Was That Really Whitney Houston’s Grave on Last Night’s Show?

I was trying to wimp out of being the one to say this in the other post, but it’s driving me crazy so I’m just going to put it out there. I felt like that was a staged grave visit. I don’t mean just the whole “hey let’s go visit the grave on Mother’s Day with full camera’s in tow”, I’m saying I am not convinced that was the actual grave. I think they could have done that whole scene over someone else’s grave. At the time I watched it didn’t seem right. There were graves all together where I would expect there to be extra plots. I expected some angel statues and divatude. I’m not sure a gravestone would be there in just three months either. I’ve ordered them before and they take forever. It’s such a simple marker. I can’t read what it says but it doesn’t look like HOUSTON. Also there were rumors that Whitney was buried in a lot of jewelry and there were guards watching the burial site 24/7 for some time so that people would not dig her up. There is no way the grass would grow in that nice between February and May in NJ. So many things seem off about this.

Am I crazy? I mean I know I am crazy, but am I wrong thinking this?

UPDATE: The above picture was taken of the actual grave on October 22, 2012. Still no tombstone, eight months later.  Looks like it could be the same cemetery that they filmed in, just not exactly the right spot.

UPDATE 2: IT WAS THE ACTUAL GRAVE. I just watched the show again and you can clearly see Whitney’s father’s grave pictured above. They also say that this is the first time ANY family member has returned. That’s weird. I went a lot when my parents died at first and then less later. Taking flowers, etc.  So anyway. Now we know.



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18 responses to “Was That Really Whitney Houston’s Grave on Last Night’s Show?

  1. Tc

    Looks like CUIRVITZ. I imagine her grave having a giant angel statue on top of a mausoleum. But maybe they didn’t film the actual grave to keep the public away.

  2. I envision the giant angel statue too. Maybe the three tombstones we see are her neighbors and there is more space in the foreground for her gravestone/angel/whatever. I am not sure what is creepier, being at the real grave site or being at some stranger’s grave pretending it is hers. The whole show is just wrong and keeps nagging at me even a full day later.

  3. chitown shelley

    i hesitate to say this here, cause i dont want to feel like im paranoid, or rather any more paranoid than usual, but this is the discussion i was having with my chat group earlier. we felt for all the drama and bling that surrounded the burial of whitney, that it sure looked like the family cheaped out on her gravesite. doesnt add up. cant decide which is worse – cheap or fake? this show is an abomination on so many levels. i just want it to go away quickly, before they embarass themselves any further.

    • Isn’t it weird that we hesitate to even discuss these issues because it feels sort of disrespectful to Whitney, yet her own family is putting it on TV?

      • chitown shelley

        like we are trying to give them the class, morals, sensitivity that they obviously lack. it is all just so sad. how much money would it take for any of us to sink to this level?

    • I’ve had more than my share of death in my family. People get really weird and do strange things in the aftermath. So I’m not going to judge. No one ever thinks it is them that is reacting weirdly…ya know? I am sure they are doing the best that they can and that Pat thinks she is doing the right thing. But still, it’s sort of hard to look at and hard to look away from at the same time. I like that while we are all sort of horrified we are still trying to be respectful.

  4. I don’t think it’s her grave either. I wouldn’t want folks to be able to find it.

  5. rosbeav

    I don’t think this is her grave. As a family member with someone this popular I would never just televised her site. Can you imagined the fans and folks consecrating her grave?

  6. Thanks for the link Critter. I updated the post.

  7. I refuse to watch this show … I truly hope the ratings are dismal and it’s canceled.

    • Me Too KayTee, me too.

    • Baytothea

      I watched the first episode and they all reek. I recall cissi being so concerned for Chrissy in the aftermath of the death yet they began filming this quickly? Really? They need to go somewhere. Chrissy has a face for radio. Do that. Pat reminds me of An aunt I have to a tee…not a compliment.

  8. Donna

    Ok, I have held it in and I can’t take it anymore. The only thing real about this show is this..
    1. Chrissy has some real issues.(but how can you blame her when she has grown up getting anything and everything she has ever wanted. She has watched both her parents battle with alcohol and drugs and acting like total idiots (on and off of cameras). She probably has not had the word NO said to her very many times. She probably was not taught any of the life skills that one needs to actually have a normal life ( whatever normal is)
    2. The fact that the family has decided to air their dirty laundry only 3 months after Whitney’s death. Its distasteful, ungrateful, disgusting, and every other word you a can come up with.
    3. Lets face it… Whitney’s family is not unlike a lot of other celebrity’s families, especially when there has been drugs or alcohol in the mix. The goal after a death is to profit off of ones death. (Just like Michael Jackson’s family did and are still doing)

    I could go on and on, but I will get off my soap box for now. It just pisses me off!!!!!!

  9. Ms Urethra Franklin

    I’m days late, but I just watched the first episodes.
    Bobbi Kristina Houston, you have a problem.
    A drinking problem at least. She mumbled and slurred her speech in every scene. I could barely understand her. She seemed so sedated too. It was very disturbing to see that. I feel really bad for her, and this exploitation with the show. Since employer Whitney is gone, the extended family is using these circumstances for another revenue stream.

  10. sandi

    I agree with Urethra this child does have a big big problem with either drugs or alcohol and needs help soon. Its very sad to see and why they would televise all this is beyond me.

  11. Queen Mabootie

    This is the actual grave. I’ve visited it twice. It’s a very simple gravesite.

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