Jill Zarin Is Coming to WWHL

Almost a year ago, when I started this site, I wrote my third blog on a visit with Jill Zarin. There were a lot of things I left out of that blog. Like the fact that I had a panic attack in the girdle department, because apparently I had some traumatic experience with shapewear in my childhood, or more likely because I’m just, as some of you are beginning to notice, crazy as a bessybug. At the time I was neither a fan of Jill or one of the maniacal haters. Jill Zarin seething hate was all the rage, and I really didn’t want to feed into all that. So I sort of whitewashed what happened. Suffice it to say Jill was very phony and really not that interested in talking to me until I mentioned I had started a blog. I just didn’t find Jill interesting enough to write about. I have probably mentioned her less than a half a dozen times  here and do not follow her on twitter.

I’ve been warned by many of you that Jill is going to be on WWHL with Andy Cohen this Monday. I’ve tried to pretend it is not really going to happen, but apparently, Watch What Happens LIVE is actually a misnomer and the film is already in the can. Jill seems to be sure that when the episode airs, the ratings will go through the roof and Andy will see the error he made when he kicked Jill to the curb. So of course she is going around giving exclusive interviews to anyone who will ask her. I was treated one such interview with Too Fab in my timeline this morning. If you go to the link and learn how to peek around the facebook sharelink that is annoyingly blocking part of the article, you can experience the entire interview.

The interviewer asks a lot of weird questions like why Jill went on the show. She went on the show because she’s a fame whore who is desperate for attention. A better question would have been, “What do you have on Andy Cohen that he would even consider this? This just screams blackmail to me, Jill.” The interviewer then implies that no one knows why Jill was fired. Everyone knows why Jill was fired. So the interviewer goes on to ask what else was discussed and Jill seems pissy that Bethenny was discussed. Jill said, “I thought there would be one or two questions, but I wasn’t expecting him to go on and on about Bethenny.” This sends her spiraling into the stating the obvious. Bethenny Frankel is Andy’s favorite. Andy likes her best. Andy invites Bethenny over to his place to sip on Skinny Girl products and braid each others hair. Bethenny!Bethenny!Bethenny!

At this point even Jill knows that she should have been asked why Andy allowed this. And if it is not too early where you are, I suggest you take a sip or six of your Skinny Girl drink before proceeding.  Here’s the quote.

Clearly, he invited me back because the fans demanded to see my face. I don’t know how many tweets and emails and letters Bravo got. Let me tell you what I get; I have over a million followers and 50-100 a day are emailing me. I’m happy to share letters. I actually brought to the set 100 letters that I got.

To quote Caroline Manzo,”There are no words.”

Jill also wants you to know she has a “Jill Zarin Jewelry line, which is affordable everyday jewelry for every woman of all shapes and sizes.” Um, jewelry for all shapes and sizes? Isn’t that like every piece of jewelry ever made? Have you ever wandered into Tiffany and left because they didn’t have something in your size? Are these like those adjustable rings in the bubble gum machines?

There is more but I just can’t. She pleads for her own reality show that would be like Seinfeld meets Everybody Loves Raymond. Then she randomly goes off on a tangent about what a travesty it is that she is not still on TV. Out of nowhere she says, “Out of all the housewives that have been fired or left I’m the only one still standing.” What does that even mean?  I guess it means out of all the other ex housewives she is the only one that is still whining about it a full year later. Good Lord.



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20 responses to “Jill Zarin Is Coming to WWHL

  1. Lord and I thought Akex McCord was bad…no Alex was that bad. Jill Zarin, awww…

  2. Ms Urethra Franklin

    I am going to get drunk on Skinny Girl cocktails while watching this yenta kevitch….

  3. no name maddox

    in that gif, i like to think she’s saying, “kee kee meow”. makes her a little easier to take. just a schmekel.

  4. Mimi

    Do these idiots (i.e. also Kim Kardashian comes to mind) that many of them are followed on Twitter because they are fools and people who hate them enjoy reading how stupid they are? Twitter is Not an accurate count of “supporters or fans” – Ughh Zill Jarin is gross. Everyone should blast Andy Cohen for this one when it airs. (And say hi to Bethenny in the tweet!)

  5. likesphotoshop

    this is the best part abt is , she tweeted this then Andy answered then Jill deleted.. hope this posts.

  6. likesphotoshop

    ugh my html didn’t post.

  7. likesphotoshop

    here is a screen shot. Jill set self up for that 1. I just can’t wait to be deleted it.. oh yes I can that’s typical Jillzy..

  8. smooches

    meh…she’s no less a famewhore than any other housewife

  9. Critter

    Funny: she asked & I invited…

  10. victori0us

    Jill Zarin, Caroline Manzo, Mama Elsa, and Pervy George should all get a show…Aging Disgracefully is the working title.

  11. Katrina

    The interview should be interesting. Bravo may edit the interview to their advantage. I actually liked Jill on the show. She was a typical wealthy housewife.

  12. There are no words?!?!? I do not know what Andy is thinking. Someone asked Andy via twitter why? Andy said “she asked, I invited”
    The tweet was deleted???? Something’s not “Kosher”

  13. jill really said she gets 50 to 100 emails a day from jill zarin 1 million fake twitter followers?.. i have 3k twitter followers n i get 50 to 100 a day…..her narcissism is rich indeed….

  14. Katrina

    Where does the 1 million followers come from? Jill has over 500K. Jill is still popular. Why couldn’t her interview be live?

    • Sean

      Is Katrina anther fake Jill account? LOL no “less” of a famewhores than any other housewife? That’s the only accomplishment I can ever give this hag: she’s the ultimate famewhore of ANY housewife and her desperation is as hysterical as it is maniacal! She certainly always digs her own graves. Andy is a goofball to let her even bully him into this.

  15. I actually don’t mind Jill. She reminds me of all the whiny girls that ran around my prep school when I was a youngin’. it’s just in their DNA to whine and moan all day long. I don’t know what I missed on previous seasons, but other than her falling out with Bethenny, I don’t recall her being intentionally malicious towards anyone, unlike what we’ve seen on other Housewife franchises. I just recall her being annoying and kavetching every 5 minutes about this or that, which clearly wore on a lot of people’s nerves.

    As for her jewelry, it looks looks like she’s basically er um, “inspired”, by the costume jewelry that Joan Rivers has done for the past 20 something years. Think really large statement pieces, that those old skool, upper east NY divas like to wear. Does anybody here remember fashion editor Carrie Donovan (with the trademark big glasses), who always wore the same damned outfit for 50 years, but would always switch up on big jewelry pieces? Joan Rivers jewelry is very similar to the Carrie Donovan aesthetic—and i guess old Jill is trying to do her own version of statement jewelry now, sigh. Seems like the difference between the two is that Joan’s stuff is better looking, mostly based on her own personal jewelry collection she’s amassed through the years ( & we all know that Dame Joanie’s pockets is DEEP.)

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