RHONY Lost Footage, Lost Dignity, Lost Pirates in NYC

Alright let’s see how much of this “lost footage” needed to be found. So far the first clip about Ramona finding out about Aviva’s leg could stay lost.

Carole with the cute old mail guy was cute.

Sonja on a date…She’s very demanding. She tells the guy that sensual activities should stay behind closed doors because he kissed her on the cheek. Wonder what he thought of the trip to St. Bart’s footage. He’s like a lamb lining up to be slaughtered. But his name is Richard, and as a rule, that’s a bad enough sign right there.

Carole would choose to sleep with Harry over George if she had to choose. Sonja then goes in on Heather for saying that Harry told her she slept with both Sonja and Luann. “He would never tell you that!” Sonja insists. In fact, Sonja said in her blog that  Heather was caught in a big lie about this. In fact, Heather says that she was out socially in group after she found out she was going to be on the show and Harry told one of the guys at the dinner table he had slept with three out of the six housewives. Sonja seems to think that makes a big difference. Whatever Sonja.

Deleted scene with Luann and Jacques. Luann wants this dude to help her who owns Sporto to tell her how to start her own apparel company. So he asks her what kind of line she wants to start and Luann has no idea.  She looks down and sees her feet and says, ” I love these Jimmy Choo boots, I want to make boots like these.” The guy seems more than a little confused. There are talking heads when Luann says she is in the first stages of starting her company, she doesn’t have a clear vision of what she want to do, but she’s superduper excited! Now she’s back to talking about dresses, no travel accessories, no making affordable things. So the guy again asks her what exactly she wants to make. She has no idea. The guy repeatedly says that Luann has to give some input into “her line.” Luann is confused. This scene is ridiculous.

I am really TRYING not to be negative, but for God’s sake, Bravo, could you make these people look any stupider?

Deleted scene of Aviva telling Carole that her mom died of alcoholism. Aviva’s mom drank because of the accident. Sad scene. Should have stayed lost. Back to a reunion scene about George being thrown out of the party. Heather says George should not have been there. Heather says George should have left when asked. All true. But really, MUST WE KEEP GOING ON ABOUT THIS? This scene should have stayed lost.

Deleted scene with Ramona talking at a business meeting about Sonja’s toaster business. The man who is there to help Sonja is a partner in business with Donald Trump, yet Ramona knows more than he does and continues to interrupt him. You can visibly see the guy beginning to plan his revenge on whomever got him into this situation with two blondes and an imaginary toaster oven.

Deleted scene with Carole. Can we just give her own show? Just a cute scene with her talking on the phone with an editor about her book. Loved it.

Deleted scene with Ramona signing wine bottles. Mario standing around awkwardly. Ramona pulls a wine glass from her purse so Mario can drink. He needs it. Ramona’s voice gives me a headache. Seriously. This scene should have stayed lost.

Deleted scene with The Countess and her two kids. They don’t look happy to be there playing this contrived scene where she inquires about their grades. Her son is eating his pizza with a plastic knife and fork. Luann insists he fold it and pick it up. He says his way is working fine. She literally takes the piece away from him and tells him it is too heavy. WHAT? Luann says he won’t be able to move after he eats that. He says he is hungry. Then Luann gets snippy and says we should go. Kids have not eaten. Her daughter who has appropriately folded her pizza to avoid the wrath of Luann has taken maybe two bites of the huge slice. She says, “I have a few more bites.”  The boy child looks visibly pissed. The tension is to great to cut with a plastic pizza shack fork. Luann just clears the table. Grades are never discussed. Everyone is pissed and the scene just ends. Awkward.

Oh NO! More Ramonja. Why must we suffer so? Ramona is packing. Ramona thinks she has a 22 inch head. She is trying to pick a hat. Ramona wants to check a hat box for a sunhat. Sonja is trying to help. I just can’t.

Deleted reunion scene talking about Luann versus the Countess. More about who should go through the door first. Excuse me, I’m pausing to bang my head against the wall. Andy implies that Ramona was happy that Luann got busted with the pirate at St. Barts. Ramona denied it.

Deleted scene Ramonja having the butler unpack for them. Ramona is screaming. So Sonja goes down to flirt with the house chef. He does not seem interested.

Deleted scene Luann and her “very good friend Cat”  and all the girls and some parrots. Luann struck up a relationship with a parrot en francais sorta. Carole and Heather watched this unfold silently from a chair while Ramonja ran off to some shops. Luann’s French did not match the subtitles.

Deleted scene: Carole and Heather on a boat talking about Heather’s previous work with Pee Diddly, and Beyonce and J-Lo and how she has no pictures of them all together. Carole says she has no pictures of her with Caroline (Bessette-Kennedy). And we thought there were no name dropping scenes.

Deleted scene Reunion. Aviva wants to say to Ramona that it wasn’t until she saw herself on TV she realized how badly behaved that she was. Ramona counters with. “but you still mean tweet me!”  Heather apparently played a much bigger mediator role on the reunion than we previously saw. That was interesting. Oh Tomas has been to NYC to see Sonja. Apparently he came up for a visit in May. She sort of backtracks about whether he was there to see her, or even saw her.WTF?  First interesting scene!

Deleted Scene.Toilet humor retrospective. No thank you.

Deleted Scene Reunion. Andy wants everyone to tell their best and worst times. Ramona’s worst time was tea with Aviva when she got back. Sonja’s worst time was making Heather feel unappreciated. Luann’s worst time was getting caught fucking the pirate. Aviva’s worst time was seeing her behavior on St. Barts. Carole’s worst time was any time they had to shoot early in the morning. Heather’s worst part was not being able to solidify a business plan for Sonja.






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12 responses to “RHONY Lost Footage, Lost Dignity, Lost Pirates in NYC

  1. joan

    What, you watched this over the amazing debate that the world was watching? (tongue in cheek here).

    • I’m watching the end now. I’ll see the highlight reels all day tomorrow. All that really matters is what the great unwashed thinks. After being undecided for quite awhile, I’ve made my decision and don’t want to be swayed again. :)

  2. karen

    I love the scene where Ramona says she knows she is sexy and beautiful. It killed me.

    • Donna

      The only person that thinks Ramona is sexy & beautiful is RAMONA! Now if she had said that she was a “NUT” (saying in my Barney Phife voice) I think the world would agree with her..

  3. Tc

    I fell asleep.

    I am getting Yummie Tummy ads here now. Which is kind of funny. Worst name for a company ever??

  4. Tc

    Now I see romona wine. Too funny. I’m easily amused.

  5. Amy in LV

    Whatever happened to the storyline last season about Mario cheating on Ramona? Boo to Bravo for not following that more! I also dislike that the housewives are changing up so much each season for every housewives show.

  6. Lydia

    They are showing season 5 of RHNY here in London. It’s interesting to see how accommodating and friendly Ramona and Heather were in the early episodes. The deterioration of their relationship is very interesting. Actually they were competitive and sniping from the first dinner in the Hamptons. Heather’s story about her son’t liver disease at a casual dinner party was so inappropriate. What was she trying to achieve? She does talk a LOT and behind that fixed smile, she is very self important.

  7. Lydia

    Given that this is the first episode, Aviva drew way too much attention to her disability/ accident/fake leg. Isn’t this an invitation for people to comment, because you are “so open.”?
    Luann Countess-Pretentious met her match with Carole Radziwell.

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