Hope Everyone Has a Safe Halloween!

Looks like the Gorga’s are going as themselves this year! I usually go to the movies to avoid the trick-or-treaters. Plua, it’s a great night for child free movie watching! But I’m still on antibiotics that are hard on the tummy so I’m just gonna turn all the lights out and hide. :)

I hope everyone has found a safe place to stay after Sandy. What are y’all up to tonight?


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20 responses to “Hope Everyone Has a Safe Halloween!

  1. Critter

    Happy Halloween Tamara…

  2. Tc

    Hiding with lights out!! Not permitted to answer door after the year I got into a brawl with some belligerent sisters at mah dooh.

  3. Donna

    Went to a party on Saturday nite, so tonite we are hiding from the little kiddies..Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween.

    • I don’t understand why kids are still sent out to beg neighbors for candy in this day and age. ESPECIALLY in my neighborhood. It’s totally not safe. I try not to go out after dark without a man with a guy. I’m serious. Yet soon, I expect to be dealing with a barking dog all night….

  4. johanna

    im here in jersey…..in some towns its still safe and fun to go ask for candy door to door, with adult supervision of course, but this year everything is canceled. its such a mess over here. im staying in currently watching the real housewives of atlanta season 1 which i never saw before. i like lisa….why did she get the boot?

    • Im glad you are safe and have power, Johanna. We have safe neighborhoods here too. Mine is not as bad as I make it out to be, but there are a lot of…suspicious types, burglaries, graffiti, drug dealers etc. There will be gunshots tonight because it’s a holiday and apparently that is someone’s sort of a tradition. :) But even in the best neighborhoods, going to a stranger’s house is not a good idea. That’s just me. The older I get, the less I trust people and situations.

      Again, glad you are warm and safe!

  5. sunshinemls

    was this photo taken today? melissa has been tweeting that they are without power, no heat, a tree fell on their property, and joe has been helping neighbors who are stuck with trees blocking their homes…..i also saw an offer from caroline that they could stay there if they needed to. hope everyone is doing well post storm and saying prayers for those who have been displaced or are still without power!

  6. Karma Grant

    Hope you feel better soon, Tamara.

    Tonight it’s just veg night. Hubs is trying to check out Assassins Creed III but got called in to to work to deal with some stupid people. We don’t hand out candy. I don’t like strangers (or even ppl I know!) coming to my door asking for stuff.

    I never understood Halloween even as a kid. After 364 other days of telling our kids a) don’t take candy from (or even talk to!!) strangers and b) begging is never a good thing, this one night it’s suddenly ok? Yeah not happening.

  7. Ms Urethra Franklin

    I’m feeling anti-social tonight. The curtains are closed & porch light is dark. Gonna eat my candy and watch Ghost Hunters & American Horror Story.

  8. chitown shelley

    dont do halloween. have hated it since i was a child. remember my mother being called to school after i wrote a paper against begging from people. my neighborhood still looks ok, so we are bombarded with carloads of people who drive here from other parts of the city to have their kids trick or treat here. this offends me, so i no longer participate. also it offends me that the average age of the trick or treater is about 14. lights off, dog keeps barking, out of wine. pissed that i was not better prepared. happy halloween everyone. how much longer before nashville is on??

  9. I just went on a wine run and a tribe of at least 20 kids mostly very young, was going toward my house. I noticed that the entire neighborhood has their lights out. Why are they not at a church or a shopping mall? There are all sorts of events safe tricker treating places nearby. This street ain’t it.

    And Chitown, you couldn’t be harsh if you tried. You’re the resident nice person. :)

  10. chitown shelley

    thank you tamara, but i believe you are mistaken. i have it on good authority that i am the resident bitch. lol! it doesnt bother me though; it could be worse! enjoy the rest of your halloween. im glad they stopped throwing eggs and toilet paper in the area. and they come even if we have the lights out. how badly do people need a kit kat????

  11. I need one pretty damn bad, but I ain’t buying them until tomorrow. HALF PRICE!


    I’m on the porch chain smoking and playing Angry Birds while running defense for my stock pot full of candy. Kids from the hood have no etiquette when it comes to free shit, myself included. Just reaching in and taking what they can get… ROMNEY IS RIGHT.

    But if they’re taking the risk and going out after dark in New Orleans, they can have it. We made another list of the most dangerous cities in the world again this week, have an extra Laffy Taffy.

  13. chitown shelley

    stella black, you have my condolences and my support! hang in there; it will be over soon!!

  14. MaggieG

    Frankenstorm wasn’t an issue down here & Halloween is my favorite holiday so it was fun scaring the kiddies. Our neighborhood gets in the spirit & many of us construct cemeteries, prepare surprise ghouls with sound effects & even fog! It’s almost too much really, especially for the younger ones, but they come early (before very dark since our area has few street lights & a spooky old oak grove canopy) & always accompanied by adults.

    By the time the “tweens” come by a lot of the goodies are gone but we can scrounge up cereal bars before we shut down. We have a rule: no costume, no treats but can’t resist handing out masks or paraphernalia that we have for just such an oversight. We love turning our yard into one big CSI bloodfest. What does that say about us!

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