Bob Whitfield Wins Child Support Case Against Sheree Whitfield

There is a rather simplistic report floating around the Internet today concerning the child support case between Sheree Whitfield and Bob Whitfield. This case has always been a complicated one ever since Bob filed the case back in June of 2011. Before I begin, it is important to remember that Sheree did not take Bob to court for child support issues because he was in arrears. Bob took Sheree to court for her contempt of previous court orders (namely stealing $200,000 worth of furniture), and for a child support reduction since she was, at the time he filed, making more money than he was. The long version of all this can be read here. Again, remember Bob Whitfield is the plaintiff in this case.

So back in June of last year, Bob goes to court over the financial arrangements between the two.  A 30-day domestic relations conference was set for the two to work things out without a judge. The courts are overwhelmed and try really hard to force warring spouses to come to some sort of agreement. They did not reach an agreement at the 30 day conference. So they set another conference for 60 days. No dice.  All in all there were three 60 day conferences after the initial 30 day conference without the two parties coming to an agreement. The last 60 day conference was in January of this year. So an actual trial was set for late August. I had intended to attend that trial but I ended up having to take my dog out of town for a vet appointment. There was no judgement at that trial which indicates someone, probably Bob, asked for more time to get information together. I should point out here that Bob is representing himself in this entire ordeal while Sheree lawyered up.

This brings us up to the Friday before last when the trial resumed again. The headlines read something like “Sheree Whitfield Wins $75,000 in Child Support in Court Case.” Oh Yeah? Not so fast. Remember BOB is the plaintiff who is requesting a reduction in payments based on changes in salaries. Sheree is refusing to mediate. Bob has stopped paying. Are you with me so far? Good. So for 38 months, Bob did not pay child support. He was supposed to pay $2,142 a month for those 38 months for a total of $81,396. Sorry. but there will be math. This is why other sites have it all wrong.

Now let’s look at the judge’s order. Bob was ordered to pay Sheree $75,000 within 30 days for the 38 months. Under the original order he owed $81,396. That’s a net win of $6,396 for Bob, not even considering the interest that money earned over three years. But wait, there’s more. The judge also ruled that Bob only has to pay $1,000 a month for the next year. He should have paid $25,704 in the next year to Sheree but will only pay $12,000. There’s another $13,704 that stays in Bob’s pocket. In total Bob came out $20,100 ahead. But wait, there’s more. The judge did not award attorneys fees to Sheree. So she has to pay those herself. Remember, Bob was pro se so he has no attorney fees. So Sheree owes her attorney at the very, very least $25,000. So Sheree actually lost about 45K in this deal. Also, no mention was made in the articles online regarding what Sheree may owe for her contempt of court. She may in fact be ordered to pay Bob something for that, we don’t know, I haven’t read the entire judgement.

Bob wins.

Now I hear y’all saying, “But, but, but Bob is an awful person for doing this! What about those poor children living on blow-up mattresses and eating processed cheese product on national television!?” Bob has a very generous custody agreement with regard to the kids and sees them often both here and in LA. He buys them the things they need when he is with them. He is not an absentee father. Also, Sheree got 1.1 million dollars in the original divorce settlement. She wasted it all on attorneys when she took her appeal all the way to the Supreme Court asking for more. When she got her settlement, she spent it on an Astin Martin, which was seized by the court to pay her attorneys, rented Birkin bags and other status items for herself.  Bob even gave her hundreds of thousands of dollars from the settlement early so she could buy a house for the kids but Sheree did not buy a house. Instead she blew the money while her kids slept on air matresses in a rental unit. Bob knew full well the money was not going to the kids. So for that, I say, “More power to him.” I hope her lawyer got paid in advance…

Do you agree?


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129 responses to “Bob Whitfield Wins Child Support Case Against Sheree Whitfield

  1. MsMaam

    You should win a Pulitzer for this article! Very well written. I’m not math savvy and I followed the whole thing! You’re right, BOB WINS! He should certainly go to law school because he has a knack for the legal process. :-)

    He gave her the satisfaction of saying that she won and he can move on with his life. Smart move! Now I wish Sheree got a reality show about what she’s going to do with that $75k that she’s been whining about for years lol

    • I’m giving you a gold star for today. And frankly I’ve stopped giving out many of those. And I’m very cranky today. But here ya go! Thanks for getting it! You know Sheree doesn’t. lol.

      • MaryAtRealityTea

        I have a question – is Bob really broke? I mean why is he asking for a reduction and claiming he makes less money than Sheree. Isn’t he a wealthy man from his recording stuff and his NFL career. This whole thing confuses me..

      • Bob’s not broke but he’s not bringing in much income atm. Sheree gets HALF of his retirement check which is about 100K per year if I recall correctly. The child support stuff just even more he has to pay her.

      • And it AMAZES me that she could get half the retirment because I think they were only married for like two years…

      • Tamara is a hater aaahahaha!

        Nobody wants your gold stars. That’s why you quit giving them out. Ahahaha! You’re not fooling anyone.

  2. Verna

    Hell Yeah!!! She is getting just what she deserves “nuthin” this money was supposed to support her children. Not to support her spending habits. “Boo” I quess you been checked!!!!!

  3. Katrina

    Sheree clearly lost this one. Is the 38 months current or at the time of filing? I wouldn’t put it past Bob Whitfield to appeal the decision. Bob is smarter than he looks. This clearly a bitter divorce and Sheree underestimated Bob Whitfield. Bob doesn’t need a lawyer, but Sheree cannot defend herself without one. Bob can continue to drain her bank account with new filings!!

    • 38 months is current as of October. Bob got about a 20% reduction in support over 50 months. And he won’t appeal, he won! Sheree should appeal but she thinks she won because she is getting some money which the lawyers will take a large chunk of for working the case for over a year. She should have just agreed to a reduction when Bob’s finances changed. Less headache, more money, but she can’t do math on her Speak and Spell.

      • Katrina

        This is a great blog with a different perspective. This is a Win! Win! for Bob.

      • BeReal

        You know. I see so many men getting away without paying child support and then they seem not to even take time with their children. OK. Not everyone. I sure see it a lot though. The smirk or just plain who gives a f*** look on his face in the park has probably been his attitude with the kids since they first separated. By the way. That was one time something deserved to be thrown in someones face ( Sheree’s water)out of any of the housewife shows. Way to go Sheree. It hurts when you see a father fighting you in court for spite when all he is really doing is hurting his children. We can sit here and do all these mathematics. What it really boils down to is Sheree or any other mother should not have to take things that far and fight so hard to get a biological father to help with his kids. The kids live in Sheree’ house, sit and sleep on “the furniture” and enjoy and prosper in a comfortable home.Men don’t get it. Their child support goes for utilities, housing,insurance,a safe vehicle( by the way, I heard it was leased) which is fine,clothing,food,outings with friends and family,activities on and on. It sure adds up fast. Now. From what I remember,Bob was not even seeing the kids. So shouldn’t Sheree be entitled to an occasional gift to herself?She never,out of all the housewives, that I observed overspent on herself. She was in jogging pants and T-Shirts most of the time. Come on Dads.Get it together. These kids need you in their lives physically and financially!

      • l dobbins

        now come on moms and the courts. you have some nerve! first of all shree needs to get her ass a job!The money is for the kids. If he is a better suited parent, then the courts should have given him primary custody. Mothers are falling short these days when it comes to raising their children. The system is grossly tipped in their favor. In Alabama, the system is concerned with one thing: How can we get this father behind bars!! They do not regard the children. Iv’e said this before; If the fed gov does not intervene on child support matters soon, all hell is going to break loose. Often the worker themselves are nothing but a bunch of scorn women that r trying to get revenge out of any male that they can. They are often young inexperienced to work with families and culturally ignorant. Theer are tons of fathers out there that are good men, but there are bad ones ( lock their asses up).The system needs to stop putting all men in the same category. I volunteered for child support and the sorry ass courts did not notify me of my court date, stating that they could not locate me. the system was my employer! What does that tell you ladies. The system is highly broken. If I had a say, anyone receiving CS will be subject to random drug testing and receipt of all monies spent, every month plus make the courts address visitation for the child.

      • MsS

        BeReal cannot be that lame…she allowed the house they had together to go into foreclosure, because she refused to move out, she purchased an ashton martin and other vehicles she could not afford, red bottoms, all designer clothes, to include the suite she wanted to wear to court, but she purchased her kids a blowup mattress, etc. the dog got more than the children….but BeReal don’t see anything wrong with that. she did not even know her son’s shoe size, he really needed a hair cut, but she had to play the role of I am rich bitch….not!

      • BeReal, You seem to have a personal divorce story you are putting on Sheree. Bob has custody of the kids whenever they are not in school. He spends A LOT of time with them and still pays child support for the months they are with him. Sheree didn’t go to any lengths for the child support, BOB WAS THE PLAINTIFF IN THE CASE AND GOT EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTED. Have you ever see RHOA? Because on that show, Sheree runs around spending money and renting Porshes and having her Aston Martin reposessed while here kids sleep on blow up mattresses and eat cheese sandwiches. She rents Birkin bags but doesn’t pay the rent to own guy for the TV and video game so they reposessed it WHILE THE SHOW WAS FILMING so one scene it’s there and the next scene it’s not. You should probably learn a bit about the man you want to defame on the Internet before you assume he is just like your baby daddy.

  4. Miele

    I don’t comment here very often, but I have to tip my hat to you for this post. I LOVE that you preempted the “But Sheree won” madness with the math breakdown!!

  5. MD

    Wow you really REACHED to make this seem that Sheree did not come out on top….Calculating interest was really low even for you. Sheree WON period. Bob said on national TV that he was never paying her anything yet he will be. It doesn’t matter how much you hate on Ms. Whitfield, the fact of the matter is that you will never have as much as she does – not just monetarily. And you spend YOUR time writing about her and not the other way around. Your passive-agressive digs via a blog in which you stay pretty much invisible was at first annoying now it’s just pathetic….Congrats to Sheree!!!! Keep your fans hating”

    • Why hello there my favorite little troll from Philly. It’s been awhile. I know basic addition and subtraction skills is really “REACHING” for you but most of us learned how to do it in the first grade. I didn’t calculate interest, btw but if I did how would that be, “low” when pointing out who came out of court with the financial advantage. A better example of low would have been going after me for discussing her small children eating artifical cheese products. DON’T TALK ABOUT THE CHILDREN! Is an easy win. As long as you have been trolling here, you should know this.

      I also don’t think there is much room for “hate” in math. You’d know that if you could add. Hating someone or not has nothing to do with determining a net loss of income. Which is what I did here. Which is why I have more than Sheree in the first place. I understand how money works and am debt free. So we are pretty much opposites in that regard.

      But keep on congratulating people for losing money and encouraging them to “Keep (their) fans hating.” /giggles And thanks as always for driving up my page views all the time even though you seem to really, really hate reading here.

      • Whatever

        And $75k is not a lot of money because, look how long she was fighting for it. I think it’s been about 5 years, and that equates to only $15k a year. She didn’t really get anything extra. Her regular child support payments will resume (I guess Bob quit paying that for a while) and those are only about $1200-$2500 a month. With her spending habits, this $75k will be gone in less than a year. I HATED seeing that small ass sandwich she fed her son. In my book, that is a form of child abuse. You, the mother, is sitting up here with a $15k handbag on your arm and ain’t got a damn DIME inside of it to get your growing teenage son an adequate meal. All she needs is $5 to take him to Burger King and get a Whopper meal that comes with fries and a drink. Unhealthy yes, but at least it’s A FULL MEAL that will fill him up. An empty refrigerator is stuff I did when I was in my 20’s and in college. Only 20 somethings put material things before food. I don’t have kids yet, but you best believe I keep a stocked fridge and pantry now that I am in my 30’s. It’s what mature people do. I would never be able to look myself in the face if I fed my child a measly turkey sandwich, with two super thin slices of meat, cheese, with a bit of mayo and mustard between two amazingly thin pieces of bread, with some sad grapes on the side, while I push a Porsche! Sheree better do right by this money this time!

      • LOL, @whatever I love how you make up things like “Sheree has been fighting for this money for years” When Bob was the plaintiff, and guessing on how much child support is when it’s right there in the story. It’s like you didn’t read the story at all and are talking about some situation in a parallel universe. But by far my favorite part was the “sad grapes.”

      • Whatever

        @Tamara I didn’t make up anything. I didn’t say she was fighting for it for years. I said she’s been fighting for this for about 5 years. It’s been longer than the 3 years you stated in the story. She’s been trying to get this money since the show started. She got her first amount since being on the show, which she spent on the Aston Martin or the Porsche. Then she got this second settlement which was basically the difference between what she was supposed to get for the house when she was supposed to sell it, but didn’t. Bob was able to recoupe some of what was lost.

    • Miele

      How is getting $75k instead of a little over $81k a “win”?

      • Or 12K instead of nearly 26K? I’d like to lose in court to ole, MD wouldn’t you? She like the kid you can give TWO BIG NICKELS to for a quarter in return, because she wins by getting two coins. :)

      • Miele

        I wasn’t even going to “confooze” her with he 12k versus 26k part, Ms. Tattles…

    • The truth

      MD Tamara is a hot mess.

    • Tc

      I missed the passive aggressive part. Md, will you point that out to me?

  6. pischina

    I’m glad you wrote out all the details for us, because I was thinking this wasn’t a win even before I read it. My child support 20 years ago was over $800/month, and my ex-husband made barely any money. When I read the $2000/month award to Sheree I thought CLEARLY Bob had won, because someone with the income he has should have been paying much more (generally). And Sheree has been making such a stink about this for so long, she obviously was expecting much, much, MUCH more. And while it’s always hard for me to take the side of the “deadbeat dad”, in this case Sheree was clearly not hurting for cash and certainly could at least go out and GET A DAMN JOB.
    If I was Bob I’d probably still be pissed at how much I had to pay her.

  7. MD

    Haters – I mean FOLKS – this is my last time commenting on this petty ass post and the petty “fans” that are taking solace in the fact that Sheree did not get all of the money she was searching for….Please note the word “agreement” which Sheree’s #1 fan clearly did not showcase….Sheree and Bob agreed to the terms of the settlement….Again, I must reiterate that in my opinion, Sheree is the clear winner – she gets paid monthly from Bob’s NFL retirement accounts, not to mention the settlement that according to her stalker aka Tamara Tattles she allegedly spent all of, now this….I’m sorry but Sheree won – no matter how you all try and spin it…ESPECIALLY after Bob said he wasn’t paying her nothing…But of course, I can play devil’s advocate – I know this is the website so I won’t steal you all’s joy any longer….Tamara, please proceed to collect 100+ comments of Sheree’s fans who love to hate her…I am glad that you all have a forumn…carry on…

    • There was a JUDGMENT BY JUDGE at a trial. I don’t know where you get Sheree agreed to anything. IT WAS A COURT ORDER after TWO HUNDRED AND TEN DAYS of the court trying to force an agreement didn’t work. THEY COULD NOT AGREE, THERE WAS NO AGREEMENT, THEY WENT TO TRIAL. I also have no idea where you got that Bob was not going to pay anything ever. He quit paying in order to force the issue to court, where it went and he got EXACTLY what he wanted. Just because you or other sites say something doesn’t make it true. There are facts and figures that are easy to decipher if you have an education beyond second grade.

      This is the eleventy Billionth time you have claimed you were never coming back because this is a horrible site. And I lay odds there will be eleventy billion and one at least.

      As for comments, I’m sure my knuckleheads and Levi will show up eventually. They can do math though so they will probably just cry a lot and feel sorry for Sheree. That should be good for a few comments, but I doubt it will be the 100 you feel this article warrants.

      See ya soon!

      • MD

        I’m sorry I’ll believe TMZ anyday over the garbage posted here…The words “a deal was struck on both sides” and “they agreed to a settlement of” holds more merit than what you say. Hell you choose to believe that Sheree buys fake Birkins and I choose to believe TMZ. No need to get in such a tizzy….Once you produce the court documents that PROVE your chase then I’ll believe you sucka!

      • Eleventy Billion and one…..

        You can believe in the tooth fairy and UFOs for all I care.

        And the court documents are available online as a matter of public record. Move your lips extry slowy over the part that says DOMESTIC RELATIONS TRIAL after the numerous 60 day conferences where mediation failed. Once you go before a judge the give an order.

        waits for next “I’m leaving the website forever!!” comment. Which for the record will be eleventy billion and two. or in your case, eleventy billion potato.

    • Tc

      this is my last time commenting on this petty ass post

  8. MaggieG

    I seem to be taking a risk by testing your patience on a cranky day, but I’m missing something & need a clue. If Bob was the plaintiff then Sheree was not chasing him for the money? She certainly sounded like she was, since the onset of the show.

    So does that mean that if Bob had not pursued a judgement against her he could have continued to pay nothing? Nothing sounds less expensive than $75k.

    Kindly straighten me out. Thank you.

    • MaggieG

      Oops, your response to MD clarified it somewhat. Sorry.

    • I’ll try to be nice, while cranky. :) Bob was the plaintiff throughout the entire process. If you hit my archives around December of 2011 I explain that a) Phaedra was never the attorney of record for any of this nonsense and that while Bob had stopped paying child support it was because of all of Sherees’s failures to abide by the court orders. Bob went to court to have the child support changed due to major changes in income for both parties. Bob was no longer working and Sheree got a raises on RHOA over the seasons since the original amount was set. There were also incidents where Sheree had taken fixtures and appliances off of Bob’s property after the settlement, etc. I don’t know what happened with that.

      Bob filed first which gave him leverage in the suit. That whole dog and pony show with Phaedra saying she was going after him for support was ridiculous Bravo drama the matter was already under the court.

      Bob never said he was paying nothing, ever. Had he not filed first Sheree could have filed. Bob knew he would eventually be ordered to pay the back pay, but deliberately waited for the judgment to reduce the amount rather than paying the original amount. So not paying was never an option. Bob got a reduction of $20,100

      Does that make sense?

      • MaggieG

        It does, yes, thank you.
        It also restores Bob Whitfield’s image as a father when I read that he takes an active role with his children & gives them family time together in addition to the material things.

      • Bob actually agreed to the RHOA so Sheree would have a storyline and a job. He did NOT want her to get fired, it would have hurt his court case and cut the income to the children from her end.

  9. chitown shelley

    good work tamara. i enjoyed the post, but i have a strong suspicion i am going to be loving the comments even more. poor sheree! how will she able to afford the mcmansion with such a paltry award? this aint gonna pay for many liberries!!!

  10. Critter

    Excellent post.
    Even if shitree got millions in this settlement it still wouldn’t
    be a win for her, it would be a win for the sellers of the overpriced
    crap she craves (birkins, cars, etc).
    Can see her kids supporting her later as she cries about what
    a wonderful mother she was.

  11. Lodak

    Aston Martin. Great write-up, but, it’s Aston Martin.

  12. The truth

    Tamara your ass is a Even Bobs girlfriend Michelle says that Sheree won (check her blog If Bob was suing Sheree and not the other way around why in the hell would you say that Bob won. I’m tired of people saying that Sheree doesn’t work when she does. You was even hating on Chateau Sheree saying how is going to pay for. You just need to continue to check up on it while she work up on it. If Sheree have a problem with Attorney fees why in the hell would Attorney’s especially in Atlanta continue to deal with her? Lawyers are dirtier than anyone else. They will get you, she is just being smart enough to not let them get her. Sheree won!!!! Bob did say that he wasn’t going to pay her anything. Also, if Sheree don’t have furniture and her kids are sleeping on air mattresses, why do you constantly say that she stole furniture from the other house. Bob paid Sheree millions before and he will continue to pay. He tried to be smart and shit on her and his kids. Never mind her. She can take care of herself but he needs to take care of his children. Either his children get the money or some woman out in the streets will get it. Sheree make him pay for those babies. Sheree even stated that Bob barley sees his kids, they are mostly with his parents when they go to visit. It’s time for him to stand up and she is making him do it!!! Sheree won. Bob was suing her and she won!!! She wasn’t chasing him for money. She didn’t take him to court. She is out their making her own money. Sheree does work and she has her Chateau (Neverland according to you) to prove it. Does she take care of her kids? Yes, you can’t base her parenting skills off one episode. Bob was tired of shitting on his kids and he finally sit down and made an agreement with her. The child support probably got reduced going forward because she is probably STILL bringing in more income than him (because she works) and she didn’t bring on the case in the first place (according to you). Get off Sheree hater. Your page is wack. I don’t have time for that. Straight like that. Bob was trying to shit on his kids and Sheree is shitting on you. Bye Boo.

  13. The truth

    Also, I’m from the hood. Will never forget where I come from. I will take “Government cheese” over that other mess any day. It taste better. Continue to stand strong and do your thing Sheree.

    • You’re from the hood? Really? But you have such a firm grasp on basic math skills and grammar! I would never have guessed. Have a great night with your government cheese and malt liquor and thanks for stopping by to enlighten us! Now everything is clear.

      • The truth

        Yay!!! Tamara can do basic math. Whoopty doo!!! (Proceeds to help Tamara get that loan so she can buy her some chairs to have several seats).

      • The truth

        I’m to classy for malt liquor. I will, however, take some government assistance cheese and Teresa’s Fabellini.

      • Oh dear. I don’t do loans. You see, I…. oh nevermind. If you have the ability to fill out a loan application though, I think in your case a student loan is a good idea.

        But keep talking til the crack wears off, please. You fascinate me.

  14. The truth

    Phedra is a dirty ass lawyer and she was suppose to be Sheree’s friend. She was on Bob’s team the entire time. StraightfromtheA (Bob’s girlfriend) still to this day never have one bad thing to say about Phedra because she knows that Phedra is on Bob team. She can’t do nothing but give Sheree her props now. Sheree is starting to step on all her haters.

  15. The truth

    Sheree on her stomping ground now. Move back haters and let her dance!!!! lol Bye Tamara. Go get your life. Maybe Sheree can let you borrow some money so that you can buy some chairs and have several seats.

  16. The truth

    On twitter posting half of my comments. Post everything. People can come to this page to get the real anyway. Yeah, you can close this page and twitter down now. Bye boo. Go get a real job. Continue to check up on Sheree while she work up on it.

  17. The truth

    Yeah Tamara pays all her bills. She has no financial problems because she can do math and no one else can do math (anyways). Tamara is perfect. Bye girl. Maybe the people in the hood should have a problem with you saying that they are on crack and drinks malt liquor. I’m a college graduate honey.

    • (Ladies and gentlemen, we are entering the portion of the show where the illiterate girl sends a jpg of her “college degree” let’s watch….)

      Oh how nice for you, what’s you major? I’m guessing English Lit. Am I right?

      • Donna

        Tamara, where do you find these NUTS? LMAO? Whoever “IT” is cannot spell, English is a foreign language to “IT”…and she is on a rampage that only a certified idiot would believe..Oh and lets not forget that “IT” has a college degree that’s probably from the “HOOD” too. Gee, a college degree and still eating government cheese…. oh how wonderful..

      • chitown shelley

        oh no. not another one. please lets not do the prove my intelligence thing again. it was brutal!!!

      • I was thinking only an English lit major would still be on the gubmint cheese. I’m guessing this college graduate is pretending to be a cheese eating hoodrat for our amusement. You know, to exemplify the average Sheree lover. It’s method acting. Perhaps she majored in drama and is preparing for a the role of crack head from the hood who drinks Fabellini? I bet she’ll be FABULOUS.

      • Chitown, I was thinking the same thing. And this nice lady named Lydia was posting in the Kim Z thread today talking about how nice it is here. I knew when I read that, a moron was a comin’. LOL.

    • BeReal

      I seriously did not know when I started reading this blog, that it was so full of assumptions, hatred, nasty behaviour and now it appears racism. To throw out there the “gubment” malt liquor comments is really harsh. By the way. To also assume and print the very things you accuse others of is also disturbing. In the legal field ( no not an attorney ) I see men not paying child support daily. It was never my story thank God. Also the single mothers group (I volunteer when I can )I see and hear so much hurt when a father or mother is not present for that matter.I hope the Truth is not correct Tamara about racism. I will pay more attention from now on before I spend my time reading a bunch of arguing and attacking.Now. Do the right thing.

  18. The truth

    Yeah, you’re pretty much done. Goodbye.

  19. This Ms. Tattles is why I come visit. *Sips large mug O’ Tea* 😉

  20. The truth

    Drops the mic and walk off (someone please get her some tissue. Her makeup is a mess. She is crying hysterically. lol). Boo who Tamara.

  21. The truth

    She keeps going on and on about basic 1+1=2 math (not calculus or something). FACTS: Sheree did not sue Bob. Bob sued Sheree and HE is paying. SHEREE WON!!! Bye boo, I have no more time. I have to go and chew on my government assistance cheese. LMAO.

  22. baytothea

    the only loser in this are the two kids conceived from these unfortunate looking and acting people. i seriously question the judgement of a blogger who would date/fck this man…1. don’t date a man who can never look you in the eyes 2. don’t date a man with court shit pending 3. don’t date a man that owes child support regardless of the nature of the issue…just messy, messy, messy. why? report the tea, don’t swallow it. just weird when you’d think there were far better men around. reeks of low self esteem.

    anyway, sheree stay losin.

    • Hmm, Bob is financially sucessful, well-educated, smart enough to act as his own lawyer and win, and a father to two children who he spends of time with. So basically it’s the wonky eyes that make him undateable and his girlfriend is the one with low self-esteem? Really. okay. I guess Andy Cohen and his wonky-eyed self means his boyfriend would have low self esteem as well?

  23. The truth

    Honey you’re done. Wipe the shit off your face and take that ass whooping like a woman. Stop commenting because I am about to get off this messy page and won’t be around to see the comments anyway. Bye boo. Go and grab those seats AND SIT YOUR ASS ON DOWN!!!! (lol, that felt really good coming off the tip of my tongue… LMAO…SHOOT!!!) Bye girl let me leave you alone. You are just determined to be right… WRONG. Epic fail honey. Epic fail. Bye girl my hood, malt liquor, cracked out, government assistance cheese eating, jailbird self gots thangs ta do.

  24. chitown shelley

    i knew this was going to be hysterical. im laughing so hard i can hardly breathe. i know i must be getting old, however, cause i need a translator for much of this. yall are too funny!!!!

  25. Abby

    Tam… Can I call you Tam?

    Remember how “back in the day” you made us type in those obnoxious numbers/letters before we could post? And chance you could do an English test this time around?

    “If Bob was suing Sheree and not the other way around why in the hell would you say that Bob won. I’m tired of people saying that Sheree doesn’t work when she does. You was even hating on Chateau Sheree saying how is going to pay for. You just need to continue to check up on it while she work up on it. If Sheree have a problem with Attorney fees why in the hell would Attorney’s especially in Atlanta continue to deal with her? Lawyers are dirtier than anyone else. They will get you, she is just being smart enough to not let them get her. Sheree won!!!”

    • Now what would be the fun in that? :) Y’all know I like a good game of whack a troll from time to time. I’m said she didn’t stick around to talk about her college degree with me. Was it something I said?

  26. The truth

    Tamara’s tea? Would she like for me to pour some of my malt liquor in that tea? Maybe some of my government assistance cheese and a couple of grapes to go with it. Sit it on down and don’t get back up. You wrong. Bye for real now.

  27. Tc

    A white person pretending to be black? How pathetic.

  28. Abby

    No, I would like you to “pour some sugar on me and in my tea.

    And, I only like cheese and grapes with my wine… Pinot Nior, that is. And, I am happy to sit down due to that fact that everytime I read one of your post I am looking for a toilet to sit on!

  29. Kristi

    Poor Sheree! She really needed that money to restart progress on Chateau Sheree. Which appears to have been completely abandoned by the contractors. LOL!!!

  30. Marty

    I am such a fan of Sheree and her tacky self and even I realize this is a loss for her (and her attorneys who won’t get a dime!)

  31. The truth

    I was not on Michelle side when I posted her blog. We all know she likes to reach like you. She made a post about Sheree and Lawrence the other day which clearly wasn’t true. I was just making a point to give credit where it’s due and she did that. Michelle choose her sides everyone knows that. Make sure Sheree gets her props. Michelle can be full of crap. I think that both of you need to close these blogs down. I didn’t used her post because she is credible. I was just saying that even she knows to give credit where it is due. Goodbye.

    • Critter

      I’d hate to be the person you visit, you would say by for an
      hour while I’d be looking for a damn rope to hang myself.
      Go away and shut the fuck up already.

  32. MD

    Please stop arguing with this lady and her five or six cronies who have nothing to do but to salivate over all things that are negative in regards to Sheree. It’s not even worth it. Tamara clearly has a massive, fanatical crush on Sheree and so do many of her readers. The posts that garner the most comments are the ones dedicated to Sheree….We know that THIS is the site to visit to bash Sheree….Let’s give these miserable people something to rave about that Bob masterminded Sheree out of a few dollars…Haters you are right – Bob won….the end

  33. The truth

    MD I am done. This is how Tamara makes her money. I will not have people come to her page to make money off Sheree. I just wanted to make one last point. Michelle use to bash Sheree just the same. Neither one of them should be able to make money off her. They should both GO TO COLLEGE AND GET A REAL JOB AND NOT MAKE MONEY BY BLOGGING. You can’t put a price tag on kids. Sheree is finally getting something in back child support and future child support. The kids won. Maybe Bob is done with Michelle and see that she is not about nothing and is trying to get back with Sheree, and who knows who is responsible for paying the lawyer fees? Sheree, Bob and the Lawyer. Right. I am done. Tamara needs to get a real job and stop trying to make money off blogging. Maybe then, she can really pay HER bills. It was so nice to see Phaedra give Sheree her money back. That is why I still like Phaedra. By the way, this is coming from a black woman not a white woman pretending to be black. Done with this blog. Goodbye.

  34. chitown shelley

    what the hell? i dont even know what these people are talking about. they seem to be all over the place. and they keep coming back for more. i went to go watch the debate cause i thought all the fun was over for the nite. and now youre making money off folks? explain yourself please!

  35. shellbelle

    This is why Atlanta has a bad reputation…damn, I thought it couldn’t get any more ghetto. Who CARES whether Tamara likes Sheree or not? If you don’t like what she has to blog, don’t read it! Are you a bunch of high schoolers?

  36. Tracie

    Wow. This is absolutely crazy! Are MD and The Truth related to Sheree? Best friends maybe? Getting paid to post on blogs – like a “Sheree Special Interest Group”? Why else would they post angry comments and defend her like that? Weird.

    Thanks, Tamara for the update. It’s always easy for people to say things when it’s not face to face. Don’t let it upset you. Continue to do you. Everyone has a choice. If someone does not like the content in this blog, they do not have to visit nor read the content if they do.

  37. Kechia B

    Tam this your best article in review by far. Easy to follow. Sheree still want get get it or understand blessed and don’t get it.

  38. WHAT?… much as I dislike Where’s and her treatment of Bob AND her kids…lets look at he wasn’t paying her ANYTHING. While literally she is operating at a loss…..figuretively him pitting any money in her greedy little hands indicates win for her.

  39. Tc

    If course, Bob has also put himself in the media’s eye now. A little anyway. I bet he could sell his story for $100,000. So..,

  40. Katrina

    With all the issues between Sheree and Bob, the children appear to be very grounded. Sheree’s mother is also involved with the children. We have a saying, when you find yourself in a ditch, stop digging. Don’t think about how you got there, just find a way to get out! I hope Sheree and Bob find peace with one another.

  41. cns

    So if Sheree had gotten everything she thought that she was entitled to the settlement would have been upwards of 100K. She got 75K and will have lawyers’ fees of about 25K. That would leave her at about 50K. In some people’s eyes I guess that is winning. Btw the government stop issuing cheese back in the 90’s.LOL.

  42. Abby

    90 comments…are you kidding me! and ROHA let this woman go! Are they crazy!

  43. gigi

    90 comments from the same 5 people… make that 6.. :)

  44. I hear the new Ashton Martins came out…………………..

  45. Maya

    Tamara, I wanted to start saying that I do like your blog and I read it regurlarly.
    But this thread of comments have shown low class behavior I would not like to be part of.
    As a reader, i would expect you to take the positive and negative criticism from your readers as well as to show respect to those to come to your site.

    • Maya, as the website owner, I’d like to inform you that I have no desire to live up to your expectations. Feel free to find a site that is a better fit for you and your expectations.

      • Maya should be impressed…you just to her to kya …intelligently. I like.

      • Tamara is a hater aaahahaha!

        Watch your step. Pride comes before the fall. You don’t “really” have a blog or a following. You only have about 10 commenters here. Save them, instead of pushing them away with your horrible personality. People will only take so much of your bullshit before throwing your hurt ass in the same tired category as Shereee. You are one of many bloggers who are a dime a dozen. Bloop!

  46. chitown shelley

    i know this is really off topic, but i wanted to give tamara her props for being credited with the official update on sherees chateau, on wendy williams show this morning. being wendy, she kind of flubbed the name, but she did finally get it out, and showed tams photos. you go girl!!

  47. Katrina

    Can you imagine what it would have been like to watch Sheree and Bob, while they were married!!

  48. Joi

    I’m trying to figure how she didn’t get anything she’s not getting as much as she may have wanted but she’s getting something she’s still in his pockets and looks like for quite awhile if she’s getting his retirement check not to mention the fact that he didn’t want to give her anything at all and he was being the immature as hell sticking out his tongue in court and who knows what he really does for those kids when they are with him if they are really with him he might pick them up and then drop them off at his mothers house and so what if they were matter married for 2 yrs those are his kids for life! You all obviously don’t have kids and have never had to go through divorce and child support who cares if he gave her a big lump sum for a house clearly he was selfish person and difficult to deal with and this more than likely is about hurt feelings and painful pasts than money we all know a woman scorned will strike at the finances first as a mother of 3 they gets NO support and he doesn’t come around or call get whatever you can get and good for you

    • You have a lot of anger toward a man you know nothing about. He lives in LA. The kids spend summers and holidays there. It’s not a pick up drop of situation. OUTSIDE of the child support she gets 113K a year plus 25% of his IRA plus she got 775K lump sum up front. That is UNHEARD OF for a two year marriage. That is hardly NO SUPPORT especially when they live with him a large portion of the year.

      • Tamara is a hater aaahahaha!

        And you have a lot of anger towards a bunch of commenters you know nothing about. Hahahahahaha. You have to post on Sheree because you don’t have any other stories worth coming to this blog for. Unless the other story is on Kim. Get a real job. I know this blog is not paying your damn bills.

      • Tc

        Oh! You’re that racist nut bar from twitter. Lol. You’re messed up in the head and shit.

  49. KellyP

    Tamara is TOTALLY wrong. She should read the actual order. In her quest to claim thoroughness, she also left out the fact that this was a mediated agreement. Bob actually has to forfeit the $200k worth of furniture to Sheree!!! There is no win for Bob here. Get it right Tamara!!!

    • What part of 210 days of mediation failed is hard for you to understand? And how does whether or not it was mediated effect the math?

      • Tamara is a hater aaahahaha!

        Listen to Tamara get mad instead of just shutting the hell up and letting the commenters comment! Aaaaahahhahahaha! I know someone who’s getting “Blogging for Dummies” this Christmas. LMAOOOOOO!

  50. stormyboo

    omgg You can rent Birkin Bags?

  51. Joi

    FYI Tamara when a child supper order is set it is in place until a judge changes it it has nothing to do with the visitation the support goes to the custodial parent until the order is changed or the children grow up and yea Sheree did win and it is a shame that you and the rest of the ppl on here that do not have kids find joy in putting her down for trying to get money to raise her kids and honestly if u want to try and go in and read ppl because of their opinion then you shouldn’t allow us to leave a comment we won’t always agree with u and u have to accept that or remove the comment portion from ur site and why is it even worth breaking down the payout anyway are you that desperate for a story ? I mean where most if come from money is money yeah she took a lost and she has lawyer fees and all that but in the end Bob will be handing over money to her period and he still has to be financially responsible when they “spend time” with him. And for the person you said was trollling if she didn’t this blog site would just be a big ole status post for you ! That is all!

    • Meg2ansyear

      All right then. Its all just entertainment. People will have their opinions, but why get mad at the messenger? Tamara, keep up the good work. If She by Shree didn’t want her dirty laundry out there she shouldn’t have went on the show.

    • Tc

      What the fuck language is that? Are people required to go to school at all wherever you are from.

      • Meg2ansyear

        Thats rude to say to someone u don’t even know,I’m not mad about it. I was just trying to get my point across. When u raise 8 brothers and sisters because ur mom and dad was on drugs, u kind of put them first and other things like school last. I had no choice but to quit. Someone had to provide for them.

    • Tamara is a hater aaahahaha!

      Omg thank you! Tamara can dish it but she can’t take it. Arguing with anyone or everyone who brings up a valid point that she missed. This story has holes all over it. Broken down or not, Tamara’s math doesn’t add up and neither do the time periods. All you had to do was watch the show and know that Sheree has been trying to get this money since the show first aired. Tamara is a child playing with her “How to be a blogger” kitt she got for her birthday. She has no clue what she’s doing. She doesn’t realize her personality has driven commenters “straight” to her competitor’s blogs. Hahaha! Bloop!

  52. Valley Girl

    Ok, I know I am late, but these comments are HILARIOUS!

    Ms. Tattles, I thought I could serve what I call “anti-freeze” cocktails to people, but clearly you are the master! (anti freeze is sweet, but it is deadly).

    I enjoyed the article, and I totally get it. Sheree was awarded some funds, but in the long run Bob still ends up on top. I think some of these commenters are projecting their situations or their friends’ situations onto the Whitfield situation – Bob is not a deadbeat dad and he provides for his children.

  53. @whatever did you ever notice you blast my blog with your bizarre opinions in the middle of the night? I feel the need for ANOTHER interjection to say, you are full of shit and have no idea what you are talking about AS USUAL.

    I’d be all worried you were leaving but, I don’t think you actually read the posts let alone the comments.

    Anyway YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT. just saying…

    • Miele

      Tamara, as much as I agree with you on this topic, I cannot support the “sorry you dropped out of school early to sell crack” statement you made in response to the troll above. It takes a lot of calculation skills in order to be a street pharmacist of any kind (or even to count the money if one is lower in the hierarchy), so clearly your friend did NOT go down that path. 😉

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