A Sneak Peek A Phaedra’s RHOA Season Five Storyline

Here is a little more tea on episode one of Real Housewives of Atlanta season five. The first episode starts off slow with each of the housewives in their respective corners so to speak. It’s not until the last scene that anyone comes out swinging. There are a lot of couples scenes and family scenes.  And then there is Phaedra who openly admits that she plays a character on the show and that will be no different this season.

Phaedra’s quest to be the Vera Wang of funerals continues. Despite being a managing partner in her own law firm, and the mother of a small child, we are led to believe that she is a full-time mortuary student in her spare time. This will, it appears, continue to be her storyline for season five. Although it is not mentioned in the first episode, the press packet also makes reference to Phaedra and Apollo making an exercise video for people who would like to develop a “donkey booty.”  To me the concept of anyone wanting to make their butt bigger is as absurd as the mortician storyline. That said, expect big butts to be a talking point throughout the season because newcomer Kenya Moore has butt implants. Allegedly. For sure.

Phaedra’s first scene is another ridiculous over the top fiasco with a female veterinarian because despite not being a mortician, or a funeral director, Phaedra has decided to expand her latest career to include pets. Let’s just say the vet seems a bit mortified by the whole ordeal. I like Phaedra’s put-on routine during her talking heads where she ever so sweetly viciously attacks her castmates. However, I find her put-on routine tiresome in the actual scenes. I’d like to see a bit more of Phaedra’s intellectual side and a little less of the comic relief.  I find this Phunerals by Phaedra storyline to be as realistic as Sonja Morgan’s toaster oven venture.

Everyone with kids, except for Kim, paraded them out in episode one so we could see how they have grown. And everyone, except for Phaedra, had a scene with their significant other. Perhaps Apollo was busy? Instead of seeing Phaedra and Apollo we saw Phaedra and Ayden playing in the cul-de-sac with other kids. Ayden is adorable. He is also starting to show the expected results of a parenting style which involves him being carried into a church on a litter and deemed by his mother to be a prince.  Sure, it’s normal for a toddler to want it all and have problems with sharing, I just think Ayden is being set up to expect the world to revolve around him in the future as much as it does right now. That said. I hope we get more scenes with him this season, he’s just the cutest.

So in an episode where everyone else has a couples scene should we read anything into the absence of one for Phaedra and Apollo? Perhaps it just wasn’t ready when the rough cuts were sent out? Maybe it will make the final cut for episode one. I would not be surprised if the Ayden scene was cut and an Apollo scene shows up in its place. We shall see.

So what do y’all think? Is anyone else getting tired of Phaedra’s over the top ridiculous scenes? Or is she just the right amount of comic relief to offset all the fighting and arguing?






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11 responses to “A Sneak Peek A Phaedra’s RHOA Season Five Storyline

  1. smooches

    I am beyond tired of the fake mortician storyline…it begs the question why a so called successful attorney in her own right would go on this show and agree to put her marriage on display and play out these wacky arse storylines…her butt is not the biggest thing out there so I want that fiasco to stop…if her law business is fledgling due to the economy then be honest but…let me stop before I do a dissertation

    • baytothea

      i am tired of the mortician storyline as well. i am tired of all business venture storylines. i’d like to see Phaedra interact with her family, go shopping, show us a day in the life as a successful attorney, etc…like “real life”…the way the old episodes of RH used to be. i fast forwarded through almost all of her funeral home scenes last year and i feel like i missed nothing. i also fast forward through kandi’s sex toy scenes because really, who cares? i dont want to buy a sex toy frm a house wife because i dont want to think about these broads while im getting off.

    • B boy in Harlem


      I agree. This is why I get pissed when people go on about how every housewife should be out peddling a magic bag of tricks to the masses at large. It does not make for interesting television. Phaedra and Kandi need not ever promote their businesses again. I don’t want to hear it.

      Phaedra has a terrible shape. How dare she push an exercise tape unless her angle is about how one can improve the body, flatten the stomach and lift the butt. Her butt has an awkward shape as is.

  2. MaggieG

    In her first season I thought Phaedra was her own worst enemy. I guess I finally “got” her in her second season & hope (if I even watch RHOA this season since I’ve been over Bravo entirely for a couple of the franchises) to continue to like her this time around. If she really volunteers that she plays a character on the show then my esteem for her has risen. I’m really bored with all of the HWs’ insistence that there’s no misrepresentation going on in these shows.

    Last I heard there was trouble in paradise for her & Apollo. Hope that was an exaggeration since I think they make an unlikely but adorable couple & that Ayden is simply gorgeous.

  3. Donna

    I have NEVER taken Phaedra seriously. She is just too over the top with her different wanna be professions. But…. with that being said, that woman cracks me up! I love watching her because she IS so over the top that I cant help but to laugh at her. There are so many crazy things she does, that honestly if it weren’t already on TV no one would believe! You go Phaedra with your crazy over the top self.

  4. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Tamara, I am dying to know, and I know you have the best tea on the Internet: is Kenya going to be trying to play the other woman this season? I’ve seen the previews of how Apollo and Kenya jumped in the pool together, where go-carting together, and Kenya asked if Pheadra and Apollo had a threesome, who would they’d invite, however, I know that the previews are made us to believe one thing when it’s really another. Please tell me you have the tea lol

    • She has a boyfriend in the first episode at least. Seems like a normal Joe that works at a towing company… I have no idea what he sees in her. It’s not a very believable relationship.

  5. caribbean

    I started watching RHOA because of NENE.She became annoying & boring,then I met Phaedra….I love Phaedra.SH’es hysterical.Nuff said.

  6. The trailer made it seem like Phaedra is a BIG part of this season, with lots of fighting with the new ladies and flirting with her husband. I hope she fights back.

  7. I think a better storyline would have been all the charities that Phaedra is involved in … I understand not being able to film her law practice … but the mortician angle – not believable. I like her though – and adore her friendship with Kandi.

  8. B boy in Harlem

    I don’t know why Bravo allows Phaedra to continue on the show. She is only acting; nothing is real. Her storylines need to R.I.P. They have drug on far too long.

    She is probably my least favorite. I dislike her moreso than Kenya because I feel Phaedra isn’t even “playing along” so to speak.

    I don’t even feel her marriage is legitimate. I believe that is part of Apollo’s settlement for taking the fall for the RICO violations and not dragging her own with him. Now she has to support him.

    This woman needs to go.

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