What’s Wrong With This Picture? Eddie Cibrian Version

What’s wrong with this picture? Hint: Something is missing.

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15 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture? Eddie Cibrian Version

  1. Tc

    Gray matter? Socks? Discernible talent?

    And are those light up sneakers?

  2. Tc

    Oh duh. Wedding ring.

  3. LM

    Uh oh..trouble in paradise

  4. Stephanie

    Leeann rimes?

  5. Look at the sign behind him. Is he planning on doing something with Leann’s body?

  6. Hasn’t he just been to the gym. Perhaps he takes it off when he works out…?!?

  7. Ms Urethra Franklin

    The most obvious thing missing is his clingy twitter addicted wife.
    She is usually in every picture I have seen of him.

  8. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    He looks like he just left the Dollar Tree with that bag in his hand.

  9. Talent and a wedding ring.. One he never had and the other I dont think he has because hes leaving the gym? not sure

  10. Superfly

    His dignity? hahaha, like he ever had any!

  11. shellbelle

    Is that a phone in his pocket or has he spotted someone else to cheat with? Leann is Batshit cray-cray and she should have taken NeNe’s advice.. ” Close your legs to married men”

  12. Belinda

    The ugly stick that is usually hanging from his arm ? And the bag to put over its head ?

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