Sneak Peek at Nene Leakes on RHOA Season Five

Although the first episode opens with a Nene Leakes scene, there is not a lot of Nene on the first episode. She has two scenes just like everyone else. I’m saving Kenya and Cynthia for last for a reason. Those are the exciting scenes of the upcoming season. Kenya Moore’s behavior makes Nene’s worst day seem civilized.

Am I the only one that thinks they could have done better than this short black dress for Nene’s intros? It doesn’t seem to fit right on her. Maybe it’s just too short? It looks like a tall person in a petite cut dress to me.

Anyway, we open the season with Nene and Gregg. These two have been joined at the hip for ages despite being “divorced.”

Gregg and Nene have a couples scene where Nene is wearing some kinda longish wig with a headwrap. Gregg pretends to be bringing  in the mail on a visit to the house where we all know he stays with Nene. I really don’t get the point of this. I get that the divorce was a way for Gregg to go bankrupt with Nene’s money left untouched by creditors, but how long must this charade go on? During the time this was filmed Nene was on twitter denying Gregg was cheating on her despite the fact they were divorced.  These two are closer than they have ever been. Gregg is full of compliments and Nene responds with school girl giggling. They try to do a quick rehash of the marital issues and Gregg makes it clear he wants to reconcile. Whatever, Bravo.

I do like the orange dress Nene wears in the talking head scenes on the new season.

Nene’s second scene is in LA with Ryan Murphy. The two go to lunch and Nene asks how his Obama fundraiser went at his house. Last June, Ryan had an intimate garden party as his home for 70 of his closest friends. The fundraiser was $40K per couple. It seems that despite Nene tweeting support for Obama that little soiree was too rich for her blood. Nene attempts to call her very good friend Tyler Perry during lunch. Hilarity ensues.

The final sneak peak will be about Cynthia and Kenya. Kenya is already telling everyone who will listen she is the shit stirrer this season. So far she’s not really shit stirring, she’s just making a fool of herself. Stay tuned.




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55 responses to “Sneak Peek at Nene Leakes on RHOA Season Five

  1. lynda carter

    That dress is incredibly short for her. I daresay if she turned around and bent over we would be scared into old age!

    • Donna

      I bet she wouldn’t even have to bend over! I’m not sure that dress covers her big ass standing up!

    • Katrina

      I like the dress and gives her a different vibe. The dress is short, but I think they are tying to bring more attention to her legs. This is probably not a dress that Nene would normally wear. Nene may let the girls hang out, but she normally covers up that backside!!

      • soncee

        Don’t ask me why, but I also like the LBD, NeNe’s wearing. if I had to guess, I’d say it gives her a youthful,yet age appropriate sense of style, and the color perfectly suites her skin tone.

  2. i think her dress is cute…and glad for Nene, bc she has really taken a whole different twist from where we first met Nene and how she has evolved…since this is supposed to be her last season..just happy she is doing more than what people expect her to be doing!

  3. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    I don’t care for Nene, but I was loving in S. Africa last season she was almost the voice of reason. Almost. Not entirely. That whole Sheree vs Manlo scene made Sheree vs Nene look tame.

  4. Imma need y’all to work up some Kenya hate after the first episode because it just gets worse from there. She’s a disgrace and it ain’t pretty.

  5. Donna

    I’m not sure how Nene has evolved at all. She is ghetto, always has been ghetto and always will be ghetto. You can put expensive clothes, jewelery, and shoes on someone but it still does not take the ghetto out of them. I wish I could say that if Nene would keep her mouth shut, she might be able to pull off having some class, but even her body language and attitude is GHETTO… She will have her 10 minutes of fame for prob another year and she’ll be right back where she was before.. renting houses and being sued for non-payment of rent. Nene is a street thug, she’s street smart and is a good con artist.. sooner or later her reputation will catch up to her and she’ll be back on the street where she came from.

    • “Hi Haters” *waves & smiles* Nene Leakes.

    • Lydia

      I think she is trying to evolve. Remember when she didn’t want to be around the ‘Twitter people’ and she walked away from Sheree in the first episode of last season? She didn’t prolong the argument,she got up and walked away. This is epic new Nene!! This could be her version of ‘moving on up’.

      Yes, she is pretentious and flashy but I think if she is smart ( smart in the sense of she has good old fashioned common sense) she might just be able to avoid the mistakes that her cast mates (and those from other franchises) have made i.e.overspending, foreclosures and living beyond her means.

      If she follows Kandi’s lead and buys a property rather than renting one, this will give her much needed stability. I read somewhere that she is earning lots of money from the New Normal and her business ventures,so there is every prospect that she will come out on top.

      Her appearances on Wendy Williams, Glee, Watch What Happens Live and the New Normal have affected her already inflated ego.

      Nene is a GO GETTER! She has been branching out into various business ventures in her red bottoms, with or without Italian John, for a while now.

      I won’t be ordering her shoes any time soon, but I commend her for leveraging her opportunities while she is “hot” and in demand.

      This season, though, Nene may get a long overdue comeuppance. Sheree was the only one who could take her on IMHO, but apparently Kenya or the other new lady (whose name escapes me) ‘handles her in a way that only Nene could understand.

      I don’t like pretentious, shallow people but I think Nene is deeper than this. She hides behind a rough/brash/loud exterior, while inside she is kind and gentle. Nene does not allow this side of her character to be seen too often. She might view it as a weakness. This is why she used to START confrontations rather than let them happen to her. She is still working out her public persona. Lastly having a new grand-daughter must have softened her heart and brought out a sweeter side.. Maybe reconciling with Greg will also turn out to be a positive thing.

      Tamara, what do you think of my assessment? Would love to compare notes!

  6. There really ain’t much to hate on Nene about this episode. Though there may be a laugh or two at her expense. She’s enjoying a new kind of 15mins and it’s kinda cute.

  7. chitown shelley

    too funny! imma hafta be on the same side as donna and lynda carter on this one. she has already worn out her welcome with me. she struck me as a bully who knew who to pick on; she never picked a fight with anyone who was likely to knock her ass out! fake is fake however, and nene is the queen of fake. the 15 minute clock is ticking on her….

    • Donna

      I have never liked Nene. She started the show with nothing… They were in debt up to their ears. She was nothing but a bully and there is no getting around that. In the last couple of years she has this “I’m better than you” attitude. She was trash and will still continue to be trash in my book. Now that’s not to say, that sometimes the crap that comes out of her mouth cracks me up! But I’m trying to hold my hate until later in the season. LOL!

  8. Well I just watched a clip on SH and I haven’t really been paying much attention to the promos or anything else about RHOA’s upcoming season but I have to say I was disgusted. Kenya Moore is such a beautiful woman but seems to be ugly as sin on the inside…dayum shame and a waste!! I hope that little clip I saw isn’t indicative of what her character is going to be about this season because if it is…I’m done. Whatever ever happened to the phrase “pretty is as pretty does”? When did some women begin to believe that conducting themselves in such a “base” manner was indicative of having class or being cultured?

  9. I can assure you that whatever clip you saw is NOTHING compared to what I saw on the whole episode…. it will be coming soon.

  10. Donna

    “Pretty is as pretty does” doesn’t make good TV. Miss Kenya Moore is out to get herself a spinoff show of her own, and being sugar and spice and all things nice, isn’t going to get the attention she needs for it. She will try and follow in Nene’s footsteps… play the villain,(well in Nene’s case she really was and is the villain) get a lot of air time, and a lot of followers, and WALA!! you get your own show. Well, maybe and then maybe not.

  11. puhlease, this bitch will not get her show over this. Not real woman will stand for her behavior, she’s a thug. I for one wish she wasn’t on the the show to start with. She’s horrible. No one with respect for women could possilbly like her.

    • Donna

      She may not get her own show… I hope she doesn’t. But, I think this is HER GOAL..She needs to get all the attention she can.. good or bad. I never thought that Nene would have as many fans as she did, but look what happened. The executives and producers of these shows don’t care about whether the person is good or evil.. all they want is someone who will make good TV.. With that said, I cant wait to starting hating on her! LOL!

      • honeychile

        If Nene was so damn evil, why did she cast over half of all they asses on this show? If it wasn’t for Nene, this show would have been canceled the first season like RHODC. She helped hire Kim, Sheree, Cynthia, Lashawn Snow, Dwight & Derek J. That was Nene’s doing. They should be thanking Nene for making them relevant! Only one that wasn’t her doing was Lisa Wu. Marlo was brought on the show for the sole purpose to fight with Nene over Charles Grant but that was a FLOP cause Nene didn’t even mess with him like that so super-fail on the sh** starting producers part. Kim’s hairdresser (who he just met on the show) Derek J helped Kandi get on the show.. Phaedra claimed to know Nene, that was her ticket in. You know damn well this show has revolved around Nene since the beginning. Stop HATIN’ start CONGRATULATING!

      • Katrina

        I don’t know what show you have been watching, but Nene did not start out as a villian or evil person on the show. Nene has always been loud and opinionated. It was late in season 2 when Nene appeared to be evil and bitter, mainly due to Tardy for the Party!! I do think the producers are trying to replace her with Kenya. Unlike some people, Nene has evolved and changed due to her circumstances. I like Nene because she expresses herself, even though it may not be popular!!

  12. smooches

    NeNe is awesome but when you’re determined to hate someone nothing can be said to deter so…moving on…I actually adore her dress, it’s cute, not sexy but just cute, like a lunch date outfit…I’ve been a fan since day 1…now on Kenya, OMG she is beyond pressed…I’m certain she watched some shows and felt the mean route was the way to go…her meanness is not likeable at all…her only claim to fame is Ms USA from 30 years ago and some straight to dvd films

    • Karma Grant

      Ya know from my short time watching various franchises (1 season of BH, OC,A and NJ) I’ve learned there’s always at least one rabid hater. I actually laugh at how worked up they get over the person they’re hating. Especially since it’s a tv personality. Not someone they personally know.

      • Donna

        Karma Grant, with the chance of being called paranoid I am gonna take a wild guess that in your post you were referring to me. I have not said or done anything to you personally. You may not agree with my OPINION of NeNe and that’s all fine & good, just like I don’t have to agree with your opinion. But calling me names such as “RABID HATER” is not necessary. I could go on about the fact that I have in fact met NeNe. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I know her personally after just meeting her once and in the same room with her 2 times, but its still more than you could say….. right? I could also ask the question of “why do you get so worked up & why would you defend a person that you don’t know personally”?

      • Karma Grant

        Donna, actually I wasn’t referring to you. If the shoe fits wear it I guess. But no, wasn’t about you. I was replying to Smooches with an observation I made from watching various shows in the franchise. Also I don’t see where I’ve defended anyone. What you will see in future posts of mine (since I am new here you’ve yet to see anything but in this one blog post of Tamara) is my possible defending of characters I see or even attacking an action of a character on a tv show. At the end of the day none of what is shown on tv matters one bit to me, nor do the posts or comments on blog.

      • Donna

        LOL! Well I can’t speak for Smooches but (here comes my paranoia again, Damn I keep forgetting to take my pill) I think Smooches was referring to me, so therefore that would mean that YOU were talking to me or about me also. But onto bigger & better things…we could debate this for hours and I’m bored with it already. BUT………
        If what is shown on tv and the blogs & comments don’t mean anything to you why are you here? I mean the show, blogs, and comments are not my life, but I am interested in what others think about these things. Also, sometimes (not often) I have been known to change my mind, or opinion on a subject. So therefore that is why I come here… whats your story? BTW Welcome!

      • Karma Grant

        I like reading other’s opinions, that’s why I am here. They don’t mean anything to me. My life goes on with or without the shows/blogs about the shows.

        Whether Smooches was referring to you or not is neither here nor there and I can’t answer for someone I don’t know. Again, I’ve made an observation and their comment was the perfect place to reply and share it. So really, there’s nothing to debate with you.

        Changing our minds/opinions is great. It’s one of the things that make us human.

  13. AB

    I really like that Nene had a goal and got things done. Nene is doing things and she helped a lot of ppl so I agree with honeychile. I have respect for her hustle. She’s smarter than ppl think and thats why shes making things happen for herself

    • Donna

      First of all I never said that NeNe wasn’t smart.. Oh she’s smart alright. Street Smart, and on top of that she’s got game and like Tamara said she is a THUG! When you are a street thug, you have to have a hustle. NeNe has not evolved. She has however learned how to act, but NeNe has been acting all her life. When I say act I don’t mean that in the TV role sense.. When NeNe wanted to branch into acting the first thing people told her was to TONE IT DOWN! She’s loud, obnoxious,mean, cruel, well you get the point. She was smart enough to take their advice. But being the toned downed version is not the real NeNe. Its just another role shes playing. NeNe is still a thug and will never have the class or respect of her peers in the acting profession or any other profession because of who she is and how she acts. You see people that actually have class can see right thru people who are acting like they have class. NeNe is laughable. Her peers are laughing at her NOT with her. You might say that its ok, because NeNe is laughing all the way to the bank.. Well these days you can look up anyone’s net worth. In January 2012 I was worth more than NeNe and I don’t consider myself a “RICH BITCH” by any means. She can say she has this and that, but when you owe more money than you have coming in, that doesn’t say much doesn’t it? She will be another wanna be that will end up owing the IRS 2 million in back taxes. BTW (Off topic… Sheree is only worth $50,000)
      I do have one question though.AB you said that NeNe has helped a lot of people? Like WHO? and please don’t come up with that crap that she helped get the whole cast get on the show, because that’s a bunch of dog shit.

      • chitown shelley

        come on donna. dont hold back. tell us how you really feel! LOL!

      • Donna

        In all fairness I have to make a correction. When I said that Sheree was worth only $50,000 I was wrong. It was suppose to be $250,000. Cynthia is the one who is worth $50,000. BTW Kandi is worth $35 Million!
        I also have to make a correction about NeNe. NeNe doesn’t OWN anything, therefor her net worth cannot be determined.

  14. Skeeter

    She looks like 10 lbs. of crap shoved into a 5 lb. bag in that dress. With all the success she’s having you’d think she’d hire a stylist, and if that’s a stylists’ doing, she needs to hire another one!

  15. Karma Grant

    I agree, the dress just looks like it was cut for a shorter person overall, not just length in general. Can’t wait to see the new season. Last season was the first full season I watched, only watched less than a handful of episodes previously.

  16. Donna

    LMAO! I just don’t understand why people can not see thru NeNe’s bullshit! Its frustrating to me that she has pulled the wool over so many different peoples eyes. I guess I am all about just being real. No act, no fakeness, just me. What you see is what you get, and I suppose I expect that out of other people… Maybe I should lower my expectations….hmmmmm…… NOPE! LOL!

    • Karma Grant

      I think you expect too much “real” from reality tv if that’s what you want to see. In non tvland I expect the same (no acting, no fake bs) but not when it comes to anything filmed for a tv show.

      • Donna

        I AM talking about in real life. I know that in the show they are told to act a certain way, or the producers decide who is going to be the villain, or they can edit the show to swing however they want it to be.I know the next question is going to be…”how do you know NeNe in real life”? I wont go into the details but I have met NeNe 2 times.I was only introduced to her one of those times. Both times we were at charity functions and both times she was rude & walked around like she was better than everyone in the room. She was very standoffish, and I thought it might be that she did not know anyone but I was told that that was not the case. From what I was told she is like that most of the time,and on top of that in both instances she never donated to either charity. A few of the people that have personal contact with NeNe said that she never donates, she is just there to be seen & connect with what I call the “higher ups”. My thoughts are if your invited to a charity and your not going to donate, why show up at all? Oh and both times she was with Gregg. I would have liked to have met him but I wasn’t introduced and I didn’t want to push the issue. From my observation of him though, he seemed very friendly.
        I just had a brain fart! I bet I was not one of the “higher ups” that’s why she was snotty and rude…. Thats it! Maybe she really is a nice person. Oh…..I haven’t taken my meds today so I’m still in my delusional state!

      • Katrina

        @Donna What type of charity events? Have youe met any of the other housewives?

      • Donna

        No, I have not met any other housewives. I usually am not invited to those kinds of things, but I have a wonderful friend and she asked if I wanted to go and I said ok. The first time was for Breast Cancer, and the second one was for Children with Leukemia. I didn’t donate a huge amount but at least I donated, unlike NeNe Leakes.

  17. These comments have me joked out.. lol

  18. AB

    Kim had to admit that Nene helped her get on the show and we all know she helped other so thats not BS. I never said anything about her being rich. Also, a lot of ppl had to hustle to better themselves like the Kennedy Family and their bootlegging. So stop hating on Nene for coming up

    • Donna

      AB, my statement about NeNe’s worth was not directed at you, and I am sorry if you took it as being directed at you personally.I was just voicing my unsolicited opinion.
      My only question to you was, the fact that you said that NeNe has helped “alot” of people. I was just trying to clarify who those people were. Your definition of “alot” is different than mine. My definition of alot is…”a large number or amount” So far your defintion of “alot” is what 3? 4? or are we talking the whole cast here?
      I get it now… NeNe Leakes is responsible for the casting of the RHOA.. I bet she is upset that she is not getting credit for the casting and I bet she is even more upset cause she didn’t get paid for it either.Oh I’m sorry, my bad, she was responsible for “HELPING” those people become cast members.
      I have nothing against a hustling. As a matter of fact I can appreciate a good hustle, and in my day I could pull off a good hustle with the best of them, but I wasn’t FAKE, MEAN, CRUEL, or a BULLY!
      Over & Out! LOL!

  19. smooches

    wonder if Kenya’s thread will top NeNes

  20. well prepare yourself because I am about to go HARD IN THE PAINT with my hate for Kenya

  21. Pffftt

    Nene was fun, opinionated, and sassy in Seasons 1-3. She was like someone you would want to hang out with. Season 4, she was VERY BORING. All she did was open up gifts from that rich Italian fat dude. That’s not entertaining.

    I don’t understand why people say Nene is changing “for the better”, if stuck up, boring, and a big ego is “for the better” that speaks volumes about those people. She is FUCKING BORING. And fake as shit.

    They need to FIRE her from the show. I wonder if she tapes with the rest of the cast this Season? She can be replaced, and apparently Kenya is that person. I watched clips of Kenya this season, and she is VERY entertaining. Very outspoken. Some may find her funny, other would call her ghetto…

  22. Thanks for all the comments today, y’all. I wasn’t feeling much like blogging today but I’ve enjoyed the debates in comments. :)

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