apology for?

    • mimi

      This is speculation only, but I think Lisa gossiped to other people who were the ones who sold stories. So when Lisa says she has not sold stories, she is telling the truth. But like Marisa said, Lisa is nice “onscreen” (and I do like Lisa) I could see her being a bitch. Of course she is. That Adrienne would accuse her of something like that had to have some kind of basis. Adrienne is boring but def not dumb. She would not have said it if she hadn’t heard something to that effect and I bet the trail is something along the lines of Lisa to Cedric to Bernie to Adrienne with maybe some bit players mixed in. This is just my OPINION.

    • Karma Grant

      I really think it IS about the Vegas party. I also think Adrienne truly believes Lisa sold stories, though I don’t think Lisa DID sell anything to anyone other than expensive meals at her restaurants. I think Adrienne has had Bernie in her ear far too long and we all know how he feels about Lisa. I wonder, did he want to be head chef at one of her eateries and she didn’t need him? There’s something there for him to have such a grudge/dislike for her.

  20. Amy in LV

    This was the most boring episode I have watched on RH of any franchise.

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