Tonight, On a Very Special Episode of Real Housewives of Miami…

Gif by the Fabulous RealityTVGifs

Come on people. Are you really not going to watch this with me?


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19 responses to “Tonight, On a Very Special Episode of Real Housewives of Miami…

  1. honeychile

    Adriana looks like Teresa’s ole evil monkey lookin ass in that gif.

  2. Ms Urethra Franklin

    I did not realize that there was a new episode on tonight. Thanks for the notice. I will be watching.

  3. CE

    What is s the blurred out spot on Lisa’s boob? It’s too high to be a nipple ?!?

    • Buck Henry

      It was done on both Lisa and Joanna. At first I thought there was something there, and then I thought it was a nipple slip. What happened I think is that someone messed up and put it there if by chance a nipple slip happens.

  4. smooches

    Joanna pursued and got her ass handed to her…and now she’s talking tough on WWHL…she’s beyond wack and lame

  5. Critter

    I was disappointed, was hoping A would knock J on her ass…
    Didn’t watch WWHL, no point in listening to their bullshit…

  6. Gigi

    Dang I was so hoping that Adriana would have knocked Joanna on her simple ass. She is such a simple, silly drunk. No wonder Roman cheats on her she is too immature. She has better use them looks and save her money because no man is gonna put up with her long term. Karent is lame as well as that “T” on the end of her name – what’s that about. I’m really like Lea Black – she brings the drama on the sly.

  7. Pffftt

    I don’t understand why Miami isn’t rating very well. It is much more entertaining than New York, and Orange County. The story lines are good, the women are beautiful, the homes are beautiful. They go to fun parties. The setting is beautiful (Miami).

    There is a ton of drama this season. A physical altercation. Big personalities. Even some of the minor characters like Elsa, Elaine Lancaster, Joe Francis, Marta.. bring conflict and drama.

    I think the problem is there are waaay too many Housewife shows. If this show was created 2 or 3 yrs ago, it would be a hit.

    • A+++++++++++++ totally agree

    • Lydia

      I totally agree. Yes, their homes are beautiful, the parties are elegant, Miami is a great location and there is certainly loads of drama.
      It might just be that Atlanta and Beverley Hills are more popular. If Miami had been scheduled alongside New York or even Orange County, it might have higher ratings.
      ATL and BH are the juggernauts, IMHO.

  8. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Joanna= pretty on outside, yet very ugly on the inside.

    I was looking forward to a recap today. I suspect hurricane related issues are affecting Ms. Tattles. Hope all is well with all.

  9. i’m actually having a nervous breakdown. promise to be back.

    • chitown shelley

      hope this is an exaggeration girlfriend. hang in there. im counting on reading some fine sandy snark!

    • Girl, please. Don’t be over there going to pieces on us. Allow me a moment to be completely ignorant— and suggest a short episode where you get up and throw a few things around (not too much since you will have to clean that mess up later) followed by a good UGLY cry where you allow your make-up to run, snot to run…all of it, operative phrase, let it run–and not give a damn. Afterwards get to your nearest gym for solid hour on the treadmill with the loudest music your earphones can muster, followed by 20 minutes in the gym sauna, a good shower, then take your butt home, put your feet up and sip on the kind of stiff drink that would befit a 300lb. Sumo wrestler then go. to. bed…we’ll keep checking back to see how you’re doing a little later. Whether it’s just small annoyance or a big whack in the head from life, know that this too, Tamara, whatever it is, shall pass.

      • Lydia

        Backporch, I know it was aimed at Tamara, but this post made me laugh. Love the suggestions and your way with words!

        Could be too late but, Tamara, I hope you got through whatever it was and you have fully recovered now.

  10. Mmmmmhmmmmm

    The amount of “nip slips” in this episode was just over the top. I just can’t get behind these vapid, vacuous substitutes for human beings.

  11. thatamandagirl

    Ooooh, girl! I just read what’s going on through Twitter. I don’t know much about your personal story, but after what I just read, some pieces fell into place and I see where you’ve been coming from with some of your posts. Stay strong, Tamara! You’ll get through this!

  12. PJ

    For someone who is so concern about not wearing fur, Joanna, she does not hesitate to wear high end leather shoes and probably has high end hand bags made of leather. Come on get over it. It is OK to be an PETA activist, but you are going too far. I think Marisol’s “vintage” fur was a very nice. Who makes you the Queen that gets offended if someone wears fur in your presence. Get over your self, you soon will be a has been “Model” with an empty head.

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