Michael Jackson’s Kids Shilling an Energy Drink

I pulled this picture off the Daily Mail today and was sad to see that Blanket Jackson has this miserable expression in every picture. There are many pictures of MJ’s kids shilling for this new ginseng drink, MrPink and each one Blanket looks either sad or exhausted or both. What’s wrong with Blanket, y’all? This is not the first time I’ve noticed this about Blanket. It seems to be his expression in lots of pictures in the media.

In other news, I am dying to know who the owners of MrPink are. Their website doesn’t really say but they are getting a lot of publicity lately. They are the official drink of the Dodgers and have managed to get lots of celebrity endorsements. Clearly it is someone with deep pockets, but who? Anyone know?

Update: Chris Stark has investigated and believes that MrPink is in fact owned by the Michael Jackson estate. See Comments below.


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  1. chitown shelley

    my opinion is that blankets face is being pulled down into a constant poo-poo face by the weight of all that damn hair!! cut it already!!!

  2. baytothea

    I saw other pics from that event and the celeb mix was so random. Lindsay, Kimora, Matt Kemp, David Arquette, Audrina Patridge, Anna Kendrick(only person i am seriously WTF about). the whole thing seems so randomly budget, although they did spring for a private jet for Lindsay. i never buy these gimmick drinks and hope they all disappear b/c all people do is waste their money.

  3. wow…these kids went from practically invisible to shilling for an energy drink..? Who is advising these children?

  4. Oh that said, Paris was very level-headed on her red carpet interview with ET tonight. They asked how her career was going, she said it was going well. They asked what she was working on and she said she could not say. They asked if she was going to do reality and she said no, she wanted to keep parts of her life private. Very poised for 14.

  5. I think you will find Michael Jackson Estate owns Kings International Investment Group,

    Mr. Pink Collections, LLC
    1801 Century Park East Ste. #1920
    Los Angeles, CA. 90067

    Kings International Investment Group,

    A subsidiary of King’s International Investment Group, Mr. Pink Collections, LLC has developed and is the purveyor of ultra-premium, bla bla ….

    Kings International Investment Group is a privately owned global investment and management firm. It is predominately focused on six core international business sectors including: non-alcoholic premium beverages; ultra-premium tobacco products; fuel-enhancing additives; fashion; entertainment and investment securities. Each of its businesses that comprise King’s International Investment Group exercises a considerable degree of autonomy and diversity; However, while King’s thinks and acts globally, it operates like a family business and holds dear to family values. We believe in quality over quantity to ensure operational efficiency and to aid in confident business and investment decisions.

    • Thanks Chris. I suspected as much. It was a very odd event for the kids to be attending. That makes since. How exactly is premium tobacco sale holding closely to “family values”?

      • When i asked them who owns PINK… Marty Brown -COO of Mrpink lied and said in a text exactly:

        Privately owned by 4 LOCAL businessmen
        Medesto, Ca, Memphis, TN

        funny when i then mentioned Kings International….and MJ he clammed up….

        How can any of them be considered local when company is located next to Beverly Hills High School….

      • THINK OUT LOUD….. what if the pink cigs carol from rhony pulled out on aviva? r the ones mrpink sells and they might be those herbal ones jlo smokes ….

      • A reader here linked to the manufacturer of the pink cigarettes in the post that mentioned them. I forget what post that was. But the name is there.

    • so…do we think that this is a corporation created by the family or by the lawyers for the estate? There’s just too much money in this family…I feel like every move made since Michael’s death is completely opposite of what would be going on if he were alive. I feel so bad for those kids

      • Heimberg Law Group, LLP in Los Angeles is involved with KINGS….International Investment Group… which reeks of michael jackson type language….. grandiosity on a mecca scale…yet it’s a start up company….

  6. in this economy who has deep deep pockets to go balls out on a start up company and then announce 5 others genres they will attack on a global level? MJ Estate is the only one out there i can think of that has big arss bucks n would go global overnight….imo…. 4 local businessman…lol right….

  7. 4 – businessman….Katherine Jackson whose home is in Modesto… MJ 3 kids…. = 4

  8. Carole Radziwill tweeted: Pink cigs are for breast cancer awareness month. #rhony

    and i found

    Pink Elephant is a brand of cigarettes sold in France. All the cigarettes are pink and have vanilla flavoring.

    back to michael jackson n king international…
    i sent them a text asking about tobacco line…the 2005 philip morris n king int.. is not the same group…

  9. Sonja

    Blanket is like Michael..he doesnt really like the spotlight..remember michael was only “on” when he was on the stage and/or performing or when his fans were screaming his name..but privately, he was very shy and had panic attacks before every performance. I remember reading that he used to chew gum to calm his nerves and appear more relaxed in public at a young age, and I think the kids, especially Prince and Michael III (Blanket) picked up the habit. Paris seems to be the most outgoing one of the bunch and Prince, i believe, is just more selective about what he chooses to be a part of. btw…love Blanket’s hair!!! But as he gets older, if he gains weight (like Prince), it may not be so attractive. smaller stature guys look better with long hair.

    On another note, i think this is what Katherine’s kids were fighting about with the estate, using the estate to parlay into their own special interests. Although Michael did endorse pepsi, i dont believe he would have ever endorsed a cigarette/energy drink company.

  10. Sonja

    I meant the executors of the estate are using estate to parlay into their own special interests..type too fast. sorry..

  11. Marty Brown -COO of MrpinK = SAID THEY DROPPED THE TOBACCO LINE…..

  12. Where are you getting all this info from? Because “the estate of MJ” is the estate of three children. I can’t believe they would invest in tobacco of all things.

  13. ivy

    Mr. Pink and Kings International Investment Group has NOTHING to do with MJ Estate because all MJ Estate’s accounting is public and it shows all of the companies that they own which are Michael Jackson Company, Enchanted Kingdom, MJJ Legacy, MJJ Productions, MJJ Kingdom, MJJ Ventures, Optimum Productions, Triumph International and Sycamore Valley Ranch. Plus all of his companies would show the address of Ziffren and Brittenham law firm as that is law firm of one of the Executors.

    • Whatever

      Companies do not always make known everything they own, their holdings, investments, etc. I’m sure there is much more that we are not seeing.

  14. on another note…underage kids promoting an energy drink is a big no no…. no nutritionist. dentist or doctor would recommend a child consume these….i need more time to find tax records…..california is not as open as florida n new jersey…

    • Whatever

      I agree, kids have their own natural energy and do not need energy drinks. Especially having Blanket hold up a can too? He probably knows something is off and that’s why he’s always frowning. Here in California, they may actually make you pay for the records. We are in a deficit, they are trying to make any money they can, lol…

  15. Blanket is frowning because the older he gets, the more he realizes that the family he was into is basically cuckoo for coconuts, thus he is busy plotting his escape like a little ninja warrior in the night. Godspeed, Little Blanket, and may the force of The Glove be with you.

  16. Donna L

    None of their cans are open.

  17. Ken

    The owner of Kings International Investment Group (Mr Pink beverages included) is a Chinese billionaire, from a very rich family, who prefers to stay in the shadow, and not have his identity disclosed. The woman in pink next to MJ’s kids, in the pictures, is Monica Gabor, a notorious Romanian gold digger, who is the girlfriend of this “Mr Pink”. She is also the image of the Mr Pink brand. If you browse her name on the internet, you’ll also see pictures of her and the Chinese Mr Pink, wandering the streets of LA.
    Mr Pink spends lots of money to get endorsement from celebrities, to promote his drink. He was also the main donator at Shapiro’s Summer Spectacular fundraising event, where he promoted his drink too.

      • annie

        I don’t think owner of MR PINK is this chinese.This is only what say ex prostitute Monica Gabor who pretend that she is his girlfriend but this woman have lie so many times that is hard to believe her.
        So, must just digg to know who is the real owner and what do this woman Gabor there in that company.

  18. worldgirl

    Blanket is shy, he always looks like that. Latoya is just playing good auntie to fool these kids because she knows her siblings screwed up with them this summer. They better not trust her either!

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