I’m Team Aviva. Thoughts From RHONY

Andy asks Carole why she did the show. I loved her response. “As a journalist it appealed to me. Like most journalists we are attracted to spectacle. Whether it is politics or war. ” There has been speculation she was under cover on a journalism assignment.  And they show the scene where Carole is all high and mighty about the term ‘Indian”. It’s hard to look worse than the Countess (silent o) but it seems Bravo is doing their best to make Carole look bad in this retrospective. I love Luann’s dress, btw. If I had the birth certificates on my Choctaw ancestors I would qualify for lots of money. Unfortunately, us Indians didn’t have birth certificates back then. I’m okay with Indian as a term Carole. While it is a misnomer, it’s what we have always called it.Technically this is Carole’s segment and Luann is trying to upstage her though. Something about earrings. As I pause the show Ramonja looks really bored waiting for their turn.  ANNNNNND we have our first plug. It was from Luann for Life & Style. Carole is a fucking PRINCESS Luann. I don’t know why you think she borrows clothes. She fucking rich. Not Nene Leakes rich, but you know, ACTUALLY RICH. LOL Luann mentions Life & Style again. CONTRACT MUCH? To which Carole replies,” it’s not Vogue” Touche. We are really focused on Princess Carole from the outset.  Makes sense she is much beloved and ratings gold for all of the opposite reasons housewives are usually loved. I am hoping Andy takes notice.

Heather jumps in as a designer and all hell breaks loose. But back to Luann. Why does Carole only talk about Luann in talking heads? I am awaiting the “bullying” accusations. It’s funny that the veterans of the show are acting like the new girls are bullies. Maybe they finally cast some women who aren’t afraid to cross them? Sonja looks fabulous in her dress. A viewer asks why Carole doesn’t use her princess title and Luann goes nuts. “She uses it all the time on the show!” Um no, Countess (silent O) she doesn’t. She generally doesn’t. Luann is trying to act like she doesn’t call herself the Countess (silent O) this season. Really? You remind us so much we forgot to notice her specifically trying not to on this season.

Now to Aviva. Sonja is now defending Harry, Aviva’s ex. Off topic: Sonja has great legs. Aviva mentions that both of them are going through court cases with their exes. Sonja is being a cunt. Aviva is trying to shut down the conversation. They are in court battles and have children. I agree. I think I may have missed something.I am still learning how to learn how to use the pause feature. I am NOT happy as someone who has personal experience with anxiety as an adult after being a child that went through some bad shit, seeing Bravo make light of this. I get Aviva. And fuck any of y’all for not understanding. It IS very, very,very hard. I get it Aviva. I know how it influences everything. I get how people don’t want to hear about it but you feel the need to explain. I get it. I also get that it is hard to balance explaining your embarrassing situation with over explaining. I get it. I have A LOT of respect for you for being so open publicly about the issues a lot of us face.

Heather’s turn. Heather brings up to Ramona that she was exercising manners. Ramona is unfamiliar with the concept. Ramona is an idiot. Heather explains that she can’t take an idiot on a business trip. Sonja is an idiot. I just can’t deal with Ramonja. Luann is accusing Ramona of blackmail once again. I’m too drunk to remember what this is about. Did I mention Ramona is wearing a leather top? She’s having a hot flash.

On to St. Barts… I keep trying to forward through the ridiculous St. Barts stuff but I am caught up. Let me hit spell check. Oh it’s bash Aviva time again. And again. Leave Aviva alone. She means it. And the bitches continue to bitch. I don’t get why Ramonja continue to attack Aviva. How many times does Aviva need to apologize? Oh Andy, way to be an asshole. I’m sorry but I am team Aviva all the way. They don’t get it Aviva. They never will. And Andy is very anti-Aviva. Andy doesn’t get it.


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  1. lourdes

    Awww…….i like Aviva too, but she did come out a bit harsh and high all mighty during this season. She definitely realized it while watching herself this season and i do think she is very sincere in her apologies. She is getting picked on a lot though. Team Aviva!

  2. In case I didn’t make it clear. I love Aviva. And unless you have personally had a trauma as a child… don’t fucking judge her here. I am not going to allow it. You are free to dislike her, because you don’t understand, but If you had a childhood trauma that resulted in an adult “manifestation” of some weird shit you don’t understand happening to you…. the take a goddamn seat.

    • L. M.

      I’m with Tamara on this one. I love Aviva too and am on her team. I have so much respect for her as a woman–if for no other reason than that she slayed Ramona Singer on national television. Ramona has been given the reigns of this show for the last 2 seasons and it has gone to her head. She “bullies” and bitches all the women out; but can’t take it when it is given back to her by a tall, thin, natural blonde with REAL MONEY and a FAKE leg! Besides, Aviva is one highly educated woman and has never been seen on television fondling, kissing, swimming naked with or sleeping with other women. She always looks chic and very well put together. Her phobias are entirely a different story. I have never had a traumatic childhood event which left me scarred; but I do have empathy and compassion. These seem to be two character traits that Ramonja are in dire need of; particularly Sonja–who is in financial dire straits and has a phobia about losing her home and lifestyle. I really believe that Ramona and Sonja are White Trash and I won’t apologize for it. I mean it in the most derogatory way it is defined–by any source. I cheered when Aviva unleashed that jewel on them! (Literally….I cheered!) It is so obvious in tonight’s show that neither Ramona or Sonja can hold a candle to Aviva and therefore, tried to play the role of victims. But, Ramona attacked Heather all season long–blatantly, and Sonja helped her by being two-faced. I hate to be one of those terrible people on blogs who type really nasty things…but, since I’m already there–I wish Aviva would take off her leg and swing it like a Louisville Slugger at Ramona’s rat-like teeth and Sonja’s bird-like nose! Whew… (LMAO) Okay… NOW I apologize for my mean words.
      Anywho… Team Aviva!

    • Ottie

      I actually like old Vivi, too, and am pretty sympathetic to her anxieties (saw someone on another forum suggest that she should just “get over” what happened to her; I couldn’t respond because it would have been ungodly as all get out) . What I won’t excuse though, is all that screaming and hollering in St. Barts about the women needing to kiss Reid’s feet for getting her there and that they should have had banners waving and bands blazing on her arrival. I didn’t feel like everyone had a chance to settle into her arrival and get cozy with her yet before she went off. I also grew fatigued of her beating her issues with Ramona (who actually irritates me to no end, ha!) into the ground at every opportunity with the other women. Sometimes you have to know when to let your issues with other people go, or at least stop blabbing about those issues ad nauseum to others, because in the end, people are going to get sick of hearing the same old broken record playing in their ear; it’s draining…and at the end of it all, this was supposed to be Carole’s trip to celebrate something great that was happening in her life, not a trip about how much Aviva detests Frick & Frack.

      Still, I dig the fact that Viv’s got the chutzpah to stand up to to old Lush Life Ramona, and confront her in a clear manner that never wavers from the point of where her frustrations lie. Ramona’s pretty good at playing Jedi Mind Tricks during an argument & flipping the script to make her opponents look Cuckoo-cachoo, so I’m actually glad there’s a woman on cast nimble enough to sidestep the land mines Ramona tries to lay, furrows back behind her, and then whallops her upside the head a few good times to snap her into the reality that she is a bit of a jerk.

      Sad thing is, I think that had Aviva not gone off about apologies to Reid or moaned about Ramona at every restaurant meeting with every woman thereafter, the audience would not have abandoned her. I’d like to see her stay, but I think the chemistry between her and the others has been damaged too deeply make another season with this line-up of ladies work. Has anyone seen Alex McCord’s “Rumor Fix” recap of this episode/reunion yet? She wasn’t exactly my favorite housewife, but she does spill pretty good production tea on this show—-I’m wondering what her take on this reunion is….

    • Rosie

      I respect everyone’s opinion, but really? “don’t fucking judge her here. I am not going to allow it” your words, you can judge, and share your opinions of everyone and every situation, but your readers are not allowed? interesting. You know what they say about opinions, everyone has one, not all or right or agreed upon. Why should we give someone(Aviva) a pass on bad behavior, rude and mean behavior just because they have issues from their past? I think there is no gray area here, it is black or white, Aviva is not getting a pass from me for being a victim of her past, she needs to grow up and take Ramona’s advice, perhaps a new therapist is a good idea.

      • Rosie

        Oh, I forgot! Yes Tamara, I do have a history/past with childhood trauma, all the more reason to judge Aviva, you do NOT use your past childhood trauma as an excuse to treat other poorly, plain and simple!

      • Dawn Raine

        I agree with your comments wholeheartedly. Aviva had a terrible tragedy that continues to manifest fear 35 years later that doesn’t allow her complete freedom in her life, very sad.
        This doesn’t make it okay to be mean, rude, and superior to others. As she says she is well bred, superior education and brains. She should know a missing leg is not a free pass to be an ass. Apologies are false that doesn’t change the behavior. If Aviva apologises, you must claim responsibility for what she ranted about, or she begins a new rant from her perceived higher authority.

      • baytothea

        I agree that childhood trauma does not excuse poor behavior…but for me, i don’t excuse her behavior i merely empathize. we all have our shit; some worse than others. i don’t think Aviva is cruel or mean. People who have been victimized, especially as a child, feel it 10x worse when a betrayal of trust happens b/c there was never a healthy foundation of trust in their life to begin with. I know from personal experience, that I’ve wanted to rehash and lash out over and over again when i’ve felt wronged. the rational adult(that i WORKED HARD to become)in me doesn’t allow me to do that…i may be battling it on the inside but i don’t let it out for fear of looking the way Aviva looked when she would not let the issue go. I felt embarassed for her b/c i get why her anxiety manifested to the blow up but she is highly educated, a mother and in her 40’s…she has to learn to digest what others are saying. Heather and Carole were more than patient and understanding with her. it was not necessary to take over every conversation with the whining about Ramona and Sonja. The white trash comment didn’t bother me at all…mainly because i’m not white and also, white trash is one of the mildest insults with a racial connotation i’ve ever heard…I find it hard to believe that Sonja or Ramona haven’t thought of anyone as white trash before….Sonja especially has been called white trash in her life and that’s why it stung so hard…oh, well..she’s pompous and obnoxious.

    • Kathy

      WOW! Tamara it sounds like you need to put your drink down and take a step back and then take a seat! I’m new here and have only posted a couple of time, but now I’m beginning to think that this site is for YOU to voice your opinions and god help anyone who doesn’t agree with you. Anytime anyone says that they don’t voice their true opinion because they are afraid of your wrath, then maybe you should “take a seat” and think about whether this website is for other people to view and voice an opinion or is it an excuse for you to lash out and be rude to people just like Aviva.. just saying

      • You are starting to think this is a board for me to discuss my opinions?Gee, that’s some excellent reasoning. I don’t need an excuse to lash out and be rude. I just do it when the mood strikes. Now run along.

      • @rosie and @kathy…I just came here recently and like you kath have only posted a few comments. there is definitely a loose canon vibe going on here….don’t mind if I get blocked or called out for my comments either. too many other housewife blogs without all the unnecessary profanity and reader degradation.

    • Kathy

      LMAO! Tamara, I guess you are admitting to the fact that you are a vicious, mean, cruel person that enjoys degrading and belittling people that sign up to this board. WOW! And lets not forget that when you admit to drinking or being drunk (and that seems to be quite often) the cruelness gets worse… seriously, instead of running this site maybe you should get “another” therapist or maybe see 2 or 3 therapists a week.I would offer my services, but quite frankly I don’t want you in my office. I would be fearful of you going off on one of my patients because they didn’t agree with you about whether the paint on the walls were yellow or not. BTW… If you have had a childhood trauma, then you really need to step up and own it.. and stop using it as a crutch for your bad and mean behavior. Its sad that whatever happened to you has happened but you cant go through life playing the victim.. sooner or later people get tired of hearing the excuses that you have used throughout your life.. Move up and Move on!

      • I do enjoy belittling you. You are “new” here and yet you seem to think you know a whole lot about this board. I think you are going to be one of those commenters that enjoys my abuse and stays and stays and stays while constantly promising to go away and never come back. It seems that you are the one that enjoys being a victim. You’ve identified me as cruel and vicious and you keep getting back in line for me to tell you what a giant douchebag you are. Normal people don’t continue to return to someone’s website that they find to be a cruel and horrid place. It would seem you would be the one to move on. You seem to be under delusion that I built this weeksite for you to spew your opinions on me, or that I am in anyway obligated to be kind to you when you come strolling in being a cunt. This historically doesn’t end well for people like you. Ciao.

      • Kathy

        You have very serious issues that you really need to work on, but your right about one thing.. there is no need for me to starting a pissing contest with you because frankly I don’t have the time or patience to continue this idiotic back and forth banter with you. And besides that as much as I’d like too I simply can’t fix STUPID!

  3. michelle cornwell

    So enjoyed the new girls this season. Attention Bravo we like smart chicks too. Carole’s was the only blog I read all season. I tried to get through Sonja’s but she writes in stream of conscious and hers is hard to follow. In my opinion drop Lou and keep everyone else.

    • baytothea

      super refreshing to have housewives who can articulate their opinions like the ladies on the left couch. love Carole’s blog bc i never know what her opinion will be until i read…her blog is also not 3 pages of lame justifications.

  4. michelle cornwell

    MY heart goes out to all with wounds on the inside

  5. I have been waiting to respond exactly as you did about Carole’s response to the term “Indian”. Yes, it is a misnomer, and I’m from Florida where half the cities and all the rivers and creeks are named after American Indian tribes. Just try to get all of us to alter our vocabulary. Not a chance are Indian Mounds going to become Native American MOunds?…not going to happen in my lifetime. The term Indian is not a durogatory term…just a careless mistake on the part of Columbus. Many words have two meanings and this mistake led to the fact that the word Indian had two meanings ie two different groups of people. Carole made the mistake of calling someone out inappropriately at a nice dinner.

  6. My 2 faves this season was Carole&Aviva! I give lots of props to Aviva dealing w her issues while filming.. The constant ridicule she endures for having issues is just so not fair. Ramona, Lulu are just plain jealous of women who have class. Ramona scares me w her eyes& she needs to change her jewelry!!!

  7. baytothea

    i initially loved Aviva. I do feel defensive of her in some instances because i am the offspring of someone with massive phobias and anxiety. i felt such pride with her shutting Ramona down elegantly and articulately…then…she just could not LET.IT.GO…it began to make Ramona and Aviva seem at the same level of crazy…and they’re not. Aviva kicked ass this reunion but next year she’s going have to learn when to quit while she’s ahead. I just cant defend her all over the internet. Sonja is not worth her breath…she’s a washed up, bucket of man jizz…just worthless. Love Heather and Carole.

    • baytothea

      another thing about Aviva…i hope she does her best to make sure those same anxieties and phobias don’t seep down to her children b/c when i say it is a heavy cross to bear as a child…jesus, it is.

    • momadison

      Oh phew…I thought I was going to be the first to feel T’s wraith about me not being wholly on Team Aviva! I too, adored Aviva in the beginning. She is chic and she so graciously fielded all of Ramona’s abject curiosity about her leg and injury, and also when Ramona’s alien programming interpreted concern into not letting her get her leg wet! Plus the phobia issue is indeed untouchable, she’s action packed with issues and that’s a-ok! My main issue is the continued beating of the dead horse when back from St. Barths, despite Carole and Heather being very clear that yes, Ramonja could have been more gracious, well a banner welcoming her mighta been abit much, and now it’s time to LET IT GO! Feeling about Ramonja they way she does, she should have realized they would never get her point. So remember Aviva, courtesy isn’t a standard to expect of others, it’s the standard you abide by your self. I would love to see you back next season, just be less strident and wear the darn jacket! Holla! I want to see the 3 new Housewives plus Jill Zarin without Ramona, by the way!!

      • Judy

        I was really upset with Aviva about the jacket thing. Does she always have to have the last say? It was quite a compliment when Heather asked her to model and to please do it her way. But NNNNOOOOOO she took off the jacket. Aviva stop already. For some reason this really pissed me off.

  8. Agree mostly. Love Carole. I want to go to one of her secret record listening parties at the apartment.

    Help me understand how The Cuntess thinks she’s even on the same plane of existence as Michelle Obama. Vogue vs. Life & Style is truely an analogy for those ladies.

    Sonja said Aviva married Harry for money, where as she actually contributed to the finances in the Morgan household. Haaa! Ramona has Parkinson’s of the face and hands, unless it’s just alcohol withdrawal.

    Get rid of these old broads and get more interesting people like Carole & Heather! The other cities got the trashy drama on lock, we can handle some civility and intelligence without ruining the whole HW franchise.

    God lord, I need a second job and more Valium.

    • Tiffers

      I agree, Music on Vinyl and tales from her lifted perception would make for an awesome time spent in New York :) I love Carole … I also love Heather and the fact that both of these ladies are really interesting and beautiful inside and out. No trashy drama. And that is okay in my opinion. I cant watch the Housewives of Miami or Jersey simply because they are way to trashy and not my cup of tea. As far as Aviva goes, I felt her pain when she spoke of the tragedy that caused her to be in her situation. How horrible and horrific. With that said though, I do feel she was boring to watch and brought little to the group. Perhaps I’m the only one that feels this way but she seems lovely just not interesting enough. And Ramona just looked awkward to me all night. Maybe It was her leather dress or the fact that she was sweating so much well wearing it that it made me feel uncomfortable for her. She is just annoying and I’ll leave it at that. Now Sonja, she is something else isn’t she? I mean really, someone in her situation shouldn’t portray themselves in that manner. All I can say is Karma in her case is an unsuccessful toaster oven. I once read her say in an article that she was going be bigger than Bethanny! To which I thought, this bitch is straight delusional and living with her head in the clouds… Anyways, love Carole and Heather and the vibes they bring, could use another Bravo first where they bring in four new ladies and keep these two! Thanks Tam!

  9. shellbelle

    I often hit mute when Ramona is talking, I just can’t take her yelling. I think Aviva was poorly portrayed this season… how much does Andy think she can take? Having LuAnn and Sonja taunt sleeping with her ex husband… it seems like he has a wandering eye and who wants that thrown up in their face? Then you have Ramona who chastises her for getting in the pool and getting her leg wet when all Aviva was trying to do was be one of the girls. Damn, she held it together alot longer than I could have.
    Carole and Heather are by far my favorites.. I hope they are back for another season.

  10. CaliSteve

    Im team Aviva as well. I cant stand Ramonja. Their Schtick is getting old.

  11. karen

    I like Heather…she is the person that more of the housewives ought to watch and learn from. She mostly keeps her cool and always responds in a level voice. She doesn’t like sweating the small things. I like Carole too. She’s witty and fun. I’m not a fan of Aviva’s holier-than-thou attitude, but her description once again of the horror of her childhood accident, made me soften a bit towards her. It’s easy to forget when she’s being so judgmental and loud and doing all that name calling. LuAnne looks as though she knows she’s not anyone’s favorite. I love Sonja. Just love her. She’s the perfect combination of nutty, toughness, softness, determination and fun. I think Ramona needs to grow up. The clothes she wears, her uncensored comments made under the guise of “I say what other people are thinking,” and her manic behavior all need to be put in check. It’s just not attractive.

  12. Aviva lost me. I get wounds on the inside, I do. But I don’t get the laser focus on Ramonja. Isn’t she old enough to understand live and let live? Some say it has something to do with her Mom being an alcoholic, that she’s displacing anger unreleased or unresolved from childhood. She was SO angry at Ramonja it was crazy and one note. I remember her repeating her husband Reid’s advice at the beginning of the season, “Say what you mean but don’t say it mean.”, and that is what I was expecting from her. I didin’t get it. Her apologies fell on deaf ears because she has continued to blog and twitter bash the ladies. So while I appreciate her reunion apology for all she(rightfully) included in it I, like the ladies, can only wait and see if she actually stands by it. time will tell if she really means it.

    Another point that really made me uncomfortable was her exaggerated character assasination of Sonja. Going through a divorce is difficult. Going through one with a man so powerful he could delete your life savings with the tip of his finger, if he so chooses, is insane. That Sonja even spoke of her divorce troubles and spoke his name on TV was unsettling enough. Shown in St Bart’s so onviously drunk on camera made me frightened for evidence that might be used against her. Aviva’s relentless Sonja bashing (spiral downward, etc) made me wonder if Aviva was exacting some kind of revenge fodder available for use by one of the most powerful bankers in the world.

    So I can understand issues but there is a reason we are admonished to grow and learn from them. If we don’t we are in danger of becoming a force of negativity and destruction. I hope Aviva’s apology was true, as you seem to think. Time will tell.

  13. victori0us

    I 100% side with Ramonja on this Aviva issue. She continued to berate them after the season started airing. It wasn’t until she started getting viewer backlash that she felt apologetic. I don’t like Ramona. She’s hilarious and a nut job but Aviva is really screwed up. Disabilities, trauma, NOT A DAMN THING gives anyone the right to degrade another human being. Aviva isn’t sorry, she just doesn’t like being the villain. She rode on Heather’s ass for Ramonja, she doesn’t care. She’s wreckless with her mouth and she plays her 1 legged card when called out. The viewers have called her out. She’s sorry. Nope I don’t believe it. Had the viewers sided with Aviva do u think she would’ve said sorry?

    • Jaded

      I don’t know that. It was viewer backlash that caused her to apologise… I tend to believe what she said when she apologised. I think that it is highly likely that when she saw her own behaviour and how it came across, she was mortified. I now she felt she was right when it was all happening, but it is amazing how much clarity some distance can give you.

  14. Tc

    Can I talk about aviva’s face as long as I don’t mock her phobias, anxiety or lack of humor?? Let me know.

    • You can talk about her face and her lack of humor. Especially her lack of humor. I think at some point in law school they perform a minor surgery that removes the sense of humor somewhere around the third year.

      • Tc

        Ok we’ll, I was looking at her face thinking: she is going to be a SCARY old lady. Just humorless and all Skeletardy. She…she kind of looked like a corpse. Bad makeup of too thin? Dunno. But not good at the reunion.

        On the other sofa, we had Ramona looking like she skinned a blue whale fetus and tried to squeeze herself in the skin. Her girdling was so tight and uncomfortable looking it made Kathie Wakeli look graceful. I just don’t think many people look good in blue. And trying to squeeze 20 pounds of shit in a ten pound bag is never good. It’s not fooling anyone.

      • Ramona did look horrid. But I thought Sonja looked stunning.

      • Tc

        Except she kept making duck lips. Btw, you gotta figure out why the TRho can’t post here.

      • TRho is a grown ass woman. How come she can’t figure out how to comment here? Every fucktard in the would with a fifth grade education can post here. IDGI.

  15. Tc

    I loved fifth grade. Best three years of my life.

  16. Tc

    You get a SUPER thick black line above your posts. You speshule.

  17. LLL

    I really loved the blog. I think it was very accurate. And of course not everyone was going to agree bc we all have our own opinions. I just hope that the next seasons things get off better with Aviva, Ramona and Sonja. Had it not been for the St Barts trip it would be Heather and Ramona fighting at the reunion. I mean there tend to be a common link in all these reunions. And it’s usually Ramona with someone else. She tends to only like to fight one battle at a time too. I cant’ believe her and Heather made up so easily but I bet it might have something to do with the fans backing Heather up. Anyone notice how every reunion Ramona brings up the fans. Last reunion she told Jill that the fans agree with her. LMAO maybe these girls need to stay away from the computer for a while. But till than we enjoy the drama. lol

  18. P

    Team Heather, Aviva and Carole all the way. I don’t really have anything against Luann except she can be a bit much to take at times. As for Sonja and Romona, I wish they’d get rid of them. They keep Sonja around so Romona has a playmate. Romona, I don’t know why in the hell they keep her around except for the fact she f’ing nuts. Talk about childish and petulant, they acted horrible. I’ve seen kids act more mature than Sonja and Romona. If there is a shake up, it needs to be those two wack-a-doodles. i mean talk about stupid bitches – worst of all is their ages!.

  19. smooches

    I laugh cause Ramona is getting her just desserts…she’s always been reckless with her mouth and for once when someone gets just as gutter as she, Ramona’s offended? Puh-lease…I just have to laugh at that

  20. Rose

    Did Luann get work done? I don’t mean that in a mean way but she looked really pretty. I LOVED her dress, the train was a tad bit too much but it is Luann. Idk what Ramona was wearing. Aviva already said sorry move on even though she was acting like a b*tch in St. Barts.

    “Heather explains that she can’t take an idiot on a business trip.” LOL

  21. Ally

    I don’t care what anyone says, I love Ramona — sure sometimes she makes me cringe, but she’s really a harmless person who was blessed with the gift of speaking her mind. Most are cursed with the gift of hypocrisy.

    I had liked Aviva initially for the most part, though she got a yawn from me for chiding people about what kind of drink was more healthful.
    Little did I realize that it was a precursor of things to come.

    Aviva might have a disability, but she is certainly not defined by it. Having anxiety and missing a leg doesn’t excuse a pompous attitude. Aviva is nothing more than a spoiled 41 year old, who thinks her education makes her superior.
    She is a true example of ‘money can’t buy you class’. She is a controlling woman who has lost touch with reality — the reality that the world doesn’t really revolve around her.

    I was so happy that Sonja matched her at that luncheon, and then walked away.
    For some reason Aviva wants to stand as the moral compass for these women, screaming at them about their ‘behavior’ as if she were the dean of an all girl dormitory.

    Aviva, no one cares what Ramona and Sonja did on vacation!
    Whether they were naked in the bed together or not is irrelevant to the fact that you single-handedly spoiled the trip, and that you should never be invited on another vacation.

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