Here’s the Tea on Kim Zolciak’s RHOA Storylines

I’m torn as to what to tell you guys about the show before the show airs. I don’t want to spoil it for you. So I am going to sort of do a housewife by housewife group of short posts over the next few days or so. First up is Kim Zolciak! She’s baaaack!!!!

I know a lot of y’all want to say that she is a “friend” this season and not a housewife, but that makes no sense. Who is she a friend of? lol. Also she has an intro and do she’s definately a full fledged housewife. So that rumor can be put to rest. However, she didn’t go on the trips or that many functions and most of her scenes will be Kim and Kroy scenes this season. As I mentioned before the other housewives were pissed with Bravo because they had to attend a lot of stuff that Kim was excused from.

Pretty much every housewife had two scenes in the season premiere. Kim’s first scene is at home with Kroy and Sweeeeetie. It’s KJ’s birthday and they are opening some birthday mail. It may surprise you who sent a card and a check. Speaking of surprises, they talk about the eviction right away and are clamoring to get moved, though Kim wants to just squat. You can tell she does NOT want to move out of her “dream house.” I’ll let y’all hear about that first hand in a couple weeks. Meanwhile, the Biermanns get an estimate on moving costs. Let’s all guess the amount in comments. Whoever is closest wins! Prize not included. Void in Utah.

In Kim’s second scene she and Sweetie go out to see Kandi’s new house. Kandi’s house is in Cascade Heights where Former mayors Shirley Franklin and Andrew Young live. Hank Aaron also lives in the neighborhood. Kandi’s house is huge and is actually two separate houses on one lot. But it’s not good enough for Kim. Kim and Sweetie talk about locking their doors when they got of the interstate. Kim makes some decorating suggestions while not so subtly insulting the house. Kim wanted to make it clear that Kandi bought a foreclosed home, as if that was somehow a bad thing. Kandi paid cash for the house. It has an INDOOR POOL. Wait until you see what Kim has to say about that. People will be blogging about racism, for sure. Oh, and Kim practically named the baby after the neighborhood she doesn’t like!

Oh, Kim has this super straight wig in her talking heads. I kind of like it.

By the way, Porsha won’t be getting a review from this episode because I don’t think she was on it at all. If she was clearly it was forgettable. Porsha was hired well into filming. Perhaps to replace someone? I don’t know. I’m just saying hiring someone so late in the filming makes it seem like there might be a spot to fill. Maybe Kim? Maybe Kenya? We shall see.

I’ll have more scoop soon. Don’t forget to guess the moving price!


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51 responses to “Here’s the Tea on Kim Zolciak’s RHOA Storylines

  1. Bizzymammabee

    Kim is a low down hater. At least Kandi can say she paid for her home lock stock and barrel from real work that she has done, unlike a certain bewigged bimbo we know.

  2. Katrina

    That house was huge. $10,000 for the people to pack it up and move it to the other side of Atlanta.

  3. Verna

    My guess is $15,000. Is all that furniture in the “dream house” hers?? Or is some of it rented. I hear they do a lot of renting on RHOA ie; Nene, Shree LMBO!!!

    • Bizzymammabee

      Some was Kims furniture but wasn’t a lot of the things seen in the house also pieces from her landlord. They kind of rented the place partially furnished. Kim had a nice size townhouse but I don’t think she had enough furniture to fill that rental. Granted she had shit squirreled away in storage units but I still think it wasn’t enough.

      Probably easily $15k to move that stuff out of the house.

  4. sweetnessnbubba

    50k if she hires a real mover… 5k if she hires 2 men and a truck like she did last time.. both are very high estimates, but they are bargaining for combat pay having to put up with kim..

  5. Katrina

    I can’t believe Kim was so negative about Kandi’s house. I think it is payback for the “Black Baby” comments in Africa. Kim also knows she has burned the music bridge with Kandi. I thought Kim was changing for the better!

    • Bizzymammabee

      Sorry but Kim is a total user. Kandi is not necessary for her now because she can’t get any more free work from her.

    • Whatever

      Maybe it IS payback for the black baby comment. Kim is bold enough to talk about you to your face. Hahahaha. Will wait to see for myself…

  6. And Kandi is one of the few who would film with her! Kandi gets done with Kim this season.

  7. Seems go me Kandi oz pretty damn smart. Paying for it cash says she is the owner..lock and stock. That title belongs to her not the bank…no house payments leaving a lot of capital for business and travel. When and if she decides to sell she get all the money and if not she passes the property onto her daughter debt free..she keeps all equity. No makingg payments. AND she got a beautiful ESTATE not HOUSE at a minimized price because of the foreclosures. It also means she can do what she wants to do in her house without the bank or landlord evicting her.unlike some blond goldigging peoples that think having money means you have to spend it. Seems to me Kim is pretty stupid has NO business acumen and will always be dependent on someone else for something. Also…those taxes that Kandi pays on her property will top off in five years unlike someone paying a 30 year mortgage. Its not cute to be 77 paying a 30000 a month mortgage for your dddrrreeeaaammmm house and spending your retirement and taxes. Live for today Kim…keep up with the Joneses.

  8. Critter

    Best news I’ve heard – “Kandi’s gets done with Kim this season”
    Kandi’s isn’t a lowlife like Kim is…
    Thanks for the review, I like it…

  9. based on what I paid recently I’d have to say 20g’s….if its the whole house with all the packing.

  10. I say the cost of moving was 25g’s, Yall just dont know how much I cant stand Kim… Kandi finally wised up.. Finally!!!!

  11. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Kim just pissed me the f*** off. Bitch, it’s called making a profit. The housing market has been at it’s lowest for years, so if you have money, buy a nice, and when the market resurges, and eventually it will, you flip the house for a profit. That’s what a lot of smart people do. Not saying Kandi is going to do this, but just saying, buying a home foreclosed is much nicer than living in a “dream house” you rent. Marlo and NeNe were right on the money at the reunion I see. The ultimate hater this season is Kimberleigh I see.

  12. Lydia

    Kandi impresses me very much. She bought her large house in cash. Who cares if it was a foreclosure?


    I also like Kandi because she has (or seems to have) multiple income streams in diverse areas. It looks like Kandi has good people skills which serve her well. Who else can balance a relationship with NENE and SHEREE!?

    There is no real basis for comparison between Kim and Kandi. Without the show, I doubt that they would even be friends. But, here goes…..

    Kim is just a good time girl who ‘got lucky.’ If getting lucky means being a grifter, allowing a married man to bank roll your life and buy you lots of glittery trinkets. (Escalade included) I can see that she is a loving wife and mother if loving means frequent PDAs and conspicuous consumption for her unruly girls.

    Kim did not get rich by becoming a married man’s mistress, she gained ‘status’ and notoriety through RHOA. Big Poppa wisely refused to appear on camera. Did her opportunities come AFTER the show or was she always destined to be an award winning singer!? (Intentional sarcasm.)

    Kandi is a very accomplished singer songwriter, solo artist, shop owner and business woman. She is also a loving mother and daughter.

    Kim’s financial future is sorta secured through marrying Kroy. At the very least, creating children with him guarantees that they (and she) will be ‘taken care of’ regardless of what happens in the future. She knew what she was doing when she got pregnant within three months of knowing her “wonderful husband”.

    Kandi by contrast, will continue to thrive independently. She handles her business, contracts, finances, artists, products and herself. I hope she has a good man in her personal life. Someone who she can love as much as she loved AJ.

    It will be interesting to see how the relationship between Kim and Kandi unravels this season.

    I spotted Kim’s shady side last season. I was amazed by her lackadaisical attitude at the reunion. She was so transparent. She USED Kandi. Maybe that is when Kandi woke up. To her credit, Nene spotted that gene years ago.

    Has Kim even paid Kandi for her expertise in producing Don’t Be Tardy for the wedding?

    Roll on the new season of RHOA.

  13. I think that is great, I am looking for me expensive neighborhood house that has been foreclosed on. Congratulations Kandi. Kim maybe didn’t mean any harm, she likes to live high on the hog. Well my money isn’t that long so go on Kandis girl!!!

  14. Whatever

    I’m going to say the move is the same price she was supposed to pay Kendra for the furniture, but didn’t. Kim know she wrong for hating on Kandy’s house. But I will wait to see it for myself if shade was indeed thrown.

  15. Marty


  16. $30,000 to move her tacky junk.

  17. Kendra

    Lets see we paid nearly 1000.00 to move from our 4 room apartment into our new house, with us doing the packing. With the movers packing everything, I will go with in the neighborhood of 30,000.00

  18. cns

    Indoor pool. Now how can you make a negative out of that? Well at least Kandi does not have to **ck and suck to get expensive things. Does Kim think that being a paid escort and marrying for money makes her superior to others? Kim is mad because Kandi has love and money on her own terms? Kim is so jealous. I love how the only two prostitutes on the show (Marlo and Kim) hate on one of the richest women in the HW’s franchise. So pathetic. Kim I hope you read this. We are all on to you. Bravo will only keep you around to watch your demise. It will be a sad day when Kroy finds out that you will always have your rich johns on the backburner. Kroy she is not keep that body in shape only for you. You will find out soon.

  19. AB

    Moving??? I thought she bought her dream house….LOL Kim is a joke! Kim is very jealous of Kandi and anyone who is doing better than she does. I can’t wait for Kandi to kick her to the curb. I wonder what she will do when Kroy gets cut from the NFL. And Sweetie is dumb for going back. How much disrespect can one person take? Kandi is very rich but I did hear that she is a sugar mama….I hope thats not the case. Marlo said a lot of stuff on the reunion bc she was mad she wasnt coming back. But I’d rather see Marlo any day over Kim

  20. jan

    Can you please let us know the moving price now or no??

  21. baytothea

    I don’t know why anyone likes Kim.

  22. I will guess that idiot spent 150,000.00 to move. LOL

  23. Katrina

    I wonder why everybody is now saying Kim had a very difficult pregnancy with Kash and that is why she did not film as much? When she was promoting Tardy for the Wedding, while being pregnant, she said this pregnancy was the easiest. Kim did not plan to move, but Kroy had other plans!! If you think about it, Kim doesn’t really know Kroy at all! Men can change once they are married. When you are dating, you are trying to impress.

  24. Who is saying she had a difficult pregancy. She has a newborn while pregnant so she didn’t film as much with the others. But she is still on .

    • Katrina

      blogs like examiner, wet paint, allabouttruth, etc. I think they are trying to get sympathy for Kim. They make it sound like the doctor ordered her to stay at home and be stress free. I know being pregnant and taking care of a family is difficult, but that is different from what they are saying.

  25. I judge you when you use poor grammar

    I love this blog and actually enjoy reading the comments from other readers. I sit at my desk and giggle! I’m not a fan of Kim and never have been. I’m not a fan of Kandi either. But back to Kim, she should have been put in her place a LONG time ago and the ONLY one to truly do that was NeNe – like her or hate her – she put Kim in check. Kim consistently crosses a line with black women that shouldn’t be crossed – rather it’s blatant or subtle. At this point, any shade she throws at Kandi is just business as usual. Kandi has allowed it from day one – so she get’s no sympathy from me and I see she’s doing her usual crying this season. Instead of being up Kim’s ass she should have been learning how to speak English. I died twice watching the super trailer when Kim says “and as for you” and then Kandi says “what you mean as for you”……this is what happens when white girls who truly care nothing about black girls get too comfortable hanging with the sistahs…

    • Don't Steal... The Government Hates Competition

      This is the BEST comment on this thread. Thank you for your wisdom. You nailed it!

  26. RealitySux

    Tamara, what happened to Kim’s friends from the earlier seasons??

  27. Katrina

    Kim is in the process of having her dream home built. Kroy probably was able to sell his home and free up some money. I hope Kim’s builders are faster than Sheree’s builders!! However, it is cheaper and smarter to do what Kandi did. Buy a home and renovate.

    Tamara, enjoyed the history lesson about Cascade Heights.

    • Katrina

      Wow!! I would have never guessed that much. Kim probably could have stayed another year in that house for that kind of money.

      • I just knew it for two reasons
        1. she’s got a lot of shit and won’t pack one spoon herself
        2. she has no real concept of price and no doubt walked them through going “this is my Versace dinnerware you better not break a fucking thing! one plate is your whole year salary.” so anyone would quote her a huge amount to move her.
        what do I win??? hahaha

      • Katrina

        I totally agree. Kim’s philosophy is: “You get what you pay for.” If you pay top dollar, you will receive top service. Salesman love people like Kim!!

        She did the same thing when she opened the card from her parents. You could really tell that she values big money. Kim does not value hard work.

  28. HaleyOHaley

    Reading one of the posts above reminded me of what I thought about “The Countless” from NYC Housewives.I believe she is desperate to get pregnant with Jaque’s baby because she knows she would get child support from him if they broke up.

  29. worldgirl

    Kim is a racist and so is her husband. Andy’s a racist for keeping her on when nobody wants to see her.

    I like this blog. Wish I had been here when all the Jackson mess went down this past summer. Had some things to say about that. I like Tamara too. She’s balanced and nobody escapes her wrath.

  30. Curvie

    $100,000. I win! LOL!

  31. Manuela

    Love your blog…can’t get enough of the comments!

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