Will There Be Another Shake-Up on RHONY?

Our friends over at Wetpaint have an exclusive story by Beth Sobol regarding yet another shakeup on RHONY. Their source seems to think another shake-up could be in the works for next season. This is great news! Or is it…

Based on the “seating chart theory” that assumes the closer you sit to Andy at the reunion, the safer you are in the event of a shake-up, it would seem Luann and Heather are in danger. Frankly, I don’t see Heather going anywhere. Heather and Carole were very popular this season, particularly for brand new housewives. Aviva came in trying to at least tolerate the veterans and then just became unable to hold it together after being around Ramonja all the time. I get it, Aviva. I do. Heather had some issues with Ramonja too. But sometimes it is better to show that you are the better person rather than scream it at tweedle dee and tweedle dum in every episode. I like you Aviva, but you need to take a page from Carole’s princess manual and not get in the gutter. Part of not getting in the gutter is not constantly reminding the people in the gutter where they live. It just makes you look bad. You’ve got to stop giving Ramonja so much power and be a bit more humble. I wish you all the best in season two.

As for Ramonja. I’d love to see them both go. I don’t think that is going to happen. I agree with the source at Wetpaint that Luann is on the block. It’s time. No one thinks of her as a Countess anymore.  That joke title sailed long ago. Why does Bravo keep giving menopausal women pregnancy story lines? Is having babies the only interesting thing women do?

What worries me is I’m not sure Carole and Heather even want to be bothered to do another season. I am sure they will both demand more money if they are willing to come back. If they do I want to see more of their guys. Yummy! :) That said, that was Carole and Heather on season one. I’m worried they will get corrupted in future seasons. They always do.

What do you think?


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16 responses to “Will There Be Another Shake-Up on RHONY?

  1. Joan

    Please, make it so – bye bye Ramonja!!! I really don’t ‘get’ why they’ve been on this long. They both act like teenagers on spring break. If either of them were my Mom I’d be very embrassed. Even if the ‘new’ wives become a bit corrupted, at least we’ll have at least one more season of sanity. This is not the WWF.

  2. Tc

    World wildlife federation? I’m not clear though, what are you hoping to see?

  3. stormyboo

    Besides who needs a Countess when you have a PRINCESS!!!! Keep the new girls get rid of the old ones, I mean Ramonja they are just abut ready for Rehab, and LuAnn is boring, maybe the new girls have some fun friends that can be added.

  4. Pfft

    Joan, in other words you want a boring season? Ramona makes the show. Love her or hate her. She is very entertaining.

    • curioustiff

      I’m sure Bravo can find someone else to liven up the show. As for me I’m over watching the half naked, intoxicated, over the hill gang.

  5. Pfft

    Even though I love Ramona, and think she holds the show together. I actually think Bravo should cancel NYC. It is the weak link when it comes to the Housewives franchise. I also think Orange County should be cancelled as well Beverly Hills is in California, and they are more popular. There are too many cities in the franchise and I hear that they are making a Real Housewives of Nahsville. So time to cut the weak link cities.

  6. Tiffers

    Keep Heather, Keep Carole, lose the other four and bring in new LADIES who aren’t so hard to watch and maybe even perhaps get along. Some of the best episodes are the ones where the ladies have fun together. With woman drama always ensues somehow but at least It would be drama that doesn’t leave one feeling like they need to take a shower. I’m looking forward to Atlanta Housewives finally returning for a new season. Seems like It’s been forever. Kinda hoping Kim is only in the first episode.

  7. soncee

    In the event Mizz Andy’s listening, here is my wish list for next season:

    Ramona–Keep her, but put her in Rehab. What kind? You decide Andy.

    LuAnn–Get rid of her, and make her a distant friend of the other wives. Why? She doesn’t bring anythin significant to the show.

    Sonja–Keep her, butmake her sign waiver promising to wear panties, and nicer clothes. oh, and make sure she pays her “interns”. Oh, and please let us see how the toaster oven develops.

    Heather–Keep her, and give her a little raise. Also, take us behind the scenes of her business,Yummy Tummy..I’d like to see how her staff interacts.

    Carole–Keep her, and give her a raise, if you must. I know there is a bit of diva-bitchitis, in Carole, we’ve ALL seen it during her talk head interviews, if she comes back next season, I want her to bring a little drama, stir the pot, and watch it stew.

    Aviva–Replacement!!! Good gawd Mizz Andy, get rid of her..STAT. anyhone can whine and moan, and complain, and talk down to others..but does anyone else have a father George? Hmm. that’s something to consider.

    All-in-all, this wasn’t a bad season, but, these ladies need to Bring it, nest season!!

  8. Ms Urethra Franklin

    I want Carole back. She is such cool chick…..

  9. Tamar voice

    Please don’t get rid of my Sonja :) Heather and Carole were good additions too!

  10. baytothea

    I’d be happy to see Luanne and Sonja leave. Luanne may be decent with the one liners but her storylines are always boring. Sonja is just sad to watch. Ramona needs to show more of her home life…i can count on one hand the number of times i remember seeing any extensive filming inside Ramona’s home…if every scene is going to consist of her meeting someone for brunch/lunch/dinner/breakfast and getting drunk then shoot me now.

  11. I would probably miss the Countess if she was not there. I just wish they would not script her so much. I just want to see her being “real” which is not real, real but her version of real.

  12. BravoCueen

    I think the countess cheating scandal was unscripted lol. I can’t wait to see if Andy calls her out on it. Of course, given the way he gives the NJ Bullies a pass. . .

  13. court

    I think andy should put everyone who was on the franchise on each franchises own vacation show (Bethany, Jill, New and old NY in st. barths)…lower the cage and ring the bell

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