Jill Zarin Allegedly Secretly Taped Entire WWHL Interview;

Wendy Williams just said on her hot topics this morning that Jill Zarin secretly taped the entire interview with Andy Cohen in order to sell the tapes to gossip blogs. The gossip bloggers instead contacted Andy to tell him what was going on. I’ve done a search of the likely sources for this story and can’t find anything. Wendy almost never has an independent source. However, she is on good terms with Andy and they often appear on each others shows. Wendy says her source claims that there is no way Jill is returning to Bravo. If true this is an incredibly crazypants situation because Jill has been saying that she was concerned that Bravo was trying to set her up by pretaping the show. It’s the old double cross. Also if true, you would think someone would buy the tape and we will eventually have access to the unedited version.

Speaking of taping at Bravo, this morning Radar Online is sharing an exclusive conversation with Sonja Morgan. Sonja apparently wanted to get a few more digs in that didn’t make the cut. Sonja claims that whoever was attending the show as Aviva’s plus one supporter was tossed out of the taping for attempting to secretly tape part of the unedited live feed as the show taped. Sonja also said that Heather was “caught in a lie” because Harry didn’t tell her directly he had “played in the garden” with Sonja and Luann, she merely over heard him telling a male friend. Whatever. Sonja and Luann are “Eskimo sisters” at least two times over. Maybe we should call it “pirate sisters’ in their case. Sonja also says that Heather apologized for Toastergate 2012. Oh Sonja, you have so much in common with Jill.


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12 responses to “Jill Zarin Allegedly Secretly Taped Entire WWHL Interview;

  1. Job Sucks, On break now!

    Finally someone has something on this. I have tried to ask on 4 other blogs and my comments are on moderation.
    Did you watch the show yet? you are from Atlanta right? Did it air there yet?

    • Yeah, I watched it. Wendy was clearly #teamandy and said that even though Jill wants to either come back to RHONY or get her own spin-off (BWHAHAHAHA) that is definately not happening. I doubt Andy was too thrilled to hear the taping allegations. I’m thinking he has to be Wendy’s source.

      OTOH Wendy can’t report stories they get off TMZ properly. So you never know with her.

  2. Job Sucks, On break now!

    I’m sure she had to sign something. Usually when you do an internie like that.Even with Bravo, you have to sign something, I bet there is some claus in there that forbids any leaking! Thanks for covering this topic

    • Maybe. I doubt any non Bravo guests on WWHL have to sign anything unless they are being paid. It’s not like there is anything to leak usually because it is live most of the time. While some states make illegal recordings like this illegal. NY is a one-party consent state. That means as long as one person knows they are being recorded, it’s legal. Also obviously, Andy knew he was being taped on his own equipment. So unless there was a legal docuement signed, which again I doubt, it’s legal.

      If she did it some site will eventually pay something for it.

  3. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Maybe I’m naive with these tactics, but how does she record her own interview? I guess it easy to record the audio conversation, but is it alleged she recorded video, audio, everything pre & post interview? What would be the motive to do that? I just don’t think bat shit crazy like Jill, so I can’t even comprehend.

  4. Kendra

    Too bad it wasn’t in the necklace, then that gawd awful thing would have served a purpose!

  5. Jenn

    OMG, I hope this is true.
    That way we know for sure that Jill will never be hired for any one ever again. She would be way to risky for them to hire. I hope with her tricks she dug herself a very deep hole. I love it that Wendy even mentioned it, she planted a seed for all networks.

  6. stormyboo

    I think that Jill wanted the last word, she wanted “closure” and she wanted to slay Andy because he likes Bethenny better

  7. Dawn Raine

    I think Jill looked an absolute fool. If I were an exec. at HSN and shown her #WWHL idiotic performance, I’d be unhappy. I know sales is what they care about but I am an HSN shopper, I would not purchase her items unless they were one of a kind and vital to my life, here s–t isn’t.

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