Caroline Manzo on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen

Now for WWHL. All the guests including Lauren Manzo the bartender are in head to toe black. Sure it’s slimming but all y’all need a pop of color!  Starts with a whole bunch of nothing.

Caller asks Caroline her best and worst moments of the season. Caroline says she just wants to erase all of season four and now is the best moment because it is over. Twitter persons asks Caroline about when she said one day they will all be sitting back saying remember when on the finale was she talking about her castmates or her family? Good question. I wondered that too.  No wait, I anticipated the question. It’s a much dumber one. The caller wants to know if she meant Tre, too. Caroline gives the PC answer of,”I don’t think we will ever be friends but I hope we can be civil.”  Andy says, “I hope we get to that point soon.”

Sidebar: I think Lauren is wearing a peplum. Um no, just no. The caller asks when Lauren is getting married. She says we are still together but not getting married anytime soon. Lindsey, Albie’s “girlfriend” during season four is at the clubhouse with Caroline but they are no longer together. Weird. Mayne Caroline is still trying to pretend that, well, you know…

Caller asks why Caroline feels the need to speak for everyone especially, Jaq. Caroline says she doesn’t speak for anyone, but Jaq drags everything out so Caroline jumps in to put it in bullet points sometimes.

RHOA three minute preview time. I just can’t get into all that other than to say it looks great and they show Kim getting evicted and Nene and Kenya physically fighting and some altercation with Kim at the very end that may be with crew.

HOLY CRAP! Our very own TC got a question in for Andy. “Who stole your socks!”  Mazel TC!  Now I have to go see what Dina and Ashley are fighting about on twitter.



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15 responses to “Caroline Manzo on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen

  1. Tamara, thanks for all your work! Great job. Caroline seemed genuinely happy tonight. Lauren seemed like her forced smile was a mission to prove she isn’t really a miserable person unless she’s fat. What’s a peplum?

  2. Vp

    I had no idea Caroline had a book out. She should have pushed for it to be published when people could stand her.

  3. Not a fan of the nosocks look on any man. I couldn’t see the peplum but I did think lauren looked nice. Her mother on the other hand looked slovenly. The off-one-shoulder sweat shirt was hideous.

  4. ehh

    I am excited that RHONJ is finally over and RHOA is on the way!!! I can’t wait to see how Kim spins this eviction, and her altercation with Kandi and the crew!!!

  5. Tc

    I wish he had asked my “off the boat” question instead of the sick one. He asked one of my questions once before when Caroline was on. The “what percent Italian are you. Still not buying the answer she gave.

    The twitter thing with Dina and Ghastlee was non-existent. But there was one nic that had a big fight with Dina’s friend. That nix was @gaylelance. Check it out and see if it sounds like it could be an alternative account for anyone we know…

  6. I noticed that Lauren was not wearing her engagement ring on the show. What’s up with that and her vague answer regarding Vito?

  7. I noticed that Lauren was not wearing her engagement ring. Her answers regarding her relationship with Vito were very vague. What’s up with that?

    • That is probably the only news we got from WWHL last night. It appears the wedding is off(ish). They certainly have not set a date but claim they are still together. I don’t remember her wearing a ring. Did he give her one on the show?

  8. girlnbayou

    go TC! what a funny question to ask!

  9. backtobaker

    Still laughing at the dancing hippo reference (cuz its true) and the nude pump observation (cuz they are awful)

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