Kandi and Kim Duel in Their Bravo Blogs

Okay, apparently I am taking requests today. Someone asked me to blog about Kandi and Kim’s blogs from the first episode so that she could talk about them with you and get your opinions.  Sounds like a good idea to me!  Click through for the relevant parts of Kandi and Kim’s blog and tell me what you think.

Here is what Kandi had to say:
When Kim came by the house with Sweetie, I was offended by some of the things she and Sweetie said. Kim said Sweetie told her she needed to lock her doors when she got off of my exit, because I lived in the hood. I was very irritated by that, because I was thinking, “Where the f— do you live, Sweetie?” There were even more things said that rubbed me the wrong way as well, like, “I didn’t even know they had houses like this over here. They must’ve just recently fixed it up.” Or “Wow, this is nice. I wasn’t expecting this AT ALL.” Or when I showed them the in-ground jacuzzi room, one of them said, “Oh you meant a real jacuzzi! When you mentioned you had a jacuzzi room, I didn’t know you meant a real Jacuzzi, I thought you were talking about a jacuzzi tub.” I was like what the hell would I mention a jacuzzi tub for? Oh I can’t forget this one! At one point I found myself defending my side of town and said, “There are a lot of wealthy people that live in this area,” and Sweetie said, “Like drug dealers.” I wasn’t feeling it at all. Sweetie explained that she grew up on the north side of town, and she said that she heard my side of town was dangerous. In my opinion, the stuff that Sweetie says to Kim adds to the whole racist theory people have about Kim. If Kim has a black friendthat feeds her bullsh– that certain areas of town are “hood” or “ghetto,” then that’s what she’s going to run with.

I hadn’t seen Kim in a while when she came over that day. The first couple of negative things they said kind of flew over my head, but after a while I caught on and I was feeling a little bothered by it. Have you ever had one of those moments where something happened that wasn’t cool and after the fact you thought you should’ve told that bitch this or that? Well that was one of those moments for me. I was trying to be cool, like maybe they didn’t know any better. I was thinking I shouldn’t trip, because clearly they have never been in this area before, but after a while it was like OK that’s enough of the ghetto neighborhood comments. After all the talk about my house, Kim talked to me about being evicted from her house and that she was just going to stay there and make them kick her out. Hmm… That sounded like some real ghetto section 8 type sh– to me, but hey, they live on the “non-ghetto” side of town, so no way could they have that type of stuff going on… LOL! Whatever.

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And here is Kim’s version:
Kandi has always mentioned to me that she loves the way I’ve decorated my homes, so I had no problem giving her tips about decorating. My comment about her having an indoor swimming pool because she’s black was just a silly joke. Kandi, Sweetie, and I laughed. Quite frankly, I wish I had one myself.

As for NeNe, she still can’t keep my name out of her mouth! NeNe constantly insinuated “I come from a trailer park” AND I am the racist one? I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I know my character, and the multiple friends of different races that I do have know it as well! Like I have said before and will say here again for the last time, COLOR means absolutely nothing to me, it is the person’s character and blatant ignorance that determines the non-friendship between me and the person. That is all for now.

So, what are your thoughts on GhettoGate2012 ?


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73 responses to “Kandi and Kim Duel in Their Bravo Blogs

  1. Thanks for posting this Ms. Tamera. I have to go to work so I won’t be able to join in but I will check back in tomorrow. But I would like to say, “why is Kandi blaming Sweetie for Kim’s racist comments?

  2. Tc

    Kandi’s retarded. The fact that their brains went to a jetted tub instead of an actual hot tub means that THEY are defects. Theat is not insulting to her. Although anyone with a tiny bit of know the world would not have called it a jacuzzi in the first place.

    And then she says…and I LOVE this one…the racist things that sweetie says is some how the big smoking gun that proves Kim’s racism!!!! Um…how you figure dat??? She must think we are as dumb as she

    Kandi is not a nice person. She is a hell of a fake. She’s got you all hoodwinked.

    • lana

      Oh please fuck off u STAY trying to defend kim. You & kim can take your racist comments and shove them up your white asses. Fucking racist pricks go kill yourself!

    • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

      The fact of the matter is, Kim is hating on someone who has paid for her house, while she’s getting evicted, and has her new man, who wifed her up, living in a house another man bought for her. Like Nene said on the behind the scenes special in season 2, hell, her house is connected to somebody else’s, so who is she to talk?

      • Tc

        Kandi paid for Kim’s house and has Kim’s man?? What? Where is that coming from?

      • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

        Girl, you area acting illiterate. I said Kim is hating on someone (meaning other than Kim herself) who has paid for her house… I’m implying Kandi.

      • Tc

        It’s not my fault that you can’t write.

      • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

        TC…it’s not my fault you’re illiterate either…and since you’re trying to correct people, you do mean ‘It’s not my fault you can’t “type”, right?’

      • Tc

        Wrong. And everso dumb.

      • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

        You trying to correct me, but last I checked, everso was not a word. Yet you call me dumb? Bwahahaha. Go bury your head in Webster’s.

    • Baytothea

      You found a way to only find fault in kandi’s blog? There are some things that are indefensible in the hw world regardless of whatever side you’re on. Kim was being ridiculous and anyone who can’t see that is smokin the good shit that I haven’t been able to find. Girl bye.

  3. Dionne

    I like Kandi but again I think Kim has dirt on Kandi because I dont understand how a “Boss” (what Kandi called herself) can let some trailer trash alumni call her out after robbing her of $$$$ I would still be in that azz. I just dont understand at all. Kandi was quick to call Marlo a ho but what is Kim I just didnt get that I really feel like the women went in on Marlo but not Kim…also Sweetie is just trying to be a permanent friend on the show but again why is Kandi blaming Sweetie for Kim’s comments??? I have lost so much respect for Kandi my next question is, is Kandi scared of Kim. I just dont like Kim and I feel she is very disrespectful any women that flaunts being with a married man on national TV is bottom of the barral to me. I want to know how Kim is going to feel with Kory (whatever his name is) side piece starts flaunting there relationship cause its going to happen. I like how Kim puts the blame all on Sweetie her lil ugly scape goat and I never thought Sweetie was ugly until she started talking acting like she is more then what she is….which is and will always be “Mammy” to Kim’s kids….Hell Sweetie might breast feed KJ….What about the name Kim is such a dirty low down person when Karma meets her I hope like hell Tamara you be the first to speak on it….Im waiting..; -0 Love your blog…..

    • lana

      kandi isnt blaming sweetie she’s saying that kim feels too comfortable saying those things b/c her black assistant doesn’t correct her so she thinks if sweetie can say it & shes black then so can i

    • Baytothea

      I also wonder why kandi hasn’t gone in on Kim yet…there must be SOMETHING.

  4. Tc

    So…you’re saying that black people have some right to say an think certain things that white people are not permitted to say or think??? REALLY?????

  5. Tc

    By the way, you illiterate morons really need to learn how to write in English. Because your typed words make you seem extremely stupid.

    • lana


    • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

      How do you know this? Do you know her personally? Oh, or is this Mammmmmie… oops I mean… Sweeeeeetie?!

      • Tc

        Um…you’re not talking to me. Right?

      • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

        TC, who else besides you is babbling gibberish? You act as if you know Kandi on a personal level. You claim she is this, that, and the third. Do you know this personally? I’m assuming you’re Mammy formerly known as Sweetie since you have such insider information.

      • Tc

        Wait,…YOU KNOW SWEETIE ON A PERSONAL LEVEL??? You must because you expressed an opinion about her!!!! Omg. That’s so cool!!

      • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

        No, I’m giving my opinion. To me, the way Kim calls her, Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeetie reminds me of a mammy being called to come watch Master’s children in the Big House.

    • shellbelle

      It drives me NUTS to try to read something that has no punctuation. Anyway, I think “GhettoGate2012” will be awesome!

  6. curioustiff

    F*ck Kim & Sweetie!

  7. karen

    Is Kandi’s house in a bad part of town? Does anyone know this for a fact?

  8. Stephanie

    Kim is trash, plain and simple. And jealous as hell! Just because you have a black friend doesn’t mean you’re suddenly enlightened and it certainly doesn’t give you permission to speak to someone the same way a black person might speak to another black person. When I first moved to Atlanta, I lived in “west buckhead” which, while not Bankhead was still a transitional neighborhood. I use to sit with my neighbor and drink, she was black, I white, and under the guise of drunkeness she’d tell me all the things that were not kosher for me to say. (For instance, it’s a bad idea to call someone a good rat).

  9. Stephanie

    Oh I forgot to add…I think sweetie wants Kim to look like an ass and I have 100 bucks on Brielle ending up on the pole.

  10. Tc

    I heard that Cascade Heights is an affluent predominantly African-American neighborhood in southwest Atlanta. Along with Sandtown and other portions of unincorporated South Fulton County, the area has a reputation as having a high concentration of the African-American elite in the city. Anyone think that’s true?

  11. Baytothea

    It really doesn’t matter what neighborhood kandi lives in. It looks good to me and it’s a hell of a lot better than the 250k townhouses these broads been livin in actin like they’re ballin. That townhouse Kim had was NOTHING special. My moms house in Cali is better than that and she’s a damn transit agent. Kim is jealous and the definition of white trash.

  12. karen

    I disliked Kim the first couple of seasons, then grew to like her last season, but this first episode had me rethinking how I feel about her. Kim appears to know that she has ran into some good fortune snagging Kroy, and instead of being quietly grateful, she seems to want to rub it in everyone’s faces. And put others down for not having what she has. That kind of attitude always ends with the person with the superiortiy complex being knocked down a few pegs. Kim doesn’t seem to know how to be gracious. Her entitlement mentality is off the charts.

  13. shellbelle

    I happen to like Kim and Kandi, however, I have noticed that Kandi has gotten a little more comfortable in the show and she is perhaps letting more of her true self show. Why is it ok for people to say that Kim is trash or white trash ( didn’t we learn anything from Aviva?) but when an opinion is stated about Kandi or any of the other RHOA it suddenly becomes a race issue?! We are in 2012, just re-elected a black president and why does it matter if you are black or white? People start pulling that damn race card when it fits their needs. Why is it hard to believe that Kim really doesn’t care what color skin someone has? If she had a white assistant, I can guaran-damn-tee you that people wouldn’t be screaming about her treatment of her “help” then. Shit.

    • Diana

      Just for the record, what bothers me from Kim is not the racial undetones of her comments, what bothers me is the air of superiority she has about herself as if she has accomplished anything at all(other than to find a couple of suckers and lie on her back). We all have opinions but even if she thought the location was ghetto, she should had kept her mouth shut, if the shoe was on the other foot and anybody would had comment about her house or her neighborhood, she would have thrown a fit. Last reunion Nene commented that the house was rented, not the location or any of that and Kim had a tamtrum on screen and said that she had “close” on the house which we all know now was a lie, the bottom line is that Kim makes a huge issue any time sometimes comments about her but she can comment about anybody and always find an excuse for her mindless words.
      I don’t care if Kim is white and Kandy is black or viceversa, the comments were hateful period, race has nothing to do with it for me, just the intention to rain on Kandi’s parade , a person who has shown time and time again to Kim that she could be a friend, hopefully this last stunt has opened Kandi’s eyes and she will finally let it go with Kim.

    • Baytothea

      Sorry for the use of the term ‘white trash’. I mean I could’ve said cracker but that would be out of line. I say people are ghetto or white trash, because people are ghetto or white trash. The thing that irritates people is that black people are always labeled ghetto, the minute they show any form of assertiveness, obnoxious behavior, or attitude when the person is really far from ghetto. A black person being an asshole is not what ghetto is. Kim, to me, fits the definition of ghetto and white trash from the synthetic weave, 3 baby daddies, history of prostitution, dont pay her bills but has Versace china, chain smoker n drinker that doesn’t respect her mother. Kandi is rich and still ghetto.

      Ppl would still talk about how Kim treats a white assistant bc I find it hilarious that she has an assistant period, then on top of that she acts like she’s Angelina Jolie. Kim is just a lazy fuck.

      • Tc

        Lol. Dear god you are stupid. You just said ghetto is about geography but white trash is about actions???? REALLY? Do you even GET how dumb that is??? Do you see the disparity???

      • baytothea

        i said ghetto is about geography or where one is from? really? where exactly? all you do is spew the words, “dumb, stupid, moron” as if your stupid ass is the judge and jury on everyone else’s opinion. sit the fuck down. you act like you run this board. i said Black people are labeled ghetto VERY EASILY…any transgression a black person makes people throw out the word ‘ghetto’. I’ve seen Star Jones called ghetto…star jones is not ghetto to me, shes just an asshole. Ramona may not be white trash to some. maybe just an asshole. Kim IS white trash AND ghetto to me. A lot of things Kandi does is ghetto as well.

        your fingers move faster than your comprehension so pump your brakes.

      • Tc

        Oh. I reread that and I misunderstood. I thought you said far FROM the ghetto.

    • cns

      During the 1st season Kim had a young Caucasian woman whom she hired as a nanny for her much younger daughters. Well the nanny left the little girls home alone to run to the store to get tampons. Kim was furious about it. Well when she called to young Caucasian woman on the phone to let her know what she done was unacceptable, the nanny seemed to be flippant and indifferent and then quit on the spot. Kim remained calm and respectful during the conversation. The primary difference between how a Kim deal with complicated situations is she is respectfully when is dealing with non-Black people and disrespectfully of Black people. But Kim is smart enough to know whom to go after. You notice she was belligerent to Kandi during baby gate without even hearing her side of the story but when Peter Thomas called her out and didn’t mince words she keeps silent. This has nothing to do with gender. When someone defames “your so-called reputation”, you call them on the carpet about it.

  14. RVA

    so i think what kandi was trying to say is that Kim was going off what Sweetie told her. I don’t think Kandi was blaming Sweetie (although I can see how one can think that she was) for Kim’s comments though.
    Well…show’s mostly scripted anyway so I’ll just take ’em all with a grain of salt.

  15. Kyia

    Can someone tell me why Kim even needs an assistant? Does she have anything going on other than filming and having babies? I know at one point she was supposed to have a wig line, but we never saw her working.

    • Katrina

      Per Kim, Sweetie has worked for her over 12 years. Sweetie is someone who helps her perform her daily activities. Kim doesn’t work, other than filming housewives. Kim has been putting together a wig line since season 1 and we haven’t seen it yet. The only reason Kim got a song produced was because of Kandi. Kim is supposedly writing a book, but we haven’t seen that either. Kim is lazy!! Kim can’t find her way to the bathroom, without help.

      • Baytothea

        Lol I just finished saying she’s lazy before I read this. It makes no sense to me. She had two school aged children and didn’t work or do anything to elevate her life bc she had poppa. Soon as poppa money started being funny she found a new one. It may be a honeymoon now but kroy will see the real Kim eventually.

  16. Neecy

    Why does anyone respond to TC?? Anyway, Kandi should have put Kim in her place right then. I like Kim, but she was wrong for those comments. Maybe it was jealousy. Sweetie…well, she is just a mess inside and out.

  17. Look at the relationship (or non-relationship) between Kim and her mom. Now look at the relationship between Kandi and her mom. Enough said.

    And I can’t wait to see TC’s next angry post … someone has anger issues.

  18. As a reading specialist, I’m thrilled to see you guys really hashing out our vocabulary words. It’s important to understand subtle differences in language. How else would you know if some is white trash or ghetto without this deep exploration of language. A for the day!

  19. bendy

    Kandi’s boobs sure look bigger to me. I always thought she was kind of flat chested. maybe I have her confused with Phaedra.

  20. Tc

    While we are there, can we all at least agree that the photo was taken at an Ugly Dress Convention?? Hey Kim? You look like a oxygen deprived anaconda that just swallowed a capybara. SNAKES DON’T COME IN BLUE.

  21. worldgirl

    Kim I suspect is racist and Kroy is racist. Kandi is about as bad as Sweetie because she’ll go in on Black women but won’t say crap to the White woman that disrespects her at every turn.

    • Tc

      Ok. Just fucking wait. WHY IS KROY RACIST????? Please tell.

      I swear to fuck, I’m sick of people just using the word racist like an ignorant person would use nigger or faggot. You should not just use that word because you don’t care for someone and they happen to be white. It’s exactly the same thing. In fact..if everyone else gets to have words BANNED, I nominate RACIST.

  22. bendy

    I agree too. I think “racist” is equivelent to “the N word”. It is used for no other reason than to hurt someone.

  23. I’ve noticed TC has a hard time recognizing when people agree with her. I suppose that is because it happens so rarely. /ducksandruns

  24. Tc

    I was just making it clear that I do not think every application of the word “racist” is incorrect or wrong. There are times it’s true. In case, it came across wrong, I wanted to clarify.

  25. Donna

    This is soooo hilarious! Y’all act as if these girls are y’all friends! Lol. Kim is lazy even to lazy to deal with the move. All she wants to do is go lay down every time she has a problem that needs solving. She is on her high horse now that she has married Kroy. The thing that just kills me about Kim is her new intro line “I prayed, I believed and I’ve received!” That’s from the bible and u can’t convince me she’s at home reading it. If so her nasty mouth would be cleaned up bc when u read the bible it changes the way you think, talk and act. I’m not saying she’s not a Christian I’m saying she don’t act like one with the way she acts and talks. Period! I like Kandi and she seems to be a sensitive person bc she crys a lot about her pain. She lost the love of her life and now she’s found another love and I’m happy for her and her daughter. By the way, I’m white! I hate racism period. God see’s no color! As far as typing and misspelled words we all do it from time to time by mistake, so calling people out on their punctuation and spelling is just silly. I for one can’t understand why on this earth anyone that is supposedly rich would even want to be on one of these shows! Don’t they have better things to do than show their butts! They make about $200,000 for a season and if you are truly rich why do this? I have enough sense to know that they do it for fame but is fame worth all the nastiness that comes out of them. I also know that these shows wouldn’t ever make it without the drama and that’s why we all watch it bc it takes our minds off our own problems, bc everyone rich or poor has them! I’m lower class as far as income but it’s not money that makes your character it’s you that does that! We have to choose how we act. I didn’t mean to sound preachy but what I’ve said is the truth, but not exciting enough for this blog I’m sure of it. Tamara I enjoy your blogs and I get a kick out of reading them, so keep keeping us informed so I can stay amused! Lol

  26. DD

    TC…..you’re about as entertaining as the RH themselves. Wow.

    ….and in regard to the Kim and Kandi subject….I have one question. How is it that the “black babies” statement was so hugely noteworthy and the statement made about having an indoor pool and being black was quietly swept under the rug? I’m a little late in responding to this blog post because I’ve been searching high and low on the matter curious to see how it would play out. Nothing. Huh……

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