Joanna Krupa Attempts to Revive the Merkin

I sort of thought I might have imagined this whole PETA thing with Joanna last night. I thought perhaps I just dreamed it up in my drunken slumber or something. But no, it is a real thing apparently. Which is awesome. Because there are never enough things to mock Joanna Krupa about. I dunno what is worse, being a high-priced hooker, screwing Joe Francis or making this PETA Campaign. It really doesn’t matter. I’m laughing about it all. Unattractive indeed.


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4 responses to “Joanna Krupa Attempts to Revive the Merkin

  1. Donna

    1.Joanna Krupa— She’s a joke
    2.High Priced Hooker- Most Likely
    3.Screwing Joe Francis? Gross & Disgusting (unless she got paid an obscene amount of money)See Number 2
    4.Peta Picture- REALLY GROSS!

  2. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    I like Joanna, my thing about it is PETA puts more animals to death than they do actually saving them, but hey, whatever makes your boat float? Also, why does she keep bringing up the Kardashian’s every time you look around? We get it, you don’t like them, but Joanna’s claim to fame is being naked in men’s magazines and Kim’s is being naked on camera, it’s the same damn thing, so Joanna really doesn’t have any room to talk. Kim wears fur. Ok, but who makes the fur? The designers. She’s picking and choosing her battles as far as I can see. If you’re going to be an animal’s right activist, then go after the fur industry itself. JS

  3. She is obsessed with the Kardashians. Of all the places in all the world that sell actual furs, she chooses to boycott DASH where they had like a vest with fur trim in the store. She’s nuts. And not the adorable kind like me. :)

  4. Critter

    My only response is the carpet matches the roots of the drapes…

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