Anderson Cooper’s Daytime Show Cancelled After Two Seasons

I’ve gotta admit that I’m pretty shocked that Anderson Cooper has been cancelled after only two seasons. I thought his first season was better than the second. He did seem to take a turn toward the weird lately. He also got pretty confrontational with some of his guests. But I didn’t see cancellation in his future. Were y’all watching this?


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10 responses to “Anderson Cooper’s Daytime Show Cancelled After Two Seasons

  1. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Karma is a big bitch Anderson. More of a bitch than you were to Teresa.

  2. Tc

    I think there is just too much talk show glut every day. In my market, he’s up against Kelly Lee and Kathy Lee. He relky should have teamed up with Kelly when he had the chance. Michael Streyhan is a dull, hard to look at dumbdumb.

    • Soncee


      With All due respect, I disagree with part of your statement. While I can totally agree with the first half of your comment, I take offense to the second, specifically your use of the term a dumb-dumb when referring to Mr. Strahan. Especially when you consider that Pictionary’s chock-filled with other synonyms.

  3. Donna

    I am usually not home in the daytime anyway, and I think I have seen his show maybe once or twice since he’s been on.. I could take him or leave him..I don’t however think that his show being canceled had anything to do with Karma and his being a bitch to Teresa. LOL! But hey….. I could be wrong and the karma universe is revolving around Teresa and Anderson Cooper.

  4. Katrina

    Maybe Anderson wanted to more traveling and news worthy stories!

  5. ACJ

    I like Anderson Cooper, but I’m not too surprised his show was cancelled. In my opinion, the show just didn’t seem to flow like the other talk shows do, kinda like he was stumbling his way through each and every show. He just wasn’t a natural at it like Wendy, Ellen, Kelly, or Kathy Lee and Hoda.

  6. I liked him, but have to admit (I don’t, but will) I went from daily support to flipping over to judge judy when things got boring. Now I just go to Judy.

  7. What pisses me off is, Anderson said he was bullied after T’s first appearance. WHEN U GET CALLED OUT FOR BEHAVIOR, that is not Bullying.

    • Judy

      Oh I so agree with you! I used to like the guy but I knew he was in cahoots with his boyfriend AuntieAndy…couldn’t watch him after that!

  8. I don’t think the format was ever right. I love Anderson the CNN journalist, I don’t like the compromises required to turn him into Wendy Williams. He unfortunately came across as strident in a platform that requires a level of warmth & humor. The skills required to berate a Dictator of an evolving country is slightly different than that required to engage a Housewife. I’m just not sure packaging Anderson as cuddly for a daytime audience was ever going to work.

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