Oprah Winfrey on the Set of The Butler

Oprah tweeted this picture from the set of the movie she is working on, The Butler. The movie is based on the life of White House butler Eugene Allen who served in the White House for thirty years. It looks like filming on the movie wrapped today.

In other Oprah news, OWN has struck a deal with Tyler Perry reportedly worth millions to bring two new scripted shows to OWN written by Perry.


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4 responses to “Oprah Winfrey on the Set of The Butler

  1. chitown shelley

    i have to say, oprah, just, no. please lord, no. i wonder who the tyler perry deal is supposed to benefit; one is struggling as hard as the other. and didnt he announce earlier this year that he was starting his own network? what happened with that? and oprah is now courting black audiences? what happened to her strong affinity for middle america? sorry, just random thoughts running through my head!

  2. Joan

    I saw this pic on a trashy gossip site (not yours Tam) when reading something. I thought it was a joke. I know both parties are successful and have basked in the light of fame from both the Black & White audiences who pay to see their work. Yet both seem to have taken a road down a new path. One that is not quite as worthy of their efforts, or resources. I remember Tyler ranting on FB a few months ago about an incident where he had been pulled over by the police. His article was both odd & painful to read. i know no one is perfect – least of all me. Yet when you’re blessed with fame & fortune, doesn’t it make sense to stay true to the person you were in the first place. That is who your audience fell for in the 1st place????

  3. Paula

    I, with respect, try to avoid all things Oprah. I’ve seen what her influence does to so many of my neighbors, and would just like to concentrate all my energy on staying awake so one of her fungal pods doesn’t replace me and starts buying crappy books, mediocre housewares, and tickets to motivational seminars lead by complete losers. I prefer to remember her as Sophia from the Color Purple, before she became a master brainwasher to millions of fence riders. That’s just me, though;)

  4. Gloria

    I too thought that pic was a joke when I first saw it. I haven’t watched OWN in a while. The lasts shows I had any interest in watching were “Welcome to Sweetie Pies” and “The Will.” Not sure if Sweetie is back on and I think The Will stopped airing altogether.

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