Real Housewives of Miami Mini-Recap Plus Joanna Krupa Nekkid

I did watch Real Housewives of Miami last night but I am under the weather and didn’t feel like posting a recap. There were only a couple of memorable scenes anyway. I was expecting to get angry with Elaine Lancaster for fighting with Mama Elsa, but really that scene was not a big deal. Mama Elsa sort of went in on Elaine for not being nice to her daughter and well…It was what it was. There was also a scene with Alexia seeming to jump into to the Adriana and Karent argument over Karent trying to upstage everyone. I think Alexia was just under a lot of pressure at that time and didn’t have any patience left for Karent’s antics. Most of the story was about Romain cheating on Joanna. Joanna “found” a whole bunch of evidence of cheating on Romain’s computer where he was promising some other girl he would leave Joanna. Romain said something like, “yeah, I wanted to leave you…whatever, let’s move on.” And Joanna was fine with that because she had  no proof of actual intercourse, like you know a sex tape.

Today there are tons of pictures of Joanna and Romain going out to dinner. What do you think of Joanna’s wardrobe choice? I have no idea why people believed those awful hooker rumors.


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14 responses to “Real Housewives of Miami Mini-Recap Plus Joanna Krupa Nekkid

  1. Romain could get it. He’s sexy and douche and seems like he needs a shower and ooh girl I like him.

  2. Tc

    I was yelling at my tv last night. Wherever those sisters grew up, Pride was sure not a character requirement. Also, Joanna’s complexion is kinda bad on the close ups. So a see through blouse is good. For now. She’s not going to be an attractive middle aged woman.

    • Ms Urethra Franklin

      I was judging the displays of dysfunction by those sisters last night too. They were like 5 years old fighting while pretend cooking in their Barbie kitchen. Such immature & whiny displays by Joanna & Marta. Me no like them.

      I loved Mama Elsa and her accent throwing shade at Elaine who tossed shade back. But IMO Mama Elsa “don’t call me Mama, my name is Elsa” won. I just love her.

      Sorry you’re not feeling well Ms. Tattles. I missed the frequent updates yesterday. I was concerned. Hope you get your energy for some snarky mojo back soon.

  3. Ashley

    Know wonder people think she is a hooker. She dresses like a slut! That top she is wearing is trash!!

  4. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Tamara, since Joanna is here nekkid, I must ask, when you get cast on reality show, do these people have someone to sweep the internet of embarassing photos? Reason being, I remember before Joanna was on Miami Housewives, and I Googled her name, and I could barely find one photo of this girl with clothes on. Now, like magic, she’s clothed again.

  5. Critter

    In my younger better figure years I had a shirt much like this,
    and my camisole fit perfect under it… There’s no reason to
    walk around looking like a hooker unless that’s what you want
    people to think you are…
    Hope you feel better soon Tamara, we’ll need your recap of the
    RHNJ crap Bravo is airing tomorrow night…

  6. BarbinGa

    If you can tear your eyes away from the nonblouse, look at his jeans! He looks like a douche in his outfit. What woman allows that? Maybe that was her plan, to distract.

    • Tc

      Weird. I don’t see anything wrong or racy about his jeans. And as for “what woman would…”, I seriously would NEVER be with a man who let me not “let” him dress himself.

      • Hardly racy, he looks like Mitt Romney in those jeans. I suppose if you’re attracted to a 65+ look, then it’s fine. He owns a club IIRC, I’d think he’d want to look a little more hip. of course men should be able to dress themselves. When they look ridiculous, I tell them. Like I’d tell my girlfriend if she had spinach in her teeth.

    • Critter

      I agree, to be such a good looking guy he should have on
      a better fitting pair, show off some assets… most women
      don’t want to see a hottie wearing their grandpa’s jeans…

    • Tc

      Yikes. Vy limited fashion knowledge around here.

  7. I think you have to give Joanna some leeway on her blouse. Sometimes clothing can be perfectly fine until you are hit with the light of the cameras. Let’s just be grateful that Betty White was not wearing this outfit.

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