What Going On With Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey?

One of the things I say her a lot, and often in not the nicest terms, is that I blog about what interests me. I’m not one of those bloggers that I call Rebloggers. Rebloggers are people who just drag everyone else’s blogs over to their blog (often copied word for word.) I blog about things I have something to say about. I’ve been reading the tea on the Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey throw down on the set of Idol the other day. I’m interested in the story and following it closely. But, I don’t feel like I have an opinion yet on what is going on. What the hell is going on? So I decided to ask you guys whose side you are on.

Today Mariah Carey called Barbara Walters just before The View. Mariah told Barbara that as they were leaving the set “people” heard Nicki say that if she had a gun she would shoot her. TMZ had already floated that rumor (that came from Mariah’s camp) and Idol producers said it never happened. Nicki took to her twitter account today and went on a Jaqueline Laurita sort of frenzy. Nicki’s point of view seems to be two-fold. First, she has a problem with Mariah listing her credentials all the time and secondly, Nicki seems to think that Mariah feels overshadowed by Nicki’s presence. Nicki claims that the producers have said that she is the best judge since Simon and that is making Mariah insecure.

In the video we’ve all seen a million times now, Nicki’s attacks on Mariah seem to be about Mariah being a diva. I’m sure they are both divas. I’m having a hard time picking a side here. Does anyone have any strong feelings either way? I had heard way before Nicki was even considered for the show that Mariah had said she didn’t want to be on the panel with another female. This was back when J-lo staying possible. Based on that alone, I’m leaning slightly toward Team Nicki on this issue. But mostly, I’m going to need someone to explain this to me.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


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19 responses to “What Going On With Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey?

  1. We Found in a Hopeless Place

    I just don’t understand how Mariah Carey can come for Nicki, but when it’s the other way around, it’s a problem? Granted, if the gun issue is true, that was too much, but otherwise, we know Mariah is a Diva with a Diva attitude, but hell, even Beyonce is humble. Why does Nicki supposed to sit idly by and allow Mariah to talk to her any kind of way?

  2. Tc

    Nicki Minaj is a hunk of shit. Just trash. She’s playing the race card against Barbara Walters??? Not sure who she thinks he is dealing with there. But Baba is no Mariah. She better watch where her giant awkward feet step.

    • L. M.

      I’m out of the loop, obviously. When did Nicki “play a race card” with Babs? (BTW, in case you didn’t know–Black people and people of color don’t get issued a Race Card upon birth. They get colored skin and discrimination. When they call it out; particularly to the offender… oftentimes the offender feels embarrassed, or ‘offended’ and would rather dismiss the offense and defend their racism by saying the discriminated party has “played the race card”. It’s simply ridiculous and I wish the term would burn in hell.) And when did Bahbahwa become the big bad wolf? I haven’t heard of her ever killing anyone’s career. I remember when Mo’Nique went on The View and straight checked B.W. for calling her twins “creatures.” All Barbara could do is stutter out a quick quip and hope that Mo’Nique didn’t stomp her ass on her own show! Puh-leez… I hope Nicki slaps Mariah with a defamation suit and makes Babs eat crow live on The View next Monday.

      • Tc

        By the way, in case you didn’t know…..

      • If Nicki is so proud of being a black rapper then why the hell is she bleaching her skin? Is she trying to be a Black Nicki Lauper (Cyndi Lauper) LMFAO, down clown sounds like a gay Lil Wanye bitchy robot! Give me a pink wig and I will slap the fake
        bitch to her real color. Plus tell Miss Bozo the tranny looking clown to give little kim back her wigs and stay out of Rapual dressing room!!!

      • Whatever

        I can’t stand Barbara Walters. She need to shut her stiff a** up. She so damn stiff she can’t even bend over.

  3. Belinda

    I wish I had a life, that was so void, that this would seem important .

  4. I missed the race card playing too. Where did this happen? If Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson were not there, it doesn’t count.

  5. Mickey

    Nicki has repeated said since the incident that because she’s a ‘black rapper’ people get shook. Whatever.

    Heres my thing:
    This is your JOB. You are on a contract to do a specific thing. Heres another thing, everything you do is in front of CAMERAS! Why in the hell would you go crazy on your coworker in front of EVERYONE! So unprofessional. Nicki needs to learn the game. Not only is it her in the video looking crazy, but now she has this twitter thing. She is looking like a grade A clown.
    We all know Mariah is a shady chick. But thats why I love her. Im sure she has been poking at Nicki quite a bit. But im sure none of it warranted what we saw in that video. Mariah knows how to play it and right now she’s playing it real well.

    Sidebar: Poor Keith Urban! lol

  6. Tc

    I think I read it on Perez Hilton’s site. It was part of minaj’s tweets which you can read. She said Walters saw a black ghetto woman and quickly agreed that she might have a gun. Or something.

  7. Tc

    “Hey yAll. Lets just say nicki said smthn about a gun. ppl will believe it cuz she’s a black rapper. Lmao. I’ll then hit up Barbara n milk it”

  8. Whatever

    Nicki was being rude and she knows it. She is the one who is insecure. Why does Mariah need to be insecure when she has 9,857,398,503,382,098,677 hit records and Nicki has 4? Forget diva, Mariah Carey is a legend, with enough Grammy’s to back it up. If Nicki doesn’t want to sit along side a legend then she needs to get up and let me sit there. I would be more than happy to be on a panel, or anything for that matter, with Mariah Carey or anyone else who has the ability to make their career span decade after decade. Nicki might want to take notes from Mimi so she can learn how to make her own career last longer than 20 minutes. Of course Mariah thinks she’s the best. Let her think that. You don’t have to believe it or agree with it, just shut up and go along with it Nicki. They should not have to shut down the whole audition cause some rainbow brite barbie doll without an ounce of talent wants to get loud and tell a true star she ain’t sh*t. Mariah Carey is everything and Nicki knows it. She would have never treated a “diva” like Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, or Patti LaBelle like that. Nicki looks freakin ridiculous and she showed her whole a** on TV.

    • Give me a break. I love Mariah, and she has a monolithic career, but we also know that Lady Lamb has a mouth on her.

      Nicki probably didn’t respond in quite the right way (Tamara go and visit Kid Fury’s YouTube video ‘Inconsequential Shade’ genius reading of the situation, I think you’ll enjoy it) but I’m not sure that if you are going to keep poking the bear (not that Nicki is the bear, it’s a colloquialism) that the bear isn’t going to finally retaliate.

      I am pretty sure that if Mariah was constantly confirming her ‘credentials’ as a reason to overrule Nicki’s opinions on contestants it would become a little grating over a 16hr day. I am also slightly at a loss that Mariah feels the need to leverage her fabulous career in this way.That said, it is the glory that is Mariah & her Divadom that keeps us enthralled.

      I just ask why is it neccessary for these two to play to the cheap seats, again it is the clichè that two women at the top of their game can’t get along professionally. Why aren’t Keith & Randy going at it…doesn’t feel quite the same does it.

  9. shellbelle

    Not that I even care, or give 2 shits about either of them, BUT… from Nicki’s point of view I see it this way… When was the last time Mariah had a hit on anything? Sure, she may have been awesome back in the day, but Nicki is more current of the 2. I’m guessing the problem is that they are BOTH divas and AI needs the ratings so, put 2 very strong personalities together and watch the claws come out and the ratings climb. From Mimi’s view, she sees herself as the legend and should be treated as so. She may be trying to make herself relevant again and trying to use AI as her platform.
    As far as the race card goes, maybe I’m missing something here, but aren’t they both of African American descent?

  10. nunnya

    shellbell you must dont know but mimi video is #1 on 106 and park

  11. James

    To be clear, what Nicki said was that since Mariah claims Nicki threatened her with a gun, people automatically believe it because she’s a Black rapper. And yes, Mariah is Black also. So I don’t know what mythical race card some of your commenters think was played.

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