EXCLUSIVE: All the Tea You Can Hold About the Three Trips on RHOA Season Five

Ani Villas: The RHOA home away from home in Anguilla

Yikes, WordPress ate my entire first paragraph to this blog! The now much shorter version is this… I’ve collected information on all three of the trips that the real housewives of Atlanta took on season five and broken them down for you here. Pay close attention to the third trip. It’s just brimming over with tea.

This is a TAMARATATTLES EXCLUSIVE. I’ve worked hard to get many sources here and in Anguilla for this post. Please do not copy it in its entirety and please use a like to TAMARATATTLES with your excerpt. Thanks!

Modena Villa in Anguilla hosted the big party for the RHOA in Anguilla

Trip One: Anguilla
The ladies stayed at Ani Villas pictured above; however, they held a big party at Modena Villa to celebrate the nuptials. All the ladies and their men headed down to Anguilla in July to film the vow renewal of Cynthia and Peter.  It’s only been two years since the pair tied the knot the first time. As we all know when a celebrity couple renews their vows, things are in trouble. This whole event doesn’t bode well for Peter and Cynthia.  In fact, one of my sources in Anguilla was at the Modena Villa celebration and informed me that Peter got completely wasted on the local rum punch during the party and fell down breaking a glass. There was much toasting and some of the local women were teaching the ladies a very seductive local dance called “the wine.” I can already picture Kenya drunk and grinding on Apollo in the name of this local sexy dance.

While there, the ladies all went out on a boat where Phaedra wore her black thong swimsuit which they tweeted from the boat. They also went to a very crowded release party for insanely popular local band Pantha Vibes International. They didn’t stay long there, probably for crowd safety reasons and we are unlikely to see that film make the show. Production did film a fight between two local girls over some guy. They spent an uneventful day at a street festival. I think most of what we see will be the ceremony, the after party at Modena and the boat ride.  You can read more about Anguilla by using the tag in the left hand side bar. Unfortunately, those entries are from Blogger and did not translate well when I moved to WordPress.

One more thing about the trip to Anguilla. Cynthia’s party for Nene which we should see on the next episode, happened during the first week of June.  The dinner where Kim appears to go after the cameraman  also happens in June.  Remember, the news began to leak about “Nene hitting a cameraman” in early July. It would seem, like a lot of leaks we get from filming, that the story might be true but it was Kim not Nene that went after the cameraman. I wonder if we will see the dinner with “the incident” in the second episode since Porsha arrives in episode three. Cynthia’s party and the dinner seems like too much for one show, so it will most likely be episode three before we see “the incident” with Kim and find out what actually went down.  Or at least the edited version.

Trip Two: Set of The New Normal, LA
Because Bravo is part of NBCUniversal, there was money in the budget for another trip for housewives and their husbands. So off they went during the second week of September to film Nene Filming The New Normal. Nothing much leaked of interest from this trip other than Kandi seemed to be a big stressed about it. I originally speculated that Everyone was still mad that Kim didn’t have to go anywhere, but that turned out not to be the case because Kim left the show in June. So what was the big stressor for Kandi? Perhaps it had something to do with where they went next.

Trip Three: Las Vegas
After visiting Nene, all the ladies and their spouses went to Vegas for the weekend.
Women who are in relationships and go to wedding ceremonies or um, vow renewals with their man often get antsy to get married. So it seems to me that the girls were in Vegas for Kandi and Todd to get married. All the men were on the trip which is customary when there is a wedding to attend. Kandi tweeted on that Saturday, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…So they say.”  After seeing the first episode where Kandi talks about wanting to be married before having a baby, and the very telling comment where she appears to have picked a baby name, I say that Kandi will be pregnant and married by the end of the season.  The previews also show Kandi trying on wedding rings. They couldn’t be trying any harder to foreshadow the season finale with Kandi and Todd getting married in Vegas.

I offer as further evidence, this story. The week before they left for Vegas, Phaedra threw an event for Kandi and Todd and flew in Chef Roble to cater an intimate after-event dinner party for the two couples. I suggested then that it was an engagement party. Perhaps an event for Kandi’s mother and close friends to celebrate before they left for Vegas?  It would seem I was right (again).

If Kandi got pregnant in late August or early September, she should be showing soon. I’m gonna count on you guys to be on the lookout for a baby bump!

And that’s your morning tea. (Hey, it was morning when I started)


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22 responses to “EXCLUSIVE: All the Tea You Can Hold About the Three Trips on RHOA Season Five

  1. Verna

    Tamara, did you mean to say that Phaedra threw an event for Kandi and Todd?? Not that Kandi threw an event for herself …………..

    • Buck Henry

      I really can’t wait to find out why Kim would go after the camera man (along with Kroy he was the guy coming from the left) when she said it was about the actions of the women. Me thinks that Kim got a bad deal from Bravo and decided to quit that show.

      • Karma Grant

        She didn’t get a bad deal from Bravo. She got a 2nd season of her spin off!

      • Exactly. Season Five is very hostile with Kenya in the cast and not where a pregnant woman should be. I think Bravo probably understood that and all is well with the 2nd season. We’ll have to see what happens.

  2. Yes. It took four hours of wrestling with WordPress to get this bitch posted. Thanks for noticing the errors. (as opposed to you know, the content.)

  3. Katrina

    So Peter and Cynthia are renewing there vowels. They seem to do something every year. Kandi and Todd wedding. Maybe they had Kandi’s bachelorett party in LA.

    From the promo footage, it seams like Porsha was sitting at the table by Kandi.

  4. RealitySux

    WOOOOOW!!! You have been hitting it out the park lately!!…and you need to watermark your photos…even a transparent watermark.

    Anywho – I’m soooo happy , if the tea about Kandi is true, she deserves this :) I’m excited now to see what transpires.

    Is this season a short one…long like last year?….any clue on how many epis? And I was on KKN wed night – Kandi’s web show … and it’s hard to tell if she is preggers yet…but I’ll keep looking on Wed nights now!!

  5. Sippin on this Tea w/my pinky in the air…lmao ummm ummmmmm!!

  6. Bizzymammabee

    These folks and their annual vow renewals are tired already. Seems like they have to convince themselves that their marriages are doing well. Jeeze. If Kandi does get married, I am really happy for her. She deserves some love too.

  7. Karma Grant

    Oooh interesting. Thanks for the tea and all the work that went into making it :)

    • Thanks Karma. I’m even more grouchy than usual today. My Internet only wants to work in the back yard, and WordPress seems to lose half my post when I hit publish. Usually it’s pictures but today its been the first paragraph of the post. As if I could remember what I typed in the first paragraph! :)

  8. @Buck Henry I’m not sure why your comment is so high up there! Anyway, I think what you will see is Kim wanting to flee the scene after Kenya starts going off on everyone. Remember, you see what looks like Nene and Kenya mixing it up but is really the new improved Nene holding the new thug off of the others (probably Cynthia) Kim decides to get her pregnant ass out of the brawl, the camera guy chases her to the car, the producer on sight tries to get her to stay and that’s when all the fuck you stuff starts and Kroy (?) hops out to get her and his baby safely in the car.

    I didn’t read this all yet but I call b.s. on Phaedra and her work out to get a donkey booty! It’s called genes. I hate to say this, but Phaedra has an awkward chest.

    • I had a website copy mine within the first month of blogging. When I confronted the blogger she seemed incredulous that I would say anything and said she would put a link to. She still kept all my work up and put a link with a mispelled name that went nowhere. She’s still at it and friends with many people I tweet with. Another one when confronted said “I linked to you” which technically she did at the bottom with no site name after posting my entire blog as if she had written it herself. It’s crazy. Then there is MFO who after stealing mine claims it as a WORLD EXCLUSIVE and demands everyone credit them.

      Blogging is fun. :)

  10. victori0us

    You are a genius! I have edited your message to investigate. SSSSSSHHhhhh!

  11. JoyfulinSavannah

    Tamara, I read your blog daily and I have found your information to be extremely accurate, and very entertaining. You’re very luck to have such well-placed sources. Thank you for all your hard work.

    • Thanks Joy. My sources continue to amaze me. When people from Anguilla emailed me to say… I’m a fan of your blog and here is what is happening…. I really didn’t believe it! I have some great readers who become great sources and I can’t believe they choose me, but I am so glad they do!

  12. Always look forward to your Tea Tamara! It’s 99% always true! Thanks for putting so much work in getting the fans all the info.. appreciate it!

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