Joe Francis Claims to Have Slept With Both Krupa Sisters on Tonight’s RHOM

Real Housewives of Miami has been on for ten minutes and I am just now starting the blog. So far we are getting ready for the big lingerie party with the slap heard round the world.  Adrianna told most of the others that Karent gave an interview to the lovely Lesley Abravanel of the Miami Herald saying that she is doing housewives to prove that Miami has intelligent beautiful woman (like her) and that she said bad things about them having botox for brains and being attention whores. Attention whores? On a Real Housewives franchise? No WAY!  And who is the one doing all the interviews, Karent? Ms. Abravanel says that the “botox for brains” comment was her editorial not Karent’s words. In fact, you can read the blog here and see that the only quote from Karent was, “I’ll kill them with kindness.” Not trying to take Karent’s side ever, but apparently neither Karent or Adrianna have above average reading comprehension skills.

Alexia’s house is beautiful and it seems like someone will be stopping by to visit her in every episode. I like her. I don’t understand why she is not a full housewife this season, she has as much storyline as anyone else. But enough with the girlfriend chat over sangria by the pool. Let’s get to Joe Francis showing up and Joanna getting the bitch slap!

Oh lord. It’s a Joanna photoshoot to spread her legs awareness for…um.. animals. Because there are a lot of animals in the world. Or something. The motto is “Grow your own fur let the animals keep theirs.”  Joanna has just had someone stuff a wig in her panties. I’m not kidding. I suppose that was her “fur”. Joanna is illiterate and a shining example of the PETA organization. Joanna is now waving her furry crotch at the dog. Marta’s response was “Stop it! Poor dog!” and I whole-heartedly agree. This campaign was either a Bravo stunt or scrubbed because I can’t find any pictures of it online.  In one of those quick clips between commercials later on in the show, Joanna once again goes after Kim Kardashian. Plenty of people don’t care for Kim K, but for Joanna it’s her religion, she boycotts her stores and bad mouths her publicly at every opportunity. Jealous much?

Lea’s husband is quite attractive as wealthy older men go. I don’t think that the Goodman trial is exactly the sort of thing we need to discuss on a Bravo reality show. It’s a very serious case and should not be taken lightly.

Next up there are lots of scenes where the girls go shopping for lingerie to wear at a party with over 800 guests (and nationally televised). Ana Q is the only sane one who says she’s not really comfortable doing that. I’m already predicting that the slap will not occur until the next episode which for reasons unknown will be aired on Sunday. Can I just say these Miami homes put every other franchise including Beverly Hills to shame? They are breathtaking.

I love Mama Elsa. End of discussion.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of Marysol

The Boob God is freaking out because it’s almost time for the party and lots of  the staff isn’t there yet. Lisa seems very calm and confident in pulling this event off at her house. Lea shows up with James (aka Elaine Lancaster) and her “very close friend Joe Francis” of Girls Gone Wild fame. Marysol has on a fur shrug with a long dress and looks stunning. This should freak Joanna out. LOL right as I type, Joanna is asking how Marysol could possibly wear fun knowing she was going to be there! How could she disrespect her beliefs! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Because you don’t believe in fur no one should wear it in your presence? Get over yourself Joanna. Gotta love Marysol for calling Karent Joanna’s “carrier pigeon”. Marysol says, “So I unrolled the message from her leg and it said, ‘You’re in trouble for wearing fur!” Best line of the night. It looks Lea is wearing feathers but Joanna will not say a word to Lea.Joe Francis wastes no time in telling Lea, Marysol and Karent, the carrier pigeon, that he slept with both Joanna and Marta (not at the same time, the pigeon asked). And suddenly more than Lea’s feathers are flying as the carrier pigeon is about to take of with another message. I actually have not even seen this part yet, the show is on pause, but I feel confident it will be less than 30 seconds before the pigeon lands on Joanna who is after all her only ally.

Lea calls Lisa’s hot strappy outfit hilarious. Actually, Lisa looked fantastic. I am starting to come around to her. Lisa who really wanted to impress the Mayor of Miami is hurt. In her talking head, she points point that Lea was wearing some number with a ridiculous amount of feathers.

The carrier pigeon has landed with Joe Francis on her arm to share her message. Marysol has the best talking heads this episode bar none. Joanna is screaming at Joe now and Romain is drinking a frufru drink from a stir stick while trying to give Joe a menacing look very half-heartedly. Priceless. Joe is now screaming “You were sleeping with Mohammed at the same time!” The only Mohammed in LA I know is Mohammed Hadid. Could that be him? Joe says the names of a few other guys Joanna was sleeping with (they are bleeped and Mohammed Hadid has a Bravo contract so make of that what you will) and then says Joanna gave him a blowjob in a movie theatre. That can’t be true. I don’t think Joe could afford her rates. Oh wait. Actually he can. And so could Mohammed. Interesting. Finally, Joanna’s man is still drinking the pink drink through the stir stick in a black silk robe and says with no vitriol at all, “You talk to much dude.” before looking around for a bartender. Lea is pretending to be trying to calm Joe down but frankly she looks like she is loving this as much as I am.  As Joe is walking away Romain mutters “Hey relax dude.”

Cut to a Joanna talking head where she tries to explain Romain not doing a damn thing to Joe by saying, “Of course he wanted to knock him out but he was smart enough not to stoop to Joe’s level.” I don’t think any guy I have ever dated would tolerate someone speaking to me that way in public. More than one might have choked him out on the spot. I’m just saying. Apparently Romain is used to hearing about all the guys Joanna bangs. Allegedly.

Everyone hates Karent even more for stirring the shit. Meanwhile Marta more or less admits to sleeping with Joe Francis to Joanna. SHOCKER!

The good news is we don’t have to wait until Thursday to see the slap. PUHLEASE I BESEECH YOU tune in on Sunday.





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22 responses to “Joe Francis Claims to Have Slept With Both Krupa Sisters on Tonight’s RHOM

  1. Monica

    Joe Francis Said Mohamed Hadid!!!
    I read his lips!!!

  2. Monica

    I read Joe Francis Lips and he said Mohamed Hadid!!

  3. Tc

    I hate when people drink through the stirrer.

    Does Joanna understand where leather comes from??? I don’t think she does. Idiot. And why isn’t she expected to respect Marisol’s beliefs?

    Mama Elsa is the best. Marisol would not have made the season 2 cut without her.

    Leah is the most calculating bitch ever. I love it. Joe Francis was akin th nj bald dude. The whole thing is premeditated and funny. As are her quips about green cards and looking hilarious.

    Love the slap. Looking forward to it. The gay fight not so interested.

    I love Miami.

    • I love EVERYTHING you said and agree wholeheartedly BUT. I do want to see the gay fight. I am trying to find a reason to like James. I find both James and Whatshername annoying and I generally am fond of gays and drag queens. This one… I’m having a hard time warming up to. Bravo picks the most…..outlying gays on the spectrum of gays. To me it is sort of gay bashing and stereotyping and don’t get me started because I stopped myself from blogging that post.

      • Tc

        I am not going to pretend to k ow the inner workings of Bravo. But no or seems to dispute the fact that Andy Cohen has creative control. I’ve noticed that he can be brutally mean. About things like looks or social position. Maybe not understanding that people were “born that way” when addressing those he dislikes for other reasons. However, when others act just like that, they are satan and need to be ostracized forever. Case in point: joe judice mocking Greg Bennett. Joe has plenty of reasons to dislike Greg. He has said horrid things about him and his wife. Throw in an insult that has to do with gayness and all hell breaks loose. But Andy Vohen doesn’t like Trump’s politics, so it’s ok to make fun of his hair??

      • Tc

        I suck at typing.

      • What the fuck are you talking about? thought I was the only one allowed to be drunk in the morning?

  4. It didn’t take Karent 10 seconds to tell Joanna what Joe had said. They didn’t even need to edit the scene, like, how thirsty could she possible be? She’s the worst housewife imo since Camille (season 1, she’s now Queen of BH besides Lisa and now Brandi).

    Marta is insane. So is Joanna. I bet they both did had sex with Joe. It’s classless of him to tell everyone, but hey, what’s to expect of him. He reminds me of a Real World type of douchebag.

    • Bonz25

      I liked your Spot on POV – Joe is a real world douchebag and i would expect nothing less – yet i have to admit the Joanna Krupa and Mohamed Hadid tid bit was juicy – the new Beverly Hills housewife Yolanda was married to Mohamed. which puts Mo in the ranks of Harry Dubin and Slade smiley as being a multiple housewife hooker upper –

  5. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    I’m just not over the fact that Marysol called Karent a carrier pigeon. LMAO!

  6. I know for a fact that it is mohamed hadid that Joe Francis was talking about. They are friends and own homes right next to eachother in Punta Mita Mexico. Joana was an escort and was paid by mohamed hadid. Joe was saying that she was sleeping with Mohamed at the same time as well as a few other guys. If you have ever been to Mohameds parties you know that after hours there are orgies and a lot of disgusting sex acts. really gross. this guy mohamed is the scum of the earth. he has offered my friend money for sex. He has so many lawsuits against him. He is really a con artist.

    • Buck Henry

      Your totally correct, big time. She was (is) an escort and her sister coat tailed with her when she hooked up with rich guys by saying you can sleep with my sister also etc. etc. for extra money without sharing with the escort agency. Mohammed is one foot ahead of being indicted for something, this guy is a con man with money and he loves his “young models” which really are his paid dates. You have to consider that Johanna isn’t a super model even if she was unless she has a contract or alot of paid appearances she’s not making the money. And so what is a woman or actress or sport model/fitness model to do? They escort UTR (under the radar) and usually the rich guys are the ones that can afford it.

      The reason why Romain wasn’t really defending her is a couple of reasons. One, I truly think that either he was a client of hers or allowed her to continue to go out to make money (aka suitcase pimp) and then in his mind I’ll just go out on Johanna. Two, he’s done with her pure and simple. He doesn’t want to deal with her and he has another woman (hell even Adrianna was hitting on him at his club). He knows what she is and doesn’t want to marry her or anything. He just uses her for eye candy and eventually she will be let go.

  7. Ana

    There is a reason Marysol is in PR, that description of Karent being a carrier pigeon has to be the best line of all time for any talking head, “I enrolled the message from her leg..” I love it. Did anyone read Karent’s blog? She said she hear Joe telling everyone he slept with both of the sisters. Well, I will be darned, I must have been watching a different show on a parallel universe because I clearly saw: 1-Joe walk in to party, 2-Joe noticing Joanna and saying he dated her, 3- Lea asking did you date her, 4-Joe saying he dated both sisters, 5- Karent swooping in for the kill, 6-Karent asking point blank did you sleep with both, 7-Karent dragging Joe to Joanna and saying he is telling everyone he slept with you and Martha. Frankly sleeping with Joe woould have been the better outcome because I highly doubt they only “slept” you know he tapped that! That is the show I saw!

  8. BeReal

    Alexia,I agree,is very Real, is only on RHOM intermittently because of her son’s accident. Like I have been asked.Don’t you watch the show?

  9. You may have the worst reading comprehension in the world you should contact Guiness and as to published as the record holder.

  10. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Marysol (I love her name) has been clever with her snarky wit this season.
    I think she gets her wit from my dear lovely Mama Elsa.

    Marta & Joanna are clearly two dysfunctional hot slutty messes.
    Nothing wrong with being a slut, it’s just wrong being a stupid slut airing your slutyness on tv. Romain looked so ridiculous using his sippy straw and throwing a lame side eye at Joe F. Don’t understand why he didn’t step in with some macho crap to defend his slutty girlfriend & her whiny moocher sister.

    Leah has the biggest jewelry I have ever seen. Between her scenes & commentaries, I saw 5 or 6 huge necklaces. I think I like them, but not many ladies can pull of that look.

    I wish someone would “bump” Karent into the pool.

  11. amy williams

    “Romain is drinking a frufru drink from a stir stick while trying to give Joe a menacing look very half-heartedly.” what a galoot!

  12. Dee

    Funny! I read it here!

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