Porsha Stewart Is Kim Zolciak’s “Chocolate Replacement”

During the filming of Real Housewives of Atlanta season five a lot of weird things happened that had never happened before. First, Kim Zolciak got evicted. Sure that one chick from Orange County got evicted, but it just wasn’t as messy. Kim got evicted while seven months pregnant and had to move her whole brood back into the Big Poppa condo. Her landlord also contacted TMZ to make sure that it was a very public eviction.

Another weird thing that happened was there were lots of conflicting reports about who the new housewives were. We knew one was Kenya Moore, because she kept blabbing the news all around town. What was confusing was who the second one was. It wasn’t until very far into filming that it was confirmed the other newbie would be Porsha Stewart. Keep reading to find out what really happened.

The main thing I heard over and over during filming was that the cast as a whole was pissed at Kim. Because Kim was pregnant again, she was unable or perhaps simply unwilling to film a lot. She would make just enough appearances to be on the show and even when she showed up, she would always be the last to arrive and the first to leave. Her castmates began to view this as both diva behavior and Bravo giving Kim special treatment. She had already gotten her own spin-off and this was just too much for them. Kandi was particularly pissed with Kim. On the first episode last night we saw Kim reluctantly  show up to tape the scene at Kandi’s house, complaining to Sweetie all the way and then throwing shade at Kandi in her own house. Basically, Kim was a bitch the whole season. Maybe she had her reasons, she was pregnant with a baby in diapers and being evicted and dealing with some of Brielle’s issues at school, and Kendra was breathing down her neck about paying her design bill. She had a lot going on.

Rumors started that Kim was demoted to “friend of a housewife”, but that was not true. She was a fully paid housewife doing a friend of a housewife taping schedule. Not only that but she was pretty much done with all of her co-workers. Kim was becoming a problem to Bravo. Its one thing to show up to work and cause drama. That’s (sometimes) good TV. Kim wasn’t showing up and the castmates were pissed. Kandi is Bravos go-to-girl when no wants to film with a particular housewife. Last year she got stuck going to Miami with Nene because no one except Cynthia wanted to film her, remember? Well this year Kandi put her foot down.

On the teaser reel for this season you see Kim start to go after Kandi in a scripted dinner scene with all the ladies. The very last scene on the reel is Kim screaming, “Fuck You!” to someone in production. That scene will be the last time we see her on RHOA. After we see that episode, we will have our first ever Bravo mid-season replacement.  Kim’s intro will disappear and Porsha’s intro will appear. If you noticed last night, there was no Porsha intro. She did have one in the rough cut, so I know one is coming.

Also there was a big controversy when the first new promos came out for RHOA and Kim was not in the pictures. Nene tweeted, “last original standing” and that if Bravo didn’t show what happened she would spill. Meanwhile Kim was assuring everyone on her timeline that she was still a housewife in the upcoming season. Bravo was making crazy excuses for why Kim was not in the promo pictures. How could both be true? Simple, Kim flipped out and apparently quit mid-filming. It was all too much for her.  So they hired Porsha as her replacement. Porsha will come in when Kim goes out.

All of this was confirmed on the VH1 Morning show where Phaedra petted Porsha and called her, “Kim Zolciak dipped in chocolate.”

And that’s your morning tea.



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83 responses to “Porsha Stewart Is Kim Zolciak’s “Chocolate Replacement”

  1. RealitySux

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that ***IS** some tea…and I’m glad Kim is GONE.

  2. Karma Grant

    Very interesting indeed!

  3. RealitySux

    LOL…you know, I guessed 150,000 for Kim moving a couple of weeks back – who knew I’d only be 50,000 off!! LMAO

  4. Candy

    I was talking to my girlfriends about this same exact thing this weekend. I kept telling them notice how Kim is in the intro but Porsha is missing. Then you keep seeing the promo with Kim flipping out….it was to tell tale.

  5. ACJ

    Love your blogs Tamara, but I just wanted to offer a minor correction. As a real “housewives” fan who has been riding with the franchises since that very first season of OC, I just wanted to point out that this not the first ever mid-season replacement. It’s actually the third (or fifth, depending on how you define it) addition of a housewife mid season. On RHOC season 4, Lauri had an intro, was featured for like the first three episodes, then left and was replaced by Lynn in the intro and commercial spot. Then on season 5 of OC, Jeena had an intro, was featured for like the first three episodes, then left and was replaced by Alexis. In addition, on season 3 of OC, Gwynn didn’t replaced any of the current housewives but was added into the cast and intro I believe on the third episode. Same thing with Sonja on season 3 of RHNYC; she originally wasn’t featured, but was given an intro after about four or five episodes.

  6. KAM

    That is good news, as I do hate me some Kim!

  7. chitown shelley

    good job tam! love it when you have piping hot tea. your tea is often way more interesting than the show! wonder how much kim and co. were counting on the howives money yo help maintain her fabulous lifestyle? kroys money is good for regular people, but not for delusional kim, and it is also not guaranteed. and he is by no means seen as a football superstar. please keep your eyes on this situation for us!! inquiring minds do want to know!

    • cns

      Amen!!! Iwonder will she be able to afford Sweetie now that the Bravo money is gone. Or will Sweetie just work for free? LOL.

    • Tc

      you don’t follow football, do you?

      • chitown shelley

        why yes i do. i happen to have a very good friend whose next door neighbor was a member of the chicago bears, who got cut by the team after living high off his contract for a couple years. he now lives with his mother in the very modest house he bought her, after he ran out of his football money, his investments went south, his child support kicked in before he ever saw a penny of any money that he earned, etc. and the beautiful mcmansion that he built and paid for sits empty next door to her for almost two years, cause he hasnt gotten an offer on it that is anywhere near what he paid for it. nor has he gotten a firm offer from another team. he has been invited to tryout for a couple, but no one has signed him. he is having a very hard time adjusting to life after football from all accounts. football is way more iffy than some other professional sports. kroy would be wise to save his money, imo.

      • Tc

        What I meant was this season. Kroc is doing really well and is a favorite.

      • chitown shelley

        got it. i heard this from my atl girlfriend as well. i hear he was singled out for recognition for his play yesterday.

  8. Curvie

    I’m glad Kim’s attitude and bitchness has ran it’s course. I was surprise that Sweetie was by her side after all she put her through last season. I hate Kim anyways, let’s see how this Porsha chick does.

    • I’m thinking that even though Porsha comes in guns blazing and drinking like a fish and pissing people off, overall she’ll STILL be more likable than Kenya.

    • Katrina

      If Porsha is “Kim dipd in chocolate”, it will be interesting to see how RH fans will accept her, as well as the current cast. I have a feeling they will not tolerate Porsha’s behavior like they generally tolerate Kim’s behavior.

      • I certainly hope Phaedra is being funny by saying that, I CAN’T STAND KIM …AT ALL! So I know I am going to like Porsha as a replacement, because she is a replacement for Kim..

  9. Dee

    Now that’s what I’m talking about. Great post, Tamara! I knew something was off about Porsha not being introduced up front. I’ve been over Kim since last season. All she does on the show is follow Kroy around and complain incessantly about how pregnant she is. She is entitled to finding her happily ever after, like anyone else, but she just seemed to forget everything and everyone that got her to the point where she met Kroy and now her scenes on RHOA are pretty much pointless, so replacing her was a smart move.

  10. USED2B718

    Well, now that Kim is off, I may go back to watching…

  11. Girl Plz...

    I don’t know Porsha… but after last nights episode… I’d take Porsha over Kenya and Kim.


  12. L. M.

    Kim got “too big for her britches” literally and figuratively. When Bravo gave her “Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding” it was all over. She had just jumped from the condo (that was actually hers) and into a leased mansion (stuntin’) and was smellin’ herself with her new baby boy–I mean husband, Kroy. She’d landed a FOOTBALL PLAYER, which in the eyes of the ever social climbing crowd meant that she’d arrived. $3 million dollars in ATL (when you’re trying to compete with The Joneses) isn’t a whole lot. The chick outed her parents last night for sending her 1 year old son a $25 check by saying “They can’t do much.” In the next breath, she talks about how Kendra and Antonio Davis are evicting her family from her “dream home” and brags how they have 90 days to get out after the eviction notice. If that isn’t hood-rattish, I don’t know what to call it.

    All in all, it is time to get this fool off of the show now. I YouTube’d some of her earlier appearances on RHOA and her demeanor is strikingly different. Now, it’s like she thinks she owns the franchise. Too comfortable–and now she and Sheree can live happily ever after OFF SCREEN.


  13. Donna

    I think a lot of you are forgetting that Kim has her own spin-off show now, and she was filming her own show at the same time the RHOA was filming and on top of that she was pregnant, and according some informants it was a difficult pregnancy. Love or Hate her, I don’t think she is going anywhere anytime soon.

    • Karma Grant

      I have to agree. I think it’s too soon to tell.

      • All true. It all hinges on whether Kim’s meltdown was bad enough to cost her BOTH shows. Her DBTFTW ratings were great so Bravo would love to get another season out of her. But did she somehow manage to cause enough ruckus to get them to just toss that footage and say forget it? It would take her breeching her contract, which she probably did when it came to filming schedules. We’ll have to wait and see.

    • Katrina

      This is probaly why Kim keeps saying that she will be on season 6 and periodicly saying she is still filming. Maybe she made amends with Bravo, after her behavior. She also need RHOA fans to watch her spin-off show!

    • Kea

      Speaking of difficult pregancy…her psychic Rose told her it would be a difficut pregancy…Rose is on point…except she said it would be a girl, but we all know Kash is a boy…but other than that..Rose is on point…

  14. alove1

    I am glad she is leaving. She & Kroy will be broke next soon. For Sweetie to be broke,living w/her parents and Kim’s flunky,she has alot of nerves to talk about Kandi. Now Sweetie is unemployed (no longer with Bravo)! Good riddance to them all. Maybe Kim will go back to Big Poppa. Thanks for the fresh hot tea.

  15. Cassie

    This is what I want to know. Does Kim actually pay her bills? Derek J is he paid for
    the work he did with KIm. Did she even pay her landlords or did Bravo pay. She never paid Khandi does Kim just use the talents of black people and why don’t they
    just sue her?

  16. Micky

    So glad Kim’s ass is gone. I couldn’t stand that bitch.

    • Donna

      Honest to God, do you people actually read what is posted and what you yourself post? You must not.. becuz otherwise you would STOP posting this crap and making yourself look so fricking stupid!

      Fact: Kroy is a professional football player and he gets paid very well for it.. Hating Kim is NOT going to change that fact. So the odds of them going broke is highly unlikely!

      Fact: They have already given Kim one spin-off show and they have given her another one.Hating Kim will not change that fact! So, up until Kim had her fit, Bravo was NOT sick and tired, or she must have got too big for her britches (as many of you have stated) Whether she has blown her new show or not is yet to be determined.
      Just because you are hating on someone, does NOT change the facts people. Just like me hating on NeNe cannot change the fact that she is making a name for herself in the entertainment industry. I don’t like it but it still remains a FACT!
      Wishing Kim broke doesn’t make her broke, wishing her gone from HW’s doesn’t mean shes going away. Some of you act like children in some kind of fairy tale. ” Well if I wish hard enough all my dreams will come true”!!!! Life is not Disneyland and none of you are Tinkerbell. Wake the fuck up!
      BTW…. I am not a fan of Kim’s.. never have been and never will be… I’m just stating the facts…
      Also, if you would read other posts before you post your own crap it might enlighten you a little…. Oh, I’m sorry that would be too easy now wouldn’t it!

      • Karma Grant

        Very well said, Donna.

        Side note that I am curious about. You’re not a fan of Nene and you’re not a fan of Kim (who I know once were besties) and from what I can tell usually people are on one “side” or the other. I am actually a fan of both so, who ARE you a fan of?

      • Side eye...

        Well said Kim…. …sorry Donna.
        Well said.

      • Micky

        I’m not sure who you’re talking to here but if you are responding to my post then you are the ignorant one who obviously can’t read. I never said anything about Kim’s husband or anything about Kim being broke. All I said was I can’t stand the bitch and I’m glad she’s gone from the show…goodbye to bad trash!

      • Donna

        I’m not particularly fond of any of them really.. but I love the show. I know its crazy, but thats why I take crazy pills! LOL! JK… I guess I like certain things about each one of them.. well excluding NeNe but thats a given.. Kim, I like the fact they she has raised her kids basically by herself. You can call her a prostitute, whore, gold-digger, whatever but amongst all of it she has held on to what is most important to her… her kids.
        Cynthia, although I am not crazy about her, I think she is the only one out of the whole bunch that has REAL CLASS. She was taught as she was growing up on how to be a lady and have class, not like some that grew up hood-rats, and thugs and are not in the spotlight and trying to fake their way thru it.
        Kandi, shes kinda ghetto, tries to have class but is still ghetto, but the girl has it going on and she is not like some of the upcoming stars back in the day, that gets a little money and goes crazy with gold teeth, bling, cars, and bullshit.. she was smart enough to bank and invest that money and let it work for her in the long run.
        NeNe, well everyone knows how I feel about that.
        Phaedra… Im just not sure about her.. there is nothing I can really say thats bad about her… shes out there thats for sure, and she cracks me up with her one liners. I gotta give the girl props… making it thru law school aint easy.. she got game.
        Now that I wrote a book instead of a comment…LOL!

      • Karma Grant

        Thanks for the reply, Donna. I like your take on the ladies. I like seeing how different people view them especially since I’m fairly new to the series.

      • Dionne

        Im assuming you didnt read what you wrote. Not to start name calling but a football player money is different from alot of other sports (look it up) football money is not guarnteed it was stated in the first season by Deshawn Snow to Lisa Wu…..also what we are saying is at the rate of Kim’s spending which is over the top yes they will go broke one more thing after last night show I think Kim lost 90% of her fans/viewers with her nasty, racist comments. Now read what you posted again…:-)

  17. trishatroy22

    Thanks Tamara!!

  18. Donna

    @Micky?? I’m sorry who are you? Have you taken your Paranoid pills today? If not I have some you can borrow…

  19. cns

    Sweetie and Kim deserve each other. I hope these two haters are together forever. I just had a visual of Kim and Sweetie in 10 years sitting in the front of the condo that Big Poppa built smoking and drinking both looking all haggard with Sweetie is running around trying to mine those two little boys, while Kim is reminiscing about when she had Kroy all p-whipped. Then Kroy drives up with his new pageant looking trophy wife to pick up his sons on the weekend. Kroy seems to have grown up with a conservative drama- free life. If Kim doesn’t reign it in Kroy will tire of her soon. This rich young man is still in 20’s is getting evicted because his wife has entitlement issues and thinks that every person she know owes her a free ride. His parents must be so proud. And don’t think that they are not whispering in his ear to have his plan-B in place. The quiet ones can be sneaky…. I mean shrewd. Don’t believe me ask Tom Cruise. LOL. I crack myself up.

    • Dionne

      DITTO..I agree with everything you said…you predicted just is whats going to happen he is going to be an embrassment to his team, mark my words he all on TV getting evicted and he married trash….Im sure his teammates talk bad behind or in his face about his foolish choices Kim is a women you dont have to marry….and for her to raise her daughters alone I thought her parents and pepophile husband helped…stop giving this tramp a pass last night episode did it for me she is garbage.

      • Donna

        LMAO! You crack me up! You said “mark my words he all on TV getting evicted and he married trash….Im sure his teammates talk bad behind or in his face about his foolish choices Kim is a women you dont have to marry.”
        Yeah, unlike many of other football players that are beating the shit out of their wives, busted for drugs, in gun fights, dying from overdoses, or committing suicide, or NOT even BOTHERING to see or pay their child support!!! If all Kroy has to worry about is KIM.. hell he’s got it made…
        BTW! I do not condone(do not agree or support) what Kim said or did last night…next time try thinking about what your writing before you write it.

  20. Donna who are you fighting with here? The commenting format here is so hard to follow. #eatssomepopcorn

    • Donna

      LMAO! Tamara at this point I really dont know. I opened a can of worms that I knew would start the shit flying and holy moly… the shit is flying so much, I had to duck a few times! I cant keep up.. oops here comes another shit thrower!! duck!!!! Be careful while traveling through the posts Tamara dont get hit with the buckets of shit meant for me!!!! LMMFAO!

  21. chantel

    Girl you think that dinner was scripited ?

    • No more than usual. I think Kim probably gets ganged up on and loses her mind. It seems like KROY might have been driving her in the FUCK YOU scene. A male is seen getting out of the drivers seat like he is confront the (I am assuming) production guy too. Kroy is a nice guy but if you insult his pregnant wife in some way, he will lay a fucker out.

      • Buck Henry

        I saw that too, that Kroy came from the left and did something. But the problem is that I can’t see the production (It was the camera person I think that she blew up on and kroy attacked) guy needing to insult his wife. Something happened at that lunch and I really want to know what it was. I think someone called her out at that lunch and she didn’t want that to be on camera. And when the camera man or woman followed her she took a step at him and either hit the camera or pushed and then Kroy comes from the left. I feel sorry for Kroy, because I have a strange feeling that this nice guy is going to lose alot of things because of his new wife (he would have never ever been evicted, but since marrying his wife and such it’s happening). Can you imagine moving back into your wifes townhome that Big Poppa paid for?

      • There is a cameraman in the reflection. Unless there were two cameras on Kim flitting off I have a feeling it was a producer who was telling her to get her ass back in there.

        On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 9:00 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • Katrina

        It looked like another Kim intervention. Unfortunately, Kim and Kandi get into a heated discussion. I figure, Kandi spills everthing she has been holding in!

      • cns

        Yes a real man protects his wife and because of Kim’s disgusting behavior Kim does require a lot of protecting. She has somehow forgotten that if she can’t speak abusive to regular people like she does to Sweetie without consequence. I would normally give Kim a pass while being pregnant but she is verbally abusive and vile when she is not pregnant. I believe that if she was not pregnant she might have had worst things to say about Kandi’s new home. Kim is very comfortable with saying racial offensive things on camera so I can only image what horrible things she says in private. I was done with Kim when it was confirmed that she let her married lover Big Poppa speak abusively to Sweetie as well. Like I said Sweetie and Kim deserved each other.

      • M

        In reply to Buck Henry:

        I agree with everything you said except feeling sorry for him. He is a grown man and should have known her history. He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but it seems like he came from a modest, well-meaning family with zero drama and was raised to always do the ‘right’ thing by society’s standpoint- even if it meant marrying the woman he knocked up (not that I endorse shotgun weddings). It’s clear his family does not like Kim and would rather not be thrown into the spotlight. I am sure they have talked to him in confidence imploring him to have a back up plan – save up his $$ and invest wisely. If they divorce, she will take him to the cleaners. She may be crazy, but she’s not stupid. And she’s quite the talented hustler.

        Is Kim even worth it in the end ? Being exposed and humiliated on national TV by being evicted from your house ?

  22. Kim is an idiot and Im glad she is gone! My least favorite HW in all the franchises!

  23. shellbelle

    Am I the only one that remembers that NeNe and Gregg were basically squatting in their house on the first season or two? I remember being a big deal about them not paying rent and the landlord trying to evict them. I don’t understand why it has to become a black/white issue. Damn.

  24. Tc

    I read on some obviously wrong blog (from July) that nene got fired for hitting Kandi because the Real Housewives have a no contact rule. Which we all know is not true or some Miami and nj ladies would also be fired. But I did wonder if nene & kandi do go at it. I’d love that. I loathe kandi and her DEEELDOHS.

    • You read and RT a lot of stoopid blogs. Kandi and Nene are fine this season. Nene is back getting Gregg dick on the regular and much calmer this season. That promo you see of Nene and Kenya in a headlock is her keeping the hoodrat off the other girls not Nene getting physical.

      • Oh and if anyone hit production (which is different from going after each other) it was Kimberleigh. sssshhhhh I can’t tell you everything at once! I have 92 more episodes until the reunion.

    • Tc

      Kandi and nene may have been fine during filming. But they don’t seem fine now.

      • Kandi seemed fine with Nene on WWHL last night. Those two were never friends. She said last night things get better between them later in the season. I kept trying to believe Kandi was pregnant on WWHL but if she is, it isn’t by much.

      • Tc

        She pretended to be fine between nasty tweets!

  25. TracyMC

    What sort of problems was Brielle having?

    • Bullying mostly. She gets grounded a lot for grades too. But mostly bullying. She’s back at her old school now and doing much better socially. I would not give out this info but Brielle tweets about it openly. That is i my source. If one of my sources had shared and it were not on twitter I would not have mentioned it.

  26. Girl Plz...

    This is no longer a blog.

    • Aw, baby Girl Plz. You were doing so well today that I was afraid to say anything. On topic posts, opinions other than “this blog sucks” and now you want to whine about my commenters? My comments are only as good as the commenters. Are you part of the problem or the solution? I am sure you have many more intelligent things to say than how much everything here sucks. YOU ARE HERE ALL DAY. Just say what you want to say. If that is really that I suck and everyone here sucks too, that’s okay. You’re hurting and have issues.

      Or you could just join in. The more you try to push us away…. the more you seem like one of us.

  27. I went to MTO today and they are saying they have the exclusive about Kim getting replaced . I think they copied your site.

      • chitown shelley

        sorry if i am late to the party, but where did the kandi is pregnant story come from?

      • Me starting rumors. Seriously I have no confirmation. To me though the show edits seem to be pointing in that direction. I also speculated she got married on the Vegas trip, but if she did, they didn’t get a marriage liscense… I’m back to thinking she got married when Chef Roble came to town about a week before they went out to LA/Vegas. Again, total speculation on my part. We shall see how things pan out but not until the very end of the season….

  28. chitown shelley

    thanks tam for the clarification. i have been off the grid for a few days and couldn’t figure out where to even begin to catch up!

    • Welcome back. Were you hit by Sandy?

      • chitown shelley

        no, my sis got sent to a region suffering from violence, kidnappings, etc. phone and internet service was sporadic; i was her emergency contact, and also the conduit for some of her staff. we were all terrified. thankfully they all got back last night. also i have been trying to pull together our family holiday dinner, with a caterer with issues. don’t ask.

      • While I am sure that was all very nervewracking, It’s sounds very exciting! Is your sis a reporter? And I really want to ask what the caterers issues are. lol.

      • chitown shelley

        no, shes the director of a professional org, whose company stupidly scheduled their annual meeting there. and when her staff started expressing reservations about going, she was told that anyone who didnt go, was to be terminated. so she felt a lot of responsibility not just for herself, but all of her staff members with families and mortgages, etc. i give her credit, she took it very seriously. she hired cars with armed drivers to transport them, cancelled events outside their host hotel, etc. she was having stress issues the entire time; it was unbelievably scary. and the caterer is a diva that we have used before, but wants to prepare what she wants to prepare, not what we ordered. she also determines how much food to send w/o any rationale that i can determine. and she will only talk to you when she feels like it. and she has a lot of celebrity clients now, so i think my family is kind of on the back burner. but i have used her for years and the food is really good and the prices are super reasonable. and funny you should ask, but my brother is a reporter for another celebrity blog. shh!! cant tell!!

  29. I’m not sure, really. Also my comments are doing weird things.

  30. Did you give that blog permission to link itself here?

  31. again, i don’t really know what a pingback is. But yeah I approved it. I’m not sure what occurs when i approve it. I’ll stop. lol.

  32. I removed it. I went to the website and it is a reblogger who was reblogging Reality Tea posts and somehow wanting to pingback me. I have rebloggers. No more pingbacks. Thanks for noticing.

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