Why Would Anyone Marry Kelsey Grammer?

I’ve been more in the mood to read blogs rather than write them lately. There has been the usual ridiculousness with Kelsey Grammar making the rounds. The main story is that he and his newest blond wife went to a Halloween party at the Playboy mansion. The newsworthy part of the story was supposed to be that the idiots brought and three and a half month old baby to the party and just set him/her in a baby carrier in the VIP room while they partied into the wee hours.

But today, there is a picture of their costumes. Please tell me what they are. Especially the blond. Because there is controversy about the picture. What is she supposed to be?


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26 responses to “Why Would Anyone Marry Kelsey Grammer?

  1. a typical beverly hills housewive after her third of fourth plastic surgery? LOL

  2. Judy

    She sure looks like Camille here. They say that immitation is the sincerest form of flattery however I think Camille would be hardly flattered by either one of them.
    I used to find K Grammer to be such a fun actor but not any more. I really think there are a few nuts, bolts AND screws lost!!! I find it sad that men his age need to validate themselves by dating or marrying girls their daughters age. And goofy Kelsey has done just that!
    What a LUMP!

    • Karma Grant

      I cringe just at the sound of his voice these days. Hubs and I have been having semi marathons of The Simpsons and we all know he voiced SideShow Bob…..

  3. Stephanie

    I know! I know! She is suppose to be his ex wife.

  4. Gina

    He claims she is supposed to be dressed as a witch but took her hat off.

  5. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Because he has money. I know if he and Kate ever broke up, Wendy Williams would be the first one in line to fill her spot. She’ll eat his dirty draws!

  6. Lisa in Oregon

    I’m going to guess she’s Alexis from OC. (Post nose job for her sinuses, of course.)

  7. What’s up with the bandage on the nose? Implying plastic surgery?

  8. Katrina

    If Kayte needs to breasfeed the baby, then she should have stayed home. The fact is, she probably does not trust Kelsey. After all, look how she snuck in. Do you think Kelsey is going through a mid-life crisis? Do you think he is drinking again?

  9. Sorry, but a quick query…is Kelsey wearing a toupee?!? Seriously, notice how the hair line just stops above the sideburns & is a different color ?!? Or is hat part of the costume…

    • seamstress4thband

      Part of the costume I’m thinking…..but the girl….I don’t know?….. how bout a “Hot Mess”??? …. maybe courtney stodden with the pink band being underage band or something….but then she’s overdressed for courtney…..somebody explain!

  10. Mocha_2009

    I think she’s supposed to be Camille Grammar. Poor Kelsey, he’s definitely going through something whether its drinking or serious mid-life crisis. He’s off the rails lately.

  11. There are two answers to who the new wife is supposed to be…

    1) The Daily Mail and a couple other blogs are saying that she dressed as the previous wife, Camille Grammer. I would never have assumed that if it had not been told to me. Why the bandaid on the nose? Some say they are trying to out Camille for having a nose job. This explanation doesn’t really fly with me.

    2) Kelsey gave a statement somewhere saying she was a witch but had taken the hat off because it was hot and her wig was itchy. Here is his offical response to why he brought a newborn to a whorehouse.

    “Kayte is breast-feeding and we do not have a nanny or a trusted baby-sitter at this time, so Faith goes everywhere with us,” he said. “We enjoyed the party with a few of our friends, the baby slept as her ears were covered the entire time and we left shortly after midnight. Kayte dressed as a witch (her hat was missing as she had removed it because her wig was itching and it was hot) — I threw together an uninspired Dracula. We enjoyed the evening. We love our child. Kayte is my wife and lady love.”

    He ended his statement with a rhyme: “The world is round. All our eyes are blue. Happy Halloween and Cock-a-doodle-doo!”

    Clearly, Kelsey is having some sort of emotional crisis or is back on the bottle because that explanation made even less sense.

  12. suzesmuses

    Is that a barcode on her neck?

    His witch answer doesn’t rule out Camille as the “target” of the costume. He’s just sleazy enough to think he was being clever.

    • I didn’t get the barcode on her neck thing either…. that is what I thought it was too… Maybe it is something else? And historically, most witches (at least the bad ones) are brunettes… no?

      • L. M.

        Barcodes are reserved for things available for purchase…right? Perhaps he’s implying that Camille is a product or at the very least–available to be sold and/or purchased. Maybe he feels like she took 1/2 of his money and is a little bitter. In which case, he should be wearing the barcode. And since Kelsey isn’t fond of pre-nuptial agreements (he says they’re so ungentlemanly), maybe his new wife is the appropriate person to be sporting the barcode after all! Considering he is a serial wed-der, he’ll likely be giving 1/2 of what is remaining to Kayte in a few years. If she’s smart, and I’m assuming she’s pretty bright (considering that she just got out of school…age related pun), she’ll be stacking some chips in preparation to be recycled out for the next Mrs. Grammer.

  13. suzesmuses

    Is that a barcode on her neck??

    The witch answer doesn’t necessarily rule out Camille as the “target” of the costume. He’s sleazy enough to think he was being clever.

  14. amy

    I think the statement she or they are trying to make is his ex-wife, the witch. So basically they are calling Camille a witch and my best assumption for the barcode and nose job is that she is plastic. I don’t know if it is a jab at Camille or the stereotype of Camille.

  15. chitown shelley

    how about this – youve got a three month old baby, it aint the party of the century, youre not being paid to attend, so you keep your ass at home. how about that?

  16. shellbelle

    They took the baby because she is breast feeding? Well, guess what? When my kids were babies ( the youngest is 16 months old) and I was nursing EVERY 2 HOURS, I stayed my ass at home because having a baby attached to the boob all the time is not really party attire. Even at the Playboy Mansion. Besides, her dress doesn’t really look the part of a nursing mother. What does she do? Take it completely off to nurse? Anyhoo, Kelsey looks like a pervy old man and my first thought on his wife’s costume was she was trying to look like Camille. Could she not use some of Kelsey’s money and buy a wig that at least looks half way decent? Damn.

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