Sneak Peek at Kandi Burruss on New Season of RHOA

Next up in my RHOA, a few words about Kandi. Kandi had two scenes as well this episode. One of the scenes I already talked about here.  I will say that even though Kandi is trying really hard to maintain a working relationship with Kim, and she tries not to let Kim’s digs get to her, that the writing is on the wall that Kandi reaches critical mass with Kim this season. She’s forgiven Kim a lot over the years but I think this will be the season that she writes Kim off for good. Let’s look at Kandi’s other scene…

Kandi, Kim, Cynthia, Kenya and Nene all have scenes with their men on this episode. Kandi’s scene with Todd is basically his introduction. I wonder if Todd still works for the RHOA production team? If not, there are a TON of movies filming in Atlanta right now so production work is plentiful. Now that I think about it I think I heard Todd say he had to go to work during their restaurant scene. It must be weird for Todd to be on the other side of camera.

The couple reminisces about their first get together when filming in South Africa. Todd is moving in to the new house and giving up his place. Kandi is wanting to get married and have a baby, in that order. Todd has a daughter from a previous relationship (perhaps that is the girl we see in the scene with Kim at the house. Riley was there with another little girl. Cute), so they want a boy. But here is the kicker, they have been picking out names and guess what name they selected?

Come on, guess…

P.S. Kandi filmed the finale of The Kandi Factory last Monday. I tried to motivate to go sit in the audience but I just couldn’t do it. The Kandi Factory should be returning to Bravo soon.

P.P.S After thinking about what I saw today, I’m convinced this whole thing was Kandi and Todd doing a quicky wedding.


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29 responses to “Sneak Peek at Kandi Burruss on New Season of RHOA

  1. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    I love Kandi and Pheadra. They are really on their grown woman and really, the only two true friends on the show. And as long as Kandi don’t take the Kim route and nam her son Kod (Kandi and Todd), I’m quite sure the name will be beautiful.

  2. lovelace

    lmfao! I would be here for that name if it wasn’t also the name of a fish. My guess is that it woudl be patrick after her late brother patrick riley seeing as though that’s how she got riley’s name. Anywho happy for them both!

  3. Donna

    OMG! I’m gonna be honest here and say what I really think about what they will name it if its a boy….. Chaquille, Clévon,Travone,Vequain…. really who the fuck cares? Oops did I really say that? I wont even get started on what if its a girl….

  4. When Kandi says the baby name they both like, it is one of the biggest OMG moments of the show. It also sets the stage for a future conflict.

  5. Donna

    All I know is that if Kandi has all the money she says she has… why the fuck doesn’t she get better wigs and a good weave? Her wigs and hair is terrible!!!
    Oops! There I go again… telling it like it is….. Sorry… Actually no I’m not sorry. I’m just in one of those “tell the truth modes”
    Don’t intend to offend anyone…

    • Donna

      “Her wigs and hair is terrible!!!” Are terrible… My English is terrible tonite!

    • baytothea

      yeah…her leave out and edges always look fried to me, not shiny and healthy…especially when she had it colored…very dull color job. as much as i love hair and weave i do not understand ppl with unlimited resources having bad hair!! look at Adrienne Maloof’s stringy weave on RHOBH…makes no sense!!

  6. kingexit

    @donna get a life loser! *sigh* there always has to be at least one hater in the bunch i mean do y’all have NOTHING better to do it? I know it has to be happy hour somewhere……..

    • Donna

      Sorry kingexit… no hater here. As a matter of fact Kandi is one of my favs on the show. Just because I am stating facts doesn’t mean I am a hater! GET THE FUCK OVER IT! Oh and BTW I don’t need liquid encouragement or happy hour to say what I feel…although sometimes it does help. But in this case it was not necessary. And she does have awful wigs, and weaves!

    • Donna is posting her opinions using the same name each time. Kingexit however has that name to be rude and yet another name to post regular comments. Coward much?

  7. Katrina

    Not AJ or KT?
    You think Kandi would get married without her mother or daughter present?

    • MaggieG

      I considered the name AJ but wondered how Todd would feel about that.
      Kandi is one of my all time favorite HWs so am hoping this is a good season for her.

  8. kingexit

    @donna please go fuck yourself your face probably looks like you survived an abortion, but dont worry im not hating on you im just stating facts in fact you’re one of my fav people! :)

  9. Katrina

    There is nothing wrong with Kandi’s hair in the above photos. I think the long hair makes her look more mature. Who knows, maybe Kandi is pregnant right now! Kandi denied that she was engaged, but may have gotten married instead. Kandi deserves a happy ending!

  10. Longshot here–but did they pick the name Kash–the same name Kim gave her new baby?

  11. smooches

    I’m just not a Kandi fan….could care less about her being on the show…could care less about her new found love but…everybody needs love so more power to her in that regard…I’ll assume Kandi wants to name her son the same name as one of Kim’s cause that would be the only jaw dropping part of it *shrugs*

  12. lovelace

    @smooches 4 someone who doesnt like her u sure wasted your time writing abt her

  13. AB

    Kim is such a hater so I agree with smooches and anyone who said Kash. Kim is not creative and she has no problem stealing from Kandi. I think Kandi is a smart business person with a big heart but her hair is a mess. I really don’t understand why Derek doesnt help her.

    • Donna

      I think Kandi is probably the only one on the show that actually has any sense, although I have seen her DIVA come out a couple of times. But, if I were working with the women she is, my divaness (bitchness) would come out a lot more. Thank you AB for commenting on her hair. From season 1 her hair has been a hot mess. I know she has got to have someone that will tell her the truth, or maybe she should look in the mirror more often.

  14. baytothea

    wow, kandi factory was renewed? forgot that show existed. good for her. can’t say i’d miss her if she left RHOA though. she’s messy and just a little “off” to me. she likes to be this boss chick(which she has earned and is) but men are her achilles heel. she comes off as a powerful woman who has slept with A LOT of men in some attempt to find something…the sex toy thing is not bad business but you can kind of tell the difference between sexually liberated and reformed ho. kandi comes off as the latter. we get it kandi, you’re a “freak”.

  15. I love Kandi – always have…and if this season brings me nothing else but the END OF HER CONNECTION TO KIM – I’ll be happy. I always laugh at Kandi’s style – because I think its a direct cause of her just being CHEAP … but I don’t knock her. Obviously she cares more about saving her money than really caring about what others think about how she looks.

    So far as Kim dissin’ her about buying a foreclosed home – what a bitch – and how true colors come out! On the reunion show Kim made a big SHOW of defending Kandi against Marlo … but looks like Kim is just as jealous as Marlo. Kandi is SMART to have paid cash for her estate … and I can’t wait to see it on the show.

    …and thanks Tamara for pointing out Kim/Kroy’s minimal airtime … will make fast forwarding through all her boring scenes easier.

  16. …I just realized I have that dress Kandi is wearing in the photo!! ROFL…I bought it to use as a beach cover-up this past summer.

  17. TheTEA

    P.P.P.S….. Actually Kandi just started filming The Kandi Factory last Monday which she had a showcase at Opera for the people on the show. She was on the radio and said they’ll be filming until December.

  18. AB

    I know Kandi was upset that Kim used her and never paid her for the song but what happened between Lawrence and Kandi

    • Katrina

      Per Kandi’s twitter page, “Closet Freak” did not sell that many copies and after all the producer fees, studio time, and other fees, there was no more money left in the account. Kandi did not give Lawrence the same deal she gave Kim!

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