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Nick Gordon Arrest Raw Footage

Check out this Channel 2 Action News raw footage of Nick Gordon being arrested for reckless driving. The music was blaring from the car so loudly the police car dashcam picks it up. The song? Whitney Houston’s I’ll Always Love You. Continue reading


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Chris Brown’s Cell Phone Theft Case Has Been Resolved

chrisbrownjailAnd now in “Can Florida Get ANYTHING Right?” news…

I told y’all back in March that absolutely nothing was going to happen to Chris Brown for jacking that girl’s cell phone. But I’m here today to say I TOLD YOU SO! Here is how it all went down back in February.  Bascically, the cops said they wanted a warrant to hold Brown because they feared he was leaving the jurisdiction. The attorney general’s office said they should have just arrested him because now that they asked for a warrant, they have to do a whole investigation. Since Florida takes months to vote when every other state can do it in a few hours,  it’s taken them about the same amount of time it takes Jessica Simpson to have a baby to gather witness statements and figure out what to do. And Guess WHAT? Continue reading


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A Long Rant And a Short Glass of Tea on Kim Zolciak

There is a small faction of idiots who like to come and post here and tell me what I should and should not be blogging about. As it is happened again today, I thought I would explain to everyone once again, this is my blog, my opinions, and my research. I know many of you are used to bloggers that just copy whatever other blogs are saying, but things don’t work that way here. Try for that they would love to have your ad revenue. They are a reblogging site. I am a blog site.  Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live With Lea Black

When Lea Black is on WWHL I have to recap. The bartender is Amy Phillips, the chick that does all the great housewife impressions, and she’s hilarious already. I love that someone is “having a sense of humor” with Lea in the way that she does with the other housewives. I already wanna sip my cocktail and I don’t even know the drinking word yet. I also don’t have a cocktail, what I have is a hairy tonsil and a stuffy nose. So I’m going to take a vitamin C every time they say the drinking word tonight instead. :(

Andy loves Lenny’s mom. This is unacceptable. He’s only allowed to love Mama Elsa. Now he’s running the scene that I forwarded though with Karent cleaning Rodolfo’s teeth but it’s been enhanced to make it creepier? Gild the lily much, Andrew?  By the way, Erin Andrews is the other guest. Lea’s questions, and her pathetic answers are behind the jump. Keep reading, you’ll see what I mean. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Miami: Parental Discretion Advised

Here is Marysol being confrontational with Elaine….#eyeroll

And here we go with Real Housewives of Miami… James/Elaine comes to Lea’s son’s birthday party (Because why? Oh I know, because s/he can’t miss a moment of camera time) dragging Lisa Pliner in his wake for back-up. Lisa, who is also looking for some airtime. spits her lines out immediately by trashing Marysol. Nothing keeps you off the editing floor like good old-fashioned vitriol. The producers of RHOM practically film themselves holding cue cards this show is so scripted. I’m guessing entrances were filmed and refilmed more than a scene from Days of Our Lives. Lisa’s lines include things like “Marysol was attacking me. She told me to hire Lauren and not James.” Oh that Marysol, so confrontational, that one. Sigh. Shouldn’t the lines sort of make the storyline coherent instead of completely misstating what we saw on the last episode? Everyone in the room including Alexia, is acting like James is in the right. Alexia was not even there to witness the seven-foot man in a dress shouting at Marysol.

Ana tells her daughters what happened at Thomas Kramer’s she was very accurate in the retelling. Ana is hurt and still angry with Marysol for, in her mind, siding with Thomas. Her daughters tell her that she and Marysol will get past it. That ends the respite of sanity. Continue reading


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What’s Wrong With This Picture? Kim Kardashian in Kuwait

Um, Kim…I know you are pretending to try to learn about the Middle East on your current Millions of Milkshakes Middle Eastern Tour, but when you are told to keep your shoulders covered in public, it is presumed that you already know to keep your breasts, and private parts covered as well.

Oh Lord, just saw video of this. Click through for the video…

Continue reading


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Nick Gordon Seems Unfazed by Arrest

Photo Credit: Mike Petchenik Channel 2 Action News (WSB)

Mike Petchenik had a great story on Channel 2 Action News tonight about the arrest of Nick Gordon.  Mike was able to catch up with Nick at his apartment today for an interview. In the interview Nick was just as smiley as he was in his mugshot when he said, “No worries, everything is good… just having a couple of rough patches.”  I suppose the “couple of rough patches”  were Krissi smashing up her car just before noon yesterday and  his arrest a few hours later for reckless driving in a completely separate incident. Continue reading


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What’s Wrong With This Picture? MJ’s Kids

Um, for the clueless, From L to R Prince Michael, Bodyguard, Blanket…

I continue to be worried about Michael Jackson’s kids. Especially, Blanket.  He is perpetually sad and nervous in pictures.  In this one he looks like he has a black eye. Can no one brush his hair? Or Prince’s hair? Buy them some decent clothes? This distresses me.


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Kenya Moore on Wendy Williams

It’s time to see what Kenya has to say to Miss Wendy Williams this morning. Kenya dropped by the studio yesterday to tape her interview for today’s show. According to her twitter she seemed to be feeling some kinda way about Wendy making fun of her skin during a recent hot topics. Unless Kenya got herself some Proactive, she may not be able to open her mouth about it. Also, because the interview is prerecorded, there will be editing involved. Kenya walks out in a stunning yellow bandage dress, looking good. Her boobs are too big for the dress but that is typical. Continue reading


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Was Nick Gordon Arrested? Sources Say Yes

Photo Credit: Mike Petchenik Channel 2 Action News (WSB)

Update 2: Nick’s car is home without any damage it was picked up by a friend. Krissi’s car is obviously not there. Nick is home and probably will be unless someone drives him somewhere.  Nick is already RTing “no one knows the whole story” RTs. Channel 2 WSB will have a piece on the entire situation tonight. One assumes Krissi is still there also, Nick and his car are at the apartments where both live together based on what I saw in the pictures.  I had previous thought they were a condo, but it is an apartment according to folks on the scene.

Update: Yep he was booked on a reckless driving charge. Police report says Nick was driving 82mph in a 35 zone He seems to be in a very good mood for someone being arrested. The picture above was taken during booking (mugshot).

Continue reading


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Wendy Williams Goes Naked for PETA

I was wondering why Wendy Williams has her tramp stamp in the front. Then I remembered she has the tummy tuck scar to cover. With all the other airbrushing, could they not have fixed the place under her armpit that looks like armpit hair? I’m just not a fan of the armpit showing in poses in the first place. What do y’all think?


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What’s The Real Story Between Nene and Kenya?

I had a source back when Nene was still working on Glee that told me Nene asked for Kenya to be on the show. That source has never been wrong about anything. Since filming began, Nene has spoken negatively about Kenya many times on many talk shows. The relationship between these two has always been a big question mark for me. So what do y’all think of this bit of tea?

From Kenya’s Bravo Blog:Another holiday season is amongst us and this is my first Thanksgiving as an official Atlantan.  There’s one problem…I missed the meal with my family because I was having cocktails at NeNe’s house! NeNe and her family were warm and kind and one cannot deny the fact that the girl is hilarious!  It’s good to have a genuine person open up their home to make me feel welcome. That’s what the holidays are all about and I appreciate the hospitality and thank NeNe from the bottom of my heart.”


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