Andy Cohen Calls Out Teresa Giudice For Making $6500 on Her Apology Story

Fine. I’ll sit up and blog this one last episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. But I ain’t happy about it. Andy wants to address the gay slurs again. Because insulting gays is bad. But making multiple shows with people degrading women is called making a living. Oh Teresa, “Everyone laughed. It was funny.” Joe looks bad enough. You are not helping.

Then they pitted Team Tre against Team Caroline in a truck pulling contest. Team Caroline won. This footage should have stayed lost. Maybe the next segment will be the lost scenes of Tre looking smart and misunderstood. Nope. Toilet humor. Why am I watching this?

Jacqueline Laurita is giving parenting advice to Teresa Giudice on national TV. Jac says she learned to “take some time out of her busy schedule once in a while to spend time with her kids” when she was raising Ashley. That must have been once in a very short while if her tweeting schedule this past year is any indication. Just today, one of the few days she doesn’t have Nick shipped of to extensive ABA training, she went and got a facial. I guess she needed a little me time. I don’t care how out of control Tre’s kids are, she spends way more time with her kids that Jac does despite being  at a million appearances.

Tre is in a book store once again telling us she is a “New York Times best sellers author”  then she asks the cameras if she said it right. Um, nope.  So for something a bit easier she goes to the kid at the checkout and introduces herself, “Hi! I’m Teresa Giudice!. Um, er, I mean JudyChay.”  Just give it up, Tre and stick with the way you have said your name your whole life.  She goes on to be incredulous that they do not carry her ‘cooker book’.  She whips a copy out of her bag (I promise I am not making this up) and tells the minimum wage employee, “See that’s me on the cover!” followed by, “I didn’t see my book here…” The kid says “okay…?” and she tells the kid the book would sell good in his store. The kid says they usually order by customer demand. Teresa looks confused. She mentions Skinny Italian and the kid says, “We don’t really do diet books.”  Tre goes back to the Fabulicous book and asks to speak to someone about ordering it. The kid is like, “Look it’s in our system, we just never ordered it.”  Tre asks if he can order it now.  The kid says no, we are a specialty bookstore and not really interested.  This is the best scene by a mile and so far the only one you need to watch. At the end Tre says she can go to Barnes and Noble so she “can make the best sellers.” and the kid responds, “Oh we don’t say the ‘BN’ word here.” Priceless.

Now on to Tre apologizing in In Touch. HOLY CRAP! Jac is doing a talking head with visual aids. She has blown up one of the BRAZILIAN  texts she sent to Tre at Christmas onto multiple pages and reads it like those kids in the bullying videos on Youtube. Tre admits that the apologies were the brainchild of the editors of In Touch, but insists she really meant them. Andy says the editor of In Touch told his staff Tre was paid $6,500 for the interview for that story. Tre says that is not true. LOL. Deny, deny, deny and smile this is what Tre does in the fact of all evidence. Some bickering between Caroline, Jac and Tre and Tre goes in on Lauren’s lapband, again.

Jac and Chris have a segment in Chicago where,  a very well rehearsed fashion, Jac explains what she was wearing when they met as if to emphasis she was not a stripper.  They must say, “this is where we met” ten times.  Somehow they decide to get a fake wedding picture made. Again, I am not making this up. When our Vegas Girl, who is not a stripper, gets back to Jersey she tries on a ton of stripper wedding gowns and eventually decides not to go through with the whole fake wedding picture idea after all. Wedding gowns are expensive.

Next up Tre and Juicy Joe and the girls go down the shore for Father’s Day. At breakfast Tre tells the girls to tell Daddy why he is so special. Milania screams, “WE DON’T KNOW!”. And I giggle. So Tre coaches them. I imagine clips of her screaming cut and demanding a retake are all over Bravo’s editing room floor. While Tre is coaching them, Milania says, “Okay, blah, blah blah!” and Tre calls cut again. Finally, they get Gia to say her Daddy always supports her. And it’s a wrap. Interspersed were some talking heads of Tre saying she is trying to create some good memories with Joe and the girls in case he goes to Jail. Then, further down the shore, Melissa and Kathy and Rosie all cry because their fathers are dead. Back to Tre so she could give Joe his Father’s Day gift. It’s an updated wedding ring. It’s huge. Joe is not amused. He mutters, “I don’t wear rings much, but um, it’s  nice.” Meanwhile all the girls are saying out loud, “Are we done yet?” Gabriella is actually leading the chorus and she doesn’t usually say much on camera.

Another quick reunion outake of Kim D calling Joe Gorga “Josephine” and cheering for Juicy Joe backstage as the three Joes argue onstage. Apparently, the two RVs had a cookoff on their vineyard tour. Kathy was the only female on her RV. Jac was useless in the kitchen so technically only Tre and Melissa had two females cooking. A couple in the next RV over declared the winner to be….Tre and Melissa. Their favorite thing was Melissa’s pasta. Then in the talking head Tre claims that the couple’s favorite dish was the one she made. Busted!

Another reunions scene about Dina being friends with Tre. Dina blogged this week that she didn’t even know there was a fight going on with Tre and Caroline until Tre came over after the “deck scene.” AND WE HAVE FINALLY WRAPPED.

I’m going to stick a few pictures on this without editing so I can watch WWHL and do a quick blog about that.


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22 responses to “Andy Cohen Calls Out Teresa Giudice For Making $6500 on Her Apology Story

  1. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    I’m just trying to figure out one thing: why do these people care what Tre made off her apology? She apologized to Caroline’s face, for what still baffles me, but Caroline denounced it. I’m with Tre, hell if I’m going to apologize, let me make some money off of it while I’m at it. Plus, it’s nobody business what Tre is paid for what. I’ve never heard any of them discus how much Melissa made from her songs. Does Bravo speak with Life & Style when Kim and NeNe appear in the mag? It’s just a shame and a scandal these people keep dealing Tre the odd hand.

    • The powers that be know that ganging up on Tre is getting old, plus with Juicy undoubtedly in jail, she’ll get sympathy next season. It’s already clearly in motion that next season will be about bringing Melissa down.

      I have to say, if someone is apologizing to me for something I consider very personal or angry about, finding out they finally did it when the paycheck was big enough wouldn’t make me think it’s sincere in any form. It was business, nothing personal about it. Maybe it’s just me.

  2. momadison

    Ugh, just saw the footage of Tre and her oily bo-hunks and Caro and her crew at the tank pull for Wounded Warriors. So disgusting, Tre, showing up with those greasy ass men and not wanting Victoria or anyone she thought wouldn’t help her win! Caro was all about the idea of fun, and heart and the charity. Of course she went looking for extra help when the Italian Gladiators showed up, and she got some “soljiers”! But that aint fair, right right? Them guys pull tanks all day! How is what Caro did, getting extra help, any different than what you did? Thats the major sticking point here… I couldn’t care less about her issues with her fam, with the other HWs, her bankruptcy, spending, whatever! Its the fact that she is so unself aware and deluded. Unwrap your arms around that Tre ppl and at least aknowledge the fact that despite who is right or wrong, and frankly at this point who gives a shit, Tre does the EXACT things she accuses other ppl of doing or not doing! This seemingly unimportant clip shows just that, she schemes to bring big guys to win (wonder if any donated, Im sure the bark eaters will let us know all about their top secret sources who saw the checks) but when Caro does it after her, that aint fair THAT AINT FAIR?? I just hope Wounded Warriors at least got some money out of being in any way associated with the HWs! Okay, rant is over, for now…

  3. smooches

    Kim D is trash and there was nothing remotely funny about her calling Joe Gorga Josephine…if somebody called her Ken she’d have a problem with that strong jawline of hers

    • soncee

      I completely agree with you. Especially when you consider how much Kim Ding Dong, looks like a drag queen, she has no room to talk about Anyone’s looks.

  4. AB

    Joe Gorga loves dressing like a woman and being around gay men b/c he’s gay! Let’s be honest the manzo boys live with a gay guy so I am sure one of them is gay. Also, I am really tried of everybody ganging up on Tre. We know she did stories so what

    • Tc

      How sad. Do you think “gay” is catchy. If you live with someone who is gay or like gay people, you will contract the gays?

      Joe Gorga would like people to think he is a friend of the friends of Dorothy. But the truth is, it’s a novelty to him and he knows he can capitalize off of it. In fact, he MUST in order to make his wife’s mall appearances successful.

  5. I’ll have to go back and look at it again. However, if I always get things wrong, perhaps you should find a better website to read? I certainly would not stick around a place full of misinformation.

  6. AB

    OMG….I’m so tried of ppl being so touchy about anything related to gays. Yes, I think Joe is gay…big deal. I never said I hate gay ppl or he sucks bc he loves being with gay men. However, some ppl do hide and claim to be just friends and thats SAD

    Also, I have a gay brother and love him very much. Therefore, I know that being around him does not make me gay.

  7. Watched again here is an exact transcript.

    Male Judge says, “I’m a sucker for pasta, and I really like that pasta, I’m in the middle right there.” Indicating he picked Melissa’s pasta thus Melissa and Tre won.

    Melissa jumps up and down screaming. “I WIN! I WIN! I WIN!”

    Cut to talking head where Tre says, ” The couple said their favorite dish out of everything was the Steak Pizzaiola, That was mine! Mine Bitch! These people should know not to have a cookoff with a New York Time Selling Cookbook author.”

    The talking head was a serious dig at Tre by production that showed her (a) lying about winning and (b) STILL unable to say New York Times Best Selling Author.

    You may apologize now for being blinded by the Tre you were hugging while commenting.

    • Kendra

      Technically didn’t Tre also that Joe made the steak Pizzaiol? I know they showed Tre beating it, then they showed Joe at the grill cooking it. One could argue she was the prep cook and Joe actually cooked the winning dish.

      One could also argue I am putting way too much thought into this.

      On aside, do we think Bob will pay Sheree???

    • The winning dish was Melissa’s pasta. And yes, the Steak Pizzaiola was called “Joey’s Steak Pizzaiola.” Tre was like the kid in that old Shake and Bake commercial who said “I HELPED!” :)

    • The man wouldn’t know a metaphor if it bit him in the ass. He had a mouth full of pasta and gestured wildly to the middle of the table where Tre and Melissa’s RV food was situated between the other two entries. Nothing to do with a metaphor. He said he was going with the middle. Why is it sofa king important for Tre Huggers to ignore direct transcripts from the show and/or video on your TV and go with whatever delusions Tre said in her talking heads? It was clear she was being mocked to everyone but you and some blind Tre huggers.

      I promise you I will not be any more interesting to you no matter how many times you “check back” so don’t waste your time. There are plenty of Tre Hugging blogs out there, go affix your lips to their ass and get the fuck out of here. I am tired of breaking things down to your level.

      • Cheryl

        Just found your blog, and I LOVE IT! Your observations are right on, about Teresa and her fans. It is truly scary how many ignorant, unintelligent delusional people are out there desparate enough for Teresa, who has no redeeming qualities, to be something they want her to be, like an author, honest, intelligent, a good person, sane, etc.

  8. Tc

    I wish being around gay people were fatal if you have an iq under 80.

  9. Tc

    Before we leave NJ, can we discuss Gia’s Wax Lips? Dear god. They are monsterous. And either bright red or swimming in glossy k-y. It’s just not right.

  10. Kyia

    It has been said around town that Joe Gorga likes men and women. Melissa does too. They have an open marriage. Also Greg and Christopher are a couple, which is why Greg lives with them but Caroline doesn’t know yet. Apparently being gay is not accepted in the Italian community (even though she claims she accepted her brother). Lastly the guy did declare Teresa’s dish the winner he just mentioned that he liked the pasta too.

  11. Donna

    Good gosh people, this is Tamara’s blog so if u don’t like the complete facts why do u stay on her blog. Go where it pleases you deceptive eyes and ears. If u r a Tre hugger you are as dumb as she is! She couldn’t say sh$t with a mouthful! That poor girl as tamara said can’t even pronounce her own name. She only changed it bc it sounded so Italian! Wow you Tre huggers are dumb! Lol

  12. Teresa is as fake as her tan. The girls at the Father’s day scene said it all!

    What I want to know is, IF Dina and Tre are such good friends, and Tre and Caroline have been feuding since Tre’s-mother’s recipe book came out at the very beginning of the season/taping, WHY did Dina tweet that she JUST FOUND OUT that Tre and Caroline were fighting AFTER Jac’s deck scenem, which was at the end of the season/taping?

    (1) Tre is going to Dina’s Ladybug charity events to brings her Trehugger fans to the Ladybug event and (2) Dina goes to some of Teresa’s-mother’s recipe book (and to some other events for crap Tre flogs) signings to bring her fans.

    Moral: Dina and Tre have a working relationship. They use each other.

    Another moral for Trehuggers: ? People tend to like the characters that they feel is like them the most & can relate to them. So for all you Trehuggers, congratulations for adoring America’s biggest idiot.

  13. Janet

    Teresa is a lying, stupid jealous woman
    Andy Cohn degrades himself by continuing her to continue on this show
    I hope thry are found guilty.

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