Thoughts on the RHOA Premiere? What About Kenya Moore?

It seems silly to recap since I already told you pretty much the entire episode before it aired. So tell me what you thought? I’m especially interested on hearing if Kenya is going to have fans despite her obvious over-the-top look at me behavior. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a housewife try to hard to play the villain role.

What were your favorite scenes? Did you like the somewhat slow start to introduce everyone again? Are you surprised that the eviction stuff with Kim came up so early in the first episode? What did you think about Kim’s comments about Kandi’s new house? How did you think everyone looked? Talk to me! I know y’all have lots to say. :)


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152 responses to “Thoughts on the RHOA Premiere? What About Kenya Moore?

  1. Kandi should have checked Kim & Sweety about living in the hood comment…

    • Did they leave in the part where Kim says that black people need indoor pools because they don’t tan?

      • baytothea

        that was one of my favorite parts because the little black girl in the glasses looked at her like, “bitch what?”

      • Tc

        I don’t see anything wrong with the comment. If Kandi had commented the opposite about Kim’s outdoor pool (ie: you white girls gotta sit in the sun to get tan!), no one would have blinked.

      • Katrina

        @TC, I disagree the two statements don’t mean the same thing. Some white women choose tan and darken their skin. There are black women that choose to tan. Kim was basically saying that Kandi is black/dark enough. That is why the little girl looked at Kim like she was a fool.

      • paterigh

        @ TC I may be late, but the comment was irrelevant, period point blank. I you’re cool with these women, why would any comment like that be made at all?

    • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

      Right. Rented house vs owned house? I’d rather the owned one, because, you own it. No one can just evict you like Kendra did Kim.

      • Tc

        When you’re a pro football player who can get traded at any moment, you risk losing a lot of money when you have to relocate if you bought your home. That said, you can get a shitload of house at an affordable price right now.

      • You are correct. But Princess Kimberleigh is BUILDING a huge house in a down market because she’s averse to “used homes” or something.

      • Katrina

        I bet the house Kim is building will cost more than Kendra’s home now. She won’t be able to sell it, if Kroy gets traded.

        Kend did not edict Kim, Kroy broke the lease. Kroy did not want to continue the current lease arrangement . I thought Kandi’s house looked great! I am sure it will be totally fabulous.

      • Point of Clarification: Kim was evicted and the last part of Katrina’s comment is completely false. Click on Kenya Davis in the sidebar to the left or Kim Zolciak’s House if you missed those blogs. Kim very clearly says she’s evicted on the show. I don’t understand why people make weird shit up.

      • Karma Grant

        In her sitch I’d have rented too. In my RL I move every few years due to a career my husband has so we’ve never bought. I don’t want to deal with tenants or trying to sell a home, so we just rent.

      • Katrina

        @Tamara In the TMZ report, Kendra stated that she received an e-mail from Kroy saying that they would be out of the house by May 31. Kendra threatened eviction, but where did she file the eviction papers? Later Kroy went back to Kendra to try and get an extention, but that was after she had went public. Kim denied she had been evicted on her twitter page. I’m sure Kim called it an eviction for effect! Kim said she was going to be homeless too. How can you really be homeless, if you own your own home!

        So you don’t agree that Kandi’s home is nice?

  2. chell

    This one is very boring

  3. baytothea

    Kim looked real ugly when she rolled up on Kandi’s house…she knows that house is great and will be beautiful once it’s actually fixed up. Kandi could’ve bought Kim’s house if she wanted to!

    I enjoyed Ryan Murphy b/c he’s a doll.

    I hate Kenya and I am firmly team Cynthia.

    Phaedra is irrelevant until she stops doing that bullshit.

  4. Miss Bee

    I hope it’s a short season. I don’t think I can take three months of this…

  5. smooches

    Kim is a confirmed liar…guess she thought we would forget on the reunion where she said they had closed on the house…Kenya should request for no upclose shots cause her face is busted…she’s wack…you could tell the Jet representative was disgusted with her…Kenya is so desperate for some shine…men can be gold diggers too and that’s what I see when I see Kandi’s beau

    • Bizzymammabee

      Kenya is ugly as hell with the way she acted. She wanted to talk about coochie and bootie crack but one of the covers they flashed she was looking a bit trashy herself. I am glad that people called her on her behavior. Nothing lady like or classy about her, she is a straight hoodrat with a weave and an over inflated sense of self.

      • Ronnie

        sorry Kenya does NOT wear a weave…

      • SHE

        Ronnie said, “Kenya doesn’t wear a weave”. I’m thinking that most of the girls do and the 2 new girls that are saying their hair is real, could be liars. I think they have some type of new individual glue per string or something to make it appear more real if anything. Nice if it’s real, but I’m thinking it’s a hidden secret that is not discovered by all yet.

      • Bizzymammabee

        They may not all have weaves but might have clip on pieces to add fullness and length.

      • I read Porsha’s entire TL on twitter today. She posted about wearing clipins on Jun 24. :) Her twitter style is um.. uneducated however her blog was very well written. A bit like Teresa if you catch my drift :)

      • Bizzymammabee

        LOL…to me clip-ins are on par with a weave, a wig. If god didn’t make it grow out of your head then it’s fake. Bravo might have paired her up with the same writer.

  6. Bizzymammabee

    Kim has the green eyed monster. All that shade she was throwing was just showing how ugly she is. It is killing her that Kandi purchased that monster house in cash. It is a beautiful house. I would have put her out once she started that running her mouth.

      • SHE

        AMEN again. Kim is so fake. I peeled off a layer of her makeup and do you know what I discovered. She’s a user of African Americans. Very sneaky chic too. Funny how she knew not to have kids by her married guy “big papa”. As soon as she met her young tender, BAM. She’s baking 2 boys in the oven. Once she makes it to her own show, Sweetie is no longer good enough and the trailer trash racist father couldn’t wait to get Sweetie out of the pic.. To Kim her dream is that she’s white and needs her picket WHITE fence and Black maid. Hmmmm. Kandi got her $80k on a song, Sheree hooked her up with Kroy the dummy and big time Nene gave her spotlight when they didn’t even want a white chic on the show. I must say that Kim has been blessed by African American women and I don’t see the payback. Oh maybe the payback is the comment to stay out of the sun.

      • Bizzymammabee

        Poppa might have been smart and had a vasectomy to make sure Kim or whatever other dalliances he had on the side didn’t end up being a noose around his neck in child support. He was a bit older than her and had teenagers. My guess is his wife looked the other way as long a she was kept in the style she was accustomed to, that he didn’t bring home and bastard babies to embarrass her around her peers.

  7. mzmotion734

    I liked the premier. I love me some NeNe. I really don’t like Kim or Sweetie (with that awful makeup), I found Kim’s remarks to be racist. Sweetie doesn’t own a home, so she really needs to sit down and shut up. I don’t like Kenya, she was intentionally mean spirited with her comments. There is a nice way to say everything. I am sick of the funeral home BS, new storyline please. I love Cynthia, and thought Kandi’s home was gorgeous. I am glad she is happy.

    • Bizzymammabee

      Since Kim is Mrs. High Fashion why hasn’t she told sweetie her makeup looks like it was put on with a trowel? She always has hair and makeup so can’t she hook sweetie up so they can give her some lessons.

      • soncee

        Oh Em Gee! That’s funny as hell. I may have to purchase a new keyboard, I just spewed water on it laughing at you.

      • Bizzymammabee

        Sorry..lmao. Honestly sweetie really needs to see a dermatologist and take care of her underlying skin issues. Then and only then if she wants to wear makeup she can. Right now she is troweling it on to cover up some skin issues and it’s only making it worse. Kim should really be her friend and tell her and teach her to apply the makeup. You are not supposed to let your longtime friend look like a five year old girl put on her face for her.

    • Barbara

      I don’t understand why Kandi didn’t throw Kim and the wannabe out. I remember when I bought my first home and how excited I was. If any of my friends or family had walked through my house and said the things Kim was saying…I’d have been pissssed off!

      I don’t know if its the pregnancy thats making her bitchy? I kept thinking Kim’s getting evicted from her rental/lease home and she’s acting like a diva.

      I love Kandi. She showed once again that she’s one of the more classier ladies of Atlanta.

      (I’m loving the newest HW, Kenya. Love as in, I’m going to LOVE hating her!)

      • As far as I’m concerned, Kim has always been bitchy. She was always acting like she was the s#it and better than everyone and her broke self getting evicted and Kandi buying such a nice house in cash, she couldn’t hide her nastiness.

      • Karma Grant

        Goldie, she wasn’t evicted because she couldn’t afford the rent. She was evicted because the lease was up, Kendra wasn’t extending it and the sale fell through due to appraisal issues.

      • Gold Star for Reading Comprehension today goes too…. Karma Grant! #applause.

      • soncee

        What’s weird, is the number of people on twitter patting Kenya, on the back and telling her how beautiful she is!! smh

      • baytothea

        soncee…i think in comparison to the haggard women we’ve been seeing in NYC and NJ for three months, her looks may be a breath of fresh air….however, i used to think Kenya was really beautiful and upon watching her in HD, i still think she’s a beautiful woman but kind of a shell of the beauty she once was. I wouldn’t toot her nasty ass horn on twitter though…she deserves no compliments based on last night.

  8. brooklyn

    Hunni miss Kenya is so Extra…….I can but her in a pack an chew her! She does the most and then some, I already didn’t care for her character much, and after tonight I don’t like her at all!

    Kim and sweety are both pitiful! Kim always wants to play the victim, she needs to grow up! Sweety needs to get a REAL life! I hope they are paying her handsomely to make herself look like the fool she portraying to America! Nothing about her says anything other than hood or ghetto so she needs to check them hood comments quick and snap back to reality! You’re one of the darkest shades of black hunni act like it!

    Kandi looks so happy, im happy for her and I wish she and her new life/love the best!

  9. MsLeLe

    Kenya needs to see a dermatologist. All of that makeup over bad skin..smh.. The first scene with Nene and Gregg was too rehearsed

    • Bizzymammabee

      She needs to take sweetie with her too. To me a true beauty doesn’t need all that makeup. Kenya need to learn her place too, she seems to like to upstage people. I bet you after seeing her show her ass Jet Weekly won’t be asking her to pose or contribute to anything. In her little talking head she states how she would want someone to take her and show her the right way…umm she could do that in a more constructive way. Problem is she is a poser. Have you ever heard Tyra speak to others that way? Now she is what we call a super model. Other than here on RHOA I never saw or heard of Kenya.

  10. trisha

    Team Nene! Kenya is so ghetto……. OMG!

  11. Tc

    I loathe the “Team ________” crap. It’s so soccermom-ish.

  12. Kim is so pathetic, she was hating so much she couldn’t even pretend she was happy for Kandi. Maybe if Kim worked hard instead of laying on her back all the time, she would own her own place like Kandi and not have her broke a$$ getting evicted. Kenya is a complete mess, she thinks being a bully like Nene was will get her the kind of money and fame Nene now has, but she is wrong. Phadrea is soo boring.

  13. Q bee

    I have heard of Kenya before rhoa and somehow expected more, Kim is miserable and needs company with that! Love Kandi and Phaedra!!!

  14. Gigi

    Ok, so I see I’m not the only one that saw Kenya’s face was jacked with all that casket makeup on trying to hide them craters and hills. She is starting over the top already is isn’t even relevant and had security – heffa please. I can’t cast too much opinion on the show just yet. I need to see the whole cast in action before I can do that. But one can clearly see that Kenya is CRAZY.

  15. Maybe they brought in Kenya because if I recall correctly, I hated Cynthia at the end of last season. I honestly can’t remember why, but the gal with so much potential to bring class to the show hadn’t. And I hate her husband.

    • Karma Grant

      Maybe you hated Cynthia at the end of last season because the way her storyline with her sister went. I hated that and was ready to never see her/that story again.

  16. PS Phaedra just made me crack the hell up on WWHL…saying Peter has been wearing funeral ready suits lately! I spewed!

  17. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Kim is disgusting. She says on camera that her parents gave KJ “a $25 check, but they can’t afford much but that’s just fine” as she shrugged her shoulder with such pitiful indifference. What a bitch…and so many passive aggressive comments to Kandi. Kim, with no house, is one elitist skanky C u next tuesday.

    Kenya , straight up bitch with delusions of grandeur, and I am gonna love to hate on that C u next thursday heifer.

    I am not buying NeNe & Greg story line. I read somewhere that they divorced so that Greg’s bankruptcy trustees won’t go after his wife’s new found wealth. I am sure they had problems, but NeNe wanted to shield her money honey because she is a rich bitch, and found a way to scam & hustle to keep her money, which Greg clearly wants. The roles are reversed and now he is the gold digger.

  18. Tamara, what do you know about the other new chick? They sure didn’t try to find likeable characters.

  19. B boy in Harlem

    I thought the premiere was a bit of a snooze. Drama is one thing and foolishness is another. Kendra reminds me too much of Marlo and I could do without both of them. What is there to like about being extra and ridiculously ignorant just for the sake of being extra and ridiculously ignorant? It is just irresponsible.

    I see all those comparisons to Nene. But Nene was never extra mean just to be extra mean. She walked a fine line but only occasionally crossed it. Hopelly Kendra will be a one season wonder.

    Kim and Sweetie looked absolutely stupid with their comments. Sweetie moreso than Kim as she is co-signing with a woman who threw her overboard so fast once she got some live-in dick. Sweetie has slave mentality. Plain and simple. That whole Emancipation Proclamation skipped right over her dumb ass.

    Kandi was too happy to show her new place and they just disrespected the house, Kandi and Riley. I would have cut that tour short.

    I am liking Cynthia more and more. She has class. And Nene is right: Cynthia knows how to read people.

    Is it me or did Lawrence lose too muchweight? He looks a little err, umm ill. He should put back on some weight.

    I usually have a good eye for spotting thirsty men looking for a eal ticket as I have met so many of them and I believe Todd is not right for Kandi. But maybe he will prove e wrong. Alas, I have never been wrong before about identifying a bum who happens to give good love.

  20. Critter

    Tamara, is Kim really building a house?
    Find it hard to believe since you haven’t shown any pictures
    of the progress…
    Wonder how many bedrooms are in that small looking condo…
    They must be stacked up like cord wood…

  21. Donna

    OMG where or where do I begin! First I want to say that I am so glad the Kandi has changed hairdressers. Her hair was cute.
    The first scene with NeNe and Gregg was pathetic. Rehearsed and just plain bad acting all the way. I am glad that Kandi has found someone. I am happy for her. The jury is still out on her boyfriend though. Kim, Oh Kim…well Kim is Kim, and what the hell is Sweetie doing back? What is the purpose? Whats her story line? Ok, I have done some checking and Kim was right about the house being appraised at 1 mil less than the asking price. Now, why would you even go into a lease with OTB(option to buy) if you haven’t had the property appraised yet? Something fishy fishy going on here. LOL!
    Phaedra, OMG! I like her for the simple reason that she makes me laugh, but she is just going way over the top here with this funeral business. She needs to be careful, she is supposed to be a respected business person in Atlanta, but if she keeps doing these outlandish things, she just might turn into the joke of Atlanta. (oops, sorry NeNe has already taken that position)
    I know that most black women are proud of their bodies, no matter what size they are, but girl please…. Just because they have it your size doesn’t mean you should be wearing it.Kenya was right to talk about those women, but it wasn’t her place. It wasn’t her show, it wasn’t her venue, it wasn’t her anything. If Cynthia wasn’t such a MOUSE it wouldn’t have happen. The first time Kenya said anything Cynthia should have stopped and checked Kenya right then and there. Instead she does what she always does… NOTHING! Cynthia is a non-confrontational person, but sometimes you gonna stand up or honey you will get stomped on big time..One more thing…. what in the hell would make that girl with the pubes all hanging out make her think that she looks good? Maybe they have a special mirror or something but that was terrible and to go on national tv and show that? Somebody should slap her mama for not teaching her better!

  22. Donna

    I think Kendra is trying too hard, Nene was a natural, she honestly didn’t try to start shit everywhere she went….that’s just who she is. I believe Kendra must think that if she acts like Nene, then she’ll have the kind of success Nene has. She’s just too transparent.

  23. AB

    OMG….sweetie is a damn fool for coming back. Kim is such a hater and her comment was totally out of line. Kim and Kroy are racist.

    • Gigi

      Yes they are no matter what others think I’m gonna stick with they are racist. Kim changed her whole personality when she hooked up w/her husband. So I’m gonna have to believe that this racism was a part of her personality that she was trying to keep in check. She got rid of Sweetie, Derek J and NeNe when she hooked up w/that husband of hers so I’m gonna believe that he brought that racism out in her and because he is supporting her she is sho nuff gonna do and act as he does. Sad

      • Some people look for racism under every rock and corner. You find what you are looking for. I have a minor medical issue right now. It’s either a tooth abcess or a sinus infection. The dentist wants to drill and the sinus doctor wants to treat it as a sinus infection. /shrugs. You find what you think you see…

  24. Karma Grant

    Just now watched. I took notes. My thoughts are:

    The Gregg/NeNe scene felt forced. Also Gregg just came off as a dirty old man and not in a good way.

    I love Kandi and her new man. The intro to them was cute. I really expected nothing else from that scene.

    The Kim eviction/move stuff was boring though I loved how Sweetie commented, “You’re going to go lay down like you’re not moving?!” I think she’s nuts for going back but obviously the money is good and I really think she was fired last year only for dramatic effect. Kim and Sweetie are long time friends and know each other too well to really believe Sweetie was all of a sudden lazier than she ever was before(reason for being fired).

    Phaedra and the doggie funerals is just weird. I want to see a different Phaedra. I get that she can’t show us high profile (or any really) cases she might be handling in her law practice but something has to be better than this storyline!

    Cynthia and Peter play fighting in front of Leon who says, I know i’m a regular here, is awkward like Tamara said previously. Modern co parenting between separated parents is cool but this is just…yeah. Also, her makeup in the talking head scenes is harsh and a little drag queenish.

    Miss Lawrence is too skinny in his scene this episode. What was up with his neck, below his right ear. Looks like some glandular swelling. Makes me wonder if he was sick during filming.

    Kenya is clearing acting in the scene with Miss L and doing a bad job. “Oh you know my man got 10 houses” after the 7k sq ft mention. Meh. And she wants Caviar and mentions putting it on potato cakes? WTF. Also as stated in this blog she’s from Detroit though in her intro piece of the episode she says she’s lived in LA for the last 18yrs, now moving to ATL, no mention of D. And where is her man from? He’s wearing the towing company shirt (which by the name makes me think it’s a local business) yet she was with him previously? I’m confused by them/their switch.

    Kim’s comments on the house are just Kim not having a filter. I get that. I am the same way. The remarks about Kandi not needing an outside pool I also get. I live in NC and have been around similar conversations that neither side took offense to. It’s a joke. If anyone takes it to a more serious level, that’s on them. I like what we saw of Kandi’s house but man, having a “guest” house that close would be too close for me.

    Nene’s scene with Ryan felt more like a promo for The New Normal than just a business meeting. And what’s with the name dropping? Anyone else laugh at the wrong number dialing they did? In Nene’s talking head scenes, you can see her tan lines (on her shoulders/chest). It’s distracting. One of my oddities is that tan lines bug the crap out of me. LOL

    In the Jet scene, Kenya is just stuck on the crack. I think that was her playing up to make sure she got more scenes in the show.

    Overall this episode was boring. I know the season will pick up so I’m looking forward to it.

    • L. M.

      Ooooo… Karma–you are right! I just replayed last night’s episode and Miss Lawrence made an extra effort to cover his neck! Not online did he wear a buton up collared blouse (buttoned all the way up), he adjusted it to pull it up over his swollen glands just at the point when Kenya starts explaining how Walter isn’t as “show boaty” as her Houston Ex. And, I noticed that Kenya is wearing a tank top and everyone else in the restaurant is wearing summer clothes (short sleeved, tank tops, etc.). I’m thinking you might be on to something here. Maybe Miss Lawrence was experiencing a a little episode. (Tamara, get us a still of the “Oooo…” side profile after Miss L tells Kenya “cuz you a lot to handle!” Girlll… that nodule is popping out!) And he’s careful not to turn his head too quickly and hold his head weirdly too. Someone find out if Miss L is alright. He is one of my favorite Queens and rocked the hell out of that red lip on “the Hair Stylists tell all”. PLUS–we’re both “Washingtons” and he may be my cousin!

  25. Tc

    It’s funny to me that everyone buys Kandi’s fake nice act. She is the most racist person in the show. Or maybe on an show. But she gets away with it because she is so fake nice. Kim is probably the least racist person on the show. But everyone watches her under a microscope. Because she’s a twat. But they are two different things. Being twatty does not automatically make her racist.

    • nia

      i Live in the country and I have white friends who hang around me all the time and I would never let them get away with those comments if u dnt think kim is racist then u are as delusional as she is!

    • baytothea

      well, i don’t buy anything nice about kandi b/c i think she’s a messy cunt. i think many of the housewives from OC, BH, NJ, NYC, MIA, and ATL are probably racist….theyre not put in positions for this to be exposed often but there are telltale signs in their personalities that would fit the profile…but who knows.

  26. Kechia

    Kim brought Sweetie back so she wouldn’t look like racist. Khandi should have checked them straight to the door. Khandi is my girl but lets pray lil man is100 with her.

  27. AB

    Shut up TC everybody heard that racist comment and youre a twat for saying Kandi is racist. Kandi has been really nice to Kim and taped with her when nobody wanted to tape with Kim

  28. Girl Plz...

    What I think about Kenya?
    I think shes mean.
    Constructive Criticism was not what she did last night.
    Why did she need to list her resume…and why she didn’t add her sex tape to the list…..
    And as for the chootchie crack comment…… Wow.

  29. Tc

    Have I mentioned yet that I find Kandi to be extremely racist? Cause I do. And she is.

    • baytothea

      since you spoke of it again, to continue the thought…many people don’t believe that Black people can be racist by the definition of racism. to be racist you have to be in the power position and trying to protect a type of racial hierarchy. but then we open the can of worms with everyones definition of racism.

      anyway, i don’t think kandi “hates” white people or think she’s “better” than them….

  30. L. M.

    Okay–so I’m not certain how Kandi’s alleged “racism” came into play. But, I must ask… How? When has Kandi ever been racist on this show? Perhaps you know something that we haven’t seen. Please, Tc– spill it!

    Otherwise, let me be the one to let you know that you come off as one of Kim’s surrogates (the crazy kind) and one of those people Tamara kindly refers to as “trolls” who look for controversy for its own sake.

    Mind you—Kandi defended Kim (the ONLY white castmate) and turned against NeNe, Cynthia and Marlo–even AFTER Kim refused to pay her for her songwriting and production of “Don’t Be Tardy for the Party.” Kandi would dump her black castmates in order to forgive Kim (and look foolish and a little “Tom-ish” while doing so).

    So, if you have a few moments–please enlighten us on your theory that Kandi is racist.


    • Tc

      Oh yessem!! Let me gig right ta splainin it all tonya so’s you don’t fit mad at me! Cause you matter everso.

    • Dionne

      Im a long time “lurker” had to post TC is just trying to start mess please dont respond.. And yes Kim is doing to much my non black friends have never in life said anything or treated me like Kim does Kandi again I think Kim got dirt on Kandi cause its unreal that Kandi is allowing this garbage pail kid treat her like crap…..:-)

      • Tc

        Start mess? Are you 6?

      • Dionne

        No Im not 6yrs old ( I wish) I used those choice of words because I felt that is what you comprehend… Look TC I dont E Bang nor do I entertain it or am I . Tamar has a great blog and I come here to get away for your type of comments which is very childish. Yes your trying to start mess with your ignorant azz comments.

  31. Karma Grant

    Also wanted to add: From what I’ve read about the RH franchise, it started out with a group of ladies who while not all housewives were at least friends/known to each other. It’s now a show about casting which takes away all reality. I want to see people who have real relationships and the issues they could have. It’s one reason I was drawn to NJ because it’s filled with members of 2 families who’ve known each other forever.

    • Tc

      Which two families would that be?

      • Karma Grant

        The Manzo/Lauritas and Gorga/Guidice families.

      • Tc

        That makes no sense. There were no gorgas in the beginning. The Manzos and Laurita’s are the same family. And the guidice s had a short friendship with the Manzo/Laurita’s before the show.

      • Karma Grant

        Again, I’ve said before, I am new to the RH franchises. Last season was the first I’d watched of NJ so what I’ve seen is family drama. And even I know that Teresa was friends with Dina Manzo for a long time before the show. So yes, it’s 2 families that I watched and was drawn to.

      • Tc: Teresa is a Gorga. She has been on the show from the first.

    • Katrina

      I am actually glad that the women are not family. It was definitely a different dynamic when the majority of the women new each other. I love watching the show and I like drama, but I don’t like watching families fall apart. To Real!! However, each Real housewife show offers a different spin on the womens’ relationship.

      • Karma Grant

        Oh I don’t want every franchise to be family. I just want them to all actually know each other for long periods of time, like years, before filming. Even if it was faked drama then it would come off more natural than what we’ve seen on some shows in the recent seasons. I say seasons because I am referring to more than one of the franchises.

  32. Anastacia Van Wyck

    Good golly, Tc is making me all sorts of tired with these blanket statements about Kandi being “racist”…maybe he/she knows something that no one else knows of or their television is showing different episodes *kanye shrug*…..

  33. Tc

    Good. I hope you pass out from the tired and hut the hell up. Over the seasons I’ve seen and heard kandi come off as racist. I did not write down examples. But it’s a feeling that has carried from season to season. I know I’m right. That’s all.

  34. Donna

    Wow.. when the subject of racism comes up I usually have a tendency to shy away from it.. but you know me… I’m always quick to comment..
    When you have 2 women friends, 1 white, 1 black, they can be the BFF’s for years. BUT…..There is a line, its an invisible line that must not be crossed. Black women can say whatever they want too about their white friends, but white women have to choose their words very carefully,for fear of saying something that make a black woman will snap.If we are honest with ourselves, black women are a tad bit jealous of of white women. Their hair, their skin,they don’t have to struggle so hard, it could be any number of things. But black women think white women are weak, and basically have no respect for them. When it comes down to it, whether you admit it or not all black people are racist. Some more than others but we all have it in us…….

    • Tc

      Allllrighty then. This should go well…

    • Karma Grant

      Did I really just read what I think I did? Wow. Insane and so wrong.

    • Dionne

      Donna you sound like a complete JACKASS for that comment…you should say you are jealous of white women cause the last I check most black women are not jealous please stop making this about race….heck everyone is beautiful and Kim just crossed the line…..please Tamara Donna and TC are doing to much its just disrespectful…now I look at this blog as “mature” dont start with the “bossip & MOT” comments…were all grown just discuss the show and move on….damn,

      • Tc

        Dear god. I can’t believe how many illiterate people own computers.

      • Donna

        Dionne please… Are you really gonna run and tell on me to Tamara???LMAO! What I wrote is my opinion and you don’t have to like it… Hell you don’t even have to comment on it.. I believe that when Tamara posts something, and especially when she asks for OUR opinions, that’s exactly what she is expecting. If you go back and read, I did not start this race thing. There is a lot of things that are written on here that I don’t like or agree with, but just because they are there doesn’t mean I have to comment on it or go to Tamara and complain… Please… grow the fuck up! This is site where you have a bunch of reality invested women with attitudes, opinions, likes and dislikes, and yes even hate. So, like I said once before. Put on your big girl panties, pull up your boots and put your hat on cuz its gonna be a bumpy ride..

      • ab

        I agree donna is dumb for that comment. I am not jealous of any white pink or green woman I dont know who or where donna has been but im blk (creole) and i have soft hair and fair skin being blk is not one shape shade or size clown any way we see lots of women who tan fill their lips and butts trying to look like us

      • Tc

        I agree that being black is not one shape or shade. Apparently it’s also never using punctuation or writing coherently as well.

      • ab

        Oh tc youre so smart….lol i knew you would say that

  35. Anastacia Van Wyck

    Lord…keep me near the cross…all I am going to say is this, everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how ass backwards…

    • Dionne

      PREACH!!!!!! you are really reading my mind with this thread. Ignorant azz mofo’s I like to comment LOL and have fun but when it gets to the point were its turning into a name calling session..when folks know good and well they safe behind a screen name….

  36. Anastacia Van Wyck

    Oh, and Tc, trust, you DO NOT want it with me….I will have you all in your feelings and I guarantee you, it will not end pretty for you

  37. Donna

    OOOHHH I opened a can of worms LMAO! Example: When NeNe and Kim have been BFF’s on and off for years. Kim would say things about other black men, white men, white women, and there was never an issue. When they were on Kandi’s bus, the subject of Sweetie came up. Are ya’ll still with me here? There was banter back and forth but it was basically about how Kim talked to Sweetie (Kim’s friend not theirs) NeNe said it was disrespectful and she talked to her like she was a slave. This is not word for word but I hope you get the meaning. NeNe went off on Kim (which had been her BFF for years, for disrespecting another black woman. Sweetie could have been a complete stranger, and it wouldn’t have matter. What I am trying to get to here is this.. it doesn’t matter how good of a BFF your white girlfriend is, you will always protect your own race first! That my friend is form of racism.

    • Dionne

      To your reply to me when I called you a JACKASS….no Im not running to Tamara like you I stated what I want to…again dont have time for this childish shit….now if you were in my face trust and believe you nor TC would say have the shit….yes this is a blog but damn have some mature comments…JACKASS….

  38. nakisha

    Kim’s commemts….. obviously she speak before she thinks…Thats a turn off to me as a viewer… Let me be honest I never liked her Azz. Kenya cray Kandi need to watch her purse Nene ♡ her still Phaedra crazy (Pet Phunerals) Ok Cynthia giving good hair this season.. Need more Personality in this season.. And Sweetie ass dont have a pot to piss in or window to throw it out of…Girl Sit!!!

  39. Anastacia Van Wyck

    In my opinion, they all talk to each other terribly….my thoughts about Sweetie and Kim’s relationship is, if she likes it, I love it…everyone protects their own race first…for example, if I was to call every white woman on here spam sucking trailer trash, I guarantee you a caucasian woman would try and read me for filth…just my opinion

    • Tc

      Dear god you are stupid.

      • L. M.

        Tc: I do know how to use grammar and punctuation; and I’m going to notify you that when using the name of The Most High (or ANY proper name), you should capitalize the first letter of that name.

        Otherwise, you make yourself look “stupid.” Also–you appear to be insulting God.

        That’s all.
        (By the way–that’s coming from a Black 5th grade Language Arts Teacher who isn’t jealous of a single white woman alive or dead.)

  40. Anastacia Van Wyck

    Tc…do us all a favor and dive head first into a pool of bleach…you are a complete waste of time, space, and energy…are you capable of having an intelligent conversation?

    • Tc

      Aren’t you the same dumbass that just threatened to hurt my feelings or some such countrified saying?? Make up your mind.

      • Anastacia Van Wyck

        No disrepect to any of the other ladies and gentleman on this thread, but what you, Tc, ADHD, STD, cripes, whatever the hell your “name” is, is not going to do, is talk to me like you know me, because you don’t. Don’t pull it , you low brow, uneducated, low class, thumb thugging, wanna be…I will make your mother wish she had never met your father, screwed him and had you…keep it cute or put it on mute

      • Tc

        I knew you would say that. You are very predictable.

      • Anastacia Van Wyck

        Ahh, so you are psychic and psychotic in addition to those other wonderful traits!

  41. You knew she was going to say keep it cute or put it on mute? How? Do you have a kid in elementary school? Is that what the kids are saying these days? #outofthekidsloop

  42. Tc

    I think Kenyadra looks like Beyonce in 20 years.

    • I sifted through all the fucking comments to get this in the right place, which turned out to be at the end to say…. SO TRUE! Or maybe 30 years. Oh and um, good hatin’!

      • Tc

        This nesting shit sucks. I wish there was something like at ot where you can just click to see what you hadn’t read yet. Or instead of nesting, there was quoting.

      • Trust. If I could get rid of the nesting I would. I read it all individually in emails and have no idea who you people are responding to. At first I was sending shitty responses to everyone because of course I thought it was all about me.

  43. Girl Plz...

    this is so childish….
    But then again, I don’t expect less, when the owner of the blog chooses to respond to every comment…… Just goes to show…

    • Hai girl plz Hai! Is everything okay with you? You seem sad tonight. Are you feeling lonely Grl Plz? It’s okay We all get lonely. Tell us what you’re going through… I have a friend who was alone during a hurricane and had tons of trees fall on his house. Then he went to FEMA and they gave him a blanket. He slept in his car for a week and just now was able to tell us he was not dead. I’m sure that is nothing compared to your problems though. Talk to us.

    • Dionne

      I m realizing that….:-(

  44. Katrina

    You type in a response and think you are replying to someones comments and find out 10 comments later that you replied to the wrong comment or made a separate response. There is no way to delete your comment or edit!!

  45. Miele

    Random question (and I am in no way, shape, or form a fan of Princess Kimberleigh) BUT when I finally watched it last night it sounded like she said “Sweetie told me Kandi’s neighborhood wasn’t that safe” before the door-locking comment… Did anybody else hear that? She and Sweetie completely deserve each other and Kenya is a hot, delusional mess…

    • Yeah, Kim would be unfamiliar with that neighborhood. Sweetie told her it was hood. There are parts that are, but many really nice places there. Two former mayors live in that neighborhood, so does Hank Aaron…

    • Bizzymammabee

      She did say that, matter of fact it was reiterated on her blog. Doesn’t every neighborhood have some small pocket of hood to it. I can’t think of any area that may not have a few blocks that might be considered undesirable.

      • Miele

        I don’t read their blogs and whatnot, but I didn’t think it was fair for people to slam Kim for the “locked my doors” comment when she was going on the words from Sweetie’s hatin’ behind…

      • Bizzymammabee

        I think even if she thought it she needed to have some sort of filter. It is just hurtful to make such snide comments about something that brings your “friend” happiness. I don’t care what sort of life Kim tries to portray now, I highly doubt she was brought up with a lavish lifestyle.

  46. Katrina

    On Kim’s blog, she says that she was joking. She doesn’t see color. Per Kim, all of them were laughing and joking. I guess editing is to blame. Somehow Kandi didn’t get the memo on the joking part! Kim is not to be blamed. Sweetie gave her the wrong information.

    • Bizzymammabee

      Kim is to blame..she should have been nicer and held her tongue and made her friend feel good about her purchase. I watched the show and I didn’t see anyone laughing and joking.

  47. Dionne

    Anastacia Van Wyck… you took the words out of my mouth……

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