Nene Leakes Lands The Cover of Ebony



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  1. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Obnoxious…I use that word to describe anything NeNe

  2. pffft

    Remember when they were shooting a similar photoshoot on celebrity apprentice??? Star Jones wanted the model to show more skin, and Nene freaked out on Star and started screaming at her that they were not selling sex. Hahahahaha.

  3. HannahJane

    What an unflattering photo! Her left shoulder looks deformed because whatever is on the cover behind her is showing. Besides that, all that boob flesh is not a good look. She looks huge. Like a 747 she indeed did ‘land’ the cover.

  4. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    I’m sorry but this is more ratchet than Marlo sitting on top of that ladder with a million Chanel boxes laying around.

  5. Dawn Raine

    I wish I could be happy for her. I just can’t do it, I don’t like anything about her. She is a viscous, jealous, mean, nitch that was always afraid Kim or Sheree would have success at something. I just can’t feel MeNe is deserving.

    She is the homliest cover I have seen, male or female, including Outdoor life and Mad Magazine. The new Bravo ad with 7 women must have air brushed 3 sizes off her.

  6. I was trying not to lead y’all into hatin’… but here is what I thought. SHE LOOKS HUGE. Every magazine photo and Bravo promo pic you see her in she is either stretched out funny or photoshopped to death. I don’t think she is as big as she looks in this picture. Is she supposed to be in a bathtub? If so why is it so wide? Is that supposed to be a bejeweled blanket of some sort?

    And I’m sorry, she doesn’t have a significant amount of money or power. The whole thing is ridiculous. That said I have actually sort of come around to liking Nene just a little. But not a fan of this cover.

    • Katrina

      Is says Rich Bitch!! Even if it is a joke to them, what a awesome acomplishment and oppurtunity for Nene!! Just think, we did not even know her until late 2008 and now she is on the cover of Ebony magazine.

      I think it is a spa bathtub with bubbles(diamonds). When you have worked hard, it so nice to get into a hot bath with bubbles to relax!

    • L. M.

      So what if she LOOKS HUGE… Plus size women are beautiful too! Tamara, that insult is beneath you and frankly, it is a bit immature. A large population of African-American women are overweight, and though it isn’t a statistic we should welcome and be proud of–we should also embrace the fact that beauty (and wealth) comes in many different sizes.

      As far as people hating on and putting down NeNe for not being “Mitt Romney” rich; she never claimed she was. If you went from earning no money to $100,000 you’d likely consider yourself rich too! I’ll venture to say that NeNe is making more money than most of us posting about her finances on this blog. So, in that respect–she is VERY RICH!

      Instead of constantly looking for reasons to tear a successful Black woman down–let’s spend as much time and effort celebrating the fact that she has grown within the entertainment industry and is taking care of herself and her family. She is one of the few people to go from Reality TV to Primetime TV and be successful! She on the cover of a widely respected publication for being a (wait for it…) celebrity actress! She is getting paid to appear on the cover, appear on NBC’s “The New Normal”, Bravo TV’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and through other ventures like her book “Never Make the Same Mistake Twice” and promoting Moscato wine and owns her own franchise of Famous Familia pizza. The woman is a mogul! You may not like it–but, NeNe is a BOSS! Instead of trying to step on her neck–we should be congratulating her and trying to emulate her drive and ambition in our own lives. (Free therapy for you… THAT’S what all the hate is really about!) When we start to have some level of success of our own; it’s easier to recognize and celebrate others’ success.

      Get it together–or forget it forever…haters. Congratulations to NeNe Leakes for making everyone talk and wish they could be more like her!


      • cns

        I felt the same way about Nene until she embarrassed every Black woman in America when she threaten with violence another successful Black woman of National and International TV all while promoting a Nonviolence charity. Now try and wrap your head around that? I was a fan up until then. Nene will never see how pathetic she made Black women look. She actually thought that her behavior on CA was cute. Nene will never get along with another successful and educated Black woman because she is the “Original Hater”; hence the reason why she was/is friends with the no talent professional escorts Kim Z. and Marlo, and the reason why she can’t stand Phaedra or Kandi. IMO. Btw, this picture is not flattery at all. I have seen her look much better, beautiful even in other magazines. No hate, just an observation.

      • Donna

        You said “Congratulations to NeNe Leakes for making everyone talk and wish they could be more like her!”
        If I EVER remotely start acting like NeNe, I have instructed anyone and everyone to shoot me! Why in heavens name would anyone want to be more like NeNe? She is not even a good role model for her own kids, let alone anyone else.Being a good role model is more than just bringing in the paycheck. Do you need one of my Delusion pills? LOL! I’ll be happy to give you one, and I hope this doesn’t offend you but if that’s what you think you are seriously delusional.

      • Lydia

        I have to agree. Nene is a BOSS.

      • L. M.

        I don’t need one of your delusion pills. I never said she was a role model. I don’t even think I’ve ever heard NeNe claim to be a role model. Just because you’re on television dosen’t mean you’re a role model. Who would want to be one? I know I wouldn’t–especially if being human and having flaws makes you a terrible role model! NeNe doesn’t represent ALL Black women. She only represents for herself. She is a flawed human being. She has moments of embarrassment; just like you and I do. I’m sure she regrets some of the things she’s said and done over the years; particularly while being filmed. However, that does not deminish or negate the fact that she is a rising star and her fame is steadily on the uptick. People respect her hustle (I know I do) and I wish I could be on her level. I have 2 college degrees and don’t make the money that she does. Am I bitter or jealous? No. I respect that she has taken something as fleeting as reality star fame and made it into something more lasting. I respect that she has made it from “round the way girl” to Hollywood actress. I respect that she blows up on people she feels have disrespected her and sometimes she apologizes for it because she knows that she isn’t perfect and admits it. I, too, do that! I see much of myself in NeNe because I have watched her go from “Who’s That Girl?” to NeNe Leakes–the one we’re discussing now. By chance, who do you regard as a role model? Give me 30 minutes on the internet and I’m sure I can find something disparaging about them. Hell–I don’t need that much time. EVERYONE has flaws! If each of us had a camera crew and microphone following us I’m sure we’d come off a little bit differently than we’d hope to portray on any given day. So, it’s not that far off to imagine that you (and I) have already acted like NeNe Leakes at least once in our lives before. And you know what? That makes you human. But, don’t worry–the good news is…you’re already forgiven. Even delusion pills are hard to swallow.

      • Donna

        L.M. You said“Congratulations to NeNe Leakes for making everyone talk and wish they could be more like her!” If I wished I could be more like someone else, to me that would be a role model. Why else would someone want to be like someone else, if they didn’t look up to them? That is why I said NeNe is NO ROLE MODEL.

      • SnookumsLynn

        LM, I am with you. Regardless of what you or I earn, we can respect that a woman that is freaking imperfect is making lemonade out of her opportunities and for that congratulations are in order. I’m not mad at Nene, she ain’t perfect, but she’s obviously a go getter, her mouthpiece can mostly do wonders for her and I like her cover..lmao, I was just talking about the hate that some women get just on GP, I get hated on alot, cause I’m a go getter, I have a big mouth, mostly not angry but I say it like it….so chicks don’t often like me….coworkers and friends have told me that I suck the air out of a room, I can’t help it, it’s me and so I embrace it…so now I’m taking it step further and I’m writing a rap, called ‘Bitches be Dificient’ lol…I wonder if Nene, would be in my video or spit a lyric on my track! cause the hate comes from deficient females…lol..I know ya’ll are gonna have alot to say about me, but I can’t hate the player, maybe it’s the game that has issues…

    • lilkunta

      @ L.M. You have 2 degrees and arent earning as much as Nene/ Get off this blog and go use your degrees and then perhaps you will earn better. Nene advocated nonviolence but is a bully. Even in her scene she was still taking down to Kim, which shows she is jealous.

      Ebony put her on the cover bc they need the press, it isnt a good thing. Bob /Eunice Johnson are rolling in their graves.

  7. One more accomplishment for her to scream in someones face. You guys hit all the nails.

  8. Congratulations NeNe!! Well deserved and she looks fab on the cover!! She flipped her 15 minutes which not many are able to do!! Wishing her continued success!!

    Oh and to those with such unkind words for Mrs.Leakes why don’t you upload your Ebony cover so we can compare…..GAG lmbo!!

  9. smooches

    Get it LeNethia Leakes…and if you can’t be happy for someone that you don’t know and your disdain is based off a soap opera than that speaks volumes on you, not them…hope you’re feeling better Tamara

  10. AB

    Unlike some of the other housewives Nene is making things happen so Congratulations

    • Victoria

      Exactly! This feels like another case of some black women hating on another more successful black woman. Nene is the black Bethanny. I hate using that comparison cuz NeNe is doing hers different. no matter how big she looks on the cover…u can NEVER take away that she was on the cover of Ebony in all her big glory. Hate bitch. Seems like she played the game and won…whereas others (Sheree) have lost.

      • Nene is “the black Bethenny?” LOL So we can’t point out a bad cover picture because you view Nene as “successful” but it’s okay when we talk about Sheree because you view her as less successful?

  11. Katrina

    Congratulations on the cover Nene! When a magazine asks you to be on a cover, they decide the layout. Hard work pays off.

    • Tracie

      I agree. Ebony has the creative control since it’s their cover. I feel they should have done a better job with the cover picture. Otherwise, congratulation to NeNe.

  12. Karma Grant

    Congrats on the cover. Unfortunately this is not a flattering pic. Reminds of me last weekend’s Lucky cover flub of Brittainy. Both could have been so much better than they were.

    • Ms Urethra Franklin

      I don’t understand all the controversy over Britney’s magazine cover pic? I don’t see anything wrong with it. The cheetos princess looks better than usual on it….

      • I didn’t really see the issue with that one either, but a lot of people did to the point that Lucky apologized for the picture. I think the issue was that it was photoshopped badly.

      • Karma Grant

        I disagree. She looks almost nothing like herself. Funny, lots of media outlets comparing whatever wig she was wearing to one of Kim’s.

        I’m not a big fan but definitely noticed how “off” the cover was.

  13. Donna

    Well, I’m not hating on Nene, do you thing and get your money! Because when it’s over, it’s over. I like the fact that she has calmed down somewhat and is trying to get her paper.

  14. Donna

    Donna > closes her eyes and hangs her head in pure disgust!

  15. Critter

    I’m happy for NeNe, hope she can stretch those 15 minutes into a lifetime…
    Don’t get trashing someone for making life better…
    Some of the comments sound like Shitree posting – green with envy…

  16. Princess Diva Z

    I agree I see a lot of hate here. Some people just don’t know how to be happy for other people. For someone to say her arm looks deformed or she’s huge is so petty. She must be doing something right because she’s on the cover so….be happy and stop the hate! You sound silly…

    • lilkunta

      princess diva z: how is saying “For someone to say her arm looks deformed or she’s huge ” bad/petty? This is bad photoshop. i really wish all magazines would stop with the way too much photoshop.

  17. Sunshine

    I neither like nor dislike Nene. Good for her though. Hate all you want, she’s out there trying to do the damn thing. It’s a shame that the RHOA Nene comes off so abrasive. I think it takes away from anything she accomplishes.

  18. What part of “I’ve come around to liking Nene a little bit, but I’m not a fan of this cover” Is hard for you to understand? She looks HUGE. As I said she looks much bigger than she really is like she is stretched out sideways this time instead of longways like she and all the other HWs are. Also I don’t get what is happening on the cover.

    I read a lot of stories in the past couple days about the latest Britney Spears cover for Lucky and how awful it was. I did not see one comment on those stories talking about how everyone just hated Britney and was jealous. That is something that only seems to happen on housewives posts. Why is that? It’s very odd to me that anyone who criticizes a layout or a housewife’s behavior is “a hater”

    • Katrina

      People take the term “Reality TV” literally. People think the housewives are personal property and we as fans can make them or break them. The same thing use to happen to Soap Opera stars. People see them on TV everyday and somehow live their lives through them. It probably doesn’t help that we now have internet, twitter, blogs, etc. that continually post stories about them. Some people are fanatics(obsessive) about these housewives and cannot make the distinction between the character on the show and the real person. Sometimes they are the same, most of the time they are not. Then there are just people that are just negative!! There is always someone willing to tear you down, but there are not many willing to build you up!!!

    • MD

      Oh no I don’t think you’re hating in this particular instance, but you ARE a certified hater and you know it…Fortunately most of your readers are as well and have no issues with your editorials— I mean “blog posts”. In regards to NeNe she’s just simply unattractive and no amount of plastic surgery, dental work, and makeup will change that. However, good for her for keeping her name out there—she will definitely stay on RHOA—it’s turning into her goldmine.

      • Karma Grant

        While I see alot of “hate” in the comments section of this blog, this is NOTHING compared to another site I’ve visited. That site I think was set up to do nothing but “hate” on any HW the blogger doesn’t like. Sure, it’s their prerogative but it’s off putting. Since I’m new here I haven’t experienced what you’re talking about.

      • Karma, MD is a regular troll here who hates me and this blog so very much it just needs to come and comment on a daily basis. :) There are a lot of rabid HW fans around that love some housewives making them always despise that HW’s nemesis on the show. It’s crazy. I like some of them for while and dislike others. None of them seem to be to be worthy of being anyone’s role model to me.

        And I’ll argue with people in comments but I also let them argue back. Mostly because they look so stupid doing it. :) Glad you found the place.

      • Karma Grant

        Thanks for the welcome, Tamara. I love when people use the rope given to…well you know where that leads. I’ve never understood the phenom of disliking a site so much yet visiting it daily. I say phenom because I’ve seen it in various places on the web in the last many years.

        From what I’ve seen so far, these HW are almost never really HW, some might need general/consumer math classes to help with even the most basic of finances and yeah, none are role models. But all I see is edited tv. In the back of my brain I am hopeful that offscreen, to those closest to them, they are kind and generous and “human”. I have my favorites on each of the franchise I watch but again, they’re just characters on my screen.

      • Hope you stick around. Though i must warn you, I already depise Kenya from RHOA. :) So expect to see lots of hater police and I arguing. :) I’m not particularly nice….

    • Sunshine

      I wasn’t directing my comment at you. I was just stating how I felt about some of the other posts. As far as the cover goes. It’s okay. The tub looks weird behind her though. And is it just me or do her teeth just keep getting whiter?

  19. Donna

    Everyone on this site knows that I am not a fan of NeNe’s, but the facts (in my opinion) are this. Yes, NeNe is an up & coming tv personality. Yes, (in NeNe’s Eyes) she is a rich bitch. She isn’t however Donald Trump rich as she stated. But lets not debate the different levels of rich. Its pointless. The fact that she is landing different rolls on tv means that she must have talent. BUT….. as someone else pointed out, the fact that NeNe is a vile, mean, uneducated,cruel, degrading,despicable,disgraceful, horrid,repulsive,vulgar and vicious human being.( I might have added a few words) That is why she has so many haters. I don’t think anyone is saying that she is not a good business woman. Hell, she must have some savvy shes made it this far. NeNe herself was and still is and always be her own worst enemy.

    • Donna

      I do want to add something…. NeNe does NOT own the pizza franchise, nor does she own her own shoe line. What NeNe has done is loaned her name out (for a fee) to these franchises. Everyone in the entertainment industry does it. Its all public record, if you know where to look. NeNe does NOT I repeat.. does NOT own ANYTHING, not a house,(rented) car, (leased)restaurant, shoe business, NOTHING! Well she might own the clothes on her back, Maybe..

      • The shoe thing is a charity thing where a celeb designs a shoe and some proceeds go to charity (the rest oddly enough goes to the Kardashians, kidding not) I’m sure she might have gotten a few hundred bucks. Maybe.

        The pizza thing is different. She owns a portion of the franchise for one store in one airport. We all know that John Kolaj, who is btw rich,liked being on the show throwing around money. Out of that storyline she ended up with a portion of a franchise. It probably makes her a little money. Certainly no enough for John to even miss. You will btw hear a mention of John in the first episode of RHOA season five. Ryan Murphy was apparently coached to make reference to him at their luncheon.

      • Donna

        Thank you Tamara. It amazes me that people will believe anything they have read about these people. Just because it is on a website, internet or magazine, doesn’t mean that its true or its the full story, or the real story.With the exception of Tamara Tattles! LOL! Publicists are great at spinning stories and the truth for the sake of their clients, and they should be for the amount of money they charge.

      • Donna you sound so salty boo. She may not own anything but she’s on the cover of a magazine. What cover of a PRINT mag have you been on? I’m not even a huge NeNe fan and at some point let it go dude. NeNe is doing the damn thing. This blog is great but it’s become a lot of hate lately. Sad.

    • lilkunta

      “NeNe herself was and still is and always be her own worst enemy. ”

      donna : masterfully said! please share where to look because i dont know. i know in the 1st season bravo paid the electric bills because they put in special lights. Then we found out the ouse nene was filming in was rented (hence the lack of furniture but nene tried to say ‘i’m waiting for my furniture to be delivered’ when she told lisa to sit on a pillow on the floor’

      • Donna

        Sorry Lilkunta, but I cant give away my secrets, but its no secret that NeNe rents or leases everything she has. A lot (not all) of the reality TV “stars” do the same thing. They want to portray themselves as having more than they actually do. Some already own a home, but have it redecorated to look better and richer for TV. Actually its not uncommon for alot of them to do this.
        Of course they will never admit to any of this unless they are forced to and then they will put a spin on it, so they look better….

  20. waeldavis

    Donna you sound so salty boo. She may not own anything but she’s on the cover of a magazine. What cover of a PRINT mag have you been on? I’m not even a huge NeNe fan and at some point let it go dude. NeNe is doing the damn thing. This blog is great but it’s become a lot of hate lately. Sad.

    • Donna

      I don’t hate NeNe, hell I don’t hate anyone as a matter of fact. Hating takes up way too much energy, and I am saving all my energy for better things. Now, I don’t really feel because I voice my opinion of NeNe, and my opinions are not in favor of her, means I am hating on her. A lot of people like her, I am not one of her fans. If you notice I didn’t comment on what she looks like on the cover, and that’s because I really don’t care about her looks and how many magazines shes on. She is a miserable human being and treats people like shit and that’s why I don’t like her. The only time NeNe is even on my radar is when I come to this site, and I like the fact that I can voice my opinion. I also have given NeNe credit when credit is

  21. honeychile

    Nene got you bitches up in here chewin on their own dam drawers.. HAAAA LOVE IT! BLOOP!

  22. RealitySux

    Not a very flattering pic – and I know isn’t meant to read that way … but her face under a headline that reads “50 gifts under 50 dollars…” lead me to laugh. Here’s hoping Nene is as cheap with her money as Kandi is … and she makes her 15 min last longer in her pocket.

  23. MD

    Honey, I smirk at your pathetic attempt at calling people trolls who hate this shitty blog. This coming from a woman or a man who talks about their molestation via twitter amongst other attention-seeking shenanigans…To be honest I find it entertaining that you personally comment within your comment section and argue with people—another sign that you are some weird recluse….And I always enjoy your colorful obsession with Sheree….So yes Tamara, I will be your so-called troll…My gift to one miserable person who writes about the lives of others

    • I don’t seek out miserable people whose blog I can’t stand to poke them with sticks everyday. I also kinda like my twitter followers and am not ashamed of being molested, so there is no reason not to mention having a rough time with it here and there. I think people call that “keeping it real” these days.

      You are by definition a troll. “In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory,[3] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[4] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion” Your picture is actually at the wikipedia site where your kind is discussed. I’d post it here but WP sucks and doesn’t let us post pics.

      As always, I appreciate you being here and driving up views.

  24. gigi

    dear donna,

    get over it!


  25. Bloop

    Association of Nene Haters.
    Tamara(Head Hater)

  26. Tc

    Dear god. It must be “give a retard an Internet connection” night.

  27. lol the retard is always here. Sometimes under multiple nics. I am particularly fond of the honeychile one who seems to have some experience with chewing on drawers. As someone with no SILVERWARE DRAWER atm due to a tragic moment when I decided to bleach it out with water… (don’t ask) causing it to swell up and not fit in the thingy anymore… if y’all are chewing on drawers, come chew mine. I can’t afford a kitchen renovation. I ain’t tryna work and have no income.

  28. chitown shelley

    all you nene lovers should know that ebony magazine is struggling to stay afloat. so it would be very helpful if each of nenes fans purchased a copy or two of the magazine. this would not only be helpful to nene by allowing her to have record sales, and thereby encourage other magazines to put her on their cover, but also would help ebonys bottom line, thereby improving their financial outlook and longevity. jus sayin. i hope this is not considered hatin.

  29. Donna

    Ok since has turned into a “hate the commenters” page.. let me try and clear some things up. First of all, I am going to try and speak for all of us “NeNe Haters”. We don’t hate NeNe personally..(well I do but I have my good reasons) we hate or strongly dislike what she represents, and wish that all of the good things that has come her way was going to someone who is more deserving.None of us are denying that she has game and hustle and she is working it to the best of her ability. Go NeNe for that. I don’t think that any of us wishes NeNe or her family any harm. I for one am glad that she is supporting her family… so we as tax payers don’t have to..We all have our favs on all of the HW shows. I am sure at some point everyone has said hateful things about a HW that they don’t like. That does NOT make them haters. It makes them not like that HW.
    This board would be VERY boring if everyone agreed with each other. Thats what makes these blogs interesting. Now its a different story when we start going after one another personally. I mean come on, bashing someone because they commented on what they thought about NeNe’s picture on the cover of Ebony? Are you gonna tell me that none of you has EVER commented on any picture of anyone? good or bad? If you dont like the pic you dont like it.. its that simple!!! It doesnt make you a hater, basher, or anything else. OMG! I went on longer than I has intended but I usually do!! LMBO!
    BUT…… I’LL BE BACK!!!!!!

    • Tracie

      I think your comments went past just commenting about the picture. At any rate, the caption for NeNe’s cover says: NeNe Leakes – Getting her Hollywood Hustle On and does not say she is rich or that she thinks she is rich.

      • Donna

        True, but the caption doesn’t say anything about wanting comments about the picture either! Yes, I go on about NeNe because I have a personal issue with NeNe, but that is my cross to bare. BTW How many times has NeNe herself say she was RICH! When you put someone on the cover of a magazine covered in diamonds… well it kinda insinuates that she is rich! Actually in reality she is far from rich, but according to NeNe she is one RICH BITCH! I will agree that she is one of those words but RICH is not the one.

    • Guest

      Donna – I have read a few of your posts and I fine you simply pathetic.

      x The Grim Reaper

    • Girl Plz...

      Well you do have a point. You have the right to comment. You do also have the right to an opinion. However, we also have a right to blast you. :)
      Whats good for the goose…..

      • Donna

        First of all I am NOT blasting any posters on this blog. I am blasting NeNe! So who in the fuck do you think you are that you feel you have the right to attack me personally?(If thats what you mean by blasting me) Thats seems to be the problem on these blogs.. I say something about someone that you don’t even know and you want to blast me as a person? Who the fuck do you think you are? NeNe’s personal protector? You can try to defend her without attacking someone personally. Its good to have many different opinions,you can attack my opinion till the cows come home. However, when those “blasts” (as you say) or opinions get personal and start attacking me as a person…… well lets just say.. be prepared because I will BLAST OR ATTACK BACK! Bring it on….

      • Donna, fans of certain housewives, Teresa Giudice and Nene being the major two, have some rabid fans that will rant and rave at you over any tiny thing you say about “their housewife.” It’s downright crazy. :)

      • Girl Plz...

        And I guess your opinions are not personal. At the end of the day Nene is human; Just like you. So get over it. Just like you say what you wanna say; I can say what ever I want.
        PS: You and Tamara are as rabid as the Nene fans Tamara mentioned. ( just read both your comments. :) )

        Plonk! 😉

      • Donna

        Ok GIRL PLZ, Im gonna try and make this as simple as I can for you, because either you are too fucking thick headed or too fucking stupid to understand what I was trying to say.
        Yes, my opinions are personal… but directed at NeNe you idiot, NOT YOU! Unless NeNe has hired you to be her personal defender on these blogs, and I would say that is highly unlikely.
        Do you know NeNe? Are you a friend or family member of hers? Are you in any way associated with NeNe Leakes? I am 100% sure the answer is NO! My comments are strictly directed at NeNe herself! NOT YOU OR ANY OTHER PERSON! So why would you take my comments personal? Why would you defend someone who doesn’t give a flying fuck about you? But like you said, you can say anything you want too. And that is true…. bring it on…. BUT… be very careful you might get bit and bit hard…..OH and Yes I did go against my own words……. This was a personal attack!!! LOL

      • Girl Plz...

        @ Donna
        I recommend prozac…

      • Donna

        I’ve tried Prozac, that shit don’t work! Besides, I am not crazy… just ask me I’ll tell you.

      • Girl Plz...

        I know…..

  30. TheTEA

    OMG!!!!!!! Y’all r some hatin ass women! Who sits around and analyzes a magazine cover!

    Go Nene! It might not he the best cover but you’re def  doing ur thing!

  31. Unbiased

    Get your life!

  32. Girl Plz...

    Now lets see if my comment will be posted…. I wonder.

  33. chell

    I love the cover I wish her more success

  34. Donna

    Wow! Ebony is sure taking a hit on their cover with Nene. Women and Men & especially black women are standing up against NeNe being on the cover of the magazine, saying the she is a disgrace to black women everywhere. Here are a few quotes…”This now ranks Ebony with the check out line gossip magazines and off of my list of subscriptions.” Another quote, ” I think it is a disgrace to have her on the cover of Ebony as if she is someone we should look up to.”
    I am so glad that their is a huge majority out there in this world that feel the same a me. Ebony might had thought putting NeNe on the cover was a good idea and would boost sales, but it looks as though it might have backfired on them…

    • Guest

      Oh Donna, you have so much dish on NeNe maybe you should come out with your own blog. I didn’t know half the stuff you mentioned about her. Why so much hate for someone that hasn’t done anything to you personally?? Do you live in Atlanta?

      x No Longer the Grim Reaper. LOL

      • Donna

        Guest, No I don’t live in Atlanta, and how do you know that NeNe has never done anything to me personally? Yes, I do know a lot about NeNe, just because she has treated someone in my family very badly. Why would I want my own blog when I can have so much fun on Tamara Tattles?

      • Donna has mentioned she has a personal axe to grind with Nene. She is welcome to do that here, just as Nene fans are welcome to defend her. I find it amusing that people that only know Nene through the TV want to defend her against someone who has had personal interaction with her.

        I could care less what anyone’s opinions are about Nene but her rabid fans just like Teresa’s rabid fans (in both cases I am excluding the normal fans) amuse me.

  35. Rob

    NeNe always acts fake and gives of the appearance she is jealous of every women on the show and that jealousy is going to sink her. NeNe needs to get wise or her little sitcom trek will come to an end and learn a lesson from Charlie Sheen who was on top and came tumbling down.

    Any grown women who goes around blabbing what so and so said about you really needs to check herself and never mind checking anyone else.

  36. Allison

    What money and power??

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