Is Jill Zarin Mean Tweeting Under a Ghost Account?

This is called phoning in a blog. I am not fully recovered from all the TV last night and the amount of wine required to watch it. So my friend TEB has kindly allowed me to post this blog entry written by her. It’s a timely piece full of accusations and deception about Jill Zarin, who will be on WWHL tonight. I have no independent knowledge of this situation. Please direct all your negative comments, legal threats, etc. to TEB. Don’t kill the messenger.  :)

By TEB2350  

I got a call on Friday that piqued my interest (and it seems many of yours, too!).  The person told me that Jill Zarin had some fake twitter accounts and to go check out @frostedyummies timeline.  I read through it and was immediately convinced it was indeed Jill Zarin who was tweeting those awful remarks (you should go take a look at their TL!  They write horrid stuff about Bethenny and the new NYC ladies Carole, Aviva and Heather).  It was then confirmed that it was Jill by an insider.

@FrostedYummies wrote things like “@Bethenny will you tell your wart faced daughter you destroyed a woman to succeed” and “@Bethenny SCAMMER FRAUD LIAR WHORE Even your mother says so.  Evil girl you owe @JillZarin apologies”

Let’s not forget when FrostedYummies wrote “@CaroleRadziwill welcome to HWs BITCH better not hear your death BOO HOOing all season” and “@YummieTummies Looks like a BORE FEST with this Bitch @BravoAndy.”  Not exactly the kindest of things to say.Even Lynn Hudson was not spared by this account.  FrostedYummies wrote “OMG! LMFAO @bethenny dumped @LynnnChicago”  and “@Zill_Jarin Go kiss Lynn’s big fat butt and get some attention.  Sounds like you need it”

So, @BlckdbyJillZarin and I decided to have a little fun with this new information and we started to retweet all the vile tweets by FrostedYummies and tell everyone about Jill’s dirty little twitter secret.    It sparked a lot of conversation over the weekend.  Poor BlckdbyJillZarin was at a wedding and I’m sure her phone was blowing up the whole time.

Jill must have been scrambling in the background trying to figure out what to do.  She was completely busted by us and we received confirmation from that insider.  There was no denying this was Jill.  Her first response was to try and attack me by saying “Hi TEB, I heard Ramona put you in your place,” referring to the night I went to all three premiere parties.  (Ramona initially didn’t want to take a photo with me because she was not in front of the step and repeat with her wine logo but then said OK- it’s the picture Lynn Hudson posted back in June.) I found Jill’s comment to me hilarious because when I was at LuAnn’s party, I watched a room full of 50 people ignore and mock Jill and Bobby when they crashed the event.  As Cat Ommaney would say “Not Fucking Invited!”  Jill’s Gay Husband Brad didn’t even get up to say hello!  LuAnn was overheard telling the photographer not to take any photos of Jill.    When I called out the FrostedYummies account on these facts Jill decided to tweet me from her own account.

@JillZarin wrote to me “@TEB2350 Who r u?  Where r u?  Be transparent if u want people to listen”   She wants ME to be transparent???  Fascinating coming from a woman writing hate tweets from a fake account.  Did she really think I was going to offer up my name and address?  Good Grief!  This woman has clearly lost her mind.

Jill then proceeded to tell me “Last warning to stop bullying.  I only have one acct” Jillzy, Jillzy- this is sad.  The only thing I did was tell my twitter people the truth about Jill being @FrostedYummies.  How in the world is that being a bully?  Just because Jill is hurt and embarrassed because her dirty little secret is out does not mean you have been bullied.  You’re belittling true bullying that causes young people to commit suicide.  GET OVER YOURSELF!

I found it interesting that she only had a few people come to her rescue after putting me on blast.  With over 500,000 followers she calls “fans” and only 4-6 people came to stand up for her.  Intriguing to say the least.   I wonder if it’s because most of her followers are bought and not real.  What else could be the answer?  I have 1000 followers and I had a TON of people tweeting against Jill.   Let’s do the math on that one…..

Just this morning I received a cryptic message from @FrostedYummies that said: “Just read an interesting DM regarding my girl @teb2350 Well well well Thx Paul”   This is so reminiscent of Susan Saunders and AmazonGate.  What did she find out? That I have two dogs and she is going to threaten them?  I have no idea who this Paul person is and I’m confident she is making the whole thing up.   It’s just amazing to me what a one-trick pony she is.

Listen Jill (and listen well!).  You were FIRED.  Nobody likes you very much.  You don’t have much of a fan base because you are a mean person.  Your best bet is to go away.  People will forget about you and you will not be hated as much.  You are going to self-destruct if you keep this up.  Just GO away.

You’re Welcome.


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39 responses to “Is Jill Zarin Mean Tweeting Under a Ghost Account?

  1. Imma pop some popcorn and see what happens next.

  2. Tc

    I think this is a pack of lies. There is no proof.

    But you’ve given me an awesome idea!! I’m going to pick the HW I dislike most, create a twitter account and go off from their point of view. You can’t stop me. It’s pretty much fool proof.

    Keep looking for me!!!

  3. this is almost as bad as the famewhorgas blog. lord…people are reeeeally reeeeally personally invested in these women to the point of it being disturbing. entertaining drunk blogging is one thing (and quite hilarious to read!)…but there’s a new breed of bloggers out there that seems to be devoted purely to cyber-smearing…it’s creepy, man, lol.

    • I’m actually sort of struggling with that at the moment. I dislike blogs that are always mean and visicious. My seems to be heading in that direction. I’m trying to right the ship. The problem I’m having is that within the reality genre people are cast for their character flaws. It’s kind of hard to blog about them without pointing out the horrific stuff they do.

      I’m going to do my best to improve. I just did a Shah’s blog and I REALLY had nothing positive I could find to say about the new cast member. I had a lot more negative to say, but I reeled myself in. Can I get points for that at least?

      • I’m still on board over here, though. I like your investigative posts- they always feel more like an Alex McCord “Rumor Fix” kind of thing vs. some of these blogs where you imagine if they didn’t have the instantaneous fix of the net to satiate them, they’d be sitting in a dark room with Star Magazine cutouts on the wall…pins in the cast photos, red exes with smeared lipstick across the faces, you know that Lifetime Movie of the Week kinda stuff (shudder). At least when I read your posts I don’t get the feeling you’re 2 steps away from being “Nurse Betty”. Your friend’s TEB’s post was bordering on “spay-shul”, though. Homegirl is ‘rolling in the deep’, lol.

    • Gina

      Jill Zarin is vile. Who is she to attack TEB? Really! Jill Zarin was Fired because she was a terrible person on TV. Now attacking people on Twitter is low. I am happy you posted this article.

  4. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    And let the chuch say yeahhhh…. (In my Tyler Perry voice)

  5. baytothea

    halfway through reading I was wondering if this person was in High School…i am not a jill fan whatsoever but…get a life? god damn. it’s nice and gossipy if true but the lengths this person has gone is just weird. I feel like im 18 again dealing with AOL chat room and MySpace drama.

    • GymMom

      Why not just quit reading it then?

      • baytothea

        actually, i did. i just don’t understand the concept of talking shit on twitter as a grown woman going back and forth with reality show people and fanatics. it’s one thing to be interested in a show you follow and catch up on gossip and another to immerse yourself in trivial b.s. like that on twitter.

  6. Tc

    Exactly. How anyone can invest their lives in stalking someon who appeared in realit tv is amazing. Don’t like them? Laugh. Call them names. Even call them out. Then move along. My thought is that I’m betting these people who stalk Zarin would not like to be personally targeted back. They are pitting themselves out there like she is though. Makes them fair game, no? Me too I suppose. Time will tell. Mwahaha.

  7. MaggieG

    You’ve requested we not direct negative comments towards you & have confessed to seeing your blog go in an undesirable direction so all I’ll say is that this post from TEB is juvenile.

  8. Elliot

    I’m so glad the truth is out there! Can’t wait for the JZ interview on WWHL tonight. I wish we could send in questions because we could ask about this!!

  9. So someone shares their experience with interacting with Jill on Twitter and the person is criticized? At least TEB owned up to her actions. I don’t think this is the same as thing as a blog devoted to one POV. Tamara you failed miserably at being “Team Teresa” simply because you know instinctively the entire cast is guilty of subterfuge.

    I enjoy your blog even when it pisses me off. I come back cause you change your opinion like the wind….and that’s a good thing.

    TEB, be careful with taking on Jill and her people, many folks have been burned.

  10. GymMom

    I love your blog. I found through TEB. If anyone else doesn’t like it, they can move on.

    • Tc

      Wait. YOU’RE telling people to move on at Tamara’s blog??

    • baytothea

      gymmom, your weirdo is showing loud and clear. no one said they didn’t like THIS blog. some of you people are like brainless androids. having to kiss the ass of everything posted is the antithesis of what a blog is. trolling every comment that you don’t agree with is ridiculous. whoever TEB is must be paying you.

  11. Tc

    I HAVE PROOF that teb created the Frostieyummie account in order to BLAME JILL ZARIN. You heard it here first. It’s been confirmed.

  12. Missy Anne

    Hi Tamara!
    I really have liked your blogs and quite honestly agree that it would be difficult to not take a side. Since delving into “Reality TV” in “Twitter Land” I am more inclined to read a TRUTHFUL and HONEST blog than say, another blog that is obviously biased towards a particular person. The same thing goes for people I associate with on twitter. I try to avoid the extremists at all costs but sometimes they sneak past me and are all Team whoever. My point (sorry!) is that I saw all of this unfold on twitter as it happening. I do believe that Jill has multiple twitter accounts. I do appreciate your blog bringing this information to light in a clear and concise manner.

  13. TEB2350

    Listen- if you have a problem with what I’ve written then you can contact me directly. Don’t mix Tamara up in this. Man up or shut up.

  14. Tc

    I’m here. You’re here. I am contacting you directly. I have proof and its been confirmed that you created that twitter account to blame Jill Zarin.

  15. This morning I felt like this was probably not true about Jill and the Ghosnic on twitter. After watching WWHL, I’ve changed my mind. I think it probably is her. She’s gone round the bend.

    • Tamara, I for one hope you don’t change it. When RHNY began I LOVED that it was light hearted and fun. JZ admitted on WWHL that she set up fights and it didn’t go her way, so ultimately we turned on her. She asked for it (taking into account the Susan Saunders thing, et al), and plays immature games hoping to become the star she could’ve been.

      All the housewife shows decided drama was best, fighting required…and we’re supposed to be lovey dovey about it? F that! I come for the snark that I can’t necessarily do in everyday life. Immature of me? Sure…I’m just playing their game. yeah, thats it.

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