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Sometimes I blog to share some tea or throw some shade and other times I blog just to say, WTF? This blog is one of those times where I am dying to know what you guys thought about a show. Last night, I watched the premiere episodes of The Houstons on Lifetime. I wasn’t planning on blogging it or recapping it because sometimes you just want to watch TV, ya know? The show was so unsettling, I just want to see what you guys thought of it.

I was sort of looking forward to the show but after it was over I just felt so of…odd. I don’t think any of us thought this show was a good idea in the first place but, after watching, it seems like an even worse idea that we originally thought. Just three months after Whitney’s death, the entire clan goes to the grave site on Mother’s day with a film crew? This is just unimaginable to me.

I saw Pat, Cissy and Rayah on The View yesterday plugging the show and Pat seemed very uncomfortable when Barbara Walters asked about Krissi’s drinking. Pat tried to blow it off like it was nothing and Barbara insisted that on the previews they were shown it seemed to be an issue. The entire interview was very uncomfortable. Just like the show.  Krissi is shown drinking in many scenes and appears drunk or on drugs or both in lots of the scenes. Was I the only one who felt that the scene where Krissi and Nick show up for dinner and Krissi goes straight for the wine, that she was drunk on arrival? Back in February, I reported that Krissi was being watched 24/7 by Warren Boyd, the guy the TV show The Cleaner  was based on, who was acting as an interventionist and trying to encourage her to go to rehab. If she went to rehab, it was not reported by the media.

So did y’all watch this? What were your thoughts?


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33 responses to “The Houstons on Lifetime

  1. chitown shelley

    i just finished emailing about this show to my chat group. i have to clean it up a little cause i know you have sensitive readers, but let me say this was the worst mess i have ever seen on tv. and that is saying something cause i grew up at a time when my mother the car was on tv. first, everyone on the show needs diction lessons, cause in whole scenes, i could not understand a single word of dialogue. they had to have known this was a problem, cause every one of cissys scenes had subtitles. one of the family members laughed and said houston we have a problem, and they all laughed. i thought, this is what you should have named this mess. bobbi criss at the very least, has a serious drinking problem. she slurred her words in all her scenes. she and her brother/fiance, could not keep their hands off each other, even at family events. who does that in front of their grandmother, of all people? and she says something like, you be a good girl for me, ok? sorry grams, but clearly that ship has sailed. and auntie pat clearly sees herself as the star of this show. why, i dont know. she has such a slow and deliberate speaking voice, i think shes on downers. i also saw them talking about this show on the view, and baba walters also hammered home the point that she knew they were doing this for the money. i think bobby brown is not aware of it yet, but he dodged a big bullet by not being asked to be a part of this was not a good look for any of them.

  2. AB

    This show was a really BAD idea. Pat wants to be famous and she is using Bobbi Cris. Pat acts like she doesn’t know BC been partying and getting drunk. Joan looked so uncomfortable at dinner. Pat wants to act like she is so grounded and wants the best for BC but she’s in it for her own greed. I feel sorry for BC b/c I know this must be a really hard time for her. In some scene her mouth looks like she had a stroke. Her voice sounds like she’s been smoking a lot. BC needs help not a TV show. I am not buying the whole brother/god son act. BC had her boyfriend living with her and her family knew it. Pat and the Houstons need to stop pretending. And yes subtitles would be very helpful.

  3. Critter

    I didn’t see it, but will catch it on-demand tomorrow because of
    your blog & comment… The header picture is sad, she looks like
    a lost child playing grown-up with the ring & wine glass, just so
    sad to look at… Is that her the brother/letch who looks like he’s
    waiting for her to pass out so he can go thru her wallet, why is he
    still in her life other then the money – she looks so lost…
    May only watch it once since Chitown Shelley said they are hard
    to understand…

    • chitown shelley

      dear critter, let me just say not being able to understand what all they are saying will be the least of the problems you will have with this show. this show is the dictionary definition of hot mess. your assessment of the photo of bc is spot on.

  4. football mom

    I was troubled and embarrassed. The whole thing confirmed that money cannot buy class. Has Krissy graduated high school? No one seemed remotely educated. Did Nick have a black eye? Is there anyone responsible in this whole family? It seemed that Pat was only concerned about the drinking because cameras were there…it’s not like she took the drink away. Her daughter implied that Pat is negligent towards her because of her involvement with Krissy. And, Cissy, Lord have mercy! Why was she even on? They talked about her as if there is not much respect or relationship.

    I stopped watching because I felt so sad for Crissy. She seems to have no direction and no moral compass…but heck, during her formative years, she was abandoned emotionally while her mom and dad fought demons. We can only hope and pray that she will survive and not repeat her mother’s path.

  5. Donna

    I watched it and I agreed with what has been said before. My thoughts on this is well….disgusted at best… It seems like the goose who has been laying the golden eggs is now dead of an overdose and they are scrambling trying to make money because they now have to support themselves. This show is awful and it is sad. I know Chrissy is an adult and she is suppose to make her own choices, but it seems that she is going down the same path as her mother. It seems that since Whitney has been gone, that Pat has no income and is now trying to turn Chrissy into the other Golden Goose! Whitney’s family was and still is in denial about about her drug problem and now they are in denial about Chrissy. They need to wake up and not worry about the all mighty dollar and get Chrissy some help. Force her into rehab or something before she ends up dead like her talented mother. I really hope that the rating are terrible just so they will take it off, maybe then Chrissy with have a chance.

    • chitown shelley

      very well said donna. this show just really offended me. i know its just supposed to be entertainment, but the more i think about it, the madder i get. does no one in this family have an actual job, or any work skills at all?

      • Donna

        Chitown, in response to the question “does no one in this family have an actual job, or any work skills at all?” The answer NO! Why would they have to get an actual education, or get a job, when Whitney has been supporting them since the beginning of her career? Hell, they can not even talk proper English. This is sad to say, but I’m gonna say it anyway.. (If I had a bunch of leeches living off of me like Whitney did I think I would stay high or drunk too) When it comes to Chrissy, I don’t think she has any education either, because her mother was trying to groom her to be a singer. And good lord it would be a crime to have a back up plan now wouldn’t it?

      • chitown shelley

        sadly donna, i know you are right. and there is the reason why this show even exists. i just hope we are not watching this child follow blindly in her parents footsteps, as all her extended family members serve as enablers.i really dont think i can watch this show again. just too sad.

  6. Joan

    Creepy. I had to turn it off about halfway through. Embarassing as well. The fact that they are doing this for money is tragic. Poor Whitney, her family has shown the world exactly who they are by using her fame!

  7. i havent watched yet but i sure loved barbara walters tryna take pat houston down on the view. pat was doing damage control all over the map. loved it.

  8. Kristi

    There’s something that just any right about Pat. It’s obvious that she spearheaded the whole reality show idea. I’m not sure why she thought it would be appropriate to put Bobbi Kristina in a reality tv situation several months after her mother died. Why would she want to expose Bobbi Kristina’s drinking problem. The whole thing is just out of order.

    • Katrina

      If Bobbi Kristina has a drinking problem, she had it before Whitney died. No one intervened with Whitney, but she was an adult. What’s really disturbing is the fact she is underage, drinking like a fish, and no adult is being a concerned parent! It’s like this normal behavior. It’s against the law! This is truely sad!!!

  9. anotherone

    cissy lives in ny and only visited the grave that day,3 months later…hmmm

    • Meg2ansyear

      Its probably hard for her to deal with seeing the grave, and also deal with being around bobbi christina. Knowing she’s headed in the same direction as her mother.

  10. Well she showed up drunk in Pat’s home for taping, and she still let her drink. So what is she doing?

  11. amy

    Definitely felt like she was drunk when she arrived at dinner at Gary and Pat’s! I also feel like the family is almost at a loss of what to do with her…on one hand, she is an adult (not legal to drink though) and it’s kind of like well what can you do? Added to that is the obvious sympathy they have for her losing her mother and they don’t want to alienate her. On the other hand, they had to go through this with Whitney, and I’m sure at the time their thoughts were “well she’s an adult, what can we do?”. They are really stuck between a rock and a hard place. I do think they will take a stronger stance on trying to reign Krissy in. Where they failed with Whitney. The whole show was sad. Maybe they are doing this so people can see what it is they have to go through? Maybe in hopes that Krissy will see this and change? Or that public opinion might help sway her? I agree it was just SAD.

    • Meg2ansyear

      Did anyone see the program that was showed last week on lifetime? They showed about Whitney’s life. Her brother and bodyguard did most of the narrative. Well, it seems to me that he was high on something, cause his eyes were hazy and his words were slurred and coming out slow. Ijs

  12. Gloria

    I agree with another poster on another blog that said BK appeared “medicated.” She didn’t appear drunk to me because if she were drunk, the way she was talking she wouldn’t have been able to keep her head up. I too got the feeling that it wasn’t the real grave. Also, what was strange to me was that I did not connect with not one person. Knowing me I’ll continue to watch just to be nosey but I really don’t like it. I did like Being Bobby Brown though. I thought that was hilarious. I know it was when Whitney was in her addiction and it was sad but she said and did some fuuny stuff.

  13. BBG

    Bobbi Kris has a DRUG problem and she drinks. She is being exploited. Pat and Gary are trying to make money off of that CHILD (she’s only 19) who clearly has many issues and is grieving the tragic death of her mother in the public eye. She’s isolating herself which is behavior indicative of an addict. She’s clinging on to that USER of a brother/boyfriend/fiance of hers also. Pat and Gary are also trying to put their daughter in the spotlight so they can potentially make money off her sooner or later. She seems so out of place on this show. You can tell that she and Bobbi Kris are not close. Cissy…she’s getting her share of money from it also. This show is very sad to watch because you can see BK going in the same direction as her parents. I’m so glad that Tyler Perry and Oprah had no parts of this show.

  14. nunnya

    well to tell you the truth she was on xanax and that what it does when you take them she was given them when her mother die and may have need them after or to get thru going to the grave it make you slur seem drunk and fall a sleep when still dont take but have witiness people take and abusing this drug street name four bar

    • Donna

      Nunnya, and you know this how? I am not disagreeing with you, I would just like to know how YOU know.I think we all probably know the side effects of Xanax. Do you have the inside scoop? If so, please let us know.

  15. i dunno why but I am rewatching and almost all of Krissi’s dialogue is subtitled.

    • Donna

      The producers probably can’t understand what they are saying, so they figure no one else can either. Results… subtitles.. I mean its not all because of the drugs or alcohol.Its a shame that people who were born and raised here can’t speak correct English.. Do they really think they will get anywhere in this world talking like that? How do they expect to get any respect throughout their lives?

  16. Also they really seem to be pushing the Rayah scenes.

  17. In the scene at the end of the second episode where Pat is cooking potato soup. Krissi says she can cook pretty good. She attempts to say, “My cooking is not that bad” but what she slurs out is “My drinking is not that bad.”

  18. Gloria

    When I made my first comment I hadn’t watched the 2nd episode. Appears to be medication and alcohol for both of them actually. I do not have the ‘inside scoop,” however, everyone knows that doctors prescribe those types of medications at the slightest hint of a mental or emotional meltdown, which is what BK had when hearing of her mother’s death. Without medication she would have had a meltdown at the funeral and they would have had to carry her out. You don’t have to have the scoop to figure things out..

    • Donna

      Hmmmmm… If I didn’t already take my paranoid pill, I would think that last comment you made Gloria was meant for me. BUT>>>> since I am not paranoid BECAUSE I already took my pill today, I will just let it slide right off my back.. See how nice I can be when I take my pills? LOL!~ Hows that Charlie Brown song go? “whys everybody always pickin on me”

  19. chitown shelley

    can you buy those paranoid pills w/o a prescription???LOL!! my supply is running low, girl!

    • Donna

      Chitown, You and I together could be dangerous! Now what a blast that would be. Are you really from Chitown? If so, me too.. well used to be.. family is still there.

      • chitown shelley

        yes mam; born and raised here, though i have done a number of stints other places. i started following this blog cause i have significant number of relatives and friends in the atl, but they never knew anything about anybody!

  20. Tc

    Just catching last week’s shows. “He better not be a white boy!” Wtf??? How the fuck do they get away with that???? I need subtitles for the uncle person. He’s a messy trashoid.

    What I don’t know yet is who holds the checkbook. What did BKriss get and what does pat control??

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