What’s Wrong With This Picture? Baby Edition

Kelsey, Kayte and baby Faith have landed in London today. We know they never leave the baby for anything. Can you find the baby in this picture?


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9 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture? Baby Edition

  1. twitterfiend

    LOL!! Is she strapped to Kelsey’s chest?

  2. Cleo

    How can the poor thing breathe in there?

  3. Karma Grant

    That poor kid! Bad enough to have him as a father but to have to breathe in his stank? Yuck.

  4. Tc

    Don’t they have a nanny with them?

  5. Critter

    He looks so old, like he should be the grandfather…

  6. smooches

    I’m just waiting to see how long before he trades ‘up’ again

  7. Seannea

    Awwww grandpa and his girls

  8. Monihew

    LOVE.THIS.BLOG! I laugh out loud everytime I read one of your stories.

    I guess it should be inspiring to see a father cradling their child, however Kelsey is so gross the picture almost looks abusive. It looks like he has a halter top on. Can these two just go away?

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